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Skunks are not Nice

November 12th 2009 7:26 am
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Ok so I go out side I look for a spot to do my thing it is late chilly I want to get it done and go back in. Then I see this strange black and white kitty. I go over, seems freindly enough it even raises its tail so I can have a sniff so hey why not. wa wa roof eeee roof ohhhh roof ick roof roof cry roof run to door scratch scratch theres mom she opens the door I run to the living room not seeing moms look of horror on her face and rub the carpet mom grabs my collar and pulls me to the kitchen and closes the gates not angry she never gets angry but tearful a bit from the smell I think and some because of the work she has ahead and I think a bit feels bad for me.

Mom normally at night leashes me do to critters she says well she was getting stuff out of the oven because dad was do home any second from work. Me well I just had to insist why oh why did I insist so strongly?

Mom said to me in just a few minutes oh my gosh does my head hurt the smell was so strong it gave her a very bad head ache. oh wag wag wag daddy is home wag wag roof . "What is that smell? Mom looked at me he said huh she looked at me again then said skunk. he was not at all happy 10 hours at work and now this.

I had know idea what I was in for but when they went in the bathroom and called me I figured it out fast they dragged me to the edge of the tub I fought i tell ya fought hard my butt on the floor front feet pulling back the floor just to slick & they won I was soon in the tub with tomato all over me.

well after about a half hour 45 minutes of washing I was aloud out and dried off and given wonderful new blankets to lay on mom said they where very old towels well new to me roof I felt very special yes indeed and very tired I fell right to sleep and slept straight through the night I guess the ordeal was more than my old body could take I snored all night.

The next day I woke to smelly candles everywhere and mom was very happy to let me lay on the deck in the sun after my morning business was done she brought out the gate and just let me sunbathe I loved it.

and I was so glad to be out there she ran that awful noisy sucking machine most of the day and spraying carpets with foamy smelly stuff.

Ok well it is going on day 4 and no smell at all now!

Ok all you dog and pup pals of mine a lesson if you ever see a little black and white kitty that looks different then most cats you know has bushy tail shorter longer I advise you to stay away it is a skunk and they are not very nice!


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