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The Adventures of Dora

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Knee doctor and New class

January 14th 2010 5:53 pm
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Mom went to the new knee Dr. this morning. She liked him but he basically told her the same as the others. Very bad knees, old lady knees. Going to need new ones but not at 46, she will have to wait. Meanwhile there is nothing left to do. She cannot have the injections anymore as she had a bad reaction last time. No more arthroscopic surgeries, she has had 4 on each knee. So he said basically to avoid the things that make them hurt, which is almost everything. When she got home her and dad did all the laundry at the park Laundromat and then it was time for my first class of intermediate obedience. Mom’s head was hurting so she took some meds since dad said he would drive us. We took the class at Petsmart from a well known local trainer. In fact mom had wanted to use her before but she stopped her own business and only works through Petsmart. At the time mom needed a trainer to come to the house. The trainer has trained SD’s in fact she had a stroke years ago and had one of her own. I am afraid I did not behave well at all. I talked to others with my cute little yodel and bounced around. It looked like I had no training at all. I just thought we were at a dog party and we should all be playing and having a good time. We went around the room and our mom s introduced us and them to the class. On cue when mom was talking about us I got up and did my really cute dance and tail wag. Everyone thought I was adorable however mom did not look that impressed with me at the moment. Mom kept repeating to herself “this is why we are here so Dora can work around other dogs and more distractions”. The trainer explained what we were to do and then we all went out into the isle in the store to work on it. I was waayy to distracted and barely noticed mom. She started to get frustrated and then I got frustrated. Then she got stressed and I got worried. Then all of a sudden she took a big breath and smiled down at me. We went for a little break and came back to the class. After that I did do a little better. This was just a new environment for me to work in. Also since I did not have my vest I figured it was fun time. After the class the trainer thought I did fine and agreed that this class was just what I needed. The trainer also told mom that she approved of how mom has done things with me up until now. She thinks that we are farther along then mom thinks we are. She had some great suggestions for mom.
After class mom told dad that she really like the instructor and thought she is just what the two of us needs right now. Mom learned a few new tricks to try on me to have me heel better. She is also going to start taking me a couple times a week to Petsmart to work just a little. So I get used to training in the environment. I was mentally pooped when we got home and slept the rest of the afternoon. Mom had physical therapy so she went to that. She got home and was exhausted and just shut down. I am lying with her on the couch right now.


Dog Brunch and all my friends

January 16th 2010 5:14 pm
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Mom and I picked up our friends Meadow and her mom this morning. First us four legged girls got some run and play time. Then we headed to the Dog brunch. When we arrived the mom’s decided to take a walk around the paved trail around the little lake next door. It was nice out and there was a man making howling noises. Mom said it was a man playing bag pipes. We stopped and the mom’s talked to him. He was really nice and comes there to practice. He said he has been playing them for over 33 years. Meadow did not like the noise and I was not sure but I did wag my tail. We then continued as the moms talked blablablabla. Finally we headed to the dog brunch. It was at a place called “in the raw”. It is a little coffee, juice and dog bar we like to go to. They put a spread of dog goodies out on the patio. The mom’s put money in the donate jar for local dog charities and us pups get to snack on everything. Our friend Muggles the Norfolk Terrier was there with her mom and they sat with us. Also our friends Emily the Irish Wolfhound and Brooke the Bedlington Terrier came with their mom. I love Emily in fact all dogs and people love Emily. She is a wonderful soul. After al the mom’s had talked and us dogs had eaten we all parted ways. When we got home I was tired and took a nap. Then I woke up with a tummy ache and threw up. I guess there is too much of a good thing. The rest of the day I just hung out with mom while she used the puter.


Mom in pain,Barkley's mat and our trip plans

January 17th 2010 4:45 pm
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Mom had a bad day today. She did not feel good all day. Her lower back, shoulder and neck are causing her lots of pain. This morning she and dad went out to get a few things but they were not gone long. The rest of the day mom worked off and on sewing our friend Barkley’s travel mat. I could tell mom was not well and stayed close. Finally I kept pawing her leg and she would put me up on her lap then back down. I did this a few times and she decided to quit and take some meds. Not a moment to soon as the head pains started. She decided to rest and has been on the couch ever since. She is busy planning a trip for us. She said we are going to visit some friends in the Bay area in California. Mom and I have never been somewhere just the two of us. She is very nervous and excited. I hope these dogs like me. I of course love all dogs and people and know we will have fun, more details on that later on. Well I need to go check on mom she does not look good.


Barrett-Jackson collector Car Auction

January 18th 2010 6:47 pm
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This morning dad, mom and me went to the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction in Scottsdale. It was pouring rain when we got there. They had shuttles from the parking lot to the event and this was my first time on one. I did really well except that there was not room on the ground so I had to get on mom’s lap and I was muddy. Mom said id was okay. We got there right when it opened so it was not too crowded. The auction does not start until later in the week but they have lots of booths and cars to look at. We did the inside stuff first because of the rain. . I was good although very distracted by all the people. Mom took her walker but still got tired and started hurting. Mom and I sat for a bit while Dad went and did a car simulator. We then went and looked at the cars that were going to be auctioned off. They were very shiny and boorriingg. We then caught the shuttle back to our car. This bus was bigger so there was room for me to ride on the floor. When we got home mom was not feeling well so she took a nap and then went to physical therapy


Mom's neck and more trip planning

January 19th 2010 4:52 pm
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This morning dad took mom for her neck injection. They left early and all mom was allowed was a cup of tea. I am glad I got my breakfast though. Mom said it hurt more this time and that she thinks she had less sedation then last. On the way home dad pulled through Starbucks and got her a huge white choc. mocha latte thingy. Mom said it made her feel better even if she did get fat free, decaf and no whip. Once home she just hung out on the couch until all of the sedation wore off. I off course spent half the time comforting her and the half irritating her. Once she was feeling a little better she played with me and worked on our trip plans. Then she made some cup cakes and more relaxing. It has been raining off and on since yesterday. I of course choose to have to go potty when it is pouring. Mom and Dad think I plan it that way but honestly I do not.
I am excited about our trip as we are going to meet many SD friends for the first time. Mom’ dear friend is flying to Phoenix to drive to Ca with us. This makes mom really happy. I am sure if mom likes her I will too. We are also going to see her best friend in Oregon who is also my breeder. So I will be staying in a house with 8 or so other Norwich Terriers. More on the trip later. Hopefully mom will be better tomorrow as she has lots to do. Dad is working so she has to go alone and I think I am going to some of the places with her.


Mom's DR, new tunnel, shopping, Petsmart and lots more

January 20th 2010 6:07 pm
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Mom had an early doctor appt with a doctor that would require all her attention so I stayed home. It was a new Rheumatologist for this area. Her old one is in Oregon. This was her second visit to get his opinion after all the test from a month ago. He was very good and confirmed mom’s prior diagnosis of RA and Fibro. As well as they went over all her other illnesses. Mom really liked him and will continue on her current RA meds for now.
After the doctor she ran in a few thrift stores by his office to look for some stuff. She came home with all kinds of goodies and a cool agility tunnel. It is a small one but was only $5. She knew how much I love d the tunnel at puppy class and thought we could have some fun with and even use it as a training tool. I learn much better when having fun. I think she will take some pictures of me in it when it stops raining. She then came home had lunch and took me with her. We met Ellen to give her Shadow’s finished bed. We then went over to target and put my vest on and went in. Mom was looking for one of those pop up crates for the trip. Of course they were out of my size but she has other places to get them as well. We still have several weeks to get those things. Then we went to Ross to look for some kind of bag for the train part of the tip. She wanted something that will set on her seat of her walker. She brought home a couple choices and one will fit nicely. So she will return the other. Then she took off my vest and we went next door to Petsmart to desensitize me for class tomorrow. I was so wound up on sensory overload last week she thought this may help. We ran into the trainer who teaches the classes and she thought that was a good idea. She also suggested we try the GL so mom bought one. The trainer is going to help us with it tomorrow and we do not like it we can return it.
Then mom worked with me on watching and paying attention to her. I got lots of treats.
When we got home I was exhausted and took a big nap. Mom is worn out as well but she had to make phone calls for our trip. She booked Amtrak but needs to get a letter from our trainer saying mom is qualified to have me as a SDIt on the train. Mom contacted her and she said no problem. She is also going to do a mock CGC on me since I am a year old now. So we have a very busy month ahead of us. We are looking foreword to meeting all our California friends face to face and nose to nose.


Dog class

January 21st 2010 4:28 pm
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This morning mom was in a lot of pain. Her lower back and shooting leg pains were terrible. She was not even sure she was gong to make it to Physical Therapy. She managed to get there and the therapist tried a few new things with her in the water. After that she had her first Appt. with a pain counselor at the same facility. Mom said it was just an evaluation so she will see how it is next week. She is holding judgment until then. When mom got home she was worried that we would not make it to dog class. It is only our second week of intermediate and she hated to miss it. Well the PT must have helped because the pain was much better by the time to leave for class. We went early so I could burn off some excitement. The trainer was great with mom and helped give her some ideas that would work better for us. I was still a little squirrelly at the beginning of class but by the end we were doing really well together. My heeling was much better which is something mom has really wanted to improve. The trainer said we were doing great and really improved through the hour. She also fitted me for a gentle leader that mom is going to try on me. Not that I am doing that poorly just trying a different approach. We heeled and worked for an hour straight and both mom and I were very tired. I came home and crashed and slept the whole afternoon. Mom said that even though she was on her feet almost the whole time her back is not too bad. Then mom shopped the internet for different gear for me. She is still not really very happy with my vest or backpack. She has found several she likes but they do not come in my size. The stuff that comes in my size she does not like. She is still toying around with making something for me. We will see what she comes up with.


MMM good treat and I take care of mom

January 22nd 2010 5:09 pm
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Mom went with her friend this morning and left me home. We are still working on my separation so she says it is good for me to stay home after I have went with her for a few days. I stayed home with dad and I did much better today. Mom and her friend went to a couple stores and went to Bark Ave Pet store without me. I was not happy about this but I forgave her because she brought me some goodies. She actually wishes she would have taken me because she said there are some things I could have helped her with.
Mom’s back was really bad today so she just relaxed most of the rest of the day. I got to chew on my new treat all day. Mom found me some of those Himalayan chews that my friend Ollie likes. MMMMMM they are good. Mom also got a good deal on some raw food they had on sale. Later in the day I started to alert mom and she called it pestering. Guess what about 45 minutes later her head started hurting. She is still working on figuring out my alerting vs. pestering. I helped take off her socks and pants, get in her comfy clothes and then I took a nap on her lap. I love taking care of my mom she just has to learn to let me do it.


Help mom and play in tunnel

January 23rd 2010 4:00 pm
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At 3:30 this morning the light went on. Mom was in so much pain she could no longer stay in bed. It was her lower back with the pains shooting down her leg. She got in her recliner which is the only position that seems to help. She let me out of my crate so I could comfort her. She got all her favorite comfort things, a cup of tea, her heat pack and me. Once the meds kicked in she felt a little better. Finally she fell asleep and dad found us in the morning cuddled up together asleep. Mom could barely walk and he helped get her into a hot shower. She was disappointed as she was going to miss her first free lesson that came with her new sewing machine. Once back on the recliner couch dad made and brought her some breakfast. I was very concerned and tried to help her relax. Later in the morning mom was able to move around a little. She let me get a few things for her and pick stuff up. In the afternoon she got out the tunnel she bought at the thrift store for $5. She set it up near the couch and using treats and the clicker we played games. I would go do stuff and then she would click and then I would come over to the couch for treats. I got to play and burn off energy and mom could just sit on the couch. Then we worked on a few of my tasks that she could do from the couch. It was so much fun to play with mom. After that I took a nice nap by mom while she played on the computer.


We did it!!!!

January 24th 2010 5:21 pm
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Mom got up this morning and said she was better and we were going out. First she took me for a little walk (with her back I am lucky to get that). Then Dad put the walker in the car and off we went. This was our first trip with just mom, me and the walker. Mom was determined to be independent and give it a go. She was a little worried with lifting the walker in and out of the jeep but it was fine. First we went to the fabric store, mom carefully got the walker out without stressing her back. Then she got me out and off we went. The stupid little basket would not fit on the walker so mom grumbled but we moved on. Mom was afraid this would happen so she cleaned out the little basket on the walker in case we needed it. It was not to busy so we were able to get what we needed pretty easily. Mom is so silly sometimes. Instead of putting all the stuff in her little basket under the seat she piled it all on the seat. Well she made a sharp corner and most everything went flying all over the floor. Luckily there was no one around. Mom’s back was not going to be happy if she had to bend over and pick up everything, she looked at me and said “Dora get that and bring it to me” while pointing to her knee. Well I jumped into action and started bringing her the items and standing on her knee. For each one I got a treat so it was fun. There were a total of about 8 little items and on the last two I tried to bring both at the same time. Unfortunately I could not figure out how to get both in my mouth. Fortunately that meant two trips and two treats. Well after we had cleaned up the mess we headed to the cutting counter to get our number. This is always stressful for mom as everyone gathers in a clump and surrounds us. I was very good and laid down under the walker until it was our turn. Mom laid the lead down next to me while we ere at the counter. Then when she said are you ready she pointed to the lead and I picked up and handed it to her and we went to the checkout. I was actually strutting after my cleanup of mom’s mess. We then made it out to the car. Mom sat on the walker so she was lower and I stood up to make it easy for her to pick me up and put in my crate. She then carefully maneuvered the walker back into the jeep. At this point we were both feeling pretty smug and mom decided to swing in Target on the way home. She was trying to find a collapsible crate in small. The other Target closest to us was out. We were able to park right next to the cart return so she used a cart rather then the walker. Once in the store mom could not find the pet section. She is not familiar with this store and her back was really starting to hurt. Finally after going around the whole store we found it and they had a small. She then needed to get a couple grocery items and knew she could not handle another stop. This was a super Target so they had groceries. We headed to groceries and got a few things. On one of the isles mom just stopped. I figured she was getting something but no she just stood there. I am not sure what was wrong but I knew something was. I started pawing at her leg. She sort of had a weird look on her face and was sort of bending over the cart. After a bit we started moving again. I heeled perfectly and watched her. Once out in the car mom sat there for a minute then off we went. Mom called dad and told him she got a little light headed but was fine now. If she felt weird again she would pull over. When we got home she went over to our friends who is an EMT and he checked her blood pressure and heart rate. He thought her BP was a little low and could be from the blood pressure lowering meds. He told mom she should take it easy the rest of the day so she did. She is going to discuss this with her NP on Wednesday. Then she finished our friends Reboot’s bed. So now she can mail her and Barkley’s mats to them. I laid at her feet while she sewed in case she needed anything. Of course she dropped 2 things and I got them for her. All in all it was a good day. Mom and I are very proud of our accomplishment. Oh yea I got to lie out in my pen and chew on my big bone. Life is good.

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