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January 22nd 2014 12:47 pm
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I know I said that was going to be my last diary entry, but a certain LWD convinced me to stay. So here's what's been going on.

First, mom and me have met so many nice people behind the dogs and pups on the Facebook and different groups. But, mom is not tech savy and she is still a little bit overwhelmed about all the different groups and things going on. But, something is going to gel soon, we can just feel it.

Next, we are over the poison water and onto the Polar Vortex part 2. Mom says it is too cold for doggies or people to go outside. I have a big thick winter coat so I don't mind going outside. In fact, I like the cold weather. This morning, I played a trick on mom and dad.

Dad stayed home from work today. It was zero degrees and the world was frozen. Dad got up first and He opened the door to let me out. It was a little chilly, so I was fine sticking my head out the door. We played that game for a while when finally dad was done and told me I had to go out or stay in.

Meanwhile mom got up. Dad asked her to shut all the bedroom doors so we could keep the heat in the living room. Then dad told her that I was outside. Mom looked and didn't see me. She thought maybe I was being private, so 10 minutes later she looked again. I wasn't around. So she went out to get the paper and she called and whistled and rang my outdoor bell. But, I was hiding good.

Mom was getting worried. So, she decided to get dressed and go out in the freezing cold looking for me. She opened the door to my room(although she calls it the guest room) and TA DA! There I was in my bed all snuggly and warm in a nest full of blankets.


This is our last diary entry

January 18th 2014 9:50 am
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Entry Body:
As most of you know, Say Media in it's infinite wisdom has decided to shut down the Dogster Community. The Community which has been the heart of Dogster. We are so upset we feel like biting them on the butt.

We have been on Dogster for 9 years. It would have been 10 in August. When we first joined Dogster all you could do was put a dog in a corral and take a stroll.

Later on they added pup pal requests, diary entries and pmail. Then the forums, Dogster Plus, the rosettes, groups and special gifts.

They had the coolest dog and cat contests. They had the birthday strolls, the holiday strolls, the birthday parades. They had the scavenger hunt, the trivia games.

They had wonderful friends to help with good advice. They had friends who held us up when we were sad or worried. There were kind and generous people who would surprise us with gifts out of the blue. Not just virtual gifts but presents that would come in the mail. It was an anonymous donor who bought me my first plus membership. I know some people felt that they were being picked on, but I have never felt that way. I have only felt the love and kindness and loyalty, the people on Dogster always took the best part of their dog's personality and gave it to each other.

Another way that Dogster has helped me is as a person I have always been a little shy and awkward. But, when I could write as Dorothy or Lucky and be fierce. And I always enjoyed reading everyone else's diaries. They were funny or sad or playful. They were uplifting.

Finally, I am sad because when Dorothy went to the bridge, I got so much support and love. I knew that Dot was not really gone as long as I could see her pages.

I am going to give being a person a try. Please, please, please look me up on Facebook. Tracy Grote. I have a picture of Lucky as my picture. I love you all.

Now I'm going to stop crying and try to close my pages.


Sad, sad day

January 16th 2014 5:08 pm
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Well, I guess everyone has got the news. Dogster is shutting down the community. Sure, they are leaving up the stuff that brings in the cash, but all the things that brought in the friendship, the support and the fun is gone.

Mom is too sad to write anything today, but if you want to be facebook friends, send us a pmail and we can do that(if, we can access the pmail).

I'll try to write more tomorrow to close up my diary entries. Right now I'm too sad.


I'm blowing up the email

January 13th 2014 11:43 am
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That's what the hipsters say: they are blowing up the internet. When I went to check my email today I had tons of mail. Everyone sending me hot chocolate and snow flakes. That is most excellent. Thank you. Especially since we are STILL without water.

The good news is they have given an all clear, all the poison has been diluted. But, we still can't use the water until all the pipes and water lines have been flushed and we can't flush them all willy-nilly. We have to do it according to zones and we are in the last zone. The zones were set according to where important things are, like hospitals. And the only important thing where I am at is me.

But, we have plenty of water and virtual hot chocolate. We have friends who say we can use their showers, although I find taking a bath overrated and mom and dad should just enjoy their natural smell, like us doggies do.


I are a Fancy Schmacy dog

January 11th 2014 5:33 pm
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That's right I am a fancy dog because I am drinking bottled water now. Mom and dad are keeping the lid on the toilet and the tap water is still poison. We have heard this story on the national news. They have said anywhere from 100,000 to 700,000 people have been affected by this, but mom says it's probably closer to the 100,000 number than the 700,000. They don't know how long we are going to be without water, but fortunately there are a lot of good people out there who are donating water and supplies.

Jake and Luke's mom has good water so mom and dad went up to their house today to shower and to get some water. Mom wanted me to report that they found Tiger's body. It was sad but Jake was able to bury Tiger next to his dog, Molly. Mom brought him a Boston Cream Pie. Jake wasn't home when mom and dad got there but Reese was there and mom and dad came home smelling of Reese. I know Reese was loving all over my parents while I had to stay home and guard the house.

Finally, I want to thank everyone for the hot chocolate. It's especially good since our water is poisoned and we can't drink hot chocolate unless we used milk-but the fridge is full of bottled water-all for me!


State of Emergency

January 10th 2014 11:07 am
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We are under a state of emergency and it is not weather related! Yesterday, some chemical leaked into the water supply. The water company didn't know what the chemical was, or how dangerous it is, so they put us under a state of emergency and told us, DON'T USE THE WATER! Don't drink it, don't wash with it, don't bathe in it. The only thing we can do with the water is flush our toilets with it and then they recommend putting the lid down. As a dog, you can see how bad this is. I don't have a nice col toilet to drink out of. Fortunately, mom had a refrigerator full of water from the polar vortex. She was afraid the pipes would freeze so she was prepared. And the pipes didn't freeze so we have enough water to last a few days. Of course most of mom's refrigerator water is going to me and to the coffee maker.

So everyone think about all of us pups and kits in West Virginia while you are drinking out of the toilet tonight.

But, other than this water thing it's been a good day. Dad got to stay home because of this emergency. The weather is still nice enough for me to hang outside all day. And I got to be a diary pick today.


Hooray for the sun

January 9th 2014 12:43 pm
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First, a Tiger update. Thank you for all your POTP for Jake and Tiger. Jake and his brothers walked the entire property for two days and there is no sign of Tiger. These young men grew up hunting, so they know how to track, but they can't find the cat. We think Tiger wanted to go to the rainbow bridge privately. Jake is upset that he can't find Tiger's body to give him a proper burial, but this is what Tiger wanted. So thanks everyone.

Now to the good news! It's warm again! Well, relatively warm. It's in the middle 30's, the sun is shining, the snow is melted, most of the ice is gone. Mom has stopped dripping water and has opened the back bedrooms(where my bed is). I have been outside since 7:00 am. I watched the kids trudge off to school. I helped the garbage man. I begged a bone from the mailman.

Then I got company. Two doggies were just as happy as I was that we could play outside. They came over to play with me. We ran and ran and ran all over the place. I never saw these doggies before. When we rested on the porch, mom looked at them. They both had collars on, but no tags. Mom wants to know why would you do that. If they had tags, mom could have called their owner(They were obviously litter mates-german shepherds, not pups, but not adults-teenagers). I could have played with them until the owner picked them up.(We've done it before). But with no tags, we just played until the pups got bored and left. Mom didn't recognize them so they didn't live in our neighborhood. (Mom knows all the dogs and kids).

So, I am happy that the cold snap has ended. But, to be honest, I didn't mind the cold-I do have a big fur coat.


Power of the Paw Request

January 7th 2014 8:05 pm
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I am sending a Power of the Paw Request for my friend Jake. Jake was the original Big. He has a cat named Tiger. He got Tiger when Jake was 2. Tiger is 20 years old.

Jake was going to take Tiger to the vet tomorrow to talk about Tiger and his quality of life. Like all cats, Tiger has nine lives and has probably used up 8 of them. He has been run over(twice), has had cancer, got stuck in a tree, got lost when they moved. But, now Tiger is missing.

Mom says that Tiger is old and wise and if it is his time, he may want privacy to go to the rainbow bridge. But we know how worried and upset Jake is and he needs some peace of mind. So please send Jake and Tiger some POTP.

And everybody else stay warm.



January 3rd 2014 2:17 pm
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Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! I'm a diary pick today!
And one of my New Year's Resolutions was to be more active on Dogster.

Well, I finally got my walk yesterday. It turns out mom is a little snow bunny. She likes walking when the snow is falling. So we went for a fun walk yesterday.

And last night, dad let me play with my Laser in the snow. It was fun running around in the snowy white stuff.

But, last night when dad and mom went to bed, they forgot to turn off the water in the sink and the tub. I thought maybe I was going to take a bath, but no. Maybe they wanted to pretend they were at the beach? Mom said it was because it was too cold and the pipes would freeze. I have to admit it was pretty cold today. Single digits. But, I like cold and would go in and out, out and in. Even snow bunny mom did not want to play in the snow with me today. Plus no one was outside. No kids, no other dogs, no cats, no squirrels, no cars, no trucks. Not even any birds. So it was up to me to walk in everyone's yards. Now, I need to snuggle up warm on mom's feet and take a nap. I promise not to move, especially if mom needs to do something like go to the bathroom(unless mom wants to get up to give me treats.)



January 2nd 2014 10:55 am
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Mom did not sleep well last night. She said she dreamt there was a bear in the backyard. And she ran herself awake. But when she woke up, she could still hear that bear. It turned out to be dad, snoring away. He kept everyone up(but himself). But, mom shouldn't worry about bears, remember I barked a bear away when I was younger. I am tough.

So with mom having a cruddy night's sleep and the weather is so dark, dank and wet, I doubt very much I am going to get to go for a walk today. Come on mom, it's not cold yet(only about 35), it's only wet. I think a walk will do us good. It will wake us up, get the blood going, get the stink blowed off of us.

I don't think it's working. Maybe I should work on dad. He has a stress test at the end of the month. Taking me for a walk would get him ready for it.

Anyway pups, stay warm.

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