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The Baxter Mash

19 days and counting!

November 9th 2005 11:59 am
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I'm so excited! 19 more days and I'm a whole year old! I'm so excited! My mommy has promised to make me a cake and a cool party!

It's been getting really cold down here and my mommy wants to get me a sweater before we go on another walk. And due to the coldness and me being as adorable as ever. I've been sleeping with my mommy for a few months now. It's really warm and I'm glad she finally gave in....but I accidently peed on the bed the other night. But mommy says it's her fault since she didn't take me out before putting me up there. I'd have to agree. I thought she knew by now. Oh well.

Paw and nuzzles,


Road Trip!

July 2nd 2005 11:55 pm
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My mommy just told me that since she has the day off tomorrow we get to go on a car ride! I'm really excited, because I haven't been in a car since she sold hers. But her daddy's driving so she gets to play and sleep with me in the back. I hear that were driving to a skiing/snowboarding town so maybe I'll get to play in some's so hot down here.

Oh! My mom bought me a Kong! It's officially my favorite toy, and love when she throws it it just jumps all over the place!

Licks and Paws,


Mature Beyond My Years...hehe

May 16th 2005 12:34 pm
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Yesterday was my 1/2 birthday. My mom rubbed it in by telling me that I'll have to wait another 6 months before I get a cake and presents....CAKE AND PRESENTS!! Woot.

I feel all growned up and ready to take on the world...or maybe go on a walk.


Eep...better late than never!

March 10th 2005 1:15 pm
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I haven't gotten a chance to write for a while...mommy hasn't turned the computer on for sometime.

I got picked as a Daily Diary Pick...which is awesome! Thanks Dogster!

Also, my mom has finally let me sleep in her bed. I haven't messed or anything! So I'm quite happy about that. She also took some updated pictures of me so expect some more soon!



My First Real Walk!

February 27th 2005 1:10 pm
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My mommy took me on my first real walk today! It was very very exciting. My mommy brought along her friend, Robyn, who is the mommy of Charles; .

We followed a walking trail which follows a creek which we stopped by to get a drink of water and cool off. Then went to the closest park and sat and ran around a bit. Then began the walk home. Along the way I met another dachshund, who's mommy knows mine. His name was Vinnie. Then we came across a Chow Chow, an Australian Shephard, and an Alaskan Malamute. And the neighbor's of my mother's friend had a Blue Heeler, a Rottweiler, and a Dalmation The Blue Heeler and Rottweiler, jumped the fence and came over to greet me. The Blue Heeler (Zero) sniffed me a bit, and the Rottweiler licked me right on the face. Their parents came out and greeted my mommy and Robyn. They called me the Rottweiler's Mini Me...whatever that is.

It was a fun experience but I'll tell you one thing, I'm pooped.

Time for a nap,


Visiting My PupMom.

February 26th 2005 9:44 pm
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On Thursday my mommy took me to visit my PupMom, Penny. We went and played around in her yard...but I got about 4 goatheads(stickers) stuck in my back paw (ouch!). But I quickly forgot about it when Penny and I started to play fetch...well maybe that isn't the word. Penny playing fetch with a rock and me chasing Penny.
Then we went inside, where my mom and her mom watched the tv screen and I tried to play with this weird white looking dog that meows instead of barking. I don't think he liked me much and batted at me, which resulted in me barking continuously for almost the entire movie.'s him.
Check out my pictures there's two of me playing with Penny. :) We had lots of fun and hope to play more later.

Nuzzles and Licks,


Washer Monster

February 3rd 2005 6:56 am
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I had a small accident on my mommy's bed today and she took the sheets off and put them in the Washer Monster. It growled really really loud and I barked back at it. I'll show that bad monster that I'm tougher than it...although after I barked a few times, I went and hid under my mommy's legs. But everything's better now, the monster got scared and is being quiet now. Hmmph...I sure showed it.

Oh and my mommy's been sick lately and has been home with me for 3 whole days. I could get used to this, but I hope she gets better soon.

Oh! Yesterday, one of my mom's friend came over and visited her and and I barked at her too! About an hour before that I barked at 2 men and a little kid who were over building the house next to us. Mommy says that I found my voice. And now I'm gonna use it as much as possible to make her happy. :)




January 31st 2005 8:40 am
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I finally saw my mom again. She didn't seem too excited to see me though and growled at me. But once she realized I wasn't try to nurse, she wanted to play. But she's so much bigger than me and that growl was intimidating, so maybe when I get bigger I can play with her. That would be better.

One Saturday my family left me for two whole days! But thankfully my mom's older sister came and stayed the night with me. She played with me lots and I think she likes me hehe.

That's it for now

ps-I'm starting to get leash trained!


They tricked me

January 9th 2005 6:54 pm
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I've been crying for the past few nights, which is to be expected of course...I mean they stick me in a kennal with out my family, what do they expect...although it is rather comfy.

So anyway, they wouldn't let go to sleep hardly at all today..and after all that crying last night I think I deserved it. But I finally passed out on my guardians foot and I guess she put me in my kennel. Cause when I woke up, there I was.

And worst of all, my guardian sister said I'll grow too fast to buy a sweater right now, so what did she do? She made me one out of a feels weird.

That's it for now,


New Home

January 8th 2005 3:31 pm
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Yesterday I finally went to my new home. It was fun and played with my new family. They bought me tons of toys and I like every single one...well except for this scary ball that makes a funny noise. Maybe I'll play with it when I get older. I whined and cried all night because I miss my family. And I had a few messes on the floor but, my new daddy understands because I'm just a puppy.

Well that's it for now,

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