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Hullo. My Name's Burt...

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Today I Got A Forever Home

September 30th 2009 12:04 am
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I got a bath today. And a new collar. And some tags that jingle. And a harness. And something called a retractable leash. But the most important thing I got was a home. I am happy. I can sleep now. And snore.


Today I Went For A Car Ride

September 30th 2009 4:38 pm
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Hullo. Burt here. Today I went on a really long car ride. I thought I was goin' back to the Shelter. I laid in the back of the Jeep real quiet like. When the car stopped I wouldn't get out. The Mom had to lift me out. It wasn't the Shelter. It was the Vet. Dr. Mullings is pretty nice. I can see why the Crew likes her. But long car rides really throw me off. After the vet, another long car ride. Again, I wouldn't get out of the car. Turns out we were back HOME in Chicago. I wagged my tail and did a little Labbie dance. Just a little one. But it's a start.


Today I Got Chased

October 1st 2009 6:14 pm
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By something called a "retractable" leash. The Dad took me and Dixie out for a walk. We criss-crossed our retractable leashes. The Dad dropped mine. It started to chase me down the sidewalk. It made a lot of noise. I was scared. I ran. The Dad caught up with me at the corner when the leash hooked onto the light pole. Wheeeeeew! That was something!


Today I Chased Squirrels

October 2nd 2009 4:01 pm
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I found out that not all car rides are bad. There are good ones. Ones you go on with your sister Dixie. To a place called Pasteur Park. A place with lots of smells. And lots of trees. And SQUIRRELS! Dixie didn't know about chasing Squirrels. She just chased Rabbits. Today I taught her Squirrels are fun too!


Today I Rolled

October 3rd 2009 5:32 pm
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Hullo. Burt here. Today I rolled in the grass at the park. There was a very neat smell. So I had to get it all over my back. Dixie saw me and rubbed her head in the same smell. Then we chased two squirrels. Today Dixie taught me how to look out the Jeep windows. Instead of laying down and missing everything. We were very good in the back of the Jeep together. It's a start.


Today I Got Mail

October 5th 2009 11:54 pm
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Mail from our good pals Rocky & Sarge! It was exciting finding the package between the doors. The Mom let me sniff it. It smelled like Rocky & Sarge! I was very interested in what was inside. They sent me a squeaky Jack stuffie and Dixie two tennis balls on a fancy blue cord. But I don't know what to do with toys any more than Dixie does! We are two sorry sights to see. But the Dad says we'll work on it. :D


Today I Dove for Cover

October 6th 2009 12:08 am
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The Mom, Dixie and I drove to the Nature Center for our walk today. When the Mom opened the back door of the Jeep for me, Dixie jumped in too. So, the Mom decided to let us both ride in the back of the Jeep. There's plenty of room. It worked for a while. But then Dixie scared the peep out of me. She started barking because she didn't like the look of the people in the car next to us. When Dixie starts barking all big and bad, I dive for cover! The only cover I had was down in the footwell behind the driver's seat. I wedged my body in there real tight! After a bit, the Mom coaxed me out. Then Dixie did it again... and I wedged myself back in again! (Dixie rode in the front seat on the way home.... BOL)


Today I Got Wet

October 6th 2009 11:24 am
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Hullo, all. Burt here. We went to Pasteur Park today. I got wet. It was drizzlin'. I didn't care. Dixie stayed under the trees so she stayed dry. Dixie doesn't even like walkin on the grass if it's wet. She's such a girl...


Today I Went to the Vet

October 9th 2009 6:54 pm
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to check on my paws. I was licking and chewing them last week. But Dr. Mullings thought it was possibly a nervous habit I had developed in the shelter. So, paws were ok... but my ears were NOT! ARGH!!! I have infected ears. The Mom and the Dad have to clean them and put ointment in them. I yelp. And I whine. But they still do it... :(


Today I Chased

October 9th 2009 7:49 pm
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the cat. His name is Ozzy. He thinks he is a dog. He is very, very laid back. Ozzy was raised by HoneyBunny and Remo, two Golden Retrievers. Ozzy likes to sit real close to me and stare at me. I stare back. Then he runs. And I chase him. He gets away. Then he comes back. And sits. And stares. And runs. And I chase. It's fun. But the Mom and the Dad don't like it when it happens in the middle of the night. I can't help it if Ozzy comes to the side of the bed and waits to be chased. And I bound out of the bed and wake everyone up doing it. What's a pup to do?

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