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Life of a California Diva!

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Happy 10th Birthday NeeNee!!!

December 20th 2013 1:30 am
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Happy 10th Birthday to my lil spunky girl, NeeNee! You are my constant companion at home and travel. You love your routines, but you adjust to change because you trust me! You've had another healthy & happy year, what more can I wish for you. I love seeing those big love filled eyes gazing at me, or the way you gush contentment when I rub your belly. I love seeing you run with your sister & brothers in the house & out in the yard. You have your own agenda, but you can also just hang out with the others. I love seeing all of you sit in a sunny spot & bask in warmth. It reminds me of how far you have come to finding home with others, with us.

I love you little girl, and I look forward to many more birthdays and travels with you.

Happy Birthday!

love mom


NeeNee's Gotcha Day!!!

September 27th 2013 1:04 am
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It is NeeNee's Gotcha Day!!! She was adopted from Sheree's Dog Rescue near Dallas Texas in 2009. I flew there to meet her and stayed with Linda & Sabrina for a couple of nights. At the same time, Carol flew down from British Columbia and adopted her adorable schnauzer, Dixie! We all "knew" each other from Dogster, but it was our first actual meet up.

Since then NeeNee had major surgery to repair a fractured jaw, and our family has moved from California to Oregon. What a busy girl! Glad we gotcha, NeeNee! Thank you Linda and Sabrina for all that you do.


Magazine Article About The Surgery I had!

December 20th 2012 12:09 pm
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My pal Zaidie let me know that Bark Magazine has an article on a dog who had the same type of surgery I had!!! Last time I was at the UCD Vet hospital, Dr. Verstraete told mom that a total of 8 dogs have had the surgery - 4 with injured jaws and 4 with cancer in the jaw. Everyone of us has had 100% success!

We love our vets for taking such good care of us, and especially the UCD oral surgery team with Drs. Verstraete, Arzi and Farkus!!! THANK YOU for letting me have a normal life.

Here's the link to the article: ence-fiction-fact



Happy 9th Birthday NeeNee!!!

December 20th 2012 11:59 am
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Happy Birthday, sweet girl. You have been through so much in the last few years, and now you are such a happy girl. You have no more jaw pain after your surgery. You play more and trust more. You're such a mama's girl, and that's ok with me. It's all about making you feel safe in the world. You've come such a long way with that. When we first got you, you were afraid to walk through doorways and ran from everyone. Now you go outside and sun on the deck. You explore the garden on your own or with your brothers and sister. You take rides to town and visit others with me. And you chew on my hands, and sometimes bite down with that big solid jaw!!! Earlier this week, I had surgery out of town, so you had to stay with a new male house sitter!!! I never could've done that to you in the past. You've come so far at letting others near you, and we'll keep working on it.

I love you, sweet girl. Happy Birthday and many more to come!



Winding Up Our Trip With A Nutrition Consult

September 28th 2012 6:34 pm
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I forgot to mention yesterday, that mom got me a new travel seat for the car! It's soft & cushy with nice sides to cozy up to. A seatbelt holds it in place on the car seat. It also has a strap that secures me in the seat, although I prefer running around on the full back seat BOL. But I get restless and sometimes try to jump into the front seat. It boosted me too high where I saw everything outside the window, so mom removed the bottom cushion and put in one of my quilts. PERFECT! I love riding in it now. I can sit next to it if I feel like I want more freedom, and I can stand up to look out of the window when I want. Cozy!

Today, mom and I went back to UC Davis vet clinic. That's 3 days in a row that mom has driven there, but it's our last appointment this week. First, I saw Dr. Farkus again because I coughed a lot during the night, more than usual after being intubated. But my lungs & heart are clear, so no worries. Actually, now it's only an occasional cough. It was just due to tracheal irritation from the breathing tube they used.

We then met with a veterinarian specializing in nutrition. Mom had previously sent him detailed information on what I eat - meals, treats, supplements, etc. The vet reviewed all of the details and answered tons of questions. He will design a home cooked diet especially for me based on age & activity level, including proteins, carbohydrates, fat, minerals and vitamins, and suggested treats. I have been eating raw food, but due to the implant that I have, the vets think the potential for infection may be too risky. If I get an infection and it spreads into the teeth/gums/jaw, it can be very disastrous. Mom doesn't want to risk that after all I've been through. Mom is fine with cooking for me, as a matter of fact she may do long distance consults for the rest of the pack. We just need a referral from our vet back in Oregon. Schnauzers even more than shih tzus have a potential of pancreatitis and hyperlipidemia. Also, we want to avoid obesity in anyone. They base calories on activity level. I'm more sedentary than the others. Anyway, mom will receive a letter with the specifics for the diet, and they will be able to communicate to refine it or discuss any issues. We're really looking forward to it.

If anyone is interested in doing this, look at the UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital website, then look for small animal services. There is a link for Nutrition services. Click on Fact Sheets/Brochures/Newsletters/Forms. There is a lot of info available, but also the referral and diet history forms that need to be completed. Since I had been there this week, I had updated labs & vet referral from dentistry. Mom requested a formulation for home cooked meals. They usually do disease specific diets for pets, but they will do home cooked diets too.

Well, mom is packing tonight and we'll be heading home tomorrow. What an eventful week!

Sweet dreams!


Another good report from the vets!!!

September 28th 2012 12:46 am
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It's been an exciting week! Mom and I drove down to California for my follow-up appointment with my vets at UC Davis. First, we stopped along the way so she could see an orthopedic surgeon about getting her knee surgery in a couple of months. Then we checked into our hotel in California. I have stayed here a few times and the people are all so nice to me!

My first appointment was a spa day with my former groomer, Miss Kathy! She is always SO nice to me. She even already gave me my Christmas presents! Then yesterday mom took me to the clinic and left me!!! I was very brave while I went through my pre-op evaluations. Everything checked out ok. Everyone said I looked great - good weight, nice fur, jaw firm. My blood work looked good and anesthesia said I was good to go. I wish I could've gone!!! I was nervous being away from mom, but I was very brave too!

Then today I had anesthesia, X-rays & CT scan of my jaw, and a dental cleaning. They saw new bone growth since last time!!! And everything thing looked good, no complications have occurred. The whole team was there again, Drs. Verstrate, Arzi and Farkus, and my current vet student Francesca. They always treat me & mom like we're rock stars or something. Dr. Verstrate talked with mom about the 8 successful surgeries they have done using the same technique (I'm one of the eight). He said 4 of us dogs had jaws that were injured (like me), while 4 of them had portions removed due to tumors. All 8 of us are doing well with good results. It's nice to be a member of a group that has had 100% success!!!

Tonight, I'm back with mom at the hotel. Snoozing on & off. I'm drinking water ok, and even ate a little dinner. I cough sometimes but that's not unusual after having a breathing tube in your throat.

Tomorrow, I go back to the nutrition clinic at UCD vet hospital! We are meeting with a veterinary nutritionist who is going to advise mom on a home cooked diet. Let's hope they say I get to eat more treats!!!!

I'll give you the update on the nutrition consult!

Sweet dreams everyone.



More on the surgery I had!!!

September 17th 2012 10:11 am
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Here's another link to a great article on the jaw surgery I had last year. Whiskey had a tumor and had to have a portion of his jaw removed. He then was able to regrow the jaw bone. I didn't have a tumor, but I had a gap in my jaw from a fracture that I got at a puppy mill. My jaw regrew & is back to normal now. Read this exciting news! =10313

And here's a video of Whiskey after surgery! He's famous now & so are my vets.

Mom recently talked to Dr. Arzi about my upcoming visit. This is what he said about all of the media attention, "We are all very excited about this reconstructive work and especially that we can improve on the quality of life of our patients. You are all very inspiring to us." Isn't he the nicest vet? I'm so excited that I was dog #2 with this surgery, and now we're seeing success for so many others. Yippeeee!!!! And I get to go see them next week to get a CT scan to see how it's going. I'll be sure to report back.



Media Attention on the type of surgery I had last year!

September 16th 2012 11:47 pm
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Here's a link about another dog who had the same surgery that I did!!! 9-dog-jaw.html

(Sometimes dogster doesn't let you cut and paste links, but it's really worth reading so you might want to type it into your browser).

I'm doing great. In a couple of weeks, I'm going back to UC Davis to see Drs. Arzi and Verstraete. I'll be getting a dental cleaning and a CT scan. I'll be so glad to see my old doctors and show them how well I'm doing!



April Fool's Day!

April 1st 2012 1:11 pm
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So far, mom hasn't played any tricks on us. Probably because it has been raining nonstop for 4 days. Every one has been asking dad if he's gonna build an ark. Is that a place for us to bark, with some kinda accent? Mom says, "no silly, when the water rises we have to get on a boat and paddle away". Doesn't she know that shih tzus don't swim??? Mom says, "no worries we're not in a flood area". Yeah, I said, "either were our pals, the Lafayette Little Rascals, and look what happened to them. They had to stand on their bed while the water was rising around them"!!! Mom says "we live way up on a hill and we'll see the water rising long before it gets here...I hope". I said "well let's hope the hill doesn't give away because I don't do mud skiing either!"

Actually, we're doing just fine except when we have to go potty the schnauzers don't want to go outside. Silly boys! Lily and I don't mind a little wet. And besides, we get to cozy up with mom in some warm blankets and get warm by the pellet stove. We're all snug as bugs in a rug, mom says. Silly mom. Oops, mom's not silly, she's the one with the treats!

Happy Spring everyone.


Six months followup after surgery!

January 26th 2012 9:03 pm
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Today I went to the UCDavis veterinary clinic for my six month followup after surgery. They had set up an appointment to do anesthesia and radiographs. But when I got there, they decided against it. I've had NO problems. Several doctors examined me and said my jaw feels firm and there are no complications from the screws into the gum. They said it just didn't warrant putting me through the anesthesia!!! I said YAY, and mom said YAYAYAYAY! AND I don't have to go back for X-rays until the next time I get my teeth cleaned, in about 9-12 months. In other words, great outcomes all the way around. They're hoping I go back to UCD for that.

In the meantime, since we moved to Oregon it is really a Looooooong drive to UCD. So mom found a veterinary dentist in Eugene, Oregon about 3 hours from our house. She is one of only 3 in Oregon and is known to my vets. Mom talked to her, and she has agreed to follow me if needed or to do X-rays. Of course, if I have any surgery needs, I'll need to go back to UCD.

So the future is bright! In the meantime, I'm getting really spoiled by mom and loving it!

No worries!

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