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California Dreamin'

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I'm the Puppy Princess!

April 28th 2005 12:10 am
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I love my new family. I fit right in like I've been here all along!

I love showing off my cool toys to my mom, dad, grandma, or anybody else who will pay attention! I carry them around in my mouth and do my special wigglebutt dance and whine to make sure everyone sees what I have :)

I'm kind of sad that I still have to sleep in the bathroom. It is big and I have lots of comfy blankets on my puppy bed. Until I stop loving cat poop so much my mom & dad won't let me sleep with them :(

Oh well - I'm off to get some beauty sleep!


Full of beans

March 17th 2005 12:40 am
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My mom keeps claiming that I'm full of beans lately. I LOVE running around and stalking my big brother. It's so much fun to hide behind the couch and then jump out at him when he least expects it. He chases me around the couch over and over, but it's so funny because he takes longer to stop than I do, so I just speed right past him. He's lots of fun :)


The Dog Park Experience

February 25th 2005 11:14 pm
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Today my mom took me to Central Bark for the first time. How fun! There was even another Frenchie there named Bean. I played with her, a Boston Terrier and a Pug mostly. It was really cool racing around the park and making my Frenchie noises at everyone. Lots of people wanted to pick me up and pet me. I was only too happy to oblige. I got to give tons of kisses - I'm an expert you know. I'm French! We're famous for l'amour! :)

I'm off to terrorize Beckham, er...I mean chew on a bully stick and go to bed...

Au demain,
Adora Bull


An open letter to the makers of Tidy Cat

January 31st 2005 12:53 am
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I would like to suggest a peanut butter or liver flavored cat litter. That would really add a certain "je ne sais quoi". Ever since Beckham introduced me to the litter pan, I have been perfecting my technique. It involes me climbing in to the litter pan and emerging with litter all over my face. My mom says I'm being gross, but I disagree!

So, Tidy Cat, please make those new flavors for me!

Adora Bull


I'm 3 Months old today :)

January 20th 2005 11:07 pm
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In honor of my 3 Month old birthday, Beckham introduced me to the cat's litterbox. Who knew there were such delightful treats inside!? My mom screamed and gagged, but she just doesn't know what's good.

My new home suits me just fine. I love my parents, Meagan, and my dog brother Beckham. I even love the cats (I'll win them over totally soon). Given my sassy Frenchie personality I fit right in. My family is definately a 'bully-loving' family. It's a surprise anything ever gets done given most of the time we're focused on sleeping, eating or being stubborn and fiesty :)


My brother...

January 19th 2005 12:19 am
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Beckham and I have decided to be pals now. We played for 2 hours straight tonight. I love it when he rolls on his back and lets me jump all over him & bite his cheeks. It's so much fun!

His food is delicious too. My mom said she wants to switch me to raw food slowly. I don't do things slowly! I have no patience for that kind of thing.

I have a new nickname too - Miss Huff n' Grunt. I can't help it if I make cute noises when I'm playing, sleeping, and sitting still! :)

Oh yes, my first vet visit on Saturday went very well. Yeah!


And now...the real story!

January 14th 2005 6:29 am
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My mom's co-worker's (Mei) husband (Neil) bought my sister Margo for Mei as a surprise. We came in the crate together and she stayed the night with me on Wednesday. I was a bit sad to see her go last night. I cried for a while, but I'm feeling better now. Everyone promised me that I could see Margo again on Saturday. We are best friends. My mom is going to put the pics of us together up now since she doesn't have to hide Margo from Mei anymore! :)


A California Girl at last

January 13th 2005 12:18 am
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I finally got to my new home on Wednesday night. I had a very long flight with weather delays so my crate was a bit stinky, but I was no worse for the wear. I was so excited to see my new family - I was a kissing machine! I didn't stop licking them for at least an hour. I knew it was them when they arrived because they said, "Dora?" and I gave them really cute tilty-head to let them know it was me :)

I love, love, love my new big brother Beckham. He's really fun. I chased him around the living room and bit his cheek fat and jumped on him and we had a great time. He even let me try his raw food, it was so good my new mom had to tear the bowl away from me while I was still chewing. I can't wait until she switches me to it for real!

I need my beauty sleep so I'm off to bed, I'll have my mom write more about my adventures in my new home soon.


Is Wednesday THE day??

January 11th 2005 11:13 pm
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My mom says I'm a supposed to get on the plane tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. I sure hope so! There is freezing rain in Iowa today, but the temperature is high enough for me to fly. Cross your fingers for me!



1001 Obstacles

January 10th 2005 12:23 am
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My mom is starting to feel like I'm never gonna get to California! The breeder's flu got so bad today that she is in the hospital now. My mom hopes she'll be feeling better soon and that the breeder's husband will be able to take me to the airport sometime before Wednesday, because it's supposed to be VERY cold in Iowa late this week.

At least I can work on my potty training at the breeder's house :)

My mom would still like to see me while I'm still a baby puppy! I'm 11 weeks old now, I'll be 12 weeks on Wednesday!

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