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Just being Molly

A letter from your mom

July 11th 2007 11:34 pm
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For 15 years Molly was our sweet sweet girl and loving companion. She never gave us a bit of trouble, well maybe when she was a baby and got into the mouse poison. We thought we were going to lose her but she snapped right out of it, after her treatment of course. Thank God we got her to the doctor in time. But this morning, 4 days after her 15th birthday we had to say, not goodbye, but see you later. When we got to the doctors office he said she had lost all muscle tone in her hind end, that was why she had such a hard time getting around, also there appeared to be cancer showing up on her legs also, but wasn't any need to test those. Her time with me was over, for now. I will see my beautiful girl again some day, but now I have to give her to her dad and sisters at the bridge. Love You so very much and will be waiting for the time to come to see all of you again. Love You & Miss You, Mom


My Last Day

July 10th 2007 4:52 pm
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No I am not sick, just old. Mom says that is the hardest thing about having big dogs, our bodies just wear out. We keep on pushing and pushing ourselves till we just can't do it anymore. I cried most of the night last night with the pain I was in and she couldn't do anything about it. So she was in pain also. My doc was not in today so I will go see him first thing in the morning and he will know what to do. He has taken care of me all my life and he is a very kind and gentle man, thats why mom said we would wait one more day.

I will have my 2 sisters waiting for me to get there, and lots of dogster pals too. This is the greatest site on the web cause everyone is here for you whether they know you or not. I really appreciate all the gifts sent to me and especially all the prayers. I know that I will be fine but I worry about Mom.
So just a little pray for her too, OK? Love You Guys, Molly


July 9th 2006 12:31 pm
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Today is my 14th birthday!!!! I had a very good day. Got a whole lotta bones from dogster and some paw tooo. made me so happy. I went to see my doc yesterday and except for a infected tooth, I am pretty good health, not bad for a big dog, huh? We cooked some steaks outside today and I am chewing on my bone in between writing this in my diary. No toothache is too bad when it comes to steak bones.
On fathers day this year, someone very close to us lost a very special furbaby. She has just joined us on dogster and her name is Bitty #341355. She was much to young to go to the bridge, but I know that my sisters who are already there will watch over her and run and play with her to her hearts content. But for my birthday we would like for everyone who reads this to go and visit Bitty, and give extra long hugs and kisses to those that are here with us, in memeory of Bitty.
And so that is all for now, I need some rest!!!!
Thank You Soooo Much Dogster!!!!!! LOVE YA, ALL



Molly's Story

July 25th 2005 7:22 pm
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DOES ANYONE WANT THIS PUPPY LIVING HERE IN MY HOUSE? Really just kidding, but she is a paw and a half ful. I just cant keep up with her. I remember when i was young and acted like her, but I think I was better mannered!!!! She is so rude and pushy!!! But even tho she is a pain, I am getting used to her and dont really want anyone to take her from us. And now as she goes and plays, I believe I will take a snooozeeeee, bye bye, Molly

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