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The Adventures of Dora

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We passed our Public Access Test

July 30th 2010 3:51 am
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Well we did it, mom and I passed our PAT yesterday. It has been a rough week for us but we are so happy to have passed. I had no doubts, but mom was a wreck. So no more in training patch I am now a Service Dog. I do not feel any diffrent.
Mom has more to write when she feels better and even videos of me out of control doing my wild dance in class.


Dog Park, Private Lesson and Suprise, tummy still bad and I- miss dinner

March 26th 2010 3:58 pm
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I felt a little better when I got up this morning. Mom was still worried about my tummy so I got just a little breakfast which was mostly rice. Then mom got out our dog class bag and I was very excited. Once on the road I noticed mom was going somewhere familiar. As soon as she made a couple turns I knew we were going to the dog park. Apparently since we are leaving town mom arranged for some of my friends to be there for one last play. When we first got there no other dogs were in the small dog area. So I just sniffed around and went potty. Mom noticed my tummy was still not good and I had runny stool.
Then my best friend Meadow the Beagle showed up. I was so excited to see her and her humans. Mom and I are really going to miss these great friends. More dog started showing up. Some I knew and some I did not but they were all very good and we played great together. Then a big dog came into the little dog area. Mom started to go over to the dog’s owner. It was our friend Sweet Pea and her mom. Sweet Pea is also a service dog. We only were able to visit with t hem for a little bit as we had a private lesson with our trainer.

When we got to the lesson our trainer gave mom a very nice note explaing how we have been doing access training with her and that we are prepared for public work. Mom was very pleased, not that she will show it to anyone but it is nice to have. Mom told the trainer about my tummy and she wanted to work me with no treats. I was not in favor of this but I had no vote. The trainer and her dog worked very close to mom and I. We did greetings and walk bys. Guess what I was perfect. All of the training in class yesterday paid off. The trainer then asked mom to work me without the gentle leader. I did perfect with no treats and no head collar. We did all kinds of things from the CGC class I was taking. Then mom left me with the trainer for the separation part. Mom thinks the reason I was standing up on the trainer yesterday was that I was alerting her to all her pain. Today while mom left me I was very good and only stood on the trainer once and that was when she had a stabbing back pain. The trainer was impressed that I knew about her pain and was trying to help. Then the trainer told mom that I could do everything to pass the CGC test and in fact I just did. Mom was so surprised and excited. The trainer explained that we had done the whole test without treats and a head collar so we passed. Then we took a break in the classroom and I got to play with the trainer’s dog who I like a lot. After I was done playing I did not fell good and threw up. After they cleaned up my mess we went back out into the store and worked a little but I was not feeling good then so we quit. I had been feeling good and having fun until that happened.
We then came home and I am resting. Mom says I do not get to eat until tomorrow morning and she pushed some pills down my throat. Mom thinks between the other treats and all the playing today is too much for me.

Mom has to go see her pain doctor but I am staying home. Mom says I need to just rest and get over this tummy thing. I am feeling a little better.

Okay I am back. Apparently mom did not like the looks of me and got out the thermometer. I told her I did not have a fever but she did not listen. So you know what happened next. Just as I thought my temp. was normal. I am actually feeling a little better. Mon is home from the doctor with new info. Basically she is doing all the right things with the head pains. The doctor thought it was very nice how I can alert mom to when they are going to get worse. She had two new possible diagnoses so mom is going to research them.
Well mom and dad are heading out to dinner with friends. I was going to go but mom said I am not well enough.


Grocery shopping and Graduation

March 11th 2010 4:55 pm
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Mom took me for a little walk as her back was hurting. I then went grocery shopping with her and dad. I was very good. Mom used the cart because of her back and I heeled perfect next to her. I have gotten very good about the shopping cart. Once the shopping was all done we hurried home so mom could have something to eat before our final intermediate obedience class.
All but one person showed up to our graduation. Our trainer gave the humans a slip of paper with things to do through out Petsmart. We worked on all of the things we have learned over the past 8 weeks. It was a lot of fun, as we keep running into other class members working on the list. All of us did really well. One of the tasks was to do a sit stay in front of the birds. Well until today I did not know they had birds in the store. I was fascinated by the birds and wanted to chase them. Needless to say we spent a lot of time here until we got it right. Mom says they sell the birds and you can take them home. I want mom to buy me one for my graduation present.
Once back in the classroom we all got our diploma. Mom forgot her camera but some nice people took pictures of me in my graduation cap. If we get one, we will post it. I got to play with some of the dogs and all of the people visited and commented on how well everyone has improved.
When we got home mom was wiped out and headed for the couch. I got up and cuddled with her and then alerted to her that her head was going to hurt. She knew I was probably right and she took one of her pills. She now has an ice pack on her neck for her head and a heat pack on her back. Mom is defiantly done for the day and so am I.


Catching up

February 24th 2010 12:01 pm
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Sunday 21- Last night when we got on the train we were the only ones in the lower disability area. There are 12 seats in their own room. Later on the trip we did have 2 more room mates who were very nice. I did very well on the train. Mostly I just slept. Mom had a hard time getting comfortable but I can curl up and sleep anywhere. Mom wanted me on the floor but these bratty kids kept going bye and opening the door. Mom was afraid to fall asleep with me on the floor. Our attendant is the one who suggested I be up with mom for safety reason. So mom put my blanket on the seat next to her and it was great. I did not go out to potty until we got to Klamath Falls 10 hours later. It was very cold but I did do both and felt much better afterwards. We got into Chemult and then got on a little shuttle buts to Lapine. It was only a 20 minute ride and our friend was there to pick us up. We went to her house and I get to see all my dog family. There was a total of 6 other Norwich there. My sister, my mother, my great great grandmother and some other relatives. Most of them were very nice especially my sister. We were very hungry so our friend fixed both mom and I something to eat. I was born at this house and after awhile I was right at home. Everything was going good until my breeder groomed me. Mom has been hand stripping me but I needed a little spiffing up. I did not like her doing this but I was good for her. In fact I was way better for her then I am with mom. We went to bed early as we were very tired.

Monday-22 this morning we went shopping and to lunch. We went to a very nice ladies house who I met when I was a baby. She came and saw me at the house I was born at. She has 3 Norwich all related to me. They have a very nice house and I got to explore and run around there with them. Then all of us went out to a very nice restraint for lunch. All the humans ordered soup and the ham, Brie and caramelized apple sandwich. Sounds kind of weird but they loved it. I was perfect at lunch and everyone was impressed. This is the first time they saw me out working. Then we went to a nice Pet supply place called Bend Pet Express. Our friend brought my sister in with us and I got to go in without my vest. Mom bought me an antler to chew on and some goodies for some friends. The next stop was a doctor’s office. I was in my vest and we waited patiently. Mom was not sick she just wanted to see her old doctor. He is very special to mom and also owns a Norwich terrier. He helped mom years ago when many other doctors would not. He was so glad to see mom and meet me. We then went to a few more stores and back to our friends and I played with my sister some more.


More vacation tales

February 24th 2010 11:48 am
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My life has been very busy and very fun lately. I have had trouble getting internet access as well but here is an update.

Friday 19th-This morning mom and I drove to Ollie’s house. From there him, his mom. And me and my mom went for a walk in El Cerrito. We stopeed at a place called Sam’s Log Cabin so the mom’s good have breakfast. They were very nice to us and our mom there. The food was very good or at least that is what the mom’s said. Once the moms had filled their tummies we headed to the Bart station. Ollivander has some photos on his page and I will have some as soon as mom uploads them. I was a little unsure of the trains but with Ollie working bye my side I became used to them. We rode the BART a couple times and hung out on the platforms as well. I did very well and even layed down and relaxed on the last ride. My mom loved watching Ollie stand and balance while riding. We then walked back to Ollie’s house and I went in my crate in the jeep for a nap. Mom went in and met Ollie’s sister Sabrina. Mom said she was a very special dog and that she really connected with her. Mom was very relaxed after her visit. We then dropped Ollie and his mom off at the University on our way back to hour hotel. We were pooped and thought we were in for the night. Then around 6:00 we got a call from Jolanda and Reethy’s moms and they wanted to comer over to Emeryville and have dinner. We then went to a place called the elephant bar and grill. We had a great time. I got a little fidgety and at one point I was standing on Jolanda. The mom’s had a good time and loved their meal. We got to bed around 10:30. Mom was very tired and I conked out a well.

Saturday 20th-This morning mom and I went over to Peet’s coffee place across from our hotel. We were relaxing when Jolanda and JoJo’s mom and dad came in. I was in my vest so Sonja ignored me. I wanted to hug her so bad but had to wait. We visited for a while and then headed to the Berkley marina. We had a great walk. Reethy and her mom also showed up and Becker’s mom. I met JoJo for the first time she does not have the patience with me like Jolanda does. She was cordial though. I followed Jolanda around and did everything she did. After our wonderful walk we headed over to the Marketplace for lunch. The mom’s picked out some stuff and took it up to our hotel room to eat. Me and Reethy played and had a good time. After that we packed up and checked out of our room.
Next we went to Ikea. Ollie and his mom and dad were there as well as iris and her mom. It was very crowded but we had so much fun. I was very good. Ollivander’s dad took some great pictures and they are on his profile. My mom has a few and needs to post them as well. Following Ikea we went to VO a very nice restraint in Oakland. There were 5 people and 3 dogs. Ollivander, iris and I were all on our best behavior. The humans all had a great dinner and visit. Mom and I went pack to the hotel parking lot and organized what was going on the train. We then went into the lobby and waited for our taxi to the train station.


Fianlly some info about our trip

February 18th 2010 6:49 pm
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Sorry it has been so long but we have been very busy. Here is an update on our trip.

Monday 16th we left in the morning and picked up mom’s friend at the phoenix airport. I did not get to meet her until later as we just pulled up and she hoped in and I was in my crate. We did not go far and they saw a cracker barrel to stop at to eat. Mom put my vest on and we went into eat. I was very good, and when we came out and mom took my vest off I got to meet he friend. She was very nice and I liked her right of way. We drove all day and ended up in a place called Primm on the CA/NV border. We stayed at a hotel/Casino called Buffalo Bills. I was pretty wild when we got there. Once I got to run around the room
I settled down. During diner I kept alerting to mom because she needed to eat and a headache was coming. So mom took her medicine with dinner. She always seems so surprised when I am right. Then we went to the room for the night. Mom was very worn out and we went to bed early. Because of that I woke mom to go out at 4:30. When we came back in I got to lie on her bed with her until morning.

Tuesday 17th- A very loonnngggg booorrriing day. We stopped to eat once and I was very good. When we got to my mom’s friend’s ranch it was dinner time. I was very excited as there were all kinds of new smells. There were three little dogs and one big dog, lots of cats, horses, cattle and 3 goats. The big dog was a border collie and he was very nice. The other 3 did not want to play. I really like mom’s friend and her family and they liked me. They were very nice to me and kept telling me how cute I was, which of course I am aware of. It is still nice to hear it all the time.

Wednesday 18th- This morning I went out to help with chores. Mom did not want me to get dirty or smelly as we were going to eat and the hotel later. The other dogs got to eat and roll in horse poop. I had to be packed around by my mom and it was very embarrassing. I did get to meet one of the goats up close and gave it a kiss on the face. I was worried about the big horses. They liked me but I was not sure of them. Then mom, her friend and her daughter and I all went shoe shopping. I was perfect in my gentle leader. They all tried on lots of shoes and it was boring. Eventually they all picked out a pair and we went to San Tan Row. It is a very fancy district in San Jose. The have shops, restraints, hotels, and apartments. My tummy started hurting and all of a sudden I had to poop. But there was no where to go and I could not hold it so I pooped with there on the sidewalk. Mom was embarrassed but understood as my stool was loose. Her friends were great and even helped clean it up. After that I felt much better. We then went to eat at a very nice restraint on their patio. They all said the food was fabulous. I was pretty good but I did alert to mom she needed to eat. I then settled down. After a while I kept alerting mom’s friend who was next to me. She ignored me and they all just thought I wanted attention. These humans they never listen. Come to find out later that day she did not feel good and got a really bad headache. SO THERE!! We then said our goodbyes and mom and I headed to Emeryville. We are staying at a very nice place and they even gave us a nice rate on a suite. We relaxed in our room for a while then got in the car. I was thinking oh no here we go again.

We ended up going for a walk with a very nice poodle named Ollie and his very nice mom. These are our friends from right here on Dogster but we had never met them in person. Ollie and I both wanted to play but we went on a walk instead. The walk was to get me used to the sounds of the BART (bay area rapid transit). The tracks are in the air and we walked under them. At first I was very worried but Ollie helped me realize that it was fine and I got better. We then went to a restraint were Ollie and I wore our vests and worked sided by side. We both did very well while our mom’s ate dinner. We then took them to their Rally class. I did not go in but mom watched for a while and enjoyed it. We were both exhausted and went back to our hotel and went to bed.

Today we went for a little walk in the morning and then headed over the big bridge to meet even more Dogster friends. It was very foggy and mom was nervous and I kept grunting at her from my crate. She reassured me she was fine but I knew better. The GPS took us to the wrong place but eventually we all met up at Crissy Field in San Francisco.
There was Jolanda and Josephine’s mom but they were not there. Mordecai and his parent’s flights got cancelled so they stayed over and we got to meet them as well. Also Becker’s mom drove up to hang out with all of us. Mom put my 20ft line on so I could run around. I am not trust worthy so I do not get to be off leash yet. It was really fun Sonja ran with me and I went really fast. I had a great time and appreciate her doing that with me. Mom cannot run like that. She took tons of pictures (mostly of me) I was a ham and kept posing for her. I like her a lot. She says she is going to steal me from mom. I hope not but I would like to see her some more. She snuggles really well. Mordy put up with me and was nice to walk next to him. During lunch I snuck him a few kisses. Mom was very tired and after lunch headed back to our room. Sonja needed to take Mordy and his folks to the airport and Becker’s mom was going as well.
We put up a few photos with more to come. We are both exhausted and calling it a night.


Jeep run and getting ready for trip

February 13th 2010 6:20 pm
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We went on a jeep run today. I love to go out in the desert in the jeep. When I was little the second day I was with my new parents I went on my first run. This one ended up not being that long so we were home early enough for mom to get some things on her list done.
Mom shifted the piles around. Now that eh yard sale stuff is gone she has more room to spread everything out. I am going to have my own suitcase with all my stuff in it. I will have to supervise mom to make sure she gets everything I need.
Mom has to do some printing tomorrow. She wants to take some of my new flyers as well as she needs to print out all the SDIT laws of the states we are visiting. She is going to make copies of my vax records so she will have a copy in each pack. Tomorrow she will do laundry and organize what is going to see how it will all fit. Dad is going to wash the jeep for our trip. I also heard I am getting a bath and my nails done. Mom wants to have everything packed so she does not have to be stressed Monday before we leave. I am worn out from all the bouncing around in the jeep so I am already conked out for the night.


Yard sale and Lesson

February 12th 2010 5:41 pm
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This morning mom got up very early (5:30 am) to get ready and go over to our friends for the Yard sale. It was 41 degrees out and I was not impressed when mom took me out. I was glad I got to go back to bed. I nave turned into a weenie with the cold and not a really early morning girl. I got to hang out with dad. We went to see the neighbor who I like that just had heart surgery to cheer him up. Then we hung out on the patio watching TV until mom came home. Mom said we made some more money for the trip. Mom was very wore out and needed to get some stuff done before our private lesson at 4:30.
I did great at our lesson. This was the first time this trainer has seen us in public. First we worked for 20 minutes in the room on me staying still while she approached us. By the end I could lay perfectly still while she petted me. Then mom put my vest on and we went to Ross. We worked on heeling out side for a while first then we went inside. Mom put me on a down stay for about 8 minutes while she and the trainer looked at goodies on the dog Isle. The trainer was very impressed. Little children walked by with in inches of my nose and I never moved. Then mom walked over to me and the trainer asked “can she hand you her leash” and mom said I could. So she asked me to give it to her and I picked it up, stood on her leg and put it in her hand. She was so impressed. Then later mom accidentally dropped her clicker and I picked that up for her also.
After the lesson we went back to the classroom so the trainer could give mom some notes to work on. I got to have all my stuff off and play with her dog. What a great reward. Mom was so happy with our lesson and how well I did. Tomorrow we are going on an all day jeep run with the jeep club.


Dog class

February 11th 2010 4:55 pm
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Mom is pooped so this will be a short entry. She had her last water session with her PT and it was 1 ½ hours long.
I did very well at class and did all of it on my gentle leader. Our trainer said it was the best heeling she has ever seen us do. There were only 3 of us in class so we got lots of one on one with the trainer. Then we worked on stands and stand stays. We also did a little recalling. Tomorrow afternoon we have a private lesson with the trainer in the stores around petsmart to brush up on a few things.
Mom took everything for the yard sale tomorrow over to our friend’s house. I am told I do not get to go. This did not make me very happy as it is my best friend Meadow’s house.


Mom's doctor visits and Costco

February 10th 2010 4:41 pm
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This morning mom took me for a walk with the gentle leader and I did very well. I only pawed twice. Mom cannot believe how much nicer I heel with it on. Then we all loaded into the car and headed to mom’s pain doctor. Dad and I dropped her off and we ran a few errands. Mom said is good for me to stay in the car when she gets out. I used to whine but now I am getting better. Besides we were doing Costco later and another doctor and mom did not want to over do it. Her pain doctor is pleased with the injection results on the herniated disc in her neck but not happy with her back. He is sure mom has pinched nerve or nerves in her back which radiate down her legs. When we get back from vacation she is going to get a neurological test done on her legs to pin point the location. He then suggests the injections in the correct location. We all hope it will just get better but it has been 3 months and not much has changed.
I was very good in Costco. I did sniff a little but did pay attention to mom better then usual. We then took all the groceries home and then just mom and I went to her Nurse Practitioner appointment. I was very excited in the waiting room but mom brought my mat and I did settle down eventually. Once in the room mom put me on my mat and gave me a chewy to occupy my time. When the NP came in I got all wiggly. She is so nice but never makes eye contact with me. I here her tell mom that she just wants to pick me up and hug me. Well good news mom’s blood pressure is finally lower but her heart rate is still too high. The NP is hoping that the medication kicks in and lowers it. She is also concerned about mom’s hypoglycemia. Mom has been getting shaky and light headed but is better after eating. She is going to do some blood work on her and sent her home with a monitor to see how it is.
Mom has been piling up more things to take over to her friends for the yard sale they are having Friday morning. We leave on vacation in 5 more days and mom still has lots to do. I try to help but mom says I am really not that helpful.

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