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Adopt 2010 contest

April 17th 2010 9:48 am
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Katie was a blessing to our family. My beautiful young male Boston had just died suddenly and I was very distraught. I was looking in t'he paper and saw an ad for Katie and something just made me pick up the phone. I went to look at her that afternoon and she immediately greeted me with a kiss. I have to say that her owners were not taking good care of her. She was very gaunt with her ribs showing and her hair was falling out. I felt so sorry for her and there was no way I could leave her there.She was and is food aggressive because they were not feeding her properly. She filled out after being with us for a few months and her hair came back in. She now is very fit and healthy.
She became my constant companion as soon as I brought her home. She is so smart and so much fun to have around that I can't believe her previous owners were not treating her like the wonderful dog she is. I later learned that she is a cousin of the dog I lost. This made me think even more strongly that it was destiny that made me call that day. I am certain I saved her and she saved me because she made it easier to deal with the pain of losing my beloved Mac.



March 19th 2010 5:22 pm
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My big brother came home from San Diego yesterday. I was so happy I ran around for 5 minutes hopping up on the furniture and all my humans. He had not been home since May of last year and I really missed him.


Love my husband

February 1st 2010 11:06 pm
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My husband Luke is the best husband ever!

We will always be together!


Mrs.Katie sue pooh


Katie Sue's story

October 21st 2009 10:01 pm
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I'm from a breeder but then didn't take very good care of me. They didn't let me outside they didn't feed me they hit me with news paper now I'm very scared of news paper. Then Mom just lost my cousin Mac now then she found me in the new paper then she got me and took me home from the mean people! Now I have a furever home!!!

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