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The Adventures of Dora

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Hands free leash, Feather mine field, and a hair do

November 7th 2009 3:16 pm
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Well mom had another bad night so we all slept in. After we all had breakfast dad had to do inventory of the rv's in the park so mom decided her and I would go along. Dad helped mom put a couple leads together so we could practice for a hands free leash. Our trainer is making a custom one because I am too short and mom is too tall for the ones on the market. She has had trouble finding hardware that was small enough for me but easy enough for mom to use. Mom also wanted to collect feathers for a project she had in mind. So off we went me by mom's side as she used the gopher grabbers to pick up feathers and put in a plastic bag. Dad walked close by with his clip board. At some point mom got a vision of what we must look like and started laughing. I did very well and mom was pleased. She liked the idea of having more freedom with her hands. When we got back to our space I went inside with dad for a few moments. Mom came and got me and took me out to the patio. It was covered with feathers and other interesting stuff. Mom explained this was for my LEAVE IT training. This was so hard for me as mom says I have a feather fetish. We worked on this for a while and I got better. Afterwards mom got out the grooming table, I was so bummed. I am not sure if you know this but terrier's with my coat are hand stripped. This means plucking out the old coat for new to come in. Today it was my face, it seams mom thought it looked bushy. Of course after that then my feet looked bushy, so of course she did them next. Luckily she was tired so she left the rest of me alone. This called for a big nap until dinner time. Afterwards we went for a big walk and I did very well and now I am done for the day.


Everything was broken

November 6th 2009 1:07 pm
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No entry yesterday both mom and the internet have been broken. Mom had such a bad night thursday that she hung out on the couch all day yesterday. Of course it was my job to watch over her so I stayed there also. Then the interenet died and mom was irritated as she had hoped she could catch up on stuff while lounging. Good news is both mom and the internet are better this morning. Mom took me to the dog park. My best friend Meadow was there and a lot of new little dogs I did not know. We all played together for about 1 1/2 hours. I was dirty and exhausted but very happy. When we got home mom gave me a quickie bath outside(it is 85 here in AZ and the water is warm) then I ate my breakfast outside on the patio with mom. Mom figured I would konk out but I was to wound up. Then about 2:00 Meadow's mom called and I heard mom talking about going to the mall and heard my name. Well mom started getting someof my stuff out so I started watching her closely. Then mom and I went out to the car and her friend drove up. I was so excited to see her but was upset that she did not bring meadow. Mom told me that Meadow could not go to the mall with us. On the way to the mall mom's friend was asking how she should act around me. Mom told her just to ignore me and when we are all done mom would take off my vest and then she could do her usually cuddling. Well we walked around the mall and I did very well. We went in Sees candy and they got a free sample and I got nothing(not fair). I rode up and down in the moving glass room again. I did a little better it is just not my favorite thing. Then my mom said that I had never been in the store just the mall so we went into a store called Macy's. I can see why dad does not want to go in these stores BOOORRRRRIIINNNNGGGG!!!!! Luckily mom said she did not see anything good on the clearance racks so we left. We then walked out of the mall and mom took off my vest and played with me. Her friend talked and petted me. We then went to a store called Ross. Another boring store so I am glad we did not stay long. As we were walking around there was alittle older white dog in a ridiculas one piece pajama laying over its owners shoulder. The lady was on the phone pushing a cart. My mom's friend asked mom if that was a service dog because it was not wearing a vest. Mom told her she did not think so but did not like to assume or make judgement without facts. Mom figures the security guy who let us in also let them in. Mom did make a point of walking right by the woman, of course I was heeling perfect. Mom had me do some turns and sit and down. I was sooooo good for her. I looked over at the dog in pajamas and was glad my mother did not do that to me. We then left Ross and headed home. After getting home I had dinner and mom thought I would be exhausted and take a nap. No way I am like the energizer bunny. I am running around playing with toys. Maybe when I am done dictating to mom I will take a break.


Wow what a busy day......

November 4th 2009 3:14 pm
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This morning mom and dad left to do a few errands and I stayed home. Mom does not want me to get used to going every time and she said she was getting her knee supports fitted and did not think I would be that helpful. In my opinion I am always helpful. Then they came home and picked me up and we went to Home Depot and Lowes. I did really well except for impersinating a hoover vacum cleaner. With my nose only an inch of the ground it is hard to ignore all these goodies. Our trainer said this is the next major thing mom and I need to work on. Mom uses LEAVE IT but I do not always or she is too slow and I am too fast. The trianer gave mom some drills and ideas for us to try. They had one area in home Depot that was a mess with all kinds of little tidbits on the floor. Dad followed behind and said mom was too slow and her corrections were to weak. Mom became frustrated and said fine you do it. Of course dad took me through and he was better and I did really well. Mom was irritated but happy to see how dad did it and it worked. Mom always says it is the handler not the dog's fault. So then mom did it and dad watched and She did better. We then headed home and the folks ate lunch and I had a rest. Then I saw mom getting ready and went and sat on the step so she could get my collar on easier. Mom looked at me and said okay if your up to it. Dad put the ice chest in the car and we went to the grocery store. We went to two stores and I did very well. I did solicet really bad from this one lady who kept straing at me and smiling. Mom got my attnetion and then we moved on. Most of the time I just looked at mom cause she had treats. We are now home for the evening. Mom said her legs and head hurt to bad for our evening walk. It is okay because I am wore out. I know we will have our evening task/game play time. We always practice the old ones and sometimes mom adds in a new one. I look foreward to it every evening and if mom forgets I always come and remind her it is time to practice. See as I said I am very helpful.


Lesson and first indoor dining

November 3rd 2009 6:16 pm
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Well mom has not been feeling very well so i am behind on my entries. Since mom has been down there is not a whole lot to report until today. Mom took me for a nice training walk this morning and i did really well. Then this afternoon we had a private lesson with our trainer at the outdoor mall. Mom was in pain so she took some pain meds and dad drove us. He dropped us off and went to do some errands. The trainer said I did really well and even mom had improved. She said her "NOs" were much better as well as her timimg she also said she liked that she was praising me more and I agree. The tainer had mom put me on a down stay with her at the bench and then mom went around the corner. Mom has been wanting to practice this but wanted to leave me with someone I could not manipulate and would correct me properly. I did not whine but did get up twice the whole time. Mom would come by me stop and then go the other way around a corner. They did this for about 10 minutes, frankly I got bored of the whole game. Then we walked aound some more and did differnt things. There was a store with a water bowl out front and really nice ladies so our trainer suggested mom take off my vest and let them visit with me. It was so nice to have a break and be goo gooed over. Then the vest was back on and I was back to work. When we were done the trainer said I was doing great. Mom asked about the trip to las Vegas and she said of course i was ready just take me and have fun. If I get burnt out that mom will know and we can take a break in our room or something. Mom has allready searched out some dog parks. Then we met up with Dad and said goodbye to our trainer. Dad was all excited about this place him and mom had been wanting to try. It was a sushi/martinit bar that was open(usually they are there earlier in the day and it is closed) and he wanted to try it. Well mom was not sure because I had only done outside dining and she did not have my pad she has been having me lay on at mealtime. Mom tends to worry and freak out over the sillist things. Then she remebered what the trainer said and thought what the heck. So in we went. they were so nice and let mom choose anywhere they wanted to sit. So we sat in another room were no one was in a corner. Mom said it was perfect for my first time as I could experience it without a lot of distraction. Well of course i was perfect. I stayed on my down stay the whole time even when the servers came to the table. It probably helped that i was hot and tired. So mom and I are both in a good mood after a good lesson and my first indoor restraunt. I am wore out and ready for bed. I think mom needs to rest also so she is done for the night being my secretary.


Safeway and The motorcylse shop

October 29th 2009 5:08 pm
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This moning it seemed like we were all heading out again, but I overheard mom tell Dad that it would be good for me to stay home. Mom has seen so many dogs with seperation anxiety that she wants to make sure I am okay with staying home sometimes. Mom had another Dr. appt. and I stayed home. When they got back they said that they were going out and I was going along. Mom said since I did so well at the grocery store last week and that they only needed a few things it would be good for me. My biggest problem was all the smells, and only being 1 inch off the ground makes it even harder. Mom said I did really well. Overall I was pretty focused i just get distracted by all the activity. We then stopped back by home to drop off groceries and then go pickup up mom's MRI films for her Dr. appt next monday and another Prescription. On the way home Dad decided to stop by the Harley Shop. Dad used to own a motorcylce and loves to just stop in and look at the bikes. Mom says that it is a good place for me to practice while dad drools at the bikes. They have a nice lounge area so mom and I headed over there. i had my vest on so no one came over to say hi. Mom kept throwing objects on the ground for me to bring to her. i did good until she tossed one of the newspapers they had sitting on a table. I went over picked it up and then shook it and played with it before taking it to mom. mom got all embarressed and decided not to try that again. We then heeled around the bikes and did some sits and downs. There were several people watching and asking mom questions. Then all of a sudden mom took my vest off and said ALL DONE and started playing fun with me. Mom then took me over to the ladies and said that I could visit and be off duty. It was so nice to visit with all the people. Jojo's and Jolanda's mom suggested this to my mom, I think it is great. We were going to make another stop but mom's knees hurt and was wore out so we called it a day. i cannot wait until to see were we go tomarrow. I heard mom say that if she is up to it we may go to the dog park and then a few new places. I hope she feels good.


Dora's does Costco

October 28th 2009 4:07 pm
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I am 10 months old today!!! Mom is doing better, mentally and physically.We were up and about early this morning. I thought maybe we were going to the dog park, but mom and dad were acting different. They put the cooler in the car next to my crate and off we went. I heard mom say we were headed to one of her doctors appts. We dropped her off and Dad to me to a nereby park to walk around and burn off some energy. After we picked her up we stopped at a pet food store. Mom ran in and got me some of my raw food and mom said they had venison this time,yummmmmmmm. We then headed to Costco. This was my first time to this store, we have been to Sam's club but it was waaaaayyyy less crowded. There were people and carts everywhere. I had a little trouble getting distracted but overall mom said I did really well. After Costco we went to the wine and spirits store. Mom and me got a cart and practised with me staying out of the way. We wandered around while dad went another direction. Several people talked to mom about me and she handed out a couple of my cards. This older man came by and started Goo Gooing over me. The women from one of the couples turned to him and said shhh she is working. Mom smiled and said thank you to both of them. Then mom had to use the restroom, this has been a difficult area for me. I did perfect, I was not worried and mom gave me a very nice treat and told me how proud she was of me. We finally found dad and checked out. This man behind me says " what could alittle dog like that possibly do" My mom says" well she can bring me the phone, medicine and anything she needs. She also can alert me to medical conditions that I am not aware of." He then said "mmmm well she cannot open cupboards." And mom says "if I put a towel on there she can pull it open." After that he did not say anymore and it was our turn to check out. GO MOM, I love when she sticks up for me and all little SDs.
I slept in my crate all the way home, I was wore out. Mom and I spent the afternoon cuddling on the couch. Mom told me she is so happy to have me and proud of how well I am doing. I am proud of both of us.


Private lesson and my first Grocery Store

October 23rd 2009 1:11 pm
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First of all mom's knees have been really bad latley and last night in bed she moved wrong and made her left one get all big looking. This morning we had our private lesson with our trainer at the outdoor mall. Well mom was not going to miss that so she wrapped up her knee and off we went. At first I was my usual brainless self then in 5 minutes or so my brain arrived. Mom worries to much, the trainer said I am doing great. During the lesson the trainer pointed out things mom could improve on. When the lesson was over mom asked her how she thought we were doing for me only going to be 10 mos. next week. She said great and excellant for a terrier. She said she knew people who had terriers who were not even housebroken at my age let alone all that I know. She said that mostly I know all the basics and now comes the slower more patient training of perfecting it. Becasue my trainer knows my mom likes honesty she told mom, her "no's" suck(darn) and that she needs to tell me how good I am doing more often(I agreed). She said the main thing is mom's timing and consistancy. She also said mostly I just need to go out in public everyday and work. Since I have perfected home I need to move on( I agree, cause I love going places). So then Mom and I headed home(it is about 20 minutes). On they way mom remembered we were out of lunchmeat. She only buys one brand and at one store(picky). It was on the way home and she did not want to go out later. She was not sure about taking me to the grocery for the first time and by herself(Her and I have not done public by ourselves) and then she rembered what our trainer said. She thought what the heck, I only need just the one item and the store is very quiet this time of day. This chain of stores also has big signs "service animals welcome" she had allready decided this would be a good practice store. So she found a good parking spot, put my vest on, made me go pee and off we went. Mom was suprised I was perfect, she just has no faith in me. We went straight to the deli counter. No one was there so mom ordered one of the meats and then to the restrooms. When we came back there were 3 people at the counter. We hung back near a display. Mom put me on a down stay. When it was out turn mom told the lady the rest of the order and we just stayed there and waited. Some other people showed up and stood around us. I did very good and stayed put. Then our order was ready so mom tried something. She dropped my leash and told me to stay and she went and got her order. Came back and picked up my leash, told me heel and off we went. We heard about 3 wow's as we walked off. We practice this all the time but never in a store. Both of us walked out with our heads a little swollen. I behaved perfect at my first time at the checkout. Many people asked questions and could not believe I behaved that well for my age, my mom explained that many SDIT act this well at this age it just requires a lot of training. Now mom is sitting in the recliner with an ice pack on her knee typing this for me. I am just taking a VERY BIG NAP. Tomarrow we are going to another dog party Yea!!!


park and new task

October 21st 2009 4:49 pm
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Well yesterday mom had physical Therapy so we did not go do anything fun. We did our usual morning and evening walk and training. This morning we went to the dog park!!! The closest park is a 20 minute drive each way but mom says it is worth it to wear me out. We used to go 3 times a week but latley 1-2. The rv park we are staying in now has great areas to walk and train in. But as she says, nothing is better then an off lead run with my friends. My best friend Meadow is a beagle and lives close by. She has a backyard and sometimes I go over there and play in her yard and house. I love it there as they think I am adorable and spoil me rotten. Mom has been teaching me to get up on the first step in the rv from the kitchen to the bedroom . This helps her from bending over so far when she puts on and off the leash. I am getting really good at it, I even sit without being told and then when ready hop down and sit again for instrucions. Mom says if only I get heeling as fast as i do tricks and tasks. Oh well they are more fun then heeling, what can I say. Actually I am not that bad, I just tend to inch foreward and when I see another dog i sometimes pull to go see it. Mom says that she is going to have our trainer help us with that at our lesson on Friday. We are going to meet at the outdoor mall. Mom says that she is going to take Josephine and Jolanda's moms advice and take my vest off afterwards and make a big deal over me and have a playtime, it all sounds good to me. Well my mom needs to make my dinner and then out for my big walk.

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