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Middle Name?!

January 16th 2010 9:09 am
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well, mom and dad have given me a new middle name. But before I tell you it, I wanted to thank everyone who gave us suggestions.

Lucky Lu or Lucy or Lucille was a popular choice, playing on the double ell sounds.
Lucky Butt was one of mom's favorites and she might still use it as a nickname.
Lucky Charm was very popular but mom did not think I was magically delicious.

Mom lobbied hard for Lucky Strike. Even though mom does not smoke (filthy, nasty habit) mom used to smoke. And she says that if cigarrettes ever come down in price she would start smoking right away. She says she looked really cool when she smoked and she was super skinny. I think she is kidding.

(Mom tells this unbelievable story about when she was in college all you needed was a roll of quarters-quarter for the pop machine, quarter for the washer, quarter for the dryer, quarter for the candy machine , a quarter for a beer, a quarter for the cigerrette machine. Yeah Right.)

But mom's favorite middle name was: DANGER! LUCKY DANGER! Dad immediately said NO! but mom just loves it. She thinks its funny and true. Dad said it has no flow. Mom said that's part of its charm. (Hmm Lucky Charm). While they were having this discussion, I was playing with the bells on the door. Mom is trying to teach me to ring them when I want to go out, but they are too jangley and tasty. Mom and dad were talking and I was ringing the bells.

That's when mom said: "What about Bell. We always both liked the name Isabella. "
Dad admitted that Isabella was one of his favorite names. So it was agreed.

My new middle name is:



Why Middle Names Are Important

January 17th 2010 6:48 pm
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I found out why mom wanted me to have a middle name. It is because when I am taking a bath and mom has me all soaped up and I get out of the tub mom can say:

"Lucky Isabella! Get back in this tub right now!"

It is for when I am taking a walk and a shake out of my leash to chase a squirrel mom can say:
"Lucky Isabella! Come back her right now!"

It is for when we are having deer chili and I stick my nose in the bowl to take a taste mom can say:

"Lucky Isabella! Get your nose out of there!"

It is for when I am helping mom take out the garbage and I check out the neighbor's trash mom can say:

"Lucky Isabella! You are not a garbage dog."

So far this middle name has come in quite handy for mom.


Guard Dog

January 18th 2010 7:17 pm
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Every night, when mom and dad are sleeping, I go on patrol. I walk through every room. I check out all the dark corners and look under the beds. I poke my nose in all the garbage cans. I make sure the toilet water is cold. I make sure the house runs smoothly while mom and dad are in dreamland.

Last night when I was patroling, I looked out the window. There was someone standing by our mailbox. It did not feel right. So I barked. You know that I don't bark. Mom can count on one hand the number of times I have barked at something. She knew right away there was something wrong. She looked out the window with me, but since it was dark and mom did not have her glasses on it took her a while to see what I had barked at. By that time the person had left our house and was walking up the road. I guess I scared him off.



January 19th 2010 7:21 pm
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Mom and dad went back to work after a long weekend. I was soo lonely. The only good thing about mom and dad going to work is that I get to go on a car ride in the morning. I always ride with dad to take mom to work. It is very exciting. She works out in the country and I always see strange animals, like deer that are alive! And turkey that are still gobbling! I am good and I do not try to get out of the car to catch them, but you would think that while mom was at work she could catch a deer or a turkey. But no! she always comes home empty-handed(but smelling like cat).


A New Way Home

January 20th 2010 6:53 pm
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Mom and I go on a walk every day. Today was no exception, but as we were turning the corner on the last part of the walk mom saw a dog she really didn't know. A BIG DOG. Mom isn't afraid of dogs and mom knows that normally the bigger the dog the nicer he/she is. But this was a huge dog. Mom didn't know this dog's name. (Mom knows all the dog's names.) Everytime we have ever seen this dog, he has been behind a fence. Today he was not. And mom couldn't see his people anywhere. So since mom didn't know if this was a nice dog, or a territorial dog she decided we would go home another way.

We turned around and went down a road that I have only seen. It is a road that usually has lots of kids playing ball on and lots of dogs hanging out on. There is even a dog that looks like me who lives on that street. I have always wanted to go on that street. But, today the day I finally get to walk down that happy street, it was raining. And the only things outside were me, mom and the big dog that mom didn't know.

Maybe another day I will get to go down the happy street when it is full of life.



January 23rd 2010 6:59 pm
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On Saturday, dad's chore is to go grocery shopping. He usually takes our neighbor, Dave. They go every Saturday and it is very disappointing to me because I do not get to go with them. Saturday is the only day that I don't get to go on a car ride. Today I was ready to go and I ran around the car about 500 times but neither dad nor Dave would open the car door for me. So sadly, I went back in the house where I hung out with mom.

Mom's Saturday chore is cleaning up the house. But today mom said she was going to skip it and chill all day. (She thinks she is catching a cold). Besides, she could see how disappointed I was about missing a car ride so we played loofa dog fetch and watched Talk Soup.

When dad came home mom saw how much he bought: "You didn't buy, too much." She said.
Dad said, "Wait til you see, it's Lucky's lucky day!"

The store was having a sale on dog stuff and dad bought it all. Treats, and dingo bones and a squeaky toy that floats and a grooming brush. Mom said the grooming brush was a good deal. Everything was a dollar!

So now I am not so disappointed about missing a car ride. I have toys to play with and bones to crunch and I keep bringing my new brush to mom or dad so that I can look extra lovely. My dad is a good bargain hunter.



January 25th 2010 7:14 pm
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Doggies have a unique relationship with thunder.

My friend Cassie is so afraid of it that she has this special wrap to calm her down. My brother, Poor Sweet Doggie Dude (at the bridge) was so scared of thunder mom would never know where she would find him when it stormed. Once she found him in the closet in her sewing bag. (He was a corgi). Once he got wedged between the toliet and the wall in the bathroom. (He was a fat corgi).

Whenever Dot in Heaven would hear thunder, she would run barking outside. She was going to get that thunder. It might have been trying to steal her food.

So mom was kind of interested to see which way I would lean. This evening, we had a thunderstorm. There was a low rumbling growl in the sky. I just jumped on the couch and looked out the window. I didn't bark or growl. I just wanted to see what was going on. I wasn't afraid. Mom is glad and she hopes that means that I won't be afraid of other loud noises, like fireworks. Mom is also a little surprised, though because I am terrified of the vacuum. As soon as mom touches it, I am gone. But, hey, that's just common sense. And the jingle bells on the door sometimes takes me by surprise. But, thunder is ok.

The storm did not last very long and the only time I made a noise is when the umbrella on the porch fell over and knocked on the door. I had to check that noise out and I decided to just play in the rain for a while. But now I am wet and hungry, so I am going to get dried off and brushed (with my new brush) and eat a treat.


Lucky One

January 26th 2010 7:16 pm
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There is another doggie on my street with the same name as me! His name is Lucky, too. We call him Lucky 1 because he was here first. Everytime mom calls my name he barks! So now mom calls me LuckyBell.

When I was taking my walk this evening, Lucky 1 was getting out of his car. He had just come from the vet. I wanted to play with him, but mom said he might have to take it easy. We didn't know why he was at the vet. I was disappointed, but I had my walking buddy Harley to play with. Harley lives up the road and he goes for a walk with me everyday. He was a good friend to Dot and went for a walk with her, too. He is a good dog to walk with us everyday. Mom thinks it has something to do with the bone she gives him everyday.

It snowed a little bit today, but not enough for a snow day or even a two hour delay so mom had to go to work and I was left alone all day to nap-er-guard the house.


Sleeping Troubles

January 28th 2010 9:51 am
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I've had a few pup pals write in their diaries about sleeping troubles their people have been having; the bed has been too hot, or the pups have had an accident in bed or just having trouble sleeping.

This is something that happened in our house recently. I think it combines these two problems in a strange way.

Mom and dad have a waterbed. They are stuck in the seventies. They both like it and one of the reasons is that the waterbed is heated so it is nice and warm. Only mom thought the waterbed was too warm. When she would go to bed she would wake up and just covered in sweat. She'd be slimy and disgusting and have to take a shower in the middle of the night.

She told dad she thought the bed was too hot. But dad said that it wasn't and mom keeps the house soo cold anyway that maybe it was mom being hormonal. (Ok mom thinks the optimal temperature-winter or summer-should be 67 degrees. What's the thermostat set on at your house?).

So anyway mom was being all miserable and sweaty and she did not think it was hormones, so she turned the bed down. If dad complained she could always turn it back up. That was the first thing she did.

The second thing she did was she forgot to take her bedtime medicine. I don't know what she takes but when she takes it, she is alseep fast and if she wakes up at night she is still sort of asleep and not thinking in awake mode. Not taking this medicine made mom realize something: She is only hot and sweaty in bed when she is laying down all deep in the bed and not when she is sitting in bed reading. So she tried laying in different places in the bed. Guess what-the bed was leaking! A slow leak that took a while in the night to seep up through the matress pad and sheets and on to mom.

So mom and dad fixed the leak and now the bed is just right. Or so mom says. I don't sleep in bed. I am allowed to but I have a nice bed on the floor that I made myself by dragging rugs and blankets all around. Plus everytime I get on the waterbed I get all wet!

Oh and dad has not mentioned anything about the waterbed being too cold since mom turned it down.(She turned it down from 100 degrees to 95).

I know this wasn't a doggie adventure but it's what has been going on in my house this week.


Lazar Snow

January 30th 2010 5:29 pm
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I woke up to snow this morning. Maybe about 2 inches, but it snowed all day so there is maybe 4 inches now. It's dry snow so you can't make snow balls or snow dogs, but it's fun to run around in. And I have been running around in the snow all day long. It has been so much fun having both mom and dad home with me all day. Mom says she loves the snow because it makes you feel all cozy and its got its own special quiet about it. I don't know about that. I do know that it is fun to run in and to stick your nose in and lick. I would go out and play until my feet got cold and then I would come in and play.

One of my favorite games is Lazar tag. There is this little red dot that appears on our wall at odd times during the day. Mom calls it a lasar(or Lazar). I need to get it, but it moves so fast and it goes everywhere. I try and try and try to catch it. Finally it is gone and mom and dad both cheer and say I caught it but I don't have it and it always comes back later.

This evening I was playing in the snow and guess what? The lazar dot was in the snow, dancing around, mocking me. I was running all over the yard trying to catch it. I was caught up in the joy of running in the snow. It was wonderful. I hope all doggies get this feeling. Mom hopes that all doggie people get to share in the joy of their dog running in the snow at night .

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