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More Marathons

December 31st 2009 8:16 am
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Today mom is stuck in a Burn Notice Marathon. Mom likes this show because she actually thinks she will be able to do spy things because she watched this show. It's kind of like how everyone used to think they could make an explosive out of hand cream and Fruit Loops because they saw it on McGyvver.

Dad is home for New Years Eve and he just looked up from all his Facebook Mafia Wars, Yoville, Happy Aquarium stuff and said: "Is this the same show?" Mom just asked him how his Happy Aquaruim was and then pointed out that his real fish were hungry and swimming in the dark.

So, do you or your family have any New Year's Eve Plans? I think I just described ours.

(Dot told me to warn the Doggies: New Year's Eve can be loud at midnight. Loud like thunder. Lots of Whooping and Hollering. So all you doggies that don't like this find a safe spot. It only lasts a minute. )


Happy 2KX

January 1st 2010 1:53 pm
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Happy 2KX! or 2010.

Last night I did not think mom and dad would ever go to bed. I tried to get them to go down the hall several times. But they kept saying they wanted to wait for the new year. So I went to bed.
Suddenly, I was awakened by all this loud booming. I most definitely was going to go out and see what all the racket was. But mom told dad to wait. She didn't want the noise to spook me and I would run away. Dad said the noise wouldn't spook me. And I wasn't afraid. But, I am a serious dog and I needed to make sure every thing was ok.

It was, but then mom was doing some strange things. Like she opened all the doors. She swept the old year out one door and welcomed the New Year in the other. She wouldn't let dad back in the house, unless dad had some money in his pockets. Then there was all this stuff about someone with red hair has to be the first one in the door or maybe the last one in the door. And she says we need to have pork for dinner. (Yum) Mom says she is trying to work the good luck magic. I think mom is crazy, she has me-LUCKY. My name says it all.

Today it is a Jennifer Aniston Marathon that dad picked to watch. My maw-maw saw Jennifer Aniston in Atlantic City. She (Jennifer Aniston not my Maw-Maw) was making a movie. Maw-Maw said that Jennifer Aniston is a beautiful girl. (ok she is a woman but if you are not as old as Maw-maw, everyone is a girl or boy). She also said that Miss Aniston is as nice as pie. The nicest movie star Maw-maw has ever seen. I don't know how many movie stars Maw-maw has seen to make this statement, but take it from my Maw-maw: Jennifer Aniston is as nice as pie.

I don't have any new years resolutions. Mom usually makes resolutions on her birthday. (When it's a new year for her.) Dad does not believe in New Year's resolutions. But, dad better start cooking that pork or I will resolve to bite him on the butt-just kidding.



January 2nd 2010 7:52 am
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Oh noes! Mom forgot to renew our plus subscription. It runs out on Monday! So she wrote a check and is sending Daddy right to the post office to mail it. San Franciso is pretty far from West Virginia, so it might take a few days for the check to make it. So we will be without plus for a few days. I know there are other ways to pay but since it is a holiday weekend it will probably take just as long to get the $ to dogster. Oh well, not being plus is fun too. And Dorothy can remember Dogster before plus was even invented. We both think that mom's New Year's Resolution should be to be more timely-you know how she is. Keeping Halloween decorations up until Christmas, putting Christmas decorations up on Christmas eve, not paying the Dogster bill in a timely fashion. That mom-what a airhead.


Diary Pick

January 4th 2010 7:13 pm
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I got to be a diary pick today! Hooray! It's too bad my Plus check is somewhere in the mail so if anyone visited my page today they just saw the first page of pictures. Oh well, the check should get there by Wednesday.

I was soo lonely today. Christmas break was finally over and even though it was cold and snowy and icey school was not cancelled and mom and dad both had to go back to work. (To clear something up, mom is not a teacher she works for a teacher so mom works when the teachers work.)

I did get to go on a car ride when dad took mom to work in the morning. But, then dad went to work and I was so lonely. I slept on all the beds. I rearranged all the rugs. I hid all my toys and then I found them again. And that was in the first hour. There was some excitement later in the day when the mailman dropped off a package, but he did not bring it in the house so I was still lonely.

Finally, mom came home! I was so happy I jumped up and hugged her. "Oh momma! Why did you leave me home alone." Mom just laughed and said she was happy to see me, too. Then she took me for a big long walk even though it was cold and snowy.

She must have felt super bad for leaving me all day long because when dad came home she took me for another car ride. She took me to the Drug Store. I just stayed in the car while she ran in. Lots of people looked at me.

I think if the snow keeps up mom will be home with me tomorrow.


Snow Day

January 5th 2010 10:38 am
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Hooray! It's a snow day! So I am not lonely. I am sleepy. I like to stay up late and patrol the house. It is my job to protect my people. So during the day I catch up on my sleep. I guess you could say I work the night shift. So now that mom is home, she is interfering with my sleep.

But, that might be an ok thing. I had a bad dream today. It was more than just chasing rabbits. Mom says Iwas shaking and crying and even growling in my sleep. You know when you wake up your dreams fade away fast, so I don't really remember what it was. But, it was something scary and I had to protect my family.

I was quite upset when I woke up so I was glad mom had a snow day to pet me and comfort me and give me pupparonis. Mom also checked to make sure I hadn't hurt myself somehow. I was ok.

And mom was going to run the sweeper, but since I had such a bad dream, I don't think she will. She doesn't want to traumatize me any more. Maybe that's what my bad dream was. A big, giant vacuum cleaner trying to sweep me and my family up. I think I need another puparoni.


Merry Christmas!

January 6th 2010 11:33 am
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Merry Christmas! That's right! It's Christmas! Mom says it is Russian Christmas, or Orthodox Christmas or Epiphany or Twelfth Night or Three Kings Day! Whatever you call it-it means more presents!

Mom says there was a reason she didn't take down the Christmas decorations. And this morning there were more presents in our stockings (still hung by the chinmy with care-ok hanging from the tv stand with care.)

The Three Kings brought mom a remote control and some Good and Plenty. Mom ate the Good and Plenty for breakfast. (Hey! It's Christmas). The remote was a perfect gift too. Not that mom and dad are always loosing the main tv remote, it is more that dad will stop on the weirdest shows-like infomercials or golf because the announcers have soothing voices. So if mom doesn't have a remote she is stuck watching those shows when she knows that somewhere there is a Law and Order Marathon going on somewhere. Therefore, mom's own remote.

The Three Kings brought dad some ear buds so he can listen to talk radio all night long and not wake up mom. (Does dad think the people on talk radio have soothing voices? I don't know-He likes to listen to Coast to Coast. Any Dogster Fans?)

When mom and dad went to their stocking, I went right to mine. Mom was impressed that I remembered that. Sure enough, in my stocking were some tasty dog treats. Those Three Kings are the best.

Plus in honor of Christmas, mom had the day off! Well, it was a snow day, too. But mom is saying that it is Christmas. Dad did not get to take the day off. He had to drive to work in the cold and snow.

Mom is taking advantage of this Christmas snow day. She is making a tradition Slovak Christmas meal. I am not sure how to spell it, but it is something like: Bulbodke? It is little balls of dough with sourkraut and honey. It tastes better than it sounds. Actually, mom is just making the little dough balls. Dad is going to make the rest because it's his family's traditional meal. Whoever makes it, I hope I get a taste because the bread baking smells sooo good.

Merry Christmas!


Early Out

January 7th 2010 3:26 pm
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Today, mom went to work after having a snow day on Tuesday and Wednesday. I was very lonely and resigned myself to watching out the window all day. Dad had put on some music(Tracy Chapman) when he went to work to keep me company. But, I was sad.

Then before it was even close to time for mom to come home-there she is! School were dismissing early in anticipation for the big big BIG snow storm. So mom was home and it was not even snowing. Mom talked to a friend who told her that she had just come from Kroger(a local supermarket). Mom's friend said that every cash register was open and the line went all the way to the meat department! I wish I was in the meat department. Droool.

Anyway, it has started to snow. And snow. AND SNOW! Even dad came home from work early. There is snow much snow that all my feet prints are covered up! I can't wait to go out and play all day tomorrow because it's a SNOW DAY!

Little, by the way, told mom that when he got big he was going to be a delivery man and deliver snow to everyone who doesn't get it. So all you pups in warm climates you have to wait for Little to get his driver's license and then you will get snow too. Little said he was going to be the iceman. Mom asked him if he cometh. Little didn't get the joke.

Mom also tells every child when they are playing with the Fisher Price Farm that sheep say: "Two Legs BAAAAD". That mom she is crazy.


Middle Name

January 9th 2010 8:28 am
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The other day Big and mom had this conversation.

Big: "I know what Lucky's middle name should be."
Mom: "What?"
Big: "F***Y"
Mom: "No, I don't think that would make a good middle name for Lucky."
Big: " But it rhymes."
Mom: "It's still not a good name. Where did you hear that name?"
Big: "The Terminator says it all the time."
Mom: "Well, just because the Terminator says it does not mean you can say it. It's a big person word. "

Ok that got mom thinking. I need a middle name. Dorothy in Heaven had a middle name. I need a middle name because many people have mistaken me for a boy. Who knew that Lucky was a boy's name. Maybe if we spelled it different: Luckie or Luckey or Lucki. Maybe if I had a girl's middle name like Gwendolyn or Gretchen or Molly or Sarah. Maybe if I had a middle name that meant girl: Lassie, Colleen, Sheila, Nina or even Girl. Lucky Girl. Or maybe I could get a cool name like Taylor or Haydyn.

No. This is the name that mom presented to dad. Boatswain. BOATSWAIN! What the heck kind of name is Boatswain. AND Dad liked it. He liked it because a Boatswain is a type of whistle. Mom liked it because of the poem.

[Now, this is how mom got her reputation for being mean. If you don't know what poem she is talking about: Look it up. It will mean more to you if you do the research and find it out yourself. Surely there is someone on a dog site that would know Boatswain].

So now mom is trying out Lucky Boatswain as my name. Well, I guess it's better than Lucky F***Y.


It must be magic

January 12th 2010 7:09 pm
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Tonight, dad made some hamburgers for dinner. He put them on a plate and brought them into the living room. Mom had one. She said it was delicious. Dad had one. He seemed to enjoy it. There was one left. I was watching it. Mom got up and went to the kitchen to get me some fresh water. When she came back in dad asked mom to hand him the other burger. Mom looked for it. IT WAS GONE! DISAPPEARED! It must be a magical disappearing hamburger. I helped mom look for it, but all we could find was a spot of mustard on the floor. I don't know what happened to that hamburger. Maybe the ghost of Dorothy jumped down from heaven and ate it.

In other news. Dad is asking everyone on every forum he goes to what my middle name should be. He is making it a contest. So if anyone has any ideas send me a comment.

Right now I am going to look for that magic hamburger. Not that I am very hungry...



January 15th 2010 7:47 pm
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I got some company today! The big boys, Jake and Luke came over to visit. Luke and I played Lasar Tag. It is my favorite game. Luke was good at it, but I still managed to catch the lasar. Jake came over to return a book: A Confederacy of Dunces. Jake needs to write a book report, but he doesn't want to do it on that book. (mom thinks its because he didn't finish it and there is no movie ).

And guess what else they brought me? Deer! Yep, yummy yummy deer. Don't drool too much. I think mom is going to make her delicious deerchili or deerghetti for dinner some time this weekend. I don't know why we couldn't just eat it right now, but mom said it would have to thaw.

And speaking of thaw-all of the snow is going away. I really liked the snow, but now that it is melting I am finding all kinds of toys that I took outside and then forgot about. They were all under the snow. Now they are dirty, wet and muddy and so am I. Dad mentioned something about a bath this weekend. And I don't think he was talking about himself. I think he meant me!

Well, with deerghetti and a bath this weekend it looks like I am going to be superbusy. I better start by resting up.

Oh! Mom says that she and dad have my middle name narrowed down to two choices. She has to sleep on it.

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