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My pal Loki is in a contest to win some toys for Christmas!

December 9th 2011 10:10 am
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Please vote for my pal Loki! He is super cute and super sweet and REALLY needs some toys for Christmas. 650842004940&app_data=4926


I won a ticket to Barkworld!

August 21st 2011 2:24 pm
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Thank you Dogster!! I am looking forward to it! Got my room booked! I will take photos to share with all my Dogster furiends. My best pal Baron is coming with me. I plan to bring Victoria Stilwell's book with me to try to get her autograph. I hope I get to meet some pups from Dogster while I am there, I will tell ya'll if I do! There is even a real Dog wedding to go to! I will have to remember to pack my black dress, I hope it still fits. If it is too small, I may have to wear my Mardi Paws one. BOL!!!



March 26th 2011 10:57 am
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OMD! I'm a diary pick today! Thank you all for looking at my diary!!

There has been a shake up in the sewing contest! Mom is in the lead now! There is now a 100 vote per person per day limit. Also, mom is entry number 4 now. Still the blue summer dress! Please keep voting for us, the voting lasts until Sept 9 at 11:59 pm. Mom would really love to win!! If she wins her dress will be in the magazine Jan 2011!!! Plus some nice prizes, including a new sewing machine!!

please vote for me!


sewing contest, please vote

March 17th 2011 8:11 am
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Mom entered a sewing contest to try to win a viking sewing machine. She needs lots of votes to catch up to the leader. Please register and vote for her, you can vote as many times a day as you like, as many days as you like. Voting ends Sept.9. mom is over 50000 votes behind, but she is in second place. She is entry number 7, the blue summer dress. If she wins, her dress will be in a magazine!!
Please vote as much as you can! 3&s=7343297&i=1

If you have a facebook page and post the link on it, and ask your friends to vote too, that would be pawsome!!

Thank you!


Woo! Hoo!!!!!

February 24th 2011 2:42 pm
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Yippeee!!!! I finally took the CGC test last night and I passed!!!!! My whole class of 4 dogs passed and a puppy passed its puppy star test too!! The teacher gave us all ribbons!! Mom was so happy she gave me 2 bites of cheese in the car!!! She also let me pick a new stuffy!!! I picked a squeaky sock monkey!! Mom mailed the paper for my certificate, then she will order a tag and patch for me!! I am a GOOD DOG!!!


Thank you Anonymous

December 5th 2010 8:27 pm
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A nice anonymous pup sent me an acorn. I wonder who it is. Thank you anonymous.


My 2010 Disney Adventure, Day 6: LP, AJ, and the ride- HOME!!!!

November 12th 2010 8:24 am
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We are finally going Home today!! I am so tired of hotel and Disney. I want a yard where I can be offleash and bark!!

On the way home, we stopped at the Ocala Cracker Barrel restaurant and met LP, AJ, and their moms!!!!!

Hey mom! He's smaller than me! Can I keep him?

I think he's a little shy

Florida Yorkie Convention! BOL!!

A couple of cuties

Pose for the camera!

Here's a closeup of AJ!

After our visit, we got back in the truck and went home, well almost. We went to Baron's house, which is almost like home. We went home to our house the next day. So that was my BIG Disney Adventure! My first real trip and vacation! My other long trips and vacations had been to visit family.


My 2010 Disney Adventure, Day 5: Epcot, again!

November 12th 2010 8:16 am
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We woke up late again! Mom's friends and the nieces had to go home, so today it was just me, mom, and Baron's mom. We took it slow today. We were all tired and the humans legs were sore. We went to some more countries and tried some more food. It was nice to spend time with Baron's mom. Today was not crowded at all. Maybe because it was Halloween? We finished our souvineer shopping. Mom wanted to get a princess t-shirt for me, but the medium was too small around the chest and they didn't have a large. Maybe I will get one next time! This time, I got a Princess bowl! I will add it to my collection of bowls! BOL!! Baron's mom had got me a Disney bowl in the Spring, when she came with the nieces, but mom and I didn't go.

My Disney bowls

The pictures inside my disney bowls and picture frames for the fridge.

On the way out, we walked past a restaurant and mom saw a service dog under the table. It was either a Golden or an Irish Setter, the window was tinted, so she couldn't tell.
We went to the hotel early and went to sleep early too! But before we went to sleep, I wrote my postcards to put in the hotel mailbox.
Some of my pawprints were still wet, so I mailed those from home.


My 2010 Disney Adventure, Day Four: Epcot, again.

November 12th 2010 7:38 am
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They let me sleep in! We didn't go to Disney until noon! We went back to the Epcot part. Mom's friend went with us! Mom saw a German Shepard SD while we were in line. Then another friend joined us! I remember these friends from when we lived in our old house. These are 2 of my favorite non-family people. I gave them both kisses. We went to the festival center and got a ticket for another wine seminar for that night. Then it was time to walk and eat! I rode in the bag on the walker. Epcot was very crowded this day, mom said it is because it was a Saturday.

Me, mom and her friends in front of the giant festival cake and giant wine glasses

We started eating at the Cheese booth, they had fondue, next we went to Canada. Mom and her friends had a few different things to eat. Mom liked the chicken sausage, but didn't give me any, it had chipotle pepper in it. It was hot, so mom put my little ice chest in the bag for me to lay on, she also wet me with water when I was finished drinking. In England, I met a nice lady in a pretty dress.

Miss Mary Poppins! Love her dress!

Then we walked over a bridge, and into France. There I met a giant Kitty! But she was very nice and liked me too!

Meet Marie! She's a nice kitty.

In France, the people ate chocolate creme brulee and braised beef. Very yummy!!, but none for me, just kibble. The people also drank cosmo slushes, but most of mom's spilled when she tried to push the walker over a bumpy part of the walkway. At least it didn't spray on me in the walker, it did dribble on her walker handle though. BOL!!

Next we met mom's family in Japan. Mom tried to find a Hello Kitty souvineer for me, but there was nothing for dogs. So when the nieces got pearl oysters, I got one too. But not to eat. There was a tiny white ball inside, that was for me, but not to play with. Then mom decided it wouldn't be safe for me to wear, so she is saving it for me, maybe she will attach it to a zipper on something of mine?

This is my pearl from Japan.

Then we had to rush back to the festival center for the wine seminar. Mom gave me a Himalayan chew to chew on while she and her friends sipped and wrote notes. Then we went to Mexico and ate chicken tamales, but none for me, too spicy. I didn't get any people food today! And I was a good girl, even when the walker tipped over with me in the bag!!! Don't worry, I am fine, I didn't even squeak. The bag is padded, and the walker bar is padded and the backpack strapped to the front stopped it from tipping all the way. We went shopping in the big gift shop. Then we went back to the hotel. No tram ride this time! We rode in Baron's mom's truck with mom's handicap tag, so we had a good parking spot. I got extra treats back at the hotel.


My 2010 Disney adventure, day 3: Epcot

November 10th 2010 2:57 pm
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We woke up early, again, and went to Disney world, again. But this part was different, It has a giant ball to walk under.

This ball is too big for fetch!

This park is called Epcot. It is having a festival for food and wine around the world. It has a building for each country that is there! Each building has a new food! Mom made a bandanna for me to wear to the festival.

This is the bandanna mom made for me to wear at Disney

This festival happens every year for the past 15 years. We went to the festival center to get a menu and map of where the food was.

Can I have a piece of giant cake please?

We went to a wine seminar, I took a nap in my bag on mom's walker while she sipped and took notes. Mom gave me a bite of smoked duck since I was such a good girl.

I am in the purse on the walker seat

We went shopping for postcards in a big giftshop. I met another service pup, a Yorkie. Then we went to meet mom's family in Mexico and rode a little boat. We were in line in Norway to ride another boat, but it broke, so we went to Italy and ate.

Mom took me to a special place to potty.

Service dog toilet

Then Mom's friend arrived, just in time to go to a food seminar with us! We learned how to make a fancy desert.

desert from Chef Hui from Pebble Beach

Mom gave me a blueberry! Then we went to another wine seminar. Then we walked and ate some more! Mom's favorite was a beef skewer with Chimmichuri sauce from Argentina! Mom and I rode home with her friend. Her friend had parked a little far, so we had to ride the tram. It was very hard to get the walker on the tram. This tram was very loud, and I was tired. I was so nervous about that tram, I shook the whole time I was on it! And I am not a dog that shakes for every little reason, mom was so surprised at my fear. She felt sorry for me, so back at the hotel, I got a special treat, a peanutbutter and carob cup from the doggy bakery! I was exhausted! So were the humans. BOL!!

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