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Snow Day!

December 21st 2012 11:49 am
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I woke up this morning to snow on the ground! Not a lot but enough to keep a pup like me entertained.

And for an added bonus, mom did not go to work today!Not because of the snow,(although once they cancelled school because they thought it was going to rain, and there was a school district in Michigan that cancelled school because of the Mayan Apocalypse.) Mom stayed home because she doesn't have to go back to work until next year.

But mom told everyone that today she would be sleeping. She was not going to do anything but rest so no one better call her up or make plans or stop by and she has been pretty much keeping that promise. She still has that nasty cold. (although the pee cough seems to have left).

She said she just had to make it through yesterday. Yesterday was the Holiday Party for the Pre-K. Of course, all of the children were very wound up, which mom knew they would be so she tried to keep them extra busy until the party.(The last event of the day). She taught the kids how to sing Jingle Bells with the verse about Batman in it. The parents all laughed. The director of the place pulled mom over and said: "Don't let the Board of Education hear that. They wouldn't get it." That's true. They are all sooo serious.

Mom also bought them reindeer ears to wear. The kids looked really cute. Many of them came dressed up in their Christmas outfits.

The last thing they did at the party was have a book exchange. Everyone brings in a wrapped book and then they trade. Mom heard a lot of: "Hey! That's my book. I brought it from home." and unfortunately she also heard a lot of: "I didn't know they needed to bring a book." Mom, of course brought extras because she knows there is always one or two that never take their folders home.

So mom just had to get through the Christmas party before she could come home and collapse. She came home yesterday loaded down with presents. Mom has been working with children for a long time so she was prepared for the gifts. Mom's co-teacher is new and was totally shocked, flabbergasted, when the kids kept giving her gifts. Mom reminded her that these are probably gifts that the kids picked out themselves and that's what makes them extra special.

Mom didn't open up any of her presents yet. She is going to wait til Christmas. The kids were amazed. How can you wait that long? You can open these up and then when Santa comes you can open up your presents from Santa.

But the only thing mom opened up was a plate of cake balls. She knew she would have to eat those before they went bad. Plus I found them when mom got home and stuck my nose in the bag. Mom said I couldn't have any because they were chocolate. But she gave me a treatie instead.

So, I am spending my snow day taking care of mom instead of playing in the snow or eating chocolate cake balls. (I told you my mom was mean.)


Ready for Christmas?

December 24th 2012 12:16 pm
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Mom is going through her list to make sure she has done everything to make tomorrow festive.

1. Christmas Cards. She delivered cards to all of her pre-k class but she did not send any to anyone else. She said she will wish everyone Happy Holidays when she writes her thank-you's.

2. Gifts bought and wrapped. Mom is checking this off of her list as well, but I know she doesn't have anything for me or dad. She said she is waiting for 3 Kings Day when the stores will be full of bargains. I just hope Santa Paws comes through.

3. Christmas Parties. Check. Mom has gone to two. One for the pre-K and one that her and dad went yesterday at Big and Little's Grannys. She got see Jake and Luke and Big and Little and the other cousins and their parents and eat delicious food and She did bring me home some stuff. Plus as an added bonus, Jake came over today just to visit. I sat next to him most of the time. So that counts as a party for me.

4. Decorations up. Mom and dad did that actually a few weeks ago. Normally they wait til the last minute or not at all. But our house is very festive looking. I'm just wondering how long it will take them to undecorate.(Maybe Valentine's Day).

5. Baking. Done. But mom did not bake anything. Instead they got a big package of cookies in the mail from one of their friends. And since they were not chocolate cookies, I got to have one too. Thanks Sandi!

6. Christmas Carols. Done and Done. Mom and dad often break into Christmas songs anytime during the year. It is not uncommon for me to sit down by the piano for a summertime concert to hear mom play Jingle Bells or O Holy Night.

7. Christmas Dinner. That's dad's department and he has that all planned. We are having a traditional slovak dish that I can't spell but mom assures me is delicious. (Although it is made up of sourkraut and biscuits and not meat.) We are also having crab. I don't know what else.

8. Christmas sickness. Check. Mom and dad are both sick. And the doctor is out of town until next week. So our house is full of coughing and wheezing and the empty bottles of nyquill are stacking up all over the place. Mom and dad are taking turns to see who can nap the longest. Mom says it wouldn't be Christmas without someone getting sick.

9. Christmas Mass. Mom and dad have been asked to do the music for the morning Mass at church. They are going to sing easy songs so everyone in the church will join in and we can all worship together.

10. So all my holiday chores are done, except for this one: HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ALL MY DOGSTER PALS!!!!!!! I know Santa Paws will be good to you because there's no such thing as a bad dog.


Holiday News

December 29th 2012 5:39 pm
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HO!Ho!Ho! Did everyone have a happy holiday? Of course, we are still celebrating. We have New Year's Eve, New Year's Day and Three King's Day. I am told that Three King's Day is the day when I will get all of my real presents. Because, to be honest with you, when I woke up on Christmas Day I thought I was on Santa's naughty list. I only got one present.

It was a bag of twisty bones. With a tasty treat in the middle. The bag promised hours of chewing fun, but I ate the first bone so fast that mom thought I dropped it under the couch and moved furniture to look for it!

Why did I only get one present? Mom is always telling me I am a good girl. Sure, I chewed the footboard of grandma's bed(it was so delicious) and mom was planning on selling it to the antique dealer for $50.00 if she was ever super poor. But I think I deserve more than one present. Mom says there are more presents coming for me, it's just that she has been laid flat with the crud and dad is having a hard enough time to do his jobs around the house and mom's household jobs, too so mom didn't even want to add in Christmas stuff. So we are waiting for Three Kings Day.

By the way, dad didn't get any presents either (but, he probably was bad.) The only person in our house to get gifts was mom! They weren't from Santa. They were gifts from her students. She was very happy. They picked her out things like candy, candles, body lotion, coffee mugs and t-towels. Being a teacher does have it's rewards.

So as you can imagine we had a quiet Christmas. Mom and Dad sang the morning mass. We didn't have a fancy dinner for Christmas Day. We had good things on Christmas eve: Shrimp Scampi, Crab Cakes and a slovak dish called (guessing at the spelling)bulbaki. Oh and Oplatki,too.

The only thing special mom and dad have done for the holidays was go to the movies with Jake and Luke. They went to see The Hobbit. Mom said I wouldn't like it because there were mean,ugly troll dogs in it. But I would have liked hanging out with Jake and Luke. It is a Christmas tradition for mom and dad and Jake and Luke to go to the movies together. They have been doing it every year since the First Harry Potter. The only way their tradition has changed is now Jake picked mom and dad up in his car instead of mom and dad picking Jake and Luke up in their car.

I think mom is going to see if Big and Little want to come and celebrate Three Kings Day next week. I will keep you posted. Oh and we have not had the bad nasty weather that the rest of the country has had. Today was the first day it's been dreary and rainy. Maybe the rain will turn into snow.

So Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!

January 1st 2013 7:28 pm
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Just wanted to wish all my pals a happy 2013. I hope everyone stays happy, healthy and no ones dog bowl ever goes empty.



January 4th 2013 6:08 pm
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Oops! Mom let my dogster plus expire. She has really been slacking off. Sure she had that cold and cough( she still has it when we go out for a walk). And she had Christmas to think of(and we haven't even had Russian Christmas yet). And there is all the work stuff that mom has to do.(Sure she had 9 days off) but I don't think there is any excuse for mom not to send a check in the mail to update my plus. She said she will get on it right away. The first thing in the morning. Well, I'll believe it when I see it. (Meanest mom is the world.)


Merry Christmas!

January 6th 2013 6:24 pm
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Yes, that's right: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! Today is the Epiphany or the day that the Three Holy Kings came to see Baby Jesus and brought him three presents. Today is Little Christmas, Old Christmas, Russian Christmas. Who cares what it's called today is the day I get presents. And I got a bag of twisty bones and a bag of snacky bones and I got to play outside all day long with my new boyfriend Butter.

Yep. Butter lives next door to me. He looks just like Reese but a little smaller. His owners are trying to teach him to stay in his own yard, but mom told them she doesn't care there are always dogs in her yard so me and Butter played all day long.

It was the best Christmas ever.

Then when I came in the house, just chillin' and relaxing I heard a noise: " Squeak, Squeak, Squeak." There was a mouse in the house! It's been a while since we've had a mouse. That's because the weather has been uncharacteristicaly warm. But I heard it and ran right to the kitchen. I tracked it under the sink and just lay down on the floor growling. I am sure I scared it back outside. But I am the Mighty Hunter. Sure, it is not a bear but I dare that mouse to come back in my house.

So, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. Now I don't get any more presents until Groundhog day. (I hope I get a groundhog).


Dad "helps" mom

January 14th 2013 6:53 pm
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On Friday, mom didn't have to go to work, but she had some errands and appointments to do so we drove dad to work(HOORAY!CAR RIDE!) so mom could have the car. After dropping me off home mom went out to do her thing. I took a nice nap. It wasn't too long after that that mom came home. She looked terrible, terrible, terrible. She had no color, her eyes were glassy. She smelled terrible, too. And I am a dog. I know smells. She smelt all hot and sick. She went right in and went to sleep on the couch. She couldn't even make it to the bedroom.

Later dad came home. (Good thing he had a ride home, he could never navigate the city bus system). As soon as dad got on the porch, he could hear mom snoring really loud like she was a cartoon character blowing up the roof. He didn't need to touch her forehead to burn his fingers. She opened her eyes and he said to her: "You don't need to do the laundry tonight. I have enough clothes to last this weekend."

Saturday, mom slept most of the day while dad made some homemade chicken soup. Mom got up to eat the soup and drink nyquil and dayquil and go back to bed. Dad told mom he would clean the kitchen. Mom heard dad loading the dishwasher.

[Side note: mom and dad have been married for a very long time and mom says one of the major arguments a couple has is not over money or how to raise the kids, or where to live (Well, maybe they do) but how to load the dishwasher. This is how mom and dad solved it. Mom told dad if he wanted to load AND UNLOAD the dishwasher, do it. But don't offer suggestions about the right way to do it If you aren't going to do the total job. So mom takes care of the dishes.]

Sunday came and while mom's color was looking better there was no way she was going to go to the laundrymat. Dad had a plan. He decided that he was going to go to Roger's and hang out and do the laundry and take me. (Hooray! Car Ride!)He fingured it only takes mom about 2 hours tops to do the laundry at the laundrymat, using the big 3 load washer and big dryer. So maybe it'll take 4 hours using a regular washer and dryer.

While me and dad were doing the laundry(forever), mom was finally out of bed. She wandered in the kitchen to find something to eat. The kitchen dad said he would clean. The kitchen that had all the dirty pots and pans in the sink and NOT soaking. The kitchen that did not have the garbage taken out and it was overflowing. When mom opened the dishwasher, she was amazed at the things inside of it. He must have run it twice because there were no every day dishes in it. He washed the silverware tray. He washed the cannisters. He washed the tea pot and the coffee pot and the fancy dishes. So I guess dad was helping mom by deep cleaning.

Today, mom got up and took a lot of pills and her and dad went to work. She was co-herent and her fever was down, but she was going to go to the doctor after work. Dad called off work early so he could pick mom up and took her to the doctor and sat in the waiting room for two hours. (That's another thing people who have been married for a long time do. They wait at the doctors for each other or they go to boring work affairs or the generally do things they don't want to do but since your sweetie wants you to or needs you to , you do it. You don't complain. You pretend you didn't have anything else to do).

The doctor said that mom did not have the flu. It was pnumonia. They gave mom a breathing treatment in the doctors office. She was pretty buzzed and loopy. Thus this extremely long diary entry.

[If mom was truly listening this entry would have read. Mom's sick. Me and dad went to Roger's to do the laundry. I like to go on car rides. Mom went to the doctor. She on all kinds of drugs. She's acting goofy. Dad went to the ballgame. Hope he comes home soon, mom forgot to feed me.]


Big and Little come to play

January 24th 2013 6:18 pm
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On Monday there was no school and no work. But, mom did not sleep in. In fact she got up at the normal time and got dressed and picked up the house. Then she went for a car ride. And she didn't take me!
But there was no point in just being put out about it because soon mom was back-with Big and Little! They didn't have school and they wanted to spend sometime with mom and dad. So they had a pancake party!

Little invented pancake party a few years ago to celebrate mom's birthday. He invited Big and his two cousins, Jake and Luke(the orginal big and little). He said that Jake could drive, Luke could pay, Big could complain that he didn't like pancakes and Little and Mom could eat all the pancakes. And so pancake party tradition started and the four of them try to go out at least every couple of months.

They invited dad this month and he got to drive because Jake has the crud and couldn't go. And Luke was studying for his SAT's and couldn't take time for pancakes.(He will regret that). I did not get to go because appartently dogs are not allowed in the pancake house. But that was ok because they brought me something when they got back.

I did get to play with Big and Little. We played some board games. I stood right on the board when they were playing Backgammon. We played some wii games. I stood right in the middle when they were sword fighting.

We had a great time, but then Big and Little had to go home. Mom and dad were exhausted because mom is still getting over the crud as well. She goes to bed almost as soon as she gets home. I understand that it hurts her to walk. That's ok because it's soo cold out. I don't even want to go outside and I'm a dog who loves cold and snow.

So I had a great day with Big and Little. Mom is getting better, slowly but surely and she asks that everyone have patience with her.


Snow Day

January 26th 2013 3:53 pm
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Yesterday it started snowing! Mom had to go to work, but they had early dismissal because of the snow. I heard about it on the tv at 10:00. I thought mom would be home by 10:30 but she didn't get home until 2:00. She said that even though school was dismissed early she had to stay until all of her pupils were picked up. I guess some parents didn't get the message and didn't come get their kids. Mom said that they were closing not only the pre-k but the entire daycare center. It was going to be closed at 2:00. She said that when she left at 1:45 there were still 8 children there.

Why wouldn't you pick your child up as soon as you could. Why would you stay at work when you could leave early? But I digress.

I didn't have to wait forever for mom to get home to play in the snow because Dad was home sick. Now he has the crud! Poor dad. I have been taking care of him. Mom and me went to get him some antibiotics and steriods today. And ice cream. That should cure him.

Mom thinks she is better and feels pretty good until her medicine wears off. Then she coughs up a lung and gets all fuzzy-headed. It is crazy here. I didn't sign up to be a doctor. I signed up to be a guard dog and a snuggle puppy.

Mom also cooked dinner tonight. She made a pot roast and baked potatoes. Mom is not the best cook but I had a taste of the meats and it was better than dad's pot roast. It melted in my mouth. I didn't even have to chew it. If I was a doggie that counter surfed that pot roast would be gone.

The other news is that it has been so cold here that I have started sleeping in mom and dad's bed. Mom has always wanted me to sleep in bed, but I was trained so well that I know it is bad to get on furniture. Mom has been working hard at breaking me of this and trying to get me to be a bad dog. So now I have my own couch to sleep on and I sleep on the company bed. But, in an effort to save energy mom and dad have been keeping the bedroom doors shut so I have been sleeping on mom and dad's bed. I'll stay on the bed with them until they turn out the light. Then I'll go sleep on my couch. I am afraid mom and dad will roll over on me and squish me.


C is for Cookie

February 7th 2013 6:07 pm
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Mom always keeps cookie dough in the fridge. She never makes cookies, she just likes to eat it raw. She says it's better that way.

Dad does not like to eat raw cookie dough. He wanted baked cookies. So he made cookies with mom's cookie dough. (Dad is a brave man). Dad thought they were ok and ate a few before bedtime. He left the rest on the plate on the coffee table. There were 7 cookies left when dad went to bed.

When dad got up there were 2 cookies on the table. Whoo ate the cookies? Well mom and dad were sleeping away and I heard a noise. I got up and looked out the window. There was a blue fuzzy monster with googly eyes muttering under his breath: "Cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C." Yeah-that's the ticket.

Well, what could I do? I had to eat the cookies before that cookie monster broke into the house and ate the cookies. I had no choice. I was protecting my home and family and the cookies that dad worked hard to bake and had to face mom saying: Hey where is my cookie dough?

And they were Delicious.

ps. I've been having problems with dogster lately, that's why I haven't been around. Hopefully all the fleas are gone.

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