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November 21st 2009 6:11 pm
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I was writing a diary entry all about what a good time I had with grandma and how much I will miss her. And all about Mom's special day. When my diary entry just disappeared. It vanished into cyberspace. It's not in a page that needs to be edited, it isn't on the diary page, it's not on my page or my account. Oh well. Who knows where things go when they disappear into cyberspace. Is it like socks missing from the dryer? or caps from the tops of pens? I guess it's just a mystery.



November 24th 2009 5:58 pm
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Guess what mom brought home for me today? A boy! That's right my very own boy. Actually, it was Luke. He really belongs to another house, but mom thought I needed a kid to play with for a while, so she brought Luke home for me. We had lots of fun playing, but he was pretty tired. Yesterday was the start of Gun Buck Season and Luke got up at 3:30 am to go hunting. Unfortunately, he did not get a buck. I say unfortunately because Luke is going to give mom and dad the buck to eat. And that means I will get some, too.

I played with Luke for a while and then mom took him home. I am was disappointed because I love to go on car rides more than anything else in the world. Every morning, when my dad takes my mom to work, I hop in the car and go along for the ride. And whenever mom or dad have a short errand to run, I go with them. But, when mom took the boy home she made me stay home. At first I was sad, but 2 hours later, mom finally got back.

She had to do some last minute shopping because we are going on a BIG car ride. The ghost of Dorothy told me that this is the best time of the year for a dog. Tomorrow, we are going to grandma and grandpa's. YES the same grandma that I had such a good time with last week. We are going to grandma's to eat and eat and eat. Uncle will be there and also another uncle and maybe some Aunties, too.

THEN we are going for another car ride. I will get to meet maw-maw and pap and CoCo the dog. More grandparents. What fun.

THEN! me and dad are going for another car ride. We are going up in the high mountains for deer camp. Me and dad are going to cook. Well, dad is going to cook. I am going to be the watch dog. The ghost of Dorothy says deer camp is the most fun I will have. I can't wait.

I will try to update you when I get to maw-maws. I am trying to find my voice. I think I am a serious dog, living with a crazy family. I am a definite watch dog. Hopefully my true voice will come in after hunting and I will be able to make this diary my own. But, I still like to talk to the ghost of Dorothy.



November 27th 2009 4:19 pm
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Wednesday: Something was up with mom and dad. Niether one of them went to work. Dad had some errands to run. Mom had some cleaning to do. But, it seemed like mom just messed the house up more because she was pulling out all kinds of suitcases. "Lucky," She said: "we are going on a BIG car ride!" I love car rides. Everyday, I help dad by going on a car ride to take mom to work. I was ready. But, mom and dad were so pokey. Mom finally said: " I'm glad we didn't tell grandma a time to expect us because we just can't seem to get our butts in gear today."

Finally we got the car all packed and we made it out of town. It was beautiful traveling weather. Cool, but not cold, the sky a deep blue. Most of the trees had lost their leaves but they looked so pretty rising up on the mountains. I live in the mountains and there is only so far you can see before you see another mountain. Mom says that some of my dogster friends live in the dessert and they can see forever. She says you can see a building and say:"Yeah, I could walk to that building", but it is five miles away. Here in the mountians, you know how far you can walk before you hit a hole. (Like two steps).

One day I am going to go to the dessert. But, todayI was going to grandma's house! Yes the same grandma that just got done visiting me. The grandma who makes delicious hot breakfasts. I was going to grandma's house. Not bad for my second major car trip.

We finally got to grandma's house and I got to meet grandpa! He is so cool. I followed him everywhere he went. I wanted him to be my best friend, but he wouldn't pay me know mind. Mom said that grandpa wasn't really a dog person. He tjhought that dogs really needed to be in the yard and in the dog house and not in his house or on his furniture. But, he was nice about it and I got to still be inside. I was just told to jump off the couch when grandpa was looking. I still just wanted him to pet me more than anyone.

Of course, grandma had hot food waiting: Pork chops and ham and asparagus. I know dot would have gobbled it down, but I'm not quite the food hound that Dot was. So after dinner and a quick visit we went to bed.


Thanksgiving-Part II

November 27th 2009 4:49 pm
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Thursday: Thursday morning, after a nice hot pateneted grandma breakfast, mom and dad and me went for a big long walk in the woods behin grandma's house. And I didn't even have to be on a leash! Mom and dad are teaching me how to walk without a leash. I did really good. There were a lot of good smells in the woods, rabbits and deer and racoon. It was fun and I ran and ran and ran, so I was pretty tired when we got back.

But, I did not get much of a nap because guess who came in the door?-Uncle! yes the very same uncle who just visited me. I almost hit myself in the head with my tail, I was so happy to see him. I know he was good for pets.

After I got myself settled with Uncle, someone else came to the door. These were new people. Uncle D and Auntie Jan! Uncle D and Auntie Jan smelled like doggies. (They didn't smell like dog to other people, but if you were a doggie you could smell them.) Uncle D and Auntie Jan have 8 doggies. Mom says that they foster doggies and they keep the doggies that need extra special care. So good on them.

Auntie Jan and Uncle D were full of loving. So I sat next them until it was time for dinner. I found a special place to sit. Right under the table. Grandma made a delicious dinner. I did eat some hen and stuffing. But, really I just liked being with the people and not the food so much.

After dinner when we were all sitting around talking, somone else was at the door. It was Auntie Jane! Auntie Jane did not smell like dogs. She smelled like cats. I want to catch a cat so I sat next to her, hoping that the cat she smelled like would hop out of her pocket, but it didn't.

Soon our good time was over and everyone left. That left mom and dad and grandma and grandpa. I still tried to get grandpa to pet me until bedtime.


Thanksgiving -Part III

November 27th 2009 5:12 pm
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Friday: After a nice cold breakfast from grandma (grandma's cold breakfasts are even better than mom's hot breakfasts). Mom and dad and I hopped into the car to go for another BIG car ride. But, we had this funny thing happen as we started to travel.

Grandma is a good cook, but a bad coffee maker. So dad said that when he stopped to get gas, he would get some good coffee. He stoppped for gas and started to pump it when he saw it was prepay so he went into the store. He came out with some coffee and we were on the road. We had not gone too far when a lady in another car yells at us that our gas cap was off the car. So dad stopped and mom fixed it. Then mom said: "Did you pump gas?" NO! Dad was so into getting good coffee that he forgot to get gas. So we went back to the gas station where there was a big line because the guy who was behind us at the gas station couldn't figure out why they wanted to give him some change. So dad cleared up that problem for everyone and then we were on our way. Mom wants to point out that if it were not for a stranger in a passing car doing us a kindness, a lot of people would have had a bad day-the people waiting in line at the gas station, the cashiers, the guy who thought his debit card was messed up, mom and dad etc. It didn't take this lady any effort to tell us and she helped a lot of people out. So do a good deed this week. You don't know who all you are helping.

We drove for a while in big city traffic and we finally got to where we were going: Maw-maw and Pap's house. I never met Maw-maw and Pap but you could tell right away this would be a fun house. As soon as we got in I was greeted by 3 doggies and two of them looked like me. Mom said they were my Fur cousins: Covey and Ally and then the cocker spaniel was my fur aunt ( and mom's fur sister) CoCo. We ran all over the house getting to know each other and establishing who was who in the pecking order. Then I noticed a human cousin, Sarah. A girl, a real girl for me to play with! Except that Covey and Ally belonged to her and they were a little jealous. We went for a big walk together. But, I now know where mom got her cooking skills from. Maw-maw really didn't have anything for dinner. So mom went to get a pizza. When they were don'e eating it, Maw-Maw just put the pizza in the oven to get it out of the way, box and all. She said: "It'll be ok in there, just don't turn the oven on."

I thought I was all done meeting relatives, but just now some more girls came over to see us, more skin cousins: Kathy and Francie. I think I have met most of my relatives now except for my Uncles jeff and John and some skin cousin jake. But, I hear I am meeting them tomorrow after still another BIG car ride. I also have yet to meet my cousin Elizabeth and Auntie Amy, but I may meet Elizabeth sometime on this trip-she's a dog groomer. Maybe she will give me the family rate.

Well, I am going to deer camp ( one of the best places in the world according to Dot) so I will be off line for a few days. So I gave you three diary entries for the price of one.

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving.


Deer Camp

December 2nd 2009 6:27 pm
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I finally made it back from my super great adventure at deer camp. It was so cool, I was the only dog surrounded by all my male relatives and their friends.

Guess who got a deer? Mom! And she didn't even go to deer camp. No she did not hit one with the car. One on the boys, Luke got her one. She is going to split it with someone. She is laughing because everyone who actually went to deer camp came home hungry. Mom says it is just who you know.

But, mom getting a deer was not My big adventure. (Me eating that deer will be a different story.)

Saturday, me and dad went on a super long car ride to the mountains. Everthing smelled good. I mean GOOOOD! We all had a getting ready to go hunting party. I can't really tell too much about that, all I know is I got a lot of pets.

On Sunday, me and dad went for a big long walk at the state park. Dot and dad used to walk there every year. There was a swinging bridge, but Dot would never walk over it. Poor dad, he never got to see what was on the other side of the bridge. So when I saw it, I didn't think twice. I just went right over. Do you know what was on the other side of the bridge? More forest. I was loving it.

Then guess what happened when we got back to the camp? Dad went in to start getting the kitchen ready (He is the camp cook.) I stayed outside. I saw a bear! NO LIE! A real bear in the forest. I found my bark and barked and barked and barked him away! I know that I protected my deer camp and all my uncles and cousins. I am the bravest, most serious doggie around.

The way everyone knows I saw a bear is that when I started barking the neighbor came out to see what I was barking about. He saw the bear too. He wishes he had a good serious doggie protecting his camp from bears. But it is too late for him. I have a good family. A family that takes me to deer cazzzzzzz. (Ghost of Dot: We have one tired puppy Hush)



December 4th 2009 7:29 pm
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Mom would like to know how a doggie who can bark down a bear (a real live wild bear) without a second thought, and then see a vacuum and jump over the couch to get out of the room. Even before the vacuum is turned on!

Bears are just silly. Vacuums are EVIL!



December 9th 2009 8:06 pm
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It was an extremely windy day today. It made it hard for me to patrol the back yard. Mom said she would have to hold on tight to me or else I would fly away. I think I would like to be a dog kite. Then I could look down into the trees and see where all those nasty squirrels are hiding. But, mom is not letting me fly away. Mom is starting to feel in a better mood, but she is still a little distracted. Maybe if she spends all day with me tomorrow that will get her back on track. (ps. I heard we might be eating deerghetti tomorrow for dinner!)



December 10th 2009 11:56 am
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I told mom she just needed to take a day off and be alone and just let her mind wander all over the place and she would feel better.She managed to find solutions to all her worries, or at least managed to put her problems into perspective and not worry over them. I told her she needs to be like a dog and just worry over bones.

Now I want to know: Where is my Deerghetti!?


Secret Family Receipe

December 11th 2009 8:18 pm
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Well, momma finally made Deerghetti. It was so good. It tasted like spaghetti, only with deer in it. I snuck into the kitchen while mom was cooking so I got her secret reciepe.

First: Get some deer meat. Get some ground deer meat. Mom got ours from Luke. I don't know where you can get yours from, maybe at the store. You can also use other meat as well, like hamburger or sausage. But we didn't get to the store yet this week. All we had was deer.

Chop up an onion and some garlic. You could rub your pot with garlic before you start to brown the meat. Mom likes to use the big casserolle pot. (Yes! you can cook with them on your stove top). Brown the onion and garlic and all the meat. Season the meat with salt and pepper and oregano and basil and garlic salt and onion salt and any seasoning you like. Don't go crazy crazy with the spices. It takes practice to get it right. You can be like mom and when anyone complains you just say: "Well, then next time you can cook."

After you are done browning, dump a jar of sauce in. Sure, mom could tell you how to make home made spaghetti sauce but mom doesn't really like to cook and besides deerghetti is a quick meal. So just get your favorite Sauce from a jar and put some more spices in it. (But, don't put sugar in it. Sugar really isn't that good of a secret ingriedent-everyone already knows it's sugar).

While you are busy browning and seasoning you should have another big pot of water boiling away. This is for the noodles. Here is what mom knows about noodles: The thicker the sauce, the fatter the noodles. So if all you have in the cupboard is skinny angel hair then you want a really thin sauce or the noodle won't hold it. Mom had some springs. A medium noodle. Boil your noodles for about 10 minutes. Taste one to see if it's ok. (Don't throw it against the wall-if it's not your house. Some people spend lots of money on their kitchen walls and don't appriciate noodle stains ).

When your noodles taste done and your sauce is boiling mix the noodles in the sauce and say: "Come and Get it!"

I say yum.

This is mom's receipe for the month. Feel free to share one of your secret family receipes.

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