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Winter Sunday Part One

January 31st 2010 10:04 am
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It's cold. It's cold and clear. The clear that makes the sky so blue it hurts to look at it. The trees are decorated in little ice crystals added to the clearness, the shine in the air. To me it is the perfect morning and when mom goes out to get the Sunday paper, I tag along. I get a taste of the cold and off I go-zooming in all the neighbor's yards. Snowplowing with my nose, running, running, running.

Mom calls me: "Lucky! Lucky Bell!" but I have to go with the cold and the snow and the ice and the clearness. Mom is too cold to wait and besides she knows I will be back.

On Sundays, we always have a special breakfast. Sometimes, it is dad who cooks it: biscuits and gravy, panecakes and sausage, hash and eggs. Sometimes it is mom who cooks: muffins or brownies, fruit or yogurt maybe french toast. Or her world famous microwave eggs. So simple a preschooler can make it. She whips up an egg sandwhich for dad and she gives me the "extra".

Then we all snuggle together reading the Sunday paper. Mom and dad tell each other what stories the other one would enjoy reading, which comics they thought were funny, what's on sale where. As for me I enjoy eating the paper not reading the paper. But, just because there are pictures of meat in the grocery ads, they do not taste like real meat.

Mom and dad stay in their pajamas all morning long. There is usually a sappy movie on in the background. We are all together and we know we are blest and priveledged. We are glad to feel warm and have plenty of food to eat.

You might wonder about church since this is what Sundays are like at my home. Mom and dad go to church on Saturday Nights. They are part of the Folk Guitar Mass. So if I ever write about Saturdays I will write about church.



February 1st 2010 5:58 pm
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There is a doggie in my neighborhood named Harley. He was a good friend of Dot (who is in Heaven now). Everyday when I go for a walk, Harley comes with me. When we get to my house we play a little bit and then mom gives him a treat. Then he goes home.

Today, he did not want to go home. After we mom gave him a treat he ate it and then he came up on the porch and just stared at us. So mom gave him another treat. He still didn't go home. Mom went out and petted him and talked to him. She was going to get her shoes back on to take him home but he left on his own.

Mom says he is getting pretty old and maybe he is getting pretty forgetful. Or maybe Harley is just super smart and figured out how to get more than one treat from mom.


Where's Mom?!

February 2nd 2010 6:55 pm
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Dad came home from work today and I was happy to see him. He let me go out and play and he checked the mail and the messages and the email. He played on the computer. He made a sandwhich. He thought it was strange that mom was not home from work. She usually gets home first. Oh well. He watched some tv.

"Hmm. I wonder where mom is?" He thought. " She is usually here way before me."

He took a little nap. He played his flute. Still NO MOM!

"The only day she works Late is on Tuesdays. Tuesdays are the days she needs me to pick her up from work."

Needless to say: Dad is in the doghouse tonight, Tuesday Night.


A Ghost!?

February 4th 2010 11:19 am
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On Saturday mom went to do the laundry and the washer just wouldn't work. She had to unplug it and plug it back into a different outlet and jiggle the plugs before it made any kind of noise. But it shut off right away. It is outside and mom and dad thought it was probably frozen so she unplugged it and did the sensible thing. She decided to just play with me all day.

When we went outside, we heard water running in the laundry room. At first, mom thought the water heater was busted because when it rains it pours. (Whatever that means) But no, the water heater was good. There was water all over the floor. It was coming from the washer. The washer that was NOT plugged in or turned on. There was no water in the washer and mom couldn't see any holes in pipes or hoses. It has to be a ghost. A ghost in the laundry room. What other explaination could it be?

Well, our laundry room is in the garage. It is not heated, so every winter the pipes freeze. That is what mom and dad think happened to the washer. They think it froze to death. (I think it is a ghost).

Last winter, the dryer blew out its circuit so we have not had a dryer for about a year. Fortunately, we live where we can hang clothes on the line from April-October. The rest of the year, mom has clothesline all over the house. It is mom's secret dream to win a revamped, redone, rewired, heated laundry room. I think if she got a picture of the ghost in the laundry room she could pay for it.

So come on mom let's go outside and wait for the ghost.
What do you mean, you have to go to the laundrymat? And no dogs are allowed!
What do you mean you need quarters? That it is a buck seventy-five per washer and .25 cents every six minutes on the dryer. At those prices, I'll just dress up like a ghost and you can take my picture and sell it.



February 7th 2010 6:59 pm
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There were all kinds of birds in MY yard today. Big black birds and little brown birds. Mom said they were cowbirds. They did not look like cows, they looked like birds and they were in MY yard.

We did not get all that snow that everyone else in the world got. We got rain. Lots and lots and lots of rain. So much rain the field turned into a lake. Today, those birds were taking a bath in all the puddles left by the rain in my yard. Then they would fly right up on the porch and on the roof. I was watching them out of my window. But, I knew I had to get outside and get them. (I know birds are up to no good, I read Demon Flash Bandit's diary).

Finally, mom opened the front door to let me out. The bird's went flying and I went after them. Even though we didn't have the snow, some of the road had ice on it. So I went running after those birds and skidded on the ice. I almost ran right into the tree the birds went flying into. And they were all mocking me when I skidded. (Maybe they were mocking birds.) Well, they could mock all they wanted, I was going to make sure they didn't come back into MY yard.

I was going to sit under that tree all day, until mom called me and said the magic words: "Car Ride!" I jumped right in the car. Let those birds have the cold wet puddle, I was going to the drug store with mom. And for being such a good birder, mom took me for fast food.t00!


Valentine Contest

February 8th 2010 6:33 pm
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Mom and dad have been totally ignoring me. They are working on their 2010 Valentine's Day Musical Challenge. It is this contest they have every year. They make a CD and the contestants have to guess the song title, the artist and the common theme that is running through the contest. The first year they did this, the Dot in Heaven won. Some Dogsters have played before. If you want to play, paw mail me your mailing information before Thursday, Feb. 12.

People say it is lots of fun, but mom and dad have been working on this and I have not been able to play catch or Lasar Tag. Mom says to be patient they are almost done.


Mama Is Very Bendy

February 10th 2010 5:58 am
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We have not gotten the mountians of snow like many of my Dogster friends have. We have maybe an inch. But, we have had tons of rain and that rain has frozen over night and turned all the roads into skating rinks. School has been canceled for the past two days. HOORAY! Mom gets to stay home and play with me all day! But, dad has had to go to work. BOO!

Even though we haven't gotten snow, it is cold. BRRRRR! It is washerfreezing cold. It is trickle the water in the daytime cold. It was soo cold the car doors got frozen.

"Oh good," I thought, "I will have mom and dad to play with all day."

But dad said he needed to go to work. He had important meetings and people were depending on him. That's my dad-always doing for others.

But the car doors were frozen shut. Dad decided to pour hot water on the locks. (Even though mom just heard on the radio-NEVER pour hot water on the windsheild.) He poured water and more water but it still was frozen.

Then he got this even better idea. He was able to pop the trunk. Now all mom had to do was crawl through the trunk into the back seat up over the front seats and start the car.

Did I mention we have Cavilier? Did I mention that mom, while small in stature, has a nice, big fat belly that shakes when she laughs like a bowl full of jelly?

Somehow, mom manage to crawl through the trunk and bend and twist and do some half flips and lose her shoes somewhere in the backseat and front seat and not get stuck anyone place for too long.

When she got into the front seat, she unlocked the car door. Think about that for one minute dogster pals. (Is there a fine line between frozen and hitting the wrong button on the keyring?-I'm just sayin')



February 11th 2010 4:05 pm
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I have been doing my best to protect my part of the world from the evil birds. I wait until they all gather on the ground, ready to eat and then ZOOM! I charge them and make them fly away. It is a fun game for me and I am sure I am frustrating those bad birds.

But, we have some squirrels that I think work for the birds. This squirrel was running from my tree to Huck's tree and back again. He made sure I saw him. I was looking out the window and when he came on the porch I jumped straight up in the air and I gave a huff. (Not a bark, I only bark at bears). Mom opened the door to take me out and I went straight for that squirrel before mom could stop me. He went running across the street to Huck's house. So did I.

But, he did not hide in a tree! He kept right on going. He knew I would chase him as well. But, mom was right behind me. I did not come when mom called me. I had my mind on that squirrel. The squirrel was leading me out onto the badroad.

The badroad is a major highway that many pups have gotten hurt or worse on. I know I am not allowed on the badroad. But that is where that squirrel was leading me. Imagine my surpise when I looked up and there was mom right in front of me. She slipped my leash right around my neck. I don't know where she came from. But, she stopped me from going on the badroad. And I was not allowed out of the backyard when I went outside.

So even though mom foiled the evil squirrel's plot to make me go on the badroad, I still got in trouble. And guess who watched the whole thing and laughed-BIRDS!


Daddy's Surgery

February 12th 2010 4:22 pm
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Daddy has been sick since October. That is as long as I have known him. He has had a major sinus infection. He has taken every antibiotic, every steroid, every breathing treatment. He has had allergy tests and bloodwork and xrays and ct scans. Just everything you can think of.

Finally the doctor said he needed to get some surgery. He had a deviated septum and he had to get his sinuses scraped and his ears tubed. Poor Dad.

This morning mom and dad went to the hospital for the doctor to clean out dad's nose. I am happy to report that dad is doing fine and the doctor did not have to do as much surgery as he had expected. Dad is a little out of it and a little loopy but he is able to play Mafia Wars on the facebook.

Mom is being the nurse. Mom is NOT a good nurse. She says there is a reason she didn't go into health care. She does not have that healing touch. But, she is trying to take care of dad.

I am trying to take care of dad as well. I have been protecting him from evil squirrels. I went with mom to get some wonton soup. I know that Dorothy in Heaven was watching dad when he was in the surgery. (although, Dorothy learned nursing skills from mom-put out that someone would be home sick ruining her day.)

Send good thoughts to dad. I'm sure he will feel better tomorrow.



February 13th 2010 6:17 pm
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I was hanging out in the piano room. Mom put some blankets down on the floor and I often go in there when the sun in right and take a nap. There is also a lot of cool stuff in the piano room. Stuff that I like to chew on. One of the cool things is a pirate skull. It is a halloween decoration and not a real skull, but it is round like a ball and a skull is a bone. I found it and started to gnaw on it, but mom took it off of me and said that I have plenty of toys to chew on. She put it on the piano. I could see it and I thought I could stand up on two legs and reach it and eat it. Mom had the drying rack folded up under the piano and I was climbing on it to get the pirate skull.

Using a drying rack for a ladder to climb up on a piano is not a good idea. Especially if you are a 25 pound dog. CRASH! I ran out of the piano room so fast! Mom thought all the shelves on the wall fell down. I was scared and I thought I was in trouble.

But mom just patted me and patted me and talked softly to me. She got me to stop shaking and she checked to make sure I was ok. There were no obvious injuries but now I am afraid to jump up on anything. Then mom did the most amazing thing ever. She took the drying rack and threw it outside. Instead of me getting into trouble, the drying rack got in trouble.

She still didn't give me the pirate skull, though. She said it had stuff on it that wouldn't be good for doggies to eat. She gave me a puparoni instead.

Dad is doing better today. He is taking it easy and eating soft foods. He says his throat is sore from the breathing tube. Thanks everyone for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers.

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