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You Know What?

December 12th 2009 5:26 pm
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Do you know what tastes really good? Paper! That's right. Paper! It comes in most trash cans and it comes in different thickness. There is thick like carboard which tastes like pizza. There is the ever popular homework flavored paper. There is even a tissue thin one that is also quite tastee. I always make sure I shred some paper all over the house at least twice a day. The best time is right after mom has cleaned up all the paper.I highly recommend it.



December 15th 2009 7:48 am
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Mom has this scary, scary skeleton. It is big and rattlely and glows in the dark. Around Halloween, mom hung him up on the porch.

Halloween is over now. But, has mom taken that scary skeleton down? No! When People ask her about it she says that it is Santa before he eats all the cookies. When people asked her if she was going to take Skeleton down and put on lights mom said she didn't need to put up lights: Skelly glows in the Dark. It's the perfect year round decoration.

Dad said: "No! Seriously, the neighbors are talking."
Mom: "Are they talking about me being a crazy voo-doo queen?"
Dad: "Well, the word crazy was mentioned."

So mom told dad he could take it down. Dad found out why mom didn't take it down. The string got all tangled on the hook and the hook got bent and mom couldn't reach it to set it free. Dad considered becoming a crazy VooDoo King but he finally got it free.

When they brought it in the house-I did not like it. It was too spooky. I thought since it was made out of bones it would be good to eat, but it made a scary rattlely noise and even though I am a brave, serious pup-I am not going near that skeleton. Mom better put it back in the closet.


Knock, Knock, Knock

December 18th 2009 1:08 pm
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My normal morning routine usually consists of getting up with mom around 6:30 and going outside to patrol the backyard(and to do my business). Then I come in and have breakfast while mom gets ready to go to work. Dad drives mom to work and I get to go on the car ride, too. (Don't be jealous, you might get to go on a car ride some day). But, on Wednesday, when it was time for the car ride, mom just gave me a pat on the head and said: " See you later." She took the car and left!

A little while later there was a knock at the door. It was dad's friend Roger. He was picking up dad in a big van. Maybe I could go on a van ride. But no. Dad told me to guard the house. He knew I would do a good job.

I was guarding the house when there was a knock at the door. I didn't let them in so they went away. Later, I was guarding the house and someone else knocked at the door. I still did not let them in so they went away. Still even later someone else knocked at the door. I thought I knew who it was, but I still didn't let them in. Who was knocking at my door all day?

Mom finally came home to tell me.
The first people who knocked were from the tree cutting down company. The electric company wants to trim or cut our tree at no cost to us! I think we should do this. That way all those nasty squirrels will not be bothering me. Mom says we will do it, but secretly she hopes they just trim the tree. She enjoys seeing the birds. Plus she heard that trees were good for the environment.

The next person who knocked at the door was the mailman. He left a big BIG package on the porch. Mom said the mailman was only delivering it for Santa. And we are not allowed to open it until Christmas. (Mom makes a personal note here to say Thank you to Team Jesus, the package arrived).

The last person who knocked was the girl that mommy tutored. I knew it was somone I knew. She took her big test last weekend. She was returning some study aids. Mom doesn't know how she did yet, but everyone keep thinking good thoughts for her.

So we were very popular! Mom said I did so well guarding the house that she took me for a night time car ride to a popular fast food resteraunt and got me a cheeseburger. But, she didn't get anything for dad. Mom said he was out of town and eating bad food provided by his company.

Now we are supposed to get six to eight inches of snow. If we get snowed in maybe mom will open that BIG package from Santa early.



December 19th 2009 12:03 pm
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I had never seen snow before. At first I wasn't sure I liked it. It was wet and cold and I was afraid that if I stepped on it I would sink down to the bottom of the earth. Mom stayed in the backyard with me and threw some snowballs. Of course I had to go get them. It is part of my breed. This snow wasn't so bad. Soon I was running all around the yard. I got the zoomies. I was running everywhere. We have all this bamboo that the snow weighed down. I loved hiding in it. I would go in under one stand of bamboo and end up at the opposite end of the yard. It was a blast. But, I sure got wet and tired. I came in and took a big nap. Mom said that the snow was a present from Dorothy in heaven.

Mom wanted everyone to know that even though West Virginia is snowed in and the governor has declared a state of emergancy and the turnpike has been shut down for over 14 hours with people stranded on it, that we are ok. Our roads are pretty clear, but slushy and will probably be a mess as the temperature drops today. It's been snowing steadily but lightly all day. Mom thinks we got about 3-4 inches of snow depending on where you are. Lots of people don't have power, but we have power: lights, heat and water. We have been checking in on our neighbors as well. We also have plenty of food and are planning on having jambalaya for dinner. There is no need for family and friends to worry about us.


Grown-up Party

December 21st 2009 3:33 pm
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Earlier in the month, Big and Little's parents got invited to a grown-up party. Big did not mind too much, but Little was very put out. Not so much that mom and dad were going some place without him, but more so that he did not get invited. When he told mom about it, she had a cocktail party for all the action figures: Batman, the Terminator, the animals from Madagascar, all the Fisher Price people, but it just wasn't the same.

Today, Big and Little came over to our house to play. So mom decided to have a grown-up party. Everyone had to wear neckties or tea party hats. They had to talk in falsetto voices. They had to wear hurty shoes. They had to listen to jazz. (Mustaches were optional). They drank Apple Cider Champagne. So Little had his own grown-up party and decided he liked kids parties better. There were no jumpy things or pizza or treat bags. Well, mom didn't want them to go home disappointed. She did have some gifts for them.

She got them peeps. She had got them peeps during thanksgiving. She looked everywhere in PA for them and everyone told her peeps are for Easter. Mom figures peeps might be a cultural thing. When she finally found the Christmas peeps, the cashier was surprised, but she knew how to poke a hole in the package to make them stale. Mom told the cashier how to put them in the microwave for 10 seconds and they grow really big. They are also good in hot chocolate. Maw-Maw thought mom was nuts. Anyway. Mom got Big and Little some Christmas peeps and Peeps coloring books.

After the grown-up party and peep eating, me and Big and Little played lasar tag. They found my lasar and would shine it while I would go chase it. It was great fun.

But, I did get in some trouble. Big pulled my tail and tried to sit on me so I snapped at him. I didn't bite him but I scared him pretty bad. Mom put me in time out and made me stop having fun while she talked to Big. I think Big got in trouble too. Then their mom to come and get them. I wanted to go with them, but I am so tired from playing Lasar tag I can feel a nap coming on.



December 22nd 2009 7:16 pm
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I'm guessing that most of my dogster pals already have their holiday decorations up. But, if you remember from my diary entry about the skeleton you will see that mom has just recently taken down the Halloween decorations. So we are running behind.

First, I have to fill in some background. I know this because the ghost of Dot has told me. A few years ago mom and dad decided that their Christmas tree was getting sort of threadbare and sad looking. They decided that after Christmas they would get a new tree when the trees went on sale. The next year when it was time to decorate, mom had the older boys over, Jake and Luke. Mom and the boys looked everywhere for the tree. They looked in the closet. They looked in the attic. They looked in the carport. They looked in the shed. But they could not find the tree. When dad came home he thought they just didn't see it. So, he looked in the closet. He looked in the attic. He looked in the carport. He looked in the shed. NO TREE! Apparently, they threw away the old tree, but never bought a new tree!

So they hung tinsel all over the windows and furniture. They put lights and ornanments on the tinsel and the house lookeds very Christmasy. But, this year dad just hasn't been feeling good and mom is not a tall person so she really couldn't reach all the tops of the windows to hang tinsel on. So they have scaled down the decorations this year. They have one strand of lights that look like stars. They are hanging on the windows. They only put up ornaments that they have recieved this year as gifts. They hung them on draw knobs. They have all these red ribbons with bells that are on doors and furniture. The house looks pretty nice. They put a table out that they decorated with Santa t-towels. The table is loaded with presents that they have recieved but are not opening until Christmas. Mom also put up several of her nativity sets (she collects them) including her dogtivity.

And we hung up stockings. There is one for me! I can't believe it. I have never had a Christmas as a family member. I have only been a part of Christmas as a family dog.

So all you pups, enjoy your tree. And never let my mom and dad decorate for you. They will loose your tree.


Christmas Conversations

December 25th 2009 12:02 pm
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5:30 Christmas Eve

Lucky: But why can't I go to the Christmas Party? I know all the kids.
Mom: Because they have a cat and you are not very nice to kitties sometimes.
Lucky: That is because Kitties are delicious.
Mom: Don't let Santa Paws here you say that.

1:15 Christmas morning

Lucky: Wake up mom, someone is trying to break in the house.
Mom: It's Santa Paws Lucky! Go back to sleep.
Lucky: What if it's the gang of bandits that broke into everyone's cars last week.
Mom: Those theives were very disappointed when they broke into our car--there was nothing worth stealing. Trust me, it's Santa Paws. And he will not come if you are awake.

7:06 Christmas morning

Lucky: Santa Paws came! It is true! There are presents everywhere! Can I open them.
Mom: You can open one. Then when me and dad get home from church, we will open the rest.
Lucky: Can I go to church?
Mom: Not today. It will be too long for you and since me and your dad are doing the music, we wouldn't be able to play with you. On St. Francis day you can go. Here open this present.
Lucky: A chewy bone. One that is just the right size. Thank you Santa Paws

8:30 Christmas morning

Lucky: Mom what is that you are wearing? And what are those things poking out?
Mom: This is a dress and those are my legs.
Lucky: I've never seen you wear a dress before.
Mom: Well, take a good look cause it will probably be Easter before you see me in another one.

11:30 Christmas Morning

Lucky: Finally! Can I open presents now!
Mom: Well, let me cut up some nut roll first. We are hungry from all that singing.
Lucky: What did you sing?
Mom: Oh normal Christmas Songs, O Come All Ye Faithful, Angels We Have Heard on High, Silent Night, and Joy to the World.
Lucky: Did you sing good?
Mom: We sang ok. You know we are not morning singers. Plus we had to use instruments we were not used to since ours were locked up.

Lucky eats some nutroll

Lucky: Can I open presents now?
Mom: Let me put this ham in the oven.
Lucky: How do you cook a ham?
Mom: Put the ham in a pan. Turn the oven on to 350. Pour Dr. Pepper all over the ham and cook for about an hour. And yes Miss Twenty Questions you can use any flavor of pop.
I thought you wanted to open presents.

Noon on Christmas Day

Lucky: Here is a list of all my presents
A New Red Blanket
A Loofah Dog
A Christmas Ornament
Many Delicious dog bones, rawhides and treats
A toothbrush and toothpaste

Thanks everyone!

Hope all the dogster pups are having a great holiday!


A Surprise Christmas Present

December 27th 2009 5:24 pm
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On Christmas Day, when I opened my stocking, I found a toothbrush. I knew what it was and I was not too pleased. But, mom let me taste the toothpaste (Yucky). She rubbed with the finger brush very gently. She told me I needed strong teeth to eat my surprise Christmas Present.

It was a Christmas Ham Bone! (Now I know that there are dogsters who say don't give a dog a bone because of splinters but this bone had been cooking since Christmas.) Mom tried to take some pictures of me eating the ham bone. She wanted to get one of me and Bone by my stocking. But, I was afraid mom would steal my bone. So I had to hide it until mom put the camera away. She did get a picture of my bone that I will put up on my page for a few days so that everyone can be jealous of me. (Just kidding. I wish every doggie could have a bone). She took a picture of it before I started eating it, while I was eating it and after I was eating it.

She put the Ham Bone in front of a Nativity Picture so it looks like I am giving my ham to the baby Jesus. (Not unlike the Little Drummer Boy). After mom took the picture, I stole the ham bone back. I am going to hide it in a really good place. I am thinking maybe in my special blanket.

Mom also posted a picture of me and Big. Big is Little's Brother and there are some photos of me and Little posted. Hopefully, she will get pictures of me and the older boys as well.

I think I better find an emergancy place to hide my Christmas Ham Bone. The way mom keeps taking pictures of it, you would think it was a movie star.


Car Ride

December 28th 2009 8:11 pm
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Almost every morning, dad drives mom to work and I get to go with them. There is nothing I like better than a car ride. But with the holidays, mom is off work so I have not been on a car ride since before Christmas. I have been very sad about that.

It's not like mom and dad haven't been anywhere. Yesterday they went to the movies. They saw Holmes and both of them enjoyed it. Dad liked all the action, plus he said it was a pretty movie. Mom liked Robert Downey Jr. She thought he was pretty too-Pretty Hot.

Mom has also gone out to the stores and returned with many bags. And she has been to the drug store for dad. I recognized the medicines. (He still has the bronchitis). I do not know why I couldn't go with mom on these trips. She says I would have to spend too much time just sitting in the car.

Today, mom was looking for one of the bags that she bought. She looked every place in the house. I helped her look. We could not find it. Mom thought maybe it fell under the bed and she did not want to go under the bed unless she had too. I don't know why. I have been under that bed. It has lots of shoes and suitcases and toys and dust. It is a good hiding place. There were some bags under the bed as well, but not the one mom was looking for.

Even though mom looked in the car once, she decided to check the car one more time. As soon as she said car I ran out the front door. As soon as she opened the car door I jumped in. Mom found the bag she was looking for under the passenger seat. She brought the bag in the house and told me to get out of the car.

But I was going on a car ride if I had to drive the car myself. I think mom knew that. So she grabbed her keys and took me to a popular fast food resteraunt. She even bought me a cheeseburger. I was happy to go on the car ride. And I settled down for the rest of the day.



December 30th 2009 12:30 pm
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My mom is stuck in a Law and Order CI Marathon! She hasn't done anything all day but watch Law and Order.

Did she watch me chase birdies in the back yard this morning? NO!
Did she let me go play with the pug army who live next door? NO!
Has she taken me for a walk at all? NO!
Did she give my friend Harley his morning bone? Ok yes, but she still had one eye on Law and Order.

That's all she has been doing all day long. She says she isn't feeling great and all she feels like doing is resting. And Law and Order is a good show. She says I can just play in the backyard without her. She says I am too big to join the pug army. (But they are still fun to play with, who cares if I step on them sometimes.) She said that I can go one day without a walk and besides it's raining.

I think she should turn off the tv and get outside or at least make us some lunch.

There is only one thing worse than being stuck in a Law and Order Marathon and that is getting stuck in a Gilmore Girls Marathon.

"OOH! Lucky! Thanks for reminding me. Gilmore Girls is on at 5:00"


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