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Penny's Tail

Heal Already

December 29th 2012 6:45 pm
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I can't believe that these humans don't understand I don't want my leg wrapped up anymore. I have had a splint or a bandage on my foot and leg since November 16, 2012 and I am tired of it. I have figured a way to work around this silly cone that i have to wear and can now get the bandage off. Why can't they figure out that I don't want it on anymore. I get it off and leave a mess or else I eat the evidence and still I get it rewrapped. I am so much better and can put my weight on it sometimes.


Yappy New Year

January 1st 2013 5:19 pm
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I welcomed 2013 in good voice this morning at the park. Didn't get a good nights sleep last night, fireworks started a 9 o'clock and kept going until we'll after midnight. Spending most of today napping, I guess I can start 2013 tomorrow.


Dirty Dog

January 5th 2013 4:47 pm
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I like dirt. I like digging in it, laying on it, smelling it, tasting it. I like it so much I love to get covered in it and then try to bring it into the house. I am a dirty dog.


Cone Free

January 6th 2013 7:30 pm
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What an exciting weekend. I went to see the vet again on Friday evening. I helped him by once again taking the bandage off most of my foot and leg before leaving the house. What was strange after getting there was that they cut off the remaining bandage, looked at my foot and then put a boot on and the was it, no bandage. So here it is Sunday and still no bandage and best of all no cone on my head. I miss it a little. It was great in helping to focus on smells when I put in flat on the ground. I also think it helped to collect scents not to mention the way it helped to amplify my singing. At least now I can scratch behind my ears.


Blowing in the wind

April 18th 2013 3:56 pm
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It has been windy here the past couple of days. I having been spending a good part of my days chasing it and barking at it to scare it away. So far my efforts haven't made a big difference. Need a quick water break before getting back to it.


They say it's my Birthday!

May 6th 2013 3:28 pm
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Today is the day my Birthday is celebrated. I have 3 different estimated birthdays because no body knows for sure. May 6 is the first date the person who takes care of me saw and it was his grandmother's birthday so it is the one that stuck.
So far it has been a great day. I got a nice extra long walk this morning and some extra treats this morning. I also managed to get my own special treat. Someone decided to bake a cake this morning and while ot was cooling I was able to sneak a bite. I only had a short window to get a bite as I smelled chocolate icing and I know I can't have chocolate. The cake was good and I wish I had gotten a little bit more, but it's too late now.
Well back to napping.



June 19th 2013 5:45 pm
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Houseguests are like fish after three days they stink. This one here now still smells like dog, the same way he smelled when he came here.

My 'cousin' Radisson has been staying here for almost a week. It is kind of nice having a friend stay here. He has been very good most of the time. He has been trying to monopolize the human here. I have figured out a way to control this. If I lay in the hallway between Radisson and the human he won't pass me! I have found that this is a sure way to get a food offering from him. He takes 2 to 3 pieces of food out of his dish and leaves it for me. Now I have to teach him to take a treat and leave that for me if he doesn't want it.

What?? Got to run - he is barking at something.


Busy Day

August 13th 2013 11:44 am
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Wow! I have had such a busy day and it isn't even noon. The day began normal enough. Wake up. A quick trip around the yard. Back in the house for a treat. Rest a minute and then out for a walk. Imagine my surprise when I get home and there are men on the roof! I of course had to bark at them to let them know I was there and I would be watching. I went inside and oh the noise. I sounded like thunder and I had to of course bask at it to tell it to stop (it only works sometimes, but I have to do it).

I calmed down enough for breakfast and settled down. Well now it sounds like guns are being shot outside and I have to bark to let everyone know so they can be safe. I was told that the gunshots would go on for a while and I'll probably get a sore throat. I wish I could just nap, but there is too much going on today. What's this a new person headed to the roof? I need to go and tell him the rules.


Happy 2nd Birthday to me!

October 14th 2013 4:32 pm
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Last week I celebrated the 8th anniversary of my adoption. This must have been a big deal as I got a few extra long walks, got to visit my buddy Rad, which is great because it involved a ride in the truck. I got to ride in the truck another day and it wasn't to the vet! Extra treats and cooler weather. Life is good. I wonder if we can celebrate 8 years and 1 week?



November 11th 2013 7:34 am
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I am exhausted. It has been quite a week-end. I started Friday as normal, up bright and early and off to the park for the daily walk. It was cooler so I got an extra-long walk and met up with my buddies Colby and Frederick. Those to pups are full of energy and can’t focus on the smells at the park as well as I do. Thankfully they know to say, “Hello” and then leave me to my ‘work’. On the way home I found a quarter that I was planning on to use to buy me some treats, but then remember that Arizona Animal Welfare League’s 18th WALK TO SAVE ANIMALS was the next day. I decided that the money would be better off going to my ‘alma mater’.
After I got home and had breakfast, and rested a bit I got to ride in the truck! I so love to ride in the truck. I always have to ride ‘shotgun’ and there is nothing better than hanging my head out the window enjoying the breeze. I went to see my buddy Radisson and hung out with him most of the day. I found out the joys of a ‘hot rock massage’ as I laid on the gravel in the yard and even rubbed my back on it a few times. I was surprised that Rad got in the truck with me. He had to ride in the back because I always ride shotgun.
I had a nice evening with the ‘houseguest’ and made sure he behaved himself. Luckily all my toys had been put away as he likes to tear them apart. I don’t know why he can’t respect toys, they are so much fun and you have to take care of your things.
Saturday, started as usual Radisson and I went on the morning walk to the park. I must say that boys can slow you down, having to stop at every tree, pole, bush, rock to … well you know. Again it was a nice long walk and we saw Colby again. After breakfast it was off the WALK TO SAVE ANIMALS and Rad came with us. Rad didn’t want to stay in back and joined me in the front seat before we got out of the driveway. This was Rad’s first time going (my 9th!) so I showed him the ropes. I was so excited to be there once again that I called out a couple of times so people would know I was there.
I ran into some of my friends that I see every year. I met a new person who thought I was Maddie, from Maddie On Things. I was flattered that someone thought I was so famous. But then again I am ‘famous’ at this walk since I like to ‘sing’ as I walk. I ran into a volunteer who I hadn’t seen since the day I was adopted she recognized me right off and even remember my old name “Autumn”. As always it was great fun and it was an extra walk!
I spent most of the rest of Saturday and Sunday, resting. I did get in daily walk but it was nice to have a lazy day. Radisson kept me a little busy as he like to bark at every little noise he hears; then again he isn’t here all the time so he doesn’t know to routine. That’s okay because he was tired too.

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