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Charlie's Seizure Journal

January 4th 2012 11:19 am
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Approx. January 2011(have to check vet records to be sure of the dates). - 2 Seizures: approx 2 minutes all together.
- Was cooking/eating dinner at home
- Triggers? Possibly smells? No stress or excitement at the time.
- Was on usual Acana dog food
Took him to the vet and he recommended Rescue Remedy. Started him on that in his water daily.
Notes;; Possibly petite mals? Shaking, stiff, front legs curled into chest, involuntary movement, continuously tried to get back up(possible this was involuntary, but that's what it looked like), was seemingly conscious, didn't relax and lay through it until I began petting him.

Saturday, December 31 2011 - 1 Seizure: approx. 2 minutes all together.
- Was at my moms farmhouse, whole family was there
- Triggers? Stress/excitement
- Was no longer on Rescue Remedy
Notes;; Possibly petite mal? Shaking, stuff, front legs curled into chest, involuntary kicking of back legs, was on the couch between me and a friend when it started - he was laying down, gave him space, made sure he couldn't fall off the couch and stroked him to keep him calm. Jaws were clenched tight, his whole neck went stiff and body was tense, unable to move outside of involuntary movement. Staring blankly but appeared to be conscious? Waited it out, then massaged his scalp and ears to help relax him when he was back to normal. Waited a bit, then took him outside into the snow to let him run around and bring him back to his calm self and to cool him off.

Tuesday, January 3 2012 - Possible partial seizure?: approx 2 minutes.
- At home, was eating dinner
- Triggers? Smells? No stress or excitement
Notes;; Conscious, vibrating really heavily(not his usual light shivering), tense, but was able to be up and about and came to me(seemed to be anxious), and cuddled into me until it went away, but otherwise acted normally.

I placed him back on the Rescue Remedy on Wednesday, January 4 2012.

Notes: Scar on tongue possibly from biting tongue during a seizure prior to ownership? In the right place for his top right canine to have bitten down on it - right size too. Keep an eye on the seizures for bitten tongues. So far, he doesn't appear to have had a grand mal.

*I'm keeping both a digital journal here, and a written paper one at home*


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January 4th 2012 at 1:50 pm

Ah Poor Charlie. I read that Beagles are prone to having seizures. So maybe if they're genetic they would have happened regardless of what was going on. It's good that you put Charlie back on the rescue remedy hopefully that will be of some help to him. Beauregard's seizures were grand mals, during a seizure he would be unconscious but from what you say Charlie was conscious during his seizures so I'm not sure if that makes them petite mals or not. I know at your mom's home the trigger was excitement but the other two times during dinner had he recently been playing or running around or anything like that before dinner. I'm wondering about this because I saw this on a website.
"The most common time for a dog to have a seizure is when they are relaxed and quiet. They may even occur from a sound sleep. Seizures can occur anytime, but if they occur only when an animal is excited or exercising, it may indicate a heart problem or low blood sugar."
Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
Barked by: Maple Leaf (Dogster Member)

July 3rd 2013 at 8:49 am

Aw, poor Charlie! Has he had any more seizures? It's hard to watch them go through that. Are you still using the Rescue Remedy?
We love Acana, by the way ;)

We love seeing your posts on the forums, too! We have a lot in common!

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