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The Adventures of Dora

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A short entry

December 14th 2009 7:37 pm
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We are both fine , mom had a very stressful day and mine was borriiinngg so maybe something tommarrow. Mom was not even going to post but i insisted as I know my following would be worried. Mom her-I tried to tell Dora that she is not as special as she thinks but she never belives me and thinks the whole world hangs on her every word of her diary. Especially sinec she won Diary of the day there is just no living with her.


Boorrrriiinnnggg Day, mom cleaned and sewed

December 13th 2009 4:23 pm
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Mom’s back was bothering her a little so she got up early and got the heating pad on it. She was letting dad sleep in so I had to stay in my crate. Apparently I make a lot of noise and will wake him. That is okay it was a little early for me so I just lay were I could keep an eye on her. Then after she messed around on the computer she looked around the RV and decided it was a mess. Dad was stirring so I got to get up. Mom started tidying up and the dusting and then dad joined in with the vacuum. The place had got according to mom a pig sty whatever that is. After the house was clean and we had all eaten mom started getting this cool stuff called batting out. She also had fabric and all kinds of neat toys. Well what a shock I had when I found out none was for me; in fact I was not allowed to touch any of it. Before mom could get me lying on a down stay out of the way I tore off a little corner of the batting stuff (hehehe). Well for the next hour mom and dad worked on measuring, cutting and pinning fabric and batting. Mom had everything ready to make my friend Meadow’s feather bed for Christmas, all she had to do next was sew it. They also cut out everything for my new travel mat. Mom is going to make me a custom one just the right size and weight. She is also adding ties so it can be rolled up and tied. Then she is adding a removable shoulder strap. It is a new design so she still has to make the final decisions. So once this was all done I was released but all the fun stuff was already put away. So I figured great now maybe we can play. Nope I was wrong mom began sewing. What a boring morning, first they cleaned then they worked on fabric none of which revolved around me. Mom took a break from sewing and yep you guessed hopped on the computer. Well I had been patient enough, I went into major pester mode. Well it worked she got down on the ground and played with me for about ½ hour. I was happy and content after that. Then mom had a bunch of paperwork to do. Finally I think she is done for the day. We all had dinner and mom and I are hanging out on the couch. Wait, oh no she just told dad she thinks she may do a little more sewing tonight, uuhhhggggg. Oh well everything cannot be about me I guess, not sure why though.


Dog Brunch, holiday dog fair and then petsmart

December 12th 2009 5:11 pm
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This morning mom got up early and started to get ready to go somewhere. I was not sure if I was going but I got very clingy to mom. Mom then got out my working lead and collar, yea I was going. I could barely eat breakfast I was so excited I kept checking to make sure mom was not leaving without me. Finally mom figured I was never going to finish my meal unless she held still. Then we loaded up and the car and headed down the road. I did not know were we were going until all of a sudden I realized we were going to my friend Meadow's house. I got to go in and play with her so we could burn off energy . Then her and her mom joind us and we were on our way. Meadow does not usually ride in her crate so she was winey, i was right next to her and tried to calm her down. We got to our first stop and it was "In the Raw Coffee, Juice and dog bar". They were having a dog brunch and had a spread of goodies and for a donation your dog can have whatever goodies they want. The proceeds went to the local animal sanctuary. Mom got us a nice table on the patio and Meadow and I got goodies while our mom's had a drink. After alittle bit we headed over the the pet holiday fair. It was not very big but we walked around and had a good time. Mom did not vest me and said I was off duty and could have fun. She did tell me that I could not pull though. I got to meet all kinds of people and dogs. At one rescue booth there was a very nice blue Austrailian Cattle Dog. She needed a new home and was 15 months old. Mom and I both liked her and spent some time talking to her. After we left the fair we went to Petsmart. when mom lifted me out of my crate she put me down with no vest. Mom figured since i was not vested I would be my same goofy self as the last two places. I layed down and waited for her to tell me what to do. Then I heeled perfectly up to the store, paused at the door. Once we got in side a man came over to talk to mom so i just layed at her feet and waited. Then mom started to walk so I heeled then it dawned on mom that I thought I was working. She could not believe I was in work mode without my vest. I just figured we were in a store so I was working and on my best behavior. Mom just laughed and told me what a great dog I was. She then said ALL DONE so I would know to relax and then I jumped in the air and bounced around. I visited with some people and dogs but I was very good. Mom is so pleased that I have learned that in stores to be in work mode. When we got home mom put me in my crate and they went over to the neighbors for dinner. I did not mind as I needed a nap.
Mom and I both had a great day with our friends.


Dog Park, Bass pro shop, Dave;s BBQ, Joann's fabric- wheeewwww

December 11th 2009 5:16 pm
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This morning mom put my going somewhere fun collar on. I got excited especially since I had not been anywhere since mom hurt her back 2 weeks ago. We ended up at the dog park, and my best friend Meadow was there. While her and I played our humans had a nice visit. After a while of having a good time my mom said it was time to leave. I noticed we did not head home but the other directions. We pulled up somewhere and mom put my vest on and my working collar and lead. I was so excited to be out and working. Well mom, dad and i headed in to the store and that is when it hit me it was a fabric store. They have so much junk on the floor it is great for a hoover dog like me. Mom is not as impressed with the messy floors. Apparently mom has been having issues with the new sewing machine and is going to take it back. So they were her to look for another. This joann's fabric did not have a full sewing machine center but we found out were one was. We then went over to Dave's BBQ, i had never been here but as any place that serves food it smelled great. Well they gave mom and dad a booth. This made mom nervous as i have never been at a booth. Mom was n0t sure she could keep a good on me but they took it. Mom placed me on my mat under the table were she could sort of see me. I was pretty good considering it had been so long since I had been out working. I did take advantage a little of mom's obstructed view. We left there and went to Bass Pro shop. Another first for me and I loved it. They have a no dog policy but of course no one said a word as we came in. Dad headed one direction and mom and me another. Mom and Dad do not hunt or really fish but they like the clothes the store carries. Mom got 3 tops on sale and dad got nothing. I was very good as many people talked to me and wanted to pet me. Mom explained I was training and everyone was very good. We left there and went to another Joann's fabric, oh boy. We went to the sewing machine area to talk to the expert. There was a lady before us so we had to wait. They had chairs so mom sat down while we waited. By this time poor mom was wore out, mentally and physically. The lady was very nice and showed them several ones. Of course mom loved the one that does embroidery but that is waaayyy out of her budget. I was getting fidgety and saw mom shutting down. To many choices and to many numbers. Finally the decided on one and we left. The lady said that if mom decided to upgrade to the fancy machine in 3 months she could return the one she bought and they would put it towards the new one.
Towards the end mom put me up on her lap I am not sure if that was for me or her but she seemed much more relaxed. She even let the lady pet and snuggle with me since i had so good all day. Well finally we got home and I am in a coma. Mom is so proud of me and has a new machine so all is well.


Nice walk, mom buys more fabric, and my new lead is finished

December 10th 2009 1:54 pm
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This morning mom and I went for a nice big walk. Mom thought I would be terrible but I was very very good. We worked on my heel, downs, down stays, carry my toy for awhile and then jump on mom's knee so she could reach it. Mom is so glad she taught me to jump up on her knee with the items. She did it because bending over makes her dizzy, but since she hurt her back she can not bend all the way over. We also did a lot of playing and connecting it was so nice to have my old mom back. Then mom went out for a few errands. She had planned to take me but decided that she could not bend all the way over and get me in my crate. She went to the fabric store and a few other stops. She is making goodies for some of my dog friends. She does all the work and I get the credit . It is a nice arrangment. I stayed home and hung out with dad so that was okay. I love to be with my humans. Mom and dad finished a new hands free lead for me. Becaue mom is so tall and I am so short she has had trouble finding one. Our trainer made us a very nice leather one but has it so she could make some adjusments. So meanwhile mom thought her and dad could try and make one out of nyon as a backup. So they finished it today and mom put a picture of it on my page. It is not fancy but it has loops at all the right spots mom wanted for adjusments. Anyways mom says we are going for another walk this evening after dark to see all the holiday decorations in the park.


Mom is doing much better, We work on my alert

December 9th 2009 6:33 pm
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Today mom said she thinks she is doing much better. It has been 11 days since she injured her back. She thinks tomarrow we are going to get to do our usual twice a day walks. I have so much energy built up I am being just a little bit naughty sometimes. Today mom and I worked on my alert. We have been working on our tasks since mom has been down. However mom took me for a small walk this evening and I was not very good. i did not listen very well. We are going to the park on friday so that should help me unwind a little. Mom says that i will probably be back to normal after a couple days of walking and training. I think so also.


Finally a walk with mom,mom over does it, new leash

December 8th 2009 7:19 pm
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Well mom got up this morning and decided to skip the meds as she had to go out and would not drive on pain medication. First mom took me for a walk. This is the first walk without the walker since mom hurt her back. There was a big storm last night so everyone was out checking damage. So I got to visit with everyone. Then mom headed out to do her errands. Dad was on host detail so he could not go. Mom was gone about 1 1/2 hours and when she got home she was hurting and wore out. I came and sat with her while she put her heat pad on her back. I can tell when mom hurts and I do not like it. She took her pain meds and in a short time she was feeling better. She has been wanting to design a hands free leash besides her leather one. She had all the stuff but was not up to it. So Dad helped her and they finished it and it turned out really nice. She will post a picture soon. Then she spent most of the afternoon on the computer. Finally I had enough and reminded her we had not worked on our task training. So she got her clicker and treats and we worked on retrieving and finding things. Then she just layed on the floor and played with me and my toys. I had such a great day with things starting to get back to normal. Mom says she has a big suprise for me on saturday.


Mom goes to Dr., rain, rain rain and i hunt for toys

December 7th 2009 3:37 pm
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Well mom went to the pain Doctor and he said the MRI looked okay and that mom was progressing fine. He suggested Physical Therpy for the back strain and another neck injection for the headaches. Mom is feeling much better today she sewed up 4 covers for my crate mats. She gets tired of washing the whole mat so she made me some nice flannel covers(like pillow cases). Tomarrow her and dad are going to try and make me a different experimental lead. She hopes to get to go out for fabric this week. She is going to make me a new travel mat for restraunts and stuff. Mom played with me on finding the hidden toys. I still cannot find them unless a piece of them sticking out. It rained all day so I tried to make sure that I asked to go out when it was pouring just to irritate mom and dad. I never asked to go out when it was not raining. So that was my entertainment for the day. Mom also got all her Holiday cards done and ready to mail out. She is wiped out and typing this for me and then she said she is doing nothing.......


Mom is doing better and I worked on my tasks

December 5th 2009 7:25 pm
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Mom is doing a little better today but still not going anywhere. To make the day go by faster and not so boring mom and I played some games. mom called it task training I called it fun. We worked on retrieving, finding things and lots of fun stuff. Dad took me out for a couple walks but mom stayed in as it was cold and she was afaid it would make her back tighten up. Mom is hoping she is feeling better soon so she can start her sewing projects. I do not know what that is but it sounds boring. Mom said maybe her and I can go to some stores this week.


Finally we go for a walk!!

December 4th 2009 4:39 pm
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This morning mom thought she felt a little better. Dad went to costco and I stayed home with mom . I figured it would be another boring day. Then in the early afternoon mom put her shoes on. I was so excited I could hardly hold still so mom could put my collar on. Dad got the walker out so that all of us could go for a little walk. I did very well heeling with the walker. The only thing is mom went waaayyyyy to slow. Dad went with us in case mom had a problem. We made it around one little block in the rv park. Mom was exhausted and hurting a little so she was glad when we got back to the rv. She said it felt good to walk and get out in the fresh air. After that mom was back on the couch with her heating pad. She wanted to put the flannel sheets on the bed and the warmer comforter but knew she was not up to it. So dad did it for her, with mom telling him what to do and me right in the middle of things. It is supposed to start cooling off her in the next couple of days. Mom also put a nice fleece fluffy in my crate so we will all be toasty . Well I think I will go chew on my chewy for a while before bed time.

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