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Valentine's Day, Car Ride and Clarification

February 14th 2010 1:03 pm
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Happy Valentine's Day! Hope everyone is enjoying candy and flowers and gifties. Mom got dad a singing card. It sings Happy Together. That is a song mom and dad play and sing together when they are feeling musical, so that is a special song for them. Mom also said she got dad a new nose. Dad did not get mom anything, but that is ok because he did just have surgery. Besides, mom thinks she is getting a new washer. Why can't anything fun ever need repaired or replaced at Valentine's day (or any other present day). Oh well, it's better than car tires.

I got to go on a car ride for Valentine's Day. Car rides are my favorite things. And I got to go to a new place in the car. Usually I just get to go to Big and Little's house or to the pharmacy. Today mom took me to the library. The library is a place that has lots of books. I don't like books to read, but books to eat are really good. I guess that was why I had to sit in the car while mom returned some stuff. It was still fun. I got to go up a hill and over the railroad tracks and past a river. (mom says thats where everyone in West Virginia lives).

Finally I want to clarify what I wrote about mom not being a good nurse. It is amazing what people can do when someone they love is hurting. Mom is good at doing what needs to be done. But, when mom is sick, she just likes to go to bed and sleep. She doesn't want to be bothered with company or people checking in on her every thirty minutes. If someone is going to pamper her, she wants to be well enough to enjoy it. So mom figures that is how everyone wants to be treated when they are sick. Some people want the pampering and the visits and that is what mom does so poorly. Dad does credit his quick recovery when he had heart surgery to mom's bad nursing skill.

Dad is doing a little better, but he is not well enough to go on a walk, or help me protect the yard from birds. There are crows as big as chickens outside and I need to go out and git 'em!

Happy Valentine's Day! (If you didn't get Valentine from me-I'm sorry I ran out of zealies.)


Protection Service

February 15th 2010 3:18 pm
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Dad is still recovering from his nose surgery so I took care of him while mom went to work. Dad is glad that I did because I needed to protect him.

The tree cutting men were in the neighborhood. They are cutting or trimming all the trees that could fall on the power lines. They have been working their way around the block and they are finally by my house. They cut Flash's tree. They cut the Pug Army's tree. They cut Molly's tree. Our house is next. They were very noisy and scary. They blocked the whole road. Dad was glad I was here to protect him. They did not get to our tree today so I think I will be on protection duty again tomorrow.

In the middle of all the noise and hubbub, the washer repairman finally put in an appearance. (All this cold weather has meant people having problems with pipes and appliances it took this long to get him here.) The good news is that he did not charge mom and dad an arm and a leg to repair the washer. The bad news is it's because the washer is dead. There is just no fixing it. It is going to be cheaper to buy a new washer. Mom and dad are going to wait until the weather breaks to get a new washer. So instead of a Valentine Present maybe it will be an Easter Present.

We are supposed to get massive amount of snow today. So far, nothing, although it is raw outside. I didn't even want to go outside. (And this was after the tree cutting guys were here.)


Snow Crazy

February 16th 2010 7:15 pm
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Well, we finally got some good snow. Any where between 4 and 8 inches depending on which side of the hill you were on. Mom still had to go to work today. The kids had the day off but the teachers had to report. So Big and Little's mom had to go to school and mom had to go to work and play Mario all day with Big and Little. Dad should have stayed home and recovered for another day, but he went to work as well. He later regretted it.

So I was home all alone. I was bored and lonely. I spent the day looking out the window. Not even the tree guys came to cut down our tree. FINALLY after waiting forever mom and dad came home. Dad went right to bed and mom got my leash.

I have several leashes, but mom's (and my) favorite is my slip over the head noose leash. Mom likes it because sometimes her hands are stiff and clumsy. I like it, because I have figured out how to wiggle out of it.

As soon as mom and I were outside, I jumped off the porch. Mom had to drop the leash or she would have "jumped" off the porch with me. I wiggled out of the leash and went running. I used to play this game with my old people. I would run and they would chase me and call my name and when they would get close enough to catch me I would take off again. It is a great game and I was ready to play it with mom, but whenI looked back mom was not chasing me. She was just walking calmly. She dropped down to my eye level and waved her hands around. Whatever she was doing seemed pretty interesting. I just had to go back and see what was up with mom. As soon as I did mom slipped the leash back on me. But she told me how happy she was to see me.

As we went up the hill I tried to wiggle out of the leash again. But somehow, instead of it going off my head it went around my waist, like I was wearing a belt. This could work, I thought. Mom would have to take the leash off of me. But she didn't. She just pushed it back up.

When we went passed my friend Harley's house, I wiggled that leash off of me again. But this time I didn't run. I just walked by mom. I know that Dorothy never wore a leash unless there was someone who was afraid of dogs around, but mom says I am still too young to go without a leash. I guess she is right because when we got in front of our house I got the zoomies and just had to run and be snow crazy.


It's a Dangerous World

February 18th 2010 4:55 pm
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I was helping mom get the mail. She was thinking about having me carry it in the house. But, she didn't get the chance to give me any mail to practice on because I happened to see the neighbor's cat, Nosy. I have always wanted to catch me a cat so zoom right over I went. I sniffed at him and he swiped me on the nose. That made me run. I ran right into the street, right in front of a minivan. THUD! Mom got a sickening drop in her stomach. But I kept right on running. I was scared. I ran and hid. It took a while for mom to find me. I was hiding in the corner of a neighbor's yard under a tree.

Mom patted me and comforted me and calmed me down and got me to with her back home. Once we were in the house, she checked me out. I did not seem to be injured. I didn't wince or draw back or cry when she touched me. The only injury she saw was some blood on my nose from the cat scratch.

So there seems to be no physical damage (although mom is still keeping an eye on me ) but psychologically, well-I know my second middle name is Danger, but it is a dangerous, scary world out there and I don't think I am going to go outside ever again. I have a nice big window to look out of. I am sure I can hold in my business forever. It is safe on my couch and even though mom has tried several times to get me to go outside(with her beside me and on a leash) I am not going. I won't even go in the fenced in backyard. Well, maybe I will if I get a pupperoni when I come back in.


Lesson Learned

February 19th 2010 6:23 pm
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Yesterday, I got hit by a car. I am ok, but now I am too scared to go outside. I will not leave mom's side. Really I did not want to go out at all. But mom made me. She put my leash on and I kept trying to go back to the house. Mom wasn't having any of it. But, she was patient. She let me sit for a while. She would pet me and keep me calm. Everytime I would see a car I would stop and shake and head back to the house. Even when my good friends, Flash and Huck and Harley were outside, I did not want to play with them. I made it all the way around the block, but I sure was happy to be back in the house, safe and sound on my couch. I learned my lesson. I am not going to be running off leash again.


Is it Spring?

February 21st 2010 6:17 pm
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Today was a beautiful day. No snow at all. Mom told dad it was 80 degrees. Dad said we should open the door. That's when mom said that maybe she was exagerating. It was 60 degrees. So we still opened the door. I wasn't sure what to do when the door was open. Did that mean I was allowed to come and go when I wanted? After getting bumped by that car I had no desire to go out on the road, but I did enjoy sitting on the porch and watching all the people go by. And there were alot of people outside. People I never saw before. Little people on bikes, big people walking house dogs, momma's walking babies, it was great. Everyone said that I was soo cute. But I was good and did not go off the porch at all, unless mom was with me. I was so good that mom took me on a car ride. We went to the drug store. Mom even drove with the window down. It was a super great day.

And thank you to everyone who wished me get well. I just have a little scrap on my nose, which I think is from the cat and not from the car that thudded me. I am not nervous about going outside either. I guess Dorothy was watching over me.


Dogs in my Neighborhood

February 23rd 2010 5:39 pm
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When Dorothy was alive, she was the queen of the neighborhood. She was THE boss dog. All other dogs bowed to her. (Bow-wowed? to her). If food appeared in the miracle field, it was hers. If there was excitment she was in the middle of it. Everyone knew her, everyone loved her.

Then she had to go up to heaven and she sent me to mom and dad. I am at the bottom of the dogpile. I don't mind. I still have fun and lots of friends so I thought I would tell you about the doggies I see on my walk everyday.

Mollie lives in the house next door. She is a wiener dog and she took over Dorothy's spot as top dog. She owns the miracle field now. Even though I am way bigger than Mollie is, I know she can kick my butt.

Right next door to Mollie is the Pug Army. I don't know any of these doggies names. There are about 5 pug doggies who live there. They live behind a fence and anytime I walk past they cause a big ruckus.

Across the street ( and down a ways) from the Pug Army is a doggie named Flash. Flash looks almost exactly like me except he is a boy and I am a girl. Also my eyes are a little bit darker and my teeth are way more crooked. We are even the same age. Sometimes we play together. He has a little girl that I like to play with. Then he gets all protective of her. Then we get the puppy zoomies together.

The last house on the street is where Dorothy's best friend Pork Chop lived. Pork Chop is in heaven, too. But he left a lot of doggies behind most importantly, Buddy. Buddy is a yellow lab basset hound mix. He is an old doggie now and stays mostly in the house, but he still comes out to see my mom. He lives with this wiener dog named Baby. Baby is really fat, fat like a balloon blown up to its full capacity. It takes Baby about a half an hour to go across the street. Cookie and Rascal also live at Pork Chop's. Cookie is a beagle and Rascal is a Jack Russell. I always want to play with them, but they have the invisible fence and don't go out of the yard.

This is who I see in the first half of my walk. Next time I'll tell you about the back half of my walk.


D0gs in My Neighborhood Part II

February 26th 2010 1:04 pm
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Some pups have commented on Part I-There sure are a lot of doggies in my neighborhood. It's true! We are very dog friendly here. I have gotten you down to the end of the street and now we are ready to go up the hill.

A big miracle field runs right by the hill. Not only does food appear with regularity on the hill, but it is the number one sled riding place so it usually has tons of kids playing on it. And right on top of the hill is my good friend Harley's house. Harley is a West Virginia Brown Dog. He was a good friend of Dorothy's. Now he is my friend, too. He goes for a walk with us every single day. When we get back to my house he always comes in for a treat.

After Harley's house there are some indoor doggies. I don't know them at all. Maybe when the weather is warm I will meet new friends. Then we come to Penelope and Hamilton's house. Penelope is a Labradoodle and Hamilton is a German Shepherd. They bark all the time. Their barking drives their human crazy. So it's kind of fun of me to stir them up when I walk by.

Right next door to them is my secret boyfriend, Dano. Dano is a Boxer mix. I like Dano so much that every time I see him I bark. A real doggie bark. That is the only time I bark. Dano has a brother Jake. Jake is a big retrevier chow-just like me. But I don't pay any attention to Jake. My heart belongs to Dano.

Next door to Dano lives Baron. Baron is the old dog in the neighborhood. He is a boxer. He is very stately, but he always runs his fence when he sees me.

That's the second part of the block. The only doggies who live on the back road ( that aren't house dogs) are the three Senoritas. I am not sure of there names but I think they might be named, Senora and Chica and Nina. They are big dogs and have a great porch and back yard. They came up from New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. I don't really hang out with them, but, their person makes Chicken Livers and keeps them in a can. She passes them out to doggies who visit.

So that is the back road. We are almost done with our walk. But I guess you will have to stay tuned til next time to finish the walk.


Dogs in My Neighborhood-Final Lap

February 28th 2010 4:39 pm
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I am finishing my walk.
Watch out when you turn the corner, because you run right into Sadie's territory. Sadie is a beagle and she lives behind a fence, except as soon as you walk past her house she crawls under the fence and nips at your heels. I used to want to play with her, but mom says to just ignore her. And we keep walking. One day Sadie, one day...

Down from Sadie is Lucky 1's house. Lucky is also a beagle. Everytime mom calls my name, Lucky 1 barks. That is why I needed a middle name. Now mom calls LuckyBell! or Bon Chance so that Lucky 1 doesn't get in trouble.

Across the street is where my friend Huck lives. Huck is a West Virginia Brown Dog, short hair version. I think that techinically Huck owns the miracle field. But, he let's all the doggies play in it. The other thing that Huck has that is soo super cool is a burn pile. Every now and then there is a big bonfire in Huck's yard.

And finally it is back to my yard. I have the best place in the neigborhood. I have a big front yard and a nice porch to sit on to see all the action. I have a fenced in back yard full of bamboo to hide in.

In the house are the very best things: Mom and dad and my food and water and all of my toys.

So that is a walk around my neighborhood. Mom says there are more dogs, but they are house dogs and I will meet them if the snow ever melts.


Doctor Lucky

March 3rd 2010 10:12 am
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Mom says I am like a doctor. I check on my patient during rounds and then go on to the next thing. Mom is my patient. Yesterday, she got sick but fortunatley, she was on her way to the doctor.(the real doctor). She got some medicine and went to bed. Today she didn't have to go to work so I have been taking care of mom. I will walk by her sick couch and occasionally remind her to drink some juice. (When mom hears me drinking.) So I am a doctor today.

Poor Sweet Doggie Dude(now in heaven) was a nurse. He was right on whatever was wrong. I mean right on. If you had a headache he would sit on your head. If you had a stomach ache he would be on your tummy. If you had a cut, he would lick the blood off of it.

Dorothy in heaven was not in the health care profession. The only way she would care if anyone was sick would be if there was a ham attached to the injury.

But now I am the healing animal in the family and I must go check on my patient. Mom is thinking about doing the dishes or something equally as stupid. So I am wanted at the sick couch- Stat!

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