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July 26th 2013 9:40 am
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OMD! I am going on vacation. And NOT to Roger's house! I am actually going to go someplace fun with mom and dad. We are going camping and canoeing which means I get to sleep outside in a tent!. I get to eat off of a campfire. I get to swim in a lake and ride in the canoe. For Three whole days. It will be a total blast. Not only am I going with mom and dad, but we are going with young people,too. Mom and dad's godchildren and their mother!(They are ages 15-22). (Well, not the mom she is mom and dad's age. They are old college friends.)I super cannot wait and I keep getting in the car while dad is packing it up. Mom says not to worry, there will be room for me. But, I am staking out my spot just to be sure.

And there is more exciting news! When we get back from camping, I am getting other company-Grandma and Uncle are coming for their summer visit. Can life get any better?!




Ok, it's not a possum

July 23rd 2013 7:33 pm
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Ok, the animal that I am hunting is not a possum. Mom got a better look at it. It is low to the ground and has a flat, fluffy tail. Dad says it is probably a feral cat. Mom says it might be a groundhog. or a beaver. or a duck. or a beaverduck. Mom has been calling it a beaverduck all day long. I think she just likes to say beaverduck. Since we don't live in Australia, I doubt very much that it is a platypus (or as mom says Beaverduck).

Anyway, I have been keeping an eye on this animal all day long. It seems to live in the culvert, but it also has a place in the tall grass a few yards away from the culvert. My friend Flash (also a golden) has that spot staked out. I think between the two of us, we will catch the mythical Beaverduck before summer is out.

Meanwhile, today mom has been very busy. She has been clearing out space and rearranging junk. I think company is coming!And not blah company like Reese, but good company like Grandma! But, I am confused because mom told me I was going to go on an adventure this weekend, with the godchildren.

One of the things mom was doing was getting out the camping stuff and then her and dad went shopping and bought camping food. And mom told me that I will need to wear my collar and a bright colored bandana this weekend for my big surprise. I can't wait.

Mom has been doing all this housekeeping stuff, but her back is still bothering her, so I have to help her out. I am good at carrying sticks, and of course I will eat any leftover food that can't fit in the cupboards since grocery day.


I am the mighty huntress

July 22nd 2013 12:38 pm
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Across the street from our house there is a field. (Dorothy refered to that field as the miracle field because she found a cheese sandwhich there once). In that field there is a culvert. It is a big fat pipe surrounded by a concrete wall. Sometimes the kids sit on it.

Yesterday, I was on my porch watching the kids in the field, when I noticed something moving in the bushes. ZOOM! I ran across the street to chase this animal. It was a big, mean, creature I have never seen before. Arf!Arf!Arf! I scared the teenagers. They all laughed (and the girls did that scream teenage girls can do). The teenagers got on their bikes and left, but not the racoon. I trapped him in the culvert. Mom hollered at me not to stick my head in that hole. So I just walked back and forth guarding it, until mom FORCED me to come in. As soon as I came in, I sat in front of the door and watched the culvert. I saw the monster jump out and I pushed the front door open to go after it again. Drat. It got away.

But, this morning, I trapped it again. Mom says that it might be a opposum and that I should stay totally away from it. She said that it is just playing with me.Now mom won't let me go in the field unless she is with me. But, I am the mighty huntress. Just call me Diana.


New Neighbors

July 18th 2013 4:07 pm
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We got new neighbors. Two German Shepherds and one of them is a real live police dog. A K9 Cop. The deputy sherif moved across the street from us and this dog goes to work every day. (I wish I could go to work with dad but, I am stuck lounging at home with mom). We have not offically met yet, but unofficially, I have going over to visit them every morning and evening running the fence with them. Mom told me not to get on the wrong side of the law, but I have been the watch dog in this part of the neighborhood for a while now and I want to make sure they don't forget it.

In other news, mom finally went to the doctor to get her back looked at. The doctor wanted her to get an MRI but the insurance wouldn't pay for it. So mom just got regular x-rays instead. The doctor gave mom a shot and some medicine. Mom doesn't know when she will be able to go back to work. But, she is feeling a little better. I can tell because she got the vacuum out today. GRRR! I told her she better rest her back and not vacuum, but did she listen. Well, a little bit. She only vacuumed the AC Filters.

Because it is hot but I know this isn't news. I think it's hot all over the country. I have had to delay my daily walk til it is dark and the moon is out. Mom is afraid the road will be too hot on my feet if we go in the day. And I guess mom does not want to walk early in the morning.

I have also been swimming in the pool. It is not as good as swimming in the lake or at a mudhole, but I have been getting in swimming for a while. I have a raft that I can float on. It is good because I can see all the cats who live next store and bark at them from the pool. It makes swimming worth it.

Well that's all the news this week. Every one try to keep cool.



July 7th 2013 11:44 am
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On Friday morning mom said I was getting company. Was it Grandma? No. Was is Uncle? No. Was it Maw-maw and Pap and CoCo? No. Was it Grandpa and cousin Georgie? No. Was it old college pals, was it friends from the mountains? No and No. It was Reese. Reese the Dog. She was coming to play with me for the weekend.

How is sharing my mom and dad with another dog fun? How is being constantly on guard that Reese doesn't eat all of my food fun? Not to mention taking her on walks on my road and sharing all of my furniture with her?

But, I guess I will have to make do. First, we played who's the boss. (It's me-I'm older and it's my house). Then we played who has the best food. (It's me. But, Reese's food is pretty good.) Then we played find the most comfortable person to sit on. (It was mom, unless dad was eating). We went for some walks and we got to run around the field and do the zoomies.

Reese likes to swim. Yesterday, she spent nearly all day in the pool. I only like to swim in dirty lake water and not crystal clear pool water. Today it's sort of raining so Reese and I have been napping all day. Mom says she is going to put us on guard duty so she and dad can go out for a while. I am going to guard the front of the house and Reese can guard the back of the house.

I guess we do make a pretty good team.


Birdies, Storms and Fourth of July

July 2nd 2013 1:08 pm
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There is a tree in our front yard. A great, big Maple tree. It is close to the porch and mom and I like to watch all the wildlife that lives in the tree. I have been able to corner many squirrels in that tree and several generations of birds have been born in the tree. Mom does watch birds and she has a lifelist and so the tree has added to the list. Today, we saw two woodpeckers, male and female on the tree. Mom says the male was beautiful, with a bright red head. But yesterday, mom had the front door opened and a little chickadee flew to the top of the door. It freaked mom out. For as much as mom likes to look at birds having one almost in the house, It made mom yell. Of course, I saw the bird but it was just a little tiny thing and really it wasn't in the house. It was just on the door. And besides, I'm not a bird dog. I am a squirrel dog. I guess all that caterwauling that mom did made the bird fly away. I'm not going to tell mom about the nest in the eaves of the roof in the backyard.

We had a big storm last night. I know I am a very strange dog. I love storms. I do not run and hide and shake and try to get away from the storm. At the first sign of the wind picking up, I ask to go outside. As soon as I hear a boom off I go to chase it. I will run toward the storm. Stormy weather is my favorite thing. Are there any other dogs on dogster who like storms? or am I that strange?

So I guess you can tell that the fireworks for the Fourth of July do not bother me. I would like to go to the fireworks this year, but mom is afraid that I will break by leash and run after them like I do for storms. Plus our town had fireworks last week and Mom isn't sure who is having them this week for the fourth.

So anyway, if any of my pals are afraid of storms or fireworks don't worry. I am on patrol protecting everyone I know from loud noises. (but, mom is just going to have to deal with birdies on her own. I just don't care about them that much.)


Mommy is a zombie

June 27th 2013 1:24 pm
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I asked mom if she typed in all of my great adventure going canoeing. Mom just kind of moaned: "URGHH!" She has been laying on the couch all day, except when she lurches off the couch and tries to remember why she got up. She did something to her back. Actually it has been hurting for a while but recently it's gotten so bad, she called the doctor for an appointment. (And mom ususally believes what coach says: "Walk it off.")

So I got mom some pain pills and told her to write about my adventure canoeing to put her mind on something.

Canoeing was a blast. Me and dad and Roger went to the lake. The water was perfect, stay in the lake all day water. I swam and swam and swam. When I got tired, I found the sunniest spot and dried off. Then I swam and swam and swam. I chased some ducks. Ducks think they are hilarious, but they are not. They would let me swim almost up to them and then, ZOOM! off they would fly quacking their mocking ducky quacks.

I even learned to drink water by sticking my head under the water. That is where all the really good cold water is. Plus all the fish live under water. " Hello fish, I'm just sticking my big dog head under the water. Don't swim away. Don't be afraid. I just want to be friends. I have a fish at home, we are friends." (Ok, I have never stuck my head in the aquarium, but...)

Then on the way home, Roger decided he needed some air in the car and rolled down the window. "Hey, Roger! We don't have one of those fancy cars where the windows roll up and down." I got to stick my head out the window the whole way to Roger's house. Then dad pulled the window up with pliers and home we went.

When we got home, mom made us take a bath. But mom, I was in the water all day! Mom said yes she could smell.

Well, I can see mom turning back into a zombie now, so I will let her go back to laying down and moaning on the couch.



June 23rd 2013 1:30 pm
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I got to be a diary pick today, along with my pals Defi and Demon Flash Bandit and Xiao Ping and Rupert and Irwin. Hooray for us all.

It is espeially rewarding for me to be the diary pick because yesterday I had to go to the Vet. I've had some kind of yucky skin thing that mom and dad decided needed professional help. I have been getting this white, flaky, chunky skin all over me. I've been itching like crazy,too. So dad took me to the vet. I don't mind going to the vet, it's a car ride and I get to see all kinds of people. But, I got a shot and some medicine,too. The doctor says it's an allergy. Now we just have to find out to what. I've been eating the same food forever, but mom and dad are going to try new foods for me (and treats, too). Of course, it could be all the hot weather (mom can't take the heat and often breaks out when she gets in the sun) or maybe an allergy to all the lush vegetation(Dorothy always needed an allergy shot in the summer). So anyway, I got a shot and medicine and it made me sleepy and I didn't even want to go for a walk. So being a diary pick has made up for all my misery yesterday.

Oh, and also to make up for all my misery yesterday, dad and I are going to go canoeing today. So I better go get ready because I love going to the lake. Maybe I will catch a duck.


What a Fun Day!

June 13th 2013 11:49 am
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Yesterday I had a super fun day, cause Big and Little came to play!

First, they had to show me and mom all the stuff they got new because they successfully completed the third and first grade. Mom quizzed them on what they learned and then she asked what didn't they learn that they wanted to learn. Little was quite upset that he still has not learned how to saw someone in two. Mom reminded him that elementary school is not the same as magic school and that there is a big building with all kinds of books in it, maybe he should go there to find out how to cut someone in two. Little said that maybe mom could just teach him. It's very important that he learns to saw big in half. Not so important to learn how to put him back together.

After all the school stuff mom gave Big and Little a piano lesson. Mom taught them the Charlie Brown Song.(y'all know what song that is). Big said he has a song going through his head could mom teach it to him? Turns out it was Ode to Joy. Mom had a really easy copy of it so she showed him that song. So then Big and Little decided to learn all the songs in that book. If you have had piano lessons, you probably know many of these songs like: Crunchy Flakes(which sounds suspiciously like Jingle Bells) Snake Dance with the wavy staff and mom's favorite Tune of the Tuna Fish. I enjoy music and often sit by mom when she plays the piano. So I liked listening to Big and Little. But, I'm sorry fans, this was not the comeback of the Fire Band this was straight up piano lesson, with theory and everything.

After the piano lesson, we went swimming. Well, Big and Little went swimming. Mom sat on the steps and Life guarded. Big and Little are excellent swimmer, but they are boys and brothers and one of the funnest things to do is to jump on your brother while you are in the pool. (On a note about how different people are: When the orginal Big and Little, Jake and Luke were this age, they would just float on rafts and beg mom to read them Harry Potter). I did not go swimming, because I only like to swim in dirty, stinky creek water and our pool is crystal clear. So I just ran around the yard while Big and Little swam and mom would say things like: "Get off your brother NOW! Don't make me get in this pool! Who wants to read Harry Potter?"

After swimming, we ate lunch. Big is a very picky eater, but mom was pleasantly surprised that he did not eat junky food, unless you count ketchup sandwhiches. Little was the cook and made Big many ketchup sandwhiches. Little made me and him scrambled eggs. Little even made everyone Kool-aid to drink. Big did not drink the kool-aid. You never know what Little put into it. (Mom did not drink kool-aid either, but I found what spilled on the floor to be nice and sweet and sticky.)

It started to rain after lunch so we watched movies on netflicks. None of the movies they watched had dogs in them or dog food in them or even delicious people food so I took a nap. When I woke up Big and Little were gone. And I got to help mom clean up all the mess. I licked up the kool aid and the bread crusts and the ketchup and the eggs. Now I'm waiting for the rain to be done so I can go outside, cause I have got gas. PU!


So Many Car Rides

June 10th 2013 1:22 pm
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First! OMD I can't believe I finally got on Dogster! Everytime I try to log in the computer freezes up and I can't get anywhere. Sure, mom has some dogster pals on the facebook (and if you want to be friends with mom on the facebook, send us a pmail). So I am happy to find out what all of my puppals have been up to.

I have been lucky enough to go on many, many car rides. Let me go back in time to Thursday. Even though mom is off work for the summer she got up super early, like worktime early. And when it was time to leave dad and mom and ME got into the car. We had to take dad to work, because mom needed the car for some appointments. I got to see many big trucks on the way to dad's work. So we dropped dad off and then went home.

As soon as we got back home and mom had poured herself some coffee, the phone rang. It was dad. He needed mom to come back to his work. He forgot some stuff in the car. So I got to go on car ride number 2. I thought mom might go another way to dad's work, but there is all kinds of construction so mom went the regular way. We met dad and he got all the stuff out of the car and it was back home again. We stopped at the bank on the way home and guess what? The nice bank teller gave mom some money and ME some treaties. I think we should go to the bank every day.

Well once we got home mom took me for a walk and then she went to all her appointments. One of the appointments she had was to go see Luke, the orginal Little, graduate from high school. She is so proud of him, because not only did he graduate 11th in his class and got a boatload of scholarships, his FBLA(Future Business Leaders of America) presentation won everything, everywhere and he is going to present in California for the whole ball of wax. HOORAY for LUke!

While mom and dad(yes mom had to pick dad up again) were at the graduation, there was a major accident- a 34 car pile-up. No fatalities, but 12 of the graduates were stuck in traffic behind the accident. So they delayed the graduation and the Emergancy people sent a bus in so those 12 students could make it to the ceremony. Isn't that sweet? Is this something your town would do?

So I did get to go on one more car ride. That was yesterday. First, dad and me went swimming. Dad is trying to teach me to go up and down the steps for the pool so when I need to cool off I can get into the pool whenever I want. I am not a big fan of that yet, but to make dad happy, I swam for a minute. I noticed mom did not get in the pool. She is a winter person and likes to play in the snow. Mom says she can't take the heat of the summer. I got out to play with mom, inside in the air conditioning.

Well, when dad was done swimming, me and him went for another car ride,to see our good friend Roger. I like going to Roger's house because he has a teenage daughter who is fun to hang out with. I did fun stuff with Roger and his family and then I came home.

I don't know when I will get to go on another car ride, but I heard that Big and Little are coming over to play on Wednesday! HOORAY!

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