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The Adventures of Dora

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Dr.appt, Fabric Store and THE BIG CRASH

January 11th 2010 5:59 pm
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Another busy day it was for me. We all got up early and were out of the house by 7:30. Dad had a Dr. Appt to have his blood pressure checked (I already told him it was high). Mom decided this would be another good training opportunity. It is the same clinic her Dr is in and it was very slow that early in the morning. We all went in and waited until we were called to the exam room. Mom put my mat in the corner for me to lie on. When the NP came in she said I was adorable but knew she could not talk to me (darn). Well apparently Dad’s blood pressure is very high and he is going to have to take something for it. The NP also noticed that both mom and dad had terrible colds. She gave them both all kinds of goodies to help clear things up and get a good night sleep. Once we left there we went next door to the Starbucks in Safeway. Mom had gotten several gift certificates so they each got a coffee (I got nothing). We then went back by home and picked up our ice chest and packs. I heard mom say that I got to go again, she was going to have dad drop off us at Joann’s fabric to look for fabric for our friend Barkley’s travel mat. Dad said he would then go to Costco and pick us up when he was finished. Well the fabric store was quite busy and everyone wanted to talk to me or mom about me. We finally managed to get a few things and get in the cutting line. Mom put me on a down and everyone just oohhheedd and awweedd over me. I did solicit a little but it was hard not to. Mom said I did very well for all that was going on. Then we went out front and dad picked us up. Dad explained to mom all that he bought and it was agreed he should not go to Costco alone again. We then headed over the Health food grocery store. Mom was starting to get very shaky so they decided to have a bite to eat. The each had a sandwich at one of the little lunch tables. I laid right under mom’s chair and was perfect. Afterward they headed to the meat counter area. It was busy so dad parked our cart out of the way and mom put me there on a down stay. Dad watched me out of the corner of his eye and mom got some nice organic meats. Everything was going well and I was watching mom when this loud noise happened right behind me on the other side of a wine display. Everyone turned to see and I jumped up and was very very worried. Apparently an entire display of wine just fell over. No one was around and thank goodness no one was hurt. I was so shook up it took about 10 minutes for me to settle back down. The wine was some kind of chocolate stuff and mom said the whole store smelled yummy. Well dad got his wheat grass and we checked out. When we got home everyone was exhausted. Mom and dad were up most last night coughing.


Birthday presents, Meadow, and my first SD meetup

January 9th 2010 5:46 pm
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What a busy wonderful day. Mom and I went over to my friend Meadow’s house in the morning. They had Birthday gifts for me to open. I got a nice micro-fiber towel and 4 new toys. Mom says that brings my number of toys to over 25. Mom and dad think I have too many toys but they are all my favorites and I could not part with any of them. I still have my ones I got when I was a baby. Then Meadow and I played and ran for a while. Mom said it was time to go and Meadow’s mom was coming with us but not Meadow. I was very sad and Meadow was not very happy either. We were going to the mall to work and since Meadow is not a SD she could not come. Once we got to the mall mom had her new glasses adjusted. The lady was not very friendly and glared at me. Then we went out and walked around the mall. We went in a Hallmark store where there were very nice people. The workers and the customers had lots of questions. Our friend shopped, I was on a down stay and mom chatted with everyone. She handed out some of my cards. Then we went down the elevator to the next floor. As we were walking I saw a black dog with a lady. Right away I knew I liked him and started wagging my butt at him. Mom made me just walk by him and did not stop. When we went back towards him and the black dog’s owner made him lay down. My mom made me lay down also. The other dog and I made little sounds to each other. He was soooo cute. His name is Shadow and his mom is Ellen. They came to meet us at the mall so I could work around another team. At first I was very distracted, but after walking around I got better. We all went into some stores together and I kept trying to sneak Shadow a kiss. He is older and more mature then me so he behaved. Once in a while though we would flirt with each other. Shadow’s mom has not got to work him in a while so it was good for both of us. Ellen then thought it would be good for us to do a greet on the peoples terms. Shadow rolled over and I gave him a kiss on his face. We then had our friend take pictures of all of us and some of just Shadow and I. Ellen saw my mat and ordered one for Shadow so that his airplane ride in a couple weeks would be comfy. After a while Shadow and his mom had to leave. Our friend and mom and I then went to Ruby Tuesdays for lunch. I was very tired and sprawled out on my mat and slept. There was a table next to us with 3 very nice children. They had lots of good questions. Mom gave them one of my cards as well as the SD info card she had made. The parents were very nice and mom and her friend had a nice visit with them. When mom and her friend were done eating I got to go for a little walk outside the mall and then to the car and headed for home. When we got home Mom and I were wore out. I still wanted to play with all my new toys though so I skipped a nap. Finally I could not stay awake and fell asleep.


Diary pick, Meeting other SD team and I retrieve metal

January 8th 2010 5:36 pm
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I cannot believe I was picked as Diary of the day again.. I am not that good of a writer I am sure there are others who do better. But I do like winning things and it is nice to have a SDIT (service dog in training) recognized. Mom went to Physical Therapy early this morning and then did not feel that good the rest of the day. So we did not do much. Tomorrow mom and her friend were going to go to the mall to get her glasses adjusted. Then Shadow SD’s mom Ellen notified mom that she would like to meet with us tomorrow. So we are going to meet them there. Mom says there are not many teams in this area so it will be a good opportunity for us. We have never met up with another SD team. Mom is a little nervous and anxious. She showed me Shadow’s profile and a video of him playing with little dogs. He looks like a cool dog and cannot wait to meet him. Mom said actually I do not get to play with him this is a working exercise. She is glad her friend is going and she thinks she will enjoy it as well. Hopefully we will have some pictures to show as well as a report and how it went.
Well mom decided I could use some mental play so she got out 6 items and spread them out on the floor. There was a cell phone case, a pen, small cloth, pill bottle, her keys on leather fob, and a metal ring dad uses for his pant legs on his bike. The rest I have retrieved before but the metal is a challenge as I have yet to pick up metal in my mouth. Mom keeps trying it though just in case I do it one day. Well tonight was the night. She got out the laser pointer, clicker and treats. Every time she pointed the laser she would say bring it, I would then get the item and bring it up to her reach on her knee. She would then click and treat. The phone case I know as PHONE and do not need it pointed to. She saved the metal for last and then pointed the laser. I ran right over sniffed it and picked it up. She was so happy I got a whole treat instead of a part. That was sooo fun. Then we did shake paw, high five and roll over. Oh yea also boring stuff like sit and down.
I am now going to lounge as sometimes mental play wears me out as much as physical. Never mind before mom got this typed I started emptying my toy basket. Oh well I can nap later.


fun walk and signed up for school

January 7th 2010 5:13 pm
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Mom did not feel that great this morning so we just lounged all morning. Then mom took me for a fun walk. I got to visit with all my friends here in the park and play. Then mom went and signed me up for an intermidiate obeidence class starting next week. It will be in the afternoon so that will be nice for mom. My friend down the street Billy the lab mix will be there. mom figures I need some brushing up and working around other dogs. We will continue with our private trainer for our SD access work but she does not offer group classes. Mom also thinks it will be fun and good for us to connect with distractions.


Safeway and my first Dr. Appt with mom

January 6th 2010 5:51 pm
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Mom took me for a nice walk around the park and then grabbed my vest and work collar and lead. I had a feeling she was going somewhere and hoped I was going with her. First we went to Safeway to grocery shop. This is only the second time her and I have done this without dad. I did pretty well but did have some trouble with grabbing stuff off the floor. Sometimes my heel was perfect and other times it was not very good at all. With mom’s health lately we have not done much training. Mom said I did pretty good overall. After we got the groceries in the car we went for a little walk around the parking lot so I could potty. Then we headed to a door near Safeway. I got very excited and mom had a hard time making me wait and go in slowly. This was my first Dr. Appt with mom. Her NP had said that she would like to meet me and that she should bring me on her next visit. Mom checked in and put my mat down so I knew were I was to be. They were several people there before us and the waiting room is not that big. We had to wait an hour before mom was called. During that time the waiting room got full and there were several small children running around. I did pretty well. I did get up from my down and got corrected but I never left the pad. It was really hard as the kids looked fun and other people talked to me.
Finally we were called and taken to the exam room. Mom put down my mat in the corner and gave me a chewy to keep me busy. When the NP came in she said hi to mom and did not look at me. She said I was sooo cute but new she should not talk to me. Mom explained maybe later when I was farther along in my training. Mom and the nice lady talked for a half hour. I stayed in my down the whole time. On the way home mom and I stopped and got lunch and took home to dad. Mom then left to go to her new Physical Therapy for her lower back. She said I could not go as she would be in the pool and it would be to hard to work with me and benefit from her session. I stayed home with dad and got into trouble. I do not like staying home now and gave dad a hard time. Mom says we are going to have to work on this. She is also thinking of enrolling us in a group class she just found about near our home


Mom's neck injection and her crazy idea

January 5th 2010 6:32 pm
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This morning mom and dad were out of the house by 6:15 as mom had to go get another neck treatment. When they got home at 9:00 mom was a little loopy but not to bad. She managed to get me breakfast and dad watched to see she did it right. Then she headed to the recliner to rest. We did not do to much the rest of the morning. In the early afternoon mom decided she would like to sit out in the sun. So you guessed it I got my big bone in the pen. It was so nice to lay out in the nice fresh air and sun. Then mom and I went inside.
Mom did some task games with me and it was really fun. The remainder of the day mom was on the computer and drawing her new vest/backpack idea. Mom is out of control. I have a vest and a backpack and she is not in love with either of them. They do not make what she wants in my size so she is going to try and make something. I glanced over at her drawings several times. My opinion is it looks great but I see one of 2 possibilities. Either she says lots of bad words and in 3 days it is in the trash or it will turn out nice or it will be finished in a year or two.
Well it is almost bed time. Mom looks like she is in a little pain and very wore out. I think she should go to bed.


Mom start PT ,Joann's fabric again!!! and Mom finish's- project

January 4th 2010 5:44 pm
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Mom got up ealy and got me my breakfast and a fast walk. i thought we were going somewhere together. But mom put me back in my crate and left without me. She was starting Physical Therapy and did not want to be distracted by me with her consultation. She said maybe later on she would take me. When she got home her, dad and me all went together. Dad dropped me and mom off at Joann's fabric and dad went to Costco. Mom and I picked up a few things and mom signed up for her free lessons that came with her new sewing machine. When we got home Mom finished up our friend Jolanda's travel mat. She then went to the drug store and to send of the gift box. After that she was wore out and took it easy the rest of the day. Tomarrow morning her and dad have to leave at 6:25 to go get her neck injection. They will sedate her so she will need me to take care of her when she gets home. i will let you know how she is.


Mom is better, the big bone, and I helped mom sew

January 3rd 2010 4:44 pm
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This morning mom was feeling a little better. She lounged most of the morning and watched a movie. So I just hung out with her. Dad was outside doing projects and visiting with neighbors. After lunch we all went outside. Mom and dad lounged in their chairs and I got to chew on my big bone in my pen. Then some people came by who just got here who knew mom and dad from last year. They were very nice to me and they had a nice visit. After they left mom said it was time to go inside. Mom put my big bone in it’s Ziploc for another day. Dad went over to visit a friend and mom decided to work on my friend Jolanda’s travel bed. Well I decided that I should help. I played with the ties as they hung down. Mom said that was not allowed so I decided to go stand on the foot control and make the machine go vrroommm. Mom was not impressed with that either. Finally she had enough and said maybe we could find something in my toy basket to keep me busy. As she dug through she was counting the toys. She then turned to me and said I should be ashamed of myself because I had over twenty toys and was complaining that I had nothing to play with. She also said something about some dogs have no toys bla bla bla bla. I was just hoping she would go into the secret cupboard and get me a new one. Well apparently she had another idea. She got my saucer out of the basket and filled it with kibble. She then gave it to me and said “that should keep you out of my hair for a while”. She then started sewing while I played. But then my saucer got stuck behind something and she had to get it out. When I was done with that I took a long nap. Mom was glad as she almost finished the mat. She laid it on the floor to take a photo. I figured that I would look good in the photo so I hopped onto the mat. She took some pictures and sent them to Jolanda’s mom to see. Then it was dinner time and now time for another nap. Mom and I will both be glad when she is up to taking walks again. She starts Physical therapy tomorrow so she is hoping that will help.


Mom is still really sick

January 2nd 2010 5:16 pm
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Another boring day while mom spent most of the day in bed. Dad helped take care of me while mom slept. We played and he took me out. This afternoon mom was a little better so she moved to the couch. I sat on her lap and made her feel better. Hopefully she is getting better so we can do some fun stuff.


Mom and dad are sick

January 1st 2010 4:48 pm
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This morning I slept in until 8:00 so mom and dad did too. They were very happy with me. Mom got up with a cold and started taking vitamins and stuff. Mom felt terrible and dad was not much better. They figure they must have caught a bug in Laughlin. I caught a bug once. It had wings but it did not make me sick. Later on dad went back to bed and woke up feeling a little better. I just hung out on the couch with mom. Later mom did a little sewing and paperwork. They both think they ar e feeling a little better. Mom did play with me some and kept me entertained.

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