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Happy New Year!

January 1st 2013 7:28 pm
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Just wanted to wish all my pals a happy 2013. I hope everyone stays happy, healthy and no ones dog bowl ever goes empty.


Holiday News

December 29th 2012 5:39 pm
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HO!Ho!Ho! Did everyone have a happy holiday? Of course, we are still celebrating. We have New Year's Eve, New Year's Day and Three King's Day. I am told that Three King's Day is the day when I will get all of my real presents. Because, to be honest with you, when I woke up on Christmas Day I thought I was on Santa's naughty list. I only got one present.

It was a bag of twisty bones. With a tasty treat in the middle. The bag promised hours of chewing fun, but I ate the first bone so fast that mom thought I dropped it under the couch and moved furniture to look for it!

Why did I only get one present? Mom is always telling me I am a good girl. Sure, I chewed the footboard of grandma's bed(it was so delicious) and mom was planning on selling it to the antique dealer for $50.00 if she was ever super poor. But I think I deserve more than one present. Mom says there are more presents coming for me, it's just that she has been laid flat with the crud and dad is having a hard enough time to do his jobs around the house and mom's household jobs, too so mom didn't even want to add in Christmas stuff. So we are waiting for Three Kings Day.

By the way, dad didn't get any presents either (but, he probably was bad.) The only person in our house to get gifts was mom! They weren't from Santa. They were gifts from her students. She was very happy. They picked her out things like candy, candles, body lotion, coffee mugs and t-towels. Being a teacher does have it's rewards.

So as you can imagine we had a quiet Christmas. Mom and Dad sang the morning mass. We didn't have a fancy dinner for Christmas Day. We had good things on Christmas eve: Shrimp Scampi, Crab Cakes and a slovak dish called (guessing at the spelling)bulbaki. Oh and Oplatki,too.

The only thing special mom and dad have done for the holidays was go to the movies with Jake and Luke. They went to see The Hobbit. Mom said I wouldn't like it because there were mean,ugly troll dogs in it. But I would have liked hanging out with Jake and Luke. It is a Christmas tradition for mom and dad and Jake and Luke to go to the movies together. They have been doing it every year since the First Harry Potter. The only way their tradition has changed is now Jake picked mom and dad up in his car instead of mom and dad picking Jake and Luke up in their car.

I think mom is going to see if Big and Little want to come and celebrate Three Kings Day next week. I will keep you posted. Oh and we have not had the bad nasty weather that the rest of the country has had. Today was the first day it's been dreary and rainy. Maybe the rain will turn into snow.

So Happy New Year!


Ready for Christmas?

December 24th 2012 12:16 pm
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Mom is going through her list to make sure she has done everything to make tomorrow festive.

1. Christmas Cards. She delivered cards to all of her pre-k class but she did not send any to anyone else. She said she will wish everyone Happy Holidays when she writes her thank-you's.

2. Gifts bought and wrapped. Mom is checking this off of her list as well, but I know she doesn't have anything for me or dad. She said she is waiting for 3 Kings Day when the stores will be full of bargains. I just hope Santa Paws comes through.

3. Christmas Parties. Check. Mom has gone to two. One for the pre-K and one that her and dad went yesterday at Big and Little's Grannys. She got see Jake and Luke and Big and Little and the other cousins and their parents and eat delicious food and She did bring me home some stuff. Plus as an added bonus, Jake came over today just to visit. I sat next to him most of the time. So that counts as a party for me.

4. Decorations up. Mom and dad did that actually a few weeks ago. Normally they wait til the last minute or not at all. But our house is very festive looking. I'm just wondering how long it will take them to undecorate.(Maybe Valentine's Day).

5. Baking. Done. But mom did not bake anything. Instead they got a big package of cookies in the mail from one of their friends. And since they were not chocolate cookies, I got to have one too. Thanks Sandi!

6. Christmas Carols. Done and Done. Mom and dad often break into Christmas songs anytime during the year. It is not uncommon for me to sit down by the piano for a summertime concert to hear mom play Jingle Bells or O Holy Night.

7. Christmas Dinner. That's dad's department and he has that all planned. We are having a traditional slovak dish that I can't spell but mom assures me is delicious. (Although it is made up of sourkraut and biscuits and not meat.) We are also having crab. I don't know what else.

8. Christmas sickness. Check. Mom and dad are both sick. And the doctor is out of town until next week. So our house is full of coughing and wheezing and the empty bottles of nyquill are stacking up all over the place. Mom and dad are taking turns to see who can nap the longest. Mom says it wouldn't be Christmas without someone getting sick.

9. Christmas Mass. Mom and dad have been asked to do the music for the morning Mass at church. They are going to sing easy songs so everyone in the church will join in and we can all worship together.

10. So all my holiday chores are done, except for this one: HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ALL MY DOGSTER PALS!!!!!!! I know Santa Paws will be good to you because there's no such thing as a bad dog.


Snow Day!

December 21st 2012 11:49 am
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I woke up this morning to snow on the ground! Not a lot but enough to keep a pup like me entertained.

And for an added bonus, mom did not go to work today!Not because of the snow,(although once they cancelled school because they thought it was going to rain, and there was a school district in Michigan that cancelled school because of the Mayan Apocalypse.) Mom stayed home because she doesn't have to go back to work until next year.

But mom told everyone that today she would be sleeping. She was not going to do anything but rest so no one better call her up or make plans or stop by and she has been pretty much keeping that promise. She still has that nasty cold. (although the pee cough seems to have left).

She said she just had to make it through yesterday. Yesterday was the Holiday Party for the Pre-K. Of course, all of the children were very wound up, which mom knew they would be so she tried to keep them extra busy until the party.(The last event of the day). She taught the kids how to sing Jingle Bells with the verse about Batman in it. The parents all laughed. The director of the place pulled mom over and said: "Don't let the Board of Education hear that. They wouldn't get it." That's true. They are all sooo serious.

Mom also bought them reindeer ears to wear. The kids looked really cute. Many of them came dressed up in their Christmas outfits.

The last thing they did at the party was have a book exchange. Everyone brings in a wrapped book and then they trade. Mom heard a lot of: "Hey! That's my book. I brought it from home." and unfortunately she also heard a lot of: "I didn't know they needed to bring a book." Mom, of course brought extras because she knows there is always one or two that never take their folders home.

So mom just had to get through the Christmas party before she could come home and collapse. She came home yesterday loaded down with presents. Mom has been working with children for a long time so she was prepared for the gifts. Mom's co-teacher is new and was totally shocked, flabbergasted, when the kids kept giving her gifts. Mom reminded her that these are probably gifts that the kids picked out themselves and that's what makes them extra special.

Mom didn't open up any of her presents yet. She is going to wait til Christmas. The kids were amazed. How can you wait that long? You can open these up and then when Santa comes you can open up your presents from Santa.

But the only thing mom opened up was a plate of cake balls. She knew she would have to eat those before they went bad. Plus I found them when mom got home and stuck my nose in the bag. Mom said I couldn't have any because they were chocolate. But she gave me a treatie instead.

So, I am spending my snow day taking care of mom instead of playing in the snow or eating chocolate cake balls. (I told you my mom was mean.)



December 15th 2012 11:38 am
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Mom and dad have been decorating the house for Christmas. We don't do the traditional holiday decorating, though. We don't have a tree. Mom says we have an 800 square foot house with 900 square feet of junk in it and there is simple no place to put up a Christmas tree. So mom and dad hang garland and lights and ornaments all over the windows and all over the furniture. So now it looks quite festive. Dad is in charge of the decorating because mom just doesn't have the eye for it. She will decorate something and think it looks quite nice. Then dad will redecorate when mom isn't home. Mom never notices the difference.

Mom also collects Nativity sets. People give them to her. A lot of them are on display all year round. Some of her more unusual ones are, the lego nativity, A set of Russian Nesting Doll Nativity, A Ducktivity(that is displayed in the bathroom) and of course the Dogtivity. Plus she has traditional ones that are very lovely. This year she got a magnetic one to stick on the back of the car, but I think she is going to stick it on the fridge instead.

So we are getting ready for Christmas. But the house is a total mess because mom didn't get to clean it. She has cough due to cold. She has taken every kind of medicine from antibiotics to dayquill to Benney and Smith but mom is still coughing up a lung. Mom doesn't mind the coughing too much, but everytime she coughs, she pees. That according to mom is the worst. She is going to buy stock in Tena Pads. The only time mom doesn't pee when she coughs is when she is actually in the bathroom. But even with mom's coughing/peeing problem that doesn't mean I'm allowed to cough or pee anywhere I want. I still have to go outside. To quote Dorothy Louise: "It's hard being a pup."


I'm Back!

December 7th 2012 12:53 pm
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Hello Dogster Pals! I am finally back from my Holiday Road Trip Extravaganza! Actually, I have been back for about a week, but I've had so much fun it's taken me a week to recover.

I went on so many car rides in so many different cars, it was like a dream come true.

I started out on Wednesday in our own car to go to Morgantown to see our friends there. We had a vegetarian Thanksgiving. It was lots of veggies. I was glad mom brought my own dogfood. (made with meat).But, it was fun because our Morgantown friends have kids so I got to hang out with teenagers. I even found some Easter Decorations in the room we were staying in. There were stuffed ducks so I took one. Shhh! Don't tell that I took the toy. I just picked it up and put it in the car when we left on Thursday to go to Grandma's.

Yes! Our next stop was grandma's on Thursday for Thanksgiving dinner. I got to visit with my favorite uncle A and uncle D as well, but none of my Aunties were there. I hope they feel better soon. Grandma made a traditional thanksgiving dinner. I didn't even have to unpack the dogfood.

On Friday it was another car ride to Maw-maw and pap's. I got to visit a little bit with Maw-maw and CoCo the dog. But then it was time to say goodbye to Mom! and to Maw-maw. Me and dad and Pap were going for another car ride! In a truck! to the Mountains! To go Deer Hunting! to Chase Bears Away! HOORAY! HOORAY! HOORAY!

At the hunting cabin, I got to see lots of uncles and cousins and old friends. I got to eat good food because my dad is not a hunter, he is the cook. We took long walks in the state park on the day before hunting season. I smelled lots of animals but I didn't see any bears this year.

We were supposed to stay until Wednesday, but the person who was going to take us to our next stop, Uncle A's house, was not feeling well, so I got to go on another truck ride on Monday to visit Uncle A. Boy was he surprised when we showed up 2 days early.

Uncle lives in a big huge house with lots of doors and offices downstairs. I got to meet lots of people and be the official office greeter. I had lots of fun at uncle's house. I got to meet some city dogs.

Then I got to go in Uncle's car back to grandma's house. I love hanging out with grandma and I helped her wash dad's clothes. (Mom gave dad strict orders not to come home with dirty clothes).

I got to ride in Grandpa's car back to Morgantown. He was surprised at what a good car rider I was.

Once in Morgantown it was back to the Vegetarians' house. They did not notice the missing stuffed ducky.(So I got away with the crime. I am a master criminal).

On Sunday, I got to ride in the vegetarian van back to my home sweet home. And to see my mom! See all this time I was traveling and having a great time, mom was back home working. I felt bad that we did not get to spend some quality girl time together, but I heard that dad has to go "corporate" next week for a business meeting/Christmas party and only service dogs are allowed. So I think I'll spend some quality time with mom.

Meanwhile, I have to go out and pee on everything in my neighborhood now and let all the doggies know I am back so they better watch out.

Six different Vehicles. Five different houses. What an adventure.



November 20th 2012 12:15 pm
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Well,pups it is time for my annual vacation to the North. Or as dad likes to call it THE GRAND TOUR! We go every year on Thanksgiving week from our house in St. Albans, WV to Pap's hunting cabin in Sheffield PA and we stop at every body's house along the way. We are leaving here tomorrow morning. And we are making our first stop in Morgantown-home of WVU where mom and dad met and fell in love. We will be visiting mom and dad's oldest college friends. They were each other's Maids of Honor. Mom and Dad are the godparents to their 3 wonderful children. So we are having our first Thanksgiving meal with them. Even though they are vegitarians, they promise us meat eaters we won't be able to tell the difference between real turkey and faux turkey. Mom says she believe it when she eats it. (Mom is the opposite of a vegan. Meat, meat and more meat).

Then on Thanksgiving day, we are heading to Uniontown, Pa to see my Grandma and grandpa and my uncles and aunts. Yes, this is the same grandma who visited us last week. We will have traditional thanksgiving dinner. It should be good.

On Friday we will be heading up to Beaver, Pa (outside of Pittsburgh) to see Maw-maw and Pap and more uncles, aunts and cousins. I don't think we are going to get any turkey there because Maw-maw said she wasn't cooking she was going to the thanksgiving buffet at the senior center.

Friday is when my family will split up. Me and dad and Pap and Uncle Jeff will head up to the hunting cabin. Me and dad will do some cooking while everyone else hunts for deer. The first year I ever went hunting, I barked a bear away. I am so brave. No one ever gets any deer there. I think they just go up to drink and play cards. We will stay up there until Wednesday and then me and dad are going to go to Uncle's house in New Kensington PA. Then on Thursday me and dad and Uncle are going to grandma's house again.

Sunday(or maybe Saturday) mom is going to come to grandma's and pick us up. Mom has to work the week that we are hunting so after we go to the hunting cabin, mom is going back to St. Albans where she will have a week to herself.

I will miss mom but I think I will be having too much fun to worry about it. Mom is looking forward to her week alone because: "maybe I can get some work done." What does that mean mom?

Of course I will miss all of my dogster pals so I hope everyone has a great thanksgiving and can find one thing in their lives they are truly glad they have. For example, I am glad I have a great house and mom and dad are glad they have a great dog.



Company and More Company

November 17th 2012 12:13 pm
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I had a wonderful visit with grandma and uncle. Since mom and dad had to work all week, I had to be the perfect hostess. I made sure how much I enjoyed her good food by making sure I ate all the breakfast and lunch and dinner foods she cooked me(yum bacon and eggs every morning.drool.....)I showed uncle all the sights and sounds of the neighborhood by going on many car rides because we had to switch positions of the cars every night. I guarded all of grandma and uncle's possessions when they went to the casino every day. They knew they could trust me.

There was only one thing not so great. I always sleep on grandma's bed. I don't know why mom and dad call it grandma's bed when it is really MY bed. But, when grandma was here and she would go to bed, she shut the door to my room and I couldn't sleep on MY Bed. I slept with uncle for a while but there wasn't a lot of room to get up and down on his bed. (Plus it sometimes made strange, vacuum like noises-mom said it was an air mattress and uncle was blowing it up. I'm not dumb I'm not going to sleep on a bed-shaped vacuum.) I have my own honest to goodness dog bed, but mom had moved it when she was getting the house ready for it and I don't know where she put it. So I didnt' have any place to sleep while grandma was here, except on any couch in the house or on the fluffy rug in the bathroom, or with mom and dad. But no I just laid so pitfully in front of grandma's room waiting for her to get up to go to the bathroom so that I could jump in MY er her bed.

Oh well.

Grandma and Uncle left on Friday. I thought I would be lonely but guess who came to visit me today? Big and Little! They were missing me and mom and decided to come to visit for a few hours. Of course the Fireband got together. I think they are working on the Christmas Album because Little can play 3 Christmas songs almost(Joy to the World, Deck the Halls and half of Rudolph). Mom is helping him learn. They went out to lunch. They didn't take me but mom brought me the leftovers. They went to Tim Hortons and I had a grilled cheese panini. Mom also had a bag of something sweet smelling for breakfast.

Oh dad went on a business trip. He is at Stonewall Jackson State Park. It is a very swanky resort. I know dogs are allowed there, but I was not invited this time. So it's me and mom on our own having a girls weekend. But, I don't know how much fun it will be because mom is coughing up a lung especially after her meds start to wear off.
I hope she is better for thanksgiving.

Well that's all the news for this week. Have a great weekend.


The Weekly Update

November 11th 2012 12:51 pm
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First, I think that is what I am going to change the name of my diary too, the weekly update. Because I usually end up only writing once a week and because many of my family far away read my diary to find out what's going on with my people.

And now that mom is working all the time, I realize that she isn't the Meanest Mom in the World only the second or third meanest mom. I get sort of lonely without her so on her day off I am pretty much up her butt. (But I still won't sleep in bed with her and dad. I am sorry but they are HUGE bedhogs and I know they will roll over and crush me. Plus you know we doggies like to stretch out.)

We still haven't found out who my look-a-like twin is, but someone called the dog catcher on ME! They said there was a dog with mange running loose all over the neighborhood. I do not have Mange. But I do have alergies. I have to take all kinds of medicine and take a bath twice a week in special shampoo. Dad was able to show the dog catcher my diagnosis from the vet and mom was able to prove that I was in the house when that other dog was causing trouble.

This weekend, mom and dad have been super super busy. They have been cleaning machines. I said:" Hey why are you cleaning when you could be playing with me?" It has been a good weekend in the 70's! and mom and dad are wasting all this good weather cleaning? What is up with that?

Well, it turns out-GRANDMA is coming! Yes,my best gradma who always makes me breakfast! She and uncle are coming to visit starting today! Mom cleaned all of the rooms but the kitchen. Dad said he would take care of that. But it is almost 4:00 and dad is reading the paper. Plus, even though mom bleached out the bathroom yesterday so it sparkled, dad gave me a bath today so the bathroom is sparkly no longer.

But, mom says she is done and she might go see Big and Little play basketball in a little bit.(that way she doesn't have to watch dad clean. Mom and dad have been married for a long time and one of the reasons is they don't watch each other clean-it gets on each others nerves and they both have a "better" way to do it.-Mom and dad realize, it doesn't matter how it gets done as long as it gets done. And you don't have to see it getting done.-Hmmm. Maybe I should call this relationship advice.)

Well that's the news. See you next week.


Evil Twin

November 6th 2012 6:52 pm
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I go for a walk every day. We live in the country and there is no leash law, so many doggies are out running around and playing with their people, but I am the only dog in my neighborhood who goes for a walk with my people (at least my mom) every day. It doesn't matter what the weather is, it doesn't matter what time it is, my mom makes sure I go for a walk every day.

Mom takes me for a walk because she knows I like to know what's going on all over the neighborhood. This walk isn't a walk primarily for doing "business", because I do my business in the big field where every animal goes.

But, of course, since I am the only dog that walks every day, mom does get complaints. Anytime someone finds poop(pardon my language) they think it's me. Anytime a cat gets chased, I am blamed. Garbage cans get knocked over, it must be me. Mom just listens politely and says ok and walks on. She figures that people who don't like dogs can't tell one dog from another.

Well, tonight, mom was outside busting up sticks. (She is teaching The Three Little Pigs and needs building materials.) She heard a rustle and looked up. Out of the nieghbor's yard ran a Golden. Just like me. Mom said: "Lucky, I didn't know you came outside with me!" But, I didn't. I was sleeping in grandma's bed. I heard mom call out: "Lucky, come here." So I got up and found mom outside. She realized the Golden running up the road was not me.

Now mom is trying to figure out who it is. There are three Goldens in our nieghborhood: me, Flash and Polar. I was sleeping in Grandma's bed. Polar is super old and mom doubts he would have the speed that this doggie had. And Flash even when he is out of his fence doesn't go out of his yard. So who is this other doggie that I am taking the rap for? And as to why mom couldn't tell that other doggie wasn't me...Well, she said she had an eye appointment today and the drops made her vision blurry. Yeah, that's the ticket.

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