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DINOS, MDIF's, among other things.

December 10th 2011 5:33 pm
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I would like to share: "My Dog Is Friendly!" A Public Service Announcement - which can be found at this link My Dog Is Friendly: A Public Service Announcement.

I would like to note the following:
DINOS: Dogs In Need Of Space
MDIF's: "My Dog Is Friendly!" people who are convinced they need to greet every dog on every walk and will often push to do so.

With Charlie being leash reactive, I felt the need to share the announcement and make it known that not EVERY dog has to greet your(generalized) dogs, not EVERY dog likes other dogs. Not every dog is up to meeting or greeting, some may be sick, some may be fearful, some may have had bad past experiences leading up to aggression now - various different reasons why a dog may not be approachable. ALWAYS ask first and if told "No, he is not friendly", leave the dog alone! Many people will often try the whole "Oh, but dogs love me" - this is for those who think that even if they're told to leave a dog alone cause that dog may not like people or may be fearful - LEAVE THE DOG ALONE.

Now, onto the Among Other Things.

I would like to note how much it grinds my gears, agitates my dog, and sets me grumbling when people(particularly those who use different training methods than myself), butt in on my training with Charlie. Whether it's a simple "Oh, it's okay, he can jump up on me, he's cute!" or the person goes as far as to try to take my leash and give my dog a firm Cesar Millan "TSCHT" with a hand bite to the side or neck. DO NOT touch MY dog. DO NOT tell me how to raise/train my dog. I do not tell you how to raise/train your dog or children and if I wanted advice, I'd seek a positive reinforcement trainer, NOT some stranger on the street who just watches dog shows on tv.

Many people seem to think because Charlie is small, that putting his paws on them is okay. NO. What if you're in that lovely work suit and have an important meeting or interview and his paws are muddy? Goodness forbid if he dares to put his paws on you then. Or what if it was my moms 150lb male Rottweiler - would you want him putting his paws on you? They'd land on your shoulders and you'd end up with a giant tongue in your face and probably be frightened by the monstrous dog that just tackled you for hugs and kisses. Just because Charlie is small and cute, does not make putting his paws on people WITHOUT INVITE, okay. Not in any way shape or form.

There is nothing that irks me more than people who think they know someone else's dog better, particularly when they use more aversive training methods than myself.

Oh, and that man who used the classic Cesar Millan move on my dog? My dog stood there, wagging his tail, smiling and probably laughing in his mind, at this silly man, while the man sat there dumbfounded that it hadn't phased my dog at all. Sir, my dog was raised with children, he can tolerate even the worst of idiots and handling and shake it off within seconds, with a smile on his face and a wag in his tail. Enjoy your new discovery that it didn't phase my Beagle and if you had done it to my Rottweiler, Maya, you would have needed stitches to repair your arm.

Thank you to all those who UNDERSTAND that they are to leave alone a stranger's dog and MDIF's need to learn when to back off.


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Barked by: Arya (Dogster Member)

June 7th 2013 at 10:39 am

Absolutely! Man, it would really piss me off if someone tried to train my dog for me.

I also HATE HATE HATE when people see a cute puppy and just come up and start touching her. It's dangerous to just touch someone's dog without asking, she may be a puppy but she's got sharp little teeth.
This has happened a few times, and I'm always shocked. They just see a calm little puppy and miss all of the signals that she's stressed. And I don't blame them for being unable to read her mood, but that's why you're supposed to ask because you never know...

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