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Training hard!

June 26th 2010 3:16 pm
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Hello friends!

Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement for my Mum. I have been meaning to write, but I'm just sooo tired from all the walking! Mum is trying her best to keep me exhausted, but I think SHE'S more tired than ME even BOL! Sometimes we take not one, but TWO walks!

Gotta run, kinda busy right now in a photo session with my Mum! She's working on a scrapbook with all of us in it, even the cats too! My sisfer Friday's scrapbook page title is "Bird Dog", and mine is "Bad Dog". Gee, I wonder why?


Better today!

June 8th 2010 8:05 pm
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Mum called me a good girl today. Yesterday, I wasn't. I went for a walk in a park fur the first time yesterday! It was so much fun, so much to see and to do. I saw kids skateboarding, swimming and play basketball! I walked on all types of surfaces, even a bridge! I was scared of the bridge, and also a napkin when it blew by, and after we left the park I was scared of a lawn ornament. When we returned to the house, I was a very bad girl, defiant, and Mom said worse than ever! Today, we again walked in the park and I was much better. The walk was longer, almost an hour in addition to the fast walk with Dad and Friday this morning. I know my Mum is exhausted, but I don't think she'll give up on me! I'm trying so hard!


Diary pick? Oh happy day!

June 5th 2010 7:43 am
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My friends it sure is a happy day for me! I'm so excited about being a diary pick today, and last night the behaviorist told Mum and Dad that my problems were easy to fix and that I'm really not an aggressive girl at all.....after all I didn't even flinch when my kitty brother was playing with my tail. I was ashamed of my submissive pee when the trainer stared at me. I have to keep away from my sister Friday until my pawrents have me under control execpt for during bedtimes and nap times when I'm not excited. My behaviorist thinks I'll be fine within a couple of weeks because I am so easy to work with, and basically I'm a happy dog and the rest of the household is pretty balanced. I'll come back with more details later. Thanks to those of you who have been praying for me! Thank you Dogster for picking me!
Billie Jean


Behaviorist coming to see me

June 1st 2010 7:03 pm
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A man is coming to evaluate me on Friday afternoon. We hope that we can come up with a solution so I can stay with my family. Meanwhile, Mum and Dad have a lot of gates set up in the house for control so we are kept in separate rooms at certain times of the day, sometimes I rest in my crate, and other times I still play with my sisfur outside but I have to wear the muzzle when I do. When we sleep together at night I don't need the muzzle, only when we play because I get too rough. Dad is walking me every morning now and Mum plays ball with me by myself in the yard in the afternoon. I'll let you know what the bahaviorist says about me. He's very good, we did a lot of research before chosing him, and he works with local humane societies doing their evaluations, and does a lot of other rescue and humane work with strong breeds. Wish me luck!



May 29th 2010 11:37 am
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Much is happening surrounding the incident, and the hurting of my beloved sisfur Friday. A man will be coming to the house to evaluate me. He told my Mum that I might have to go away. I heard Mum and Dad talking and they said that going away is not an option, they just want to fix me and to be sure I won't hurt her again. I think they love me a whole lot despite the awful thing I did to Friday.

Everything seems back to normal on the surface. Friday isn't growling at me anymore and she lets me sleep with her. We are going outside together without my muzzle, but we have to be watched and they won't let us play rough at all. I licked her wounds this morning. Did I really do that to her like they said? I don't really remember, but that's what they are telling me so I guess I did it.

More later.....
Billie Jean


More shame

May 28th 2010 2:46 pm
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In an attempt to further embarrass me, the hoomans have posted a photo of what I've done to my beloved sisfur Friday on my page and hers.


Why are they torturing me?

May 28th 2010 2:18 pm
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The pawrents bought this thing that goes around my face and I have to wear it when I'm playing with my sisfur Friday. She's not growling at me so much now, but I still have to wear this torturous thing on my face, I think they call it a muzzle. I don't have to wear it when we're sleeping, just out in the yard, or in the house during certain times. Sometimes they put Friday in the kitchen behind the gate, and then I don't have to wear it. Don't they know I really didn't mean to hurt her? I heard them talking to a girl on the phone that's supposed to come and take me rollerblading twice a week. I don't know what that is, but I hope it isn't more torture. I'm so sorry for what I did.
Billie Jean


I've been bad, very, very bad!

May 27th 2010 3:22 pm
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OMD, I'm very sorry. I love my sisfur Friday so much and she's growling at me. I think it's cause I tore up her neck yesterday. She required a lot of sutures in the emergency room last night. She's all shaved and has bites and a six inch rip on her neck. I didn't mean to do it, I was only playing. Mum and Dad are angry with me today....something about vet bills. Friday's getting hotdogs and things, and I'm being treated like an outcast. I don't understand, I just wanna play with my sisfur. I'd better go, I'm in the doghouse big-time!


DALMATION? Can it be?

May 11th 2010 3:40 pm
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My Mum has officially changed my profile today, and I spose she's right that I don't look like a pitbull after all, now that I'm almost growed up. A lot of folks have been saying dalmation mix so then, I am what I am....does it really matter? I don't suppose it does, not so long as I have my home, my sisters, my chihuahua brothers, and all my friends who board in our new doggy suites.....oh yeah, and Mum and Dad of course!

Have a great day friends, I'll tell Mum to keep up my diary cause she's so busy she furgets.



A big day for me today, a milestone really

December 2nd 2009 6:23 am
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Well, my Mom says that today is an important day for me. Something about losing my womanhood. It doesn't sound like much fun to me. I don't what this thing called spay means, but I have to go somewhere this morning, and I just know that something will change while I'm there. I'm very suspicious. Gotta run now! Maybe I will have news to report when I return.

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