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The Adventures of Dora

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Left home and the BIG BONE

December 31st 2009 6:03 pm
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I amso flatterd that I was picked for diary of the day again. Mom says to not let it go to my head. This morning mom and dad went to Costco without me. At least mom took me for a nice walk before they left. Mom says that she wants to make sure we have the seperation thing handled. I did very good and was sleeping when they got home. Shortly after that dad went and got our big mail package. We only get mail evry 2 weeks so there was a lot of christmas stuff in it. Dad pulled out this very large bone and I hoped it was for me. It was from our friend Sonja and her cattle dogs Jolanda and Josephine. I was very excited to try it out but mom said that she thought it would be a good outside project. It was nice and sunny so mom put me in my outside pen with the bone while she pulled up a chair and relaxed. At first I was not sure how to start on it, but I finally just attacked it. It was great and very yummy. Thank you so much to my friends for getting it for me. Mom posted a picture of me and it as well as a photo from our Laughlin trip. Mom spent most of the day doing paperwork. She said that she could not stand looking at her desk another minute. I hope tomarrow is nice and I can go out and work on my bone. Mom brought it in so no critter would steal it. She said that it is a lifetime bone for me.


Laughlin trip and I am 1 year old

December 30th 2009 2:26 pm
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We just got home from our 4 day trip and I would like to share our experiences. Sunday morning mom and dad loaded up the car and we headed down the road. I did very good this time and never said a word the whole 4 hours. When we got Laughlin we went to The Golden Nugget. It was so nice because I had been here before and I recognized all the smells. I was a little wound up at first so after we checked in we went right to our room and I ran around and burned up some energy. Mom said that I did really well this trip. Especially since between her back injury and my spay. I have not worked in public much in the last month. I did well at all the restaurants and stayed on my mat most of the time. A couple times I did crawl a little and mom put me back in my spot. I try to invent ways to move without mom noticing. Some times I get no where and other times I get a few inches. We did not work on the escalators as much as mom had planned as she used her walker. One day she did not use it and we did go up and down a few times. Mom scooped me up and carried me like before. I was not that worried and mom said I did much better then before. Most of the time I was working and wore my backpack. A few times mom would take off my backpack and let me visit. Only a few people who mom liked and got to know. Especially on my birthday I got to have some really fun visits. Mom did pretty well until the last day when she decided she felt good enough not to use the walker. She paid for it and was in a lot of pain and tired that evening. One night it was really crowded and mom was playing the slot machines and she let me sit on her walker seat. She put her coat on there and I just stayed up there perfectly. Mom said it was nice to have me right next to her so she could pet me and make her feel calm. Plus she knew it would be easier for me to alert her. I noticed she was getting very tired and fuzzy brained. I bugged her until we went up to the room. She said she was so glad I did that as she did not realize she was that bad. She also started to get one of her head pains. Mom still has trouble bending over so I picked up lots of stuff for her as well.
We all had a good time and I was very helpful to mom.
Mom forgot 2 things I wanted to mention.
1)mom and I were headed into an elevator and a casino security employee aproached us and asked what I carried in my backpack. Mom said as we entered the elevator "she carries my medicine". Once in the elevator mom said she should have said a bomb. We both laughed but knew the Security lady would not have thought so.
2)I learned a new task-Ignore the idiot. We were walking through the casino and this man jumped out and barked and growled at us. It startled me and made mom angry. She just turned to me and quetly said heel, ignore the idiot. Then about 1 hour later here he comes again. He made a point of waiting for us to pass and then barked and growled at us again. This time mom said Heel, ignore the idiot, a little louder so he could here. She said if he did it again she was going to get security. We know one of the Security supervisors there. but he never came near us again.


More Presents, New travel mat and a bath

December 26th 2009 5:34 pm
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This morning I slept in until 7:30, mom and dad were very happy with me. Once we got up and going we headed over to my friend Meadow's house. Mom and I were going to open presents with her and her mom and dad. My dad had to stay home as he is on host duty. Meadow and I opened are gifts together. Mom got some pictures she will post later. I got 3 more toys and some treats. Mom and dad got some very nice stuff as well. Meadow like the new feather bed my mom made for her. Meadow and I played for 2 hours straight and had a great time.
We then came home and mom finished making my new travle mat. It turned out very nice and we are taking it with us tomarrow. Mom also altered my new backpack so it fits me better. Then mom started packing for our vacation. I also got a bath for the trip. I do very good for my baths and then ran around having wack attacks. I am so tired and wore out. We are going to Laughlin until wednesday. Mom and Dad are meeting some friends there. I have never met them but I know I will like them. I am going to be 1 year old on Monday, so mom says maybe I will get something special that day.
I will tell you all about our trip when we get home.


New toy and a fun walk

December 23rd 2009 5:13 pm
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This morning was very cold for Arizona as there was frost on the winshields. I actually slept in until 8:00 so mom and dad got to sleep in also. This makes them very happy especially since it was cold out for my morning walk. Mom decided her back was not too bad so she would run to the grocery store. Dad could not go as he was on Host duty for the park. I thought I was going but mom said my vest may rub my incision so she said no. So you guessed it I was stuck staying home with dad again. On the wat to the store mom drove by the post office to see how it looked. There were only 5 cars in the parking lot so she decided to go in and mail Ollivander's mat to him. She then went grocery shopping. Part way through her back started hurting. Shortly after that she had shooting pains down her legs and she could barely walk. She found an employee to help her with a few items and then she cheked out. The bagger then helped her to the car and put the groceries in for her. When she got home dad brought in the groceries and put them away. I could see mom was in pain so I got on the couch with her. She then took it easy. I was bored and being pesty so mom let me open another present. It was a neat toy that you stick a treat in. It kept me busy for several hours. Later on mom said we could try a little training walk. Her back was good for the walk and we had fun. We worked a little then played a little . I got to visit with some of my human friends here in the park. Mom told them I had been spayed and that brought out etra aahhhssss. It started to get cold and made mom's back hurt so we called it good. I am now content with my new toy and my nice walk.


Taking off mom's clothes and still bored

December 22nd 2009 5:38 am
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Well mom was so tired last night she did not get my diary entry done. Good help is hard to find. She was yacking on the phone to her best friend/my breeder about embrodery designs. You can find designs online and download them so mom is shopping. well with my tummy still healing and mom's back still messed up it has been pretty boring. Mom has been trying to keep me busy. She let me open up a couple of my presents to play with and we have been working on task training. Mostly we have been working on the same old stuff. But the other night she came up with something new. After seing a video by Barkley and his mom she decided to give it a try. Mom has a hard time taking off her socks and pants sometimes and especially now with her back injury. She has been wanting to teach me this but not sure where to start. So after seeing barkley's video she was inspired. She started slowly with just a sock and using the clicker and treats. Then she moved it onto her foot. Mom had allready been teaching me pull so it went pretty easy. I even brought her the sock without her asking. Well this went so well we moved onto her pants. That was fun and I did it really fast. For a 10lb little terrier I can do a lot. The only thing I need to work on is biting moms' foot when the sock is all the way on. If she gets it started I can do it real well. Mom says it is just because it is new and I am still a puppy. So now I have a new job every night and I like it. Mom says that later in the week I get to go see my friend Meadow and we are going to open presents together. I just have to be careful and we can not play too rough. I cannot wait until I am all healed and can go back to going out with mom, we both miss it.


New Toy, New glasses, Baking and my brain is resting

December 20th 2009 5:34 pm
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Well I am starting to feel like my old self again. I keep wanting to have my wack attacks but mom and dad will not let me. They say I am not supposed to be running. Mom has not been feeling that great so the two of us have been doing a lot of nothing. Last night I was so bored and pesky mom let me open one of my presents. It was a rubber squid with polar fleece tentacles. Mom stuffed it with kibble and I had fun shaking it until I got all the kibble out. Now of course I want to open all my presents.
Mom went and got her new glasses today. She is very happy except they still need a little adjusting. Mom and Dad did a little holiday baking today to give to friends. Mom also finished a travel mat for one of our SD friends. Mom loves the new sewing machine and may even tackle making some vests. She tried out the embroidery part today and found it was fairly easy. She of course did my name on a scrap piece of fabric. The software is a windows format and very easy to use. The machine comes with 5 free classes so those should help. They are mostly for the embroidery part like tricks to use the software and machine. We are all tired and just lounging for the evening. Mom thinks that when I was under anethesia for my spay they must have brain washed me. It removed any memory of my training. It took away all my manners and listening to her so maybe my hearing was damaged also. Mom says I have a few more days and then my brain needs to start working again. I think my pathetic look is wearing out. It was fun to milk it for all I could.


My present

December 18th 2009 4:41 pm
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Well yesterday morning we left early in the morning for me to get my big present. We went to an Animal Clinic I had not been to. Everyone in the office was ooooing over me and i loved it. Then they called my name and we went into a room and a nice lady took my temperature. when she was done a very nice man came in. He is a veterinarian and he has 2 Norwich at home and 2 french bull dogs. Him and I hit it off just great. He scooped me up and loved on me. Him and mom talked about all kinds of stuff I did not understand. Mom wanted to know what medications and drugs they would be using. After mom had all her questions answered the nice man took me out of the room. I kept thinking and wondering what my present would be and when was I going to get it. Well I hung out there and got lots of hugs. The next thing I know I felt very woozy and some lady was handing me to my mom. I was very out of it and do not remember much. When we got home I just slept or stared into space. Mom gave me a little chicken soup before bed and a little pain medicine. Mom got up in the night in alot of pain. She made me a little more soup and gave me more pain meds. Her and i sat cuddled up on the couch with throw until mom's medicine kicked in. This morning I felt a little better but have slept most of the day. I have decided i do not really care for my present from mom and hope that the santa guy does better. Mom started to feel a little better this afternoon. Tomarrow she is going to get new glasses. Iwish I got to go as I love the mall and can help mom there a lot. She said that I probably will not work until after christmas when we go on our vacation. I sure hope mom and I feel better soon.


Dora is home and fine

December 17th 2009 5:54 pm
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Well Dora is in no condition to dictate this evening. They were not able to do her spay until 2:15. So we just got her home and tucked in a little bit ago. I am sure she will tell you all about it tomarrow. They threatned to keep her since they said she was so sweet and quiet all day while waiting. Right now we are all going to rest as it has been a long day.


Costco, and tomarrow I get big present

December 16th 2009 5:54 pm
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This morning mom and dad started getting ready to go somewhere so I was like velcro. Mom said that I was going today since I was going to be off work for a bit. I am not sure why but I am not happy about that. Anyways we headed to Costco but stopped by our trainers house on the way. She had modified my leash and we were picking it up. She gave me lots of hugs and a great chewy thing. Mom let me have it in my crate. I was very happy and did not even notice when we got to Costco. I was pretty good at Costco except for floor surfing for goodies.
There is a small pile of these things with paper and ribbons. Mom told me once to leave them alone and i have. I did kind of look at the tags and none are for me. Mom says maybe Santa will bring me something. I do not know who santa is but I wish he would hurry up and get here.
I turn 1 year on the 28th and mom said for my birthday and Christmas present I am getting a spay. Apparently it cost a lot of money and I get it tomarrow. We are leaving ealry in the morning. I hope it taste good. I will let you know tomarrow how it was.


Yey another sewing machine and Chilis

December 15th 2009 5:21 pm
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This morning mom finished up sewing my friend meadow's feather dog bed. Good thing as it is for christmas. Afterwards her and dad started getting ready to go somewhere. They were taking the new sewing machine with them and I hope i was going too. Well i got to go, but did not get a good walk in first. We pulled up in front of a store and I looked to see where we were. Oh no it was that Joann's fabrics again. I like the stuff on the floor but they take waayyyy to long in this store. Well dad got a cart and put the sewing machine we had just bought here on friday in it. I was bouncing around like a wild rabbit. I would not pay any attention to mom and was having fun. Mom told dad to go ahead and get started and she would work on settling me down. So she worked on some heeling and downs and then we went in. I was much better until we caught up to dad and he was talking to this lady. I figured we must know her and I whinned hello. Well I was very silly for 10 minutes or so and finally mom said she was going to put me on a down stay in a little corner out of the way. I am always better on down stays. Mom figured I was out of the way and she could see me as I was only 4 feet away. The lady started showing mom and dad this sewing/embrodery machine. Meanwhile this lady walks right up and stands 2 inches from my nose. She did not even see me and was trying to stand out of the way until it was her turn. Well mom looked over at the same time and could not believe I did not break. She told the lady to please be careful and do not trip over me. Well the lady looked down and must have jumped 3 feet and started apologizing to mom. Mom said that was okay and that I just showed how good I could be. Well mom and dad decided on the machine and off we went. After that we went to a restraunt called Chili's I was almost perfect the whole time except there was this spot on the floor that drove me crazy. When it was time to go i got a quick look at it and was bummed it was not food. We went home after that. Mom says we are resting up for Costco tomarrow.

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