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Learning about my family

Missing my Dad

January 13th 2007 9:27 am
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On Dec 19th, 2006 I lost my dad. He was here with me almost every day since I came to live here when I was 5 weeks old. He was retired so we got to play frisbee every day. He was my very best friend, and I miss him very much. I have been acting out a little but Mom says it is ok because she knows how I feel. Me and her and Molly all wish that he would come back home but we know that he can`t. Mom has to work so Molly and I are alone alot. It makes us somewhat happy to think about him and Girl and Kelly playing at the rainbow bridge. Sure hope they have frisbees up there to play with cause that was his favorite. Love all you guys, Tilly



July 21st 2006 5:47 am
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My drug of choice is the paper towel. I just can't help it. When I get in the trash it is only to pull out the paper towels. I think the rest of that stuff smells really bad and I don't mess with it, but leave a paper towel where I can see it and I am all over it. Out it comes and shredded in a second. Does any one else have this problem? Is there any help for me? I just hope I don't have to do rehab, that would be so embarrassing!! But they say it is all confidental. Will take any advice anyone has to give. Much Loves, Tilly


Big girl pictures

June 26th 2006 7:23 pm
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It has really been such a long time since we got to write in the diary. Moms been so lazy!!! But she finally got some big girl pictures of me to put up for everyone to see. She takes pictures all the time but we are real picky about the ones i show my dogster pals. I am growing up to be a really good german shepherd. I bark when someone comes to the house, clean up all the leftovers I can get (also clean the dishes) keep Molly on her toes, (course she lets me know when enough is enough). But when it comes to frisbee playing, well let me just say,"I may not be the best but there ain't none better." I truely have a calling for it and I love it!!!! I just can't get enough. And I think I hear it calling me now......So gotta go


Growing Up

July 25th 2005 7:08 pm
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Now that i am getting older, mom says my personality is coming out more and wanted to tell you more about me. I will be one year old soon and i no longer chew on furniture, although i have been known to find a tennis shoe on occassion and claim it for my own. I have learned that my family and home are the most important things on the earth, and even though i am not sure how she feels about me, Molly is pretty important to me also. Wish she could play more with me, but mom says she is just too tired. I love to run and play and can catch a frisbee, almost every time!!!! Need to go running now, so will tell you more later, bye to all my dogster pals, Kisses and More, Tilly



February 3rd 2005 7:31 am
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i just found out how much fun it is to chew on the couch!!!! you can get all kinds of stuffing out of it! mom says i shouldn't tear up my bed, but i am just trying to fix it to my liking. they told us at school that this stuff called bitter apple would help me to stop doing it, WHAT DO THEY KNOW? didn't work for me. mom got a little angry but said she knew she would have to get a new one anyway (after i get around 2). but she did get me and molly a really soft new blanket for it. think i will go try it out for a while and ssnnnoooozzzzzzz


getting bigger

January 29th 2005 4:15 am
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we had to put a new picture in today because i just keep growing. i really like this one. yesterday we had lots of company to come by and see ME. i am trying to learn not to jump on them when they come in like my mom tells me, but i just get so excited about their visits. but i will keep working on it. it is just so hard to remember everything she is trying to teach me!!!!!


the last 2 weeks

January 23rd 2005 10:07 am
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well, a couple of weeks have past since i wrote last, i am kinda slow at this, so thought i would catch you up on things. i started a school. i am not sure i like it too much, but i sure get a lot of treats, and a whole lotta "good girl". those always make me so happy. i did get some "bad girl", i just hate those. i got a big cut across my nose now too. my mom tried to tell me not to mess with my sister molly when she is not in the mood to play, but i could not help myself. i sure hope i remember this and not let that happen again. other than that i just keep getting bigger and bigger. sometimes i forget and hit my head in the wall. how come i am so clumsey? will write again soon, tilly


Boomer Sooner

January 5th 2005 9:30 pm
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I have been with my family for about 3 months now and last night was one of my scarriest. There was a show on TV called Orange Bowl.? My bowl is black. Anyway my mom said I would learn a new song called Boomer Sooner, well, we only got to sing it one time, then things turned ugly. Someone named Trojan killed us. I just could not believe it. I thought she was going to cry, but thank God she didn't. She said we did pretty good to get to go to Miami, where ever that is. But it is all over now, and she says we will still get to sing again real soon. I can hardly wait.

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