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The Adventures of Dora

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Me and the Monster work together

November 14th 2009 6:21 pm
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Well this morning was kind of boring while mom did laundry and chores. Then mom put my going somewhere collar on. Then the three of us went over to my friend Meadows' house. I was so excited when mom got me out of the car. While mom and dad visited with her folks Meadow and I raced around the house and had a great time. When we got home Mom drug out some fabric boxes with handles. There was lots of discussion on what we are taking and what we are not. Dad warned mom not to overpack like she always does. Well she was so proud of herself she was able to get all her,dads and my stuff in one large suitcase. She was even able to fit the cloth folding crate in there.
Then mom decided that me and the monster had better take a test drive together. So mom pushed the monster walker and I heeled next to her. At first I was a little confused on where I should walk. After a little bit and mom's help I figured it out. Mom is so glad she got the larger one. It has more room for her to sit and the opening is enough that the two of us fit between the sides. I am very protected tucked in behind the walker and it actually makes me heel better. Mom also rigged up a pad on the seat so that she has a comfy spot to rest. Mom also said as a back up if she wanted me off the ground I have a good place to ride. All in all I think mom feels very comfortable with the set up. I think we will have a good trip. We will not have internet access so I will not be posting until we return.


Dora does Las Vegas and Laughlin Nevada

November 20th 2009 4:59 pm
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We are back from our vacation and I have so much to tell. I have told mom to keep it short as some times she goes on and on. We had a great time and we all learned so much. Mom did not have to use the walker the whole time but when she did it helped and I was very good with it. When we arrived at Sam’s Town in LasVegas on Sunday we were all excited and anxious. This would be out first trip with me as a SDIT. Dad decided it would be a good idea to get checked into our room and grab a bite to eat first. It was a good thing as our room was not ready. We had to walk through an atrium to get to the hotel lobby and mom was nervous. They made it to look like a park and mom was afraid I may have an accident. Of course I did not but there was a lot to see and take in. We had only been in the building 3 minutes and we ran right into a guide team. Luckily mom, dad and the dog’s handler were all between us dogs. This is the first team we have encountered so mom thought back to what she has learned from folks here. So she blurts out we have a service puppy in training. About that time the Golden Retriever lets out 4 very loud barks. These were not let’s play barks they were hey mom there is something here. Well the woofs echoed through the atrium and everyone looked our direction. I just looked over at the Golden and mom hustled me on by. Mom was very nervous about being access challenged on this trip and it never happened. In fact everyone at the property was very warm and welcoming. The security guards who guard the entrances all became our friends. The cocktail waitress brought mom and dad lots of drinks so they could say. All of the restraints were sure to get us very nice seating so that I had plenty of space. Even though mom was very strict on my visiting I have a huge fan club there. After 3 nights of staying in Las Vegas dad called The Golden Nugget in Laughlin. He was able to get 2 free nights so we headed down there. I liked Laughlin; they had a nice river walk that we went out on several times. It was nice to be out in the fresh air and look at all the big ducks on the path. On our first day mom and I were walking through the casino past the gaming tables when a hairy black and white Tasmanian devil wearing a vest came at us growling and barking. Mom said it was hard to tell but she thinks it was a shi-Tzu. I just looked at the dog and mom told me to leave it and we walked off. We could hear the older couple still yelling at the dog on the other side of the room. We found out later it is a regular there and it even does that to people. Mom says as long as they spend money there they probably do not say anything. All and all mom says it was a great trip. I alerted mom to her head pains a couple times but she did not listen the first time. She thought I was being pesky and needed a break so we went to our room. Shortly afterwards she got her head pain and had to take a pill. Well the next time I alerted she took a pill and we went to the room just as the head pain started. Mom has decided she needs to read me a little better and pay attention. Mom says that after this trip she feels we are a team and I agree. Mom says that this trip was the best thing we could have done for my training. Even dad had fun and said I did very well. We may do it again next month as they have more free nights…….


Mom went shopping and I stayed home

November 27th 2009 5:07 pm
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This morning my friend meadows' mom came and picked up my mom. She said it was Black friday and that I was not ready for that. i looked outside and i did not see the black. Then she said since i have thrown a few fits being left home that we needed to work on that. Since spending 24 hours a day for 6 days with my mom on our trip I do not like being left home. I have always stayed home in my crate and been fine. Lately mom and dad have come home and I am barking. They set up a 2 way radio next to my crate and then they take one with them. If they here me bark when they get home I hear a sharp NO. If it does not improve they are talking to my trainer. I have the answer, they should take me with them everytime. Well mom came home with all kinds of fabric so mom could use her new machine to make me and my dog friend all kinds of things. She also found some pants for her. She took me for a big walk this evening and we played so I forgive her.


The fabric store and the snowman snowglobe thing

November 28th 2009 5:00 pm
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This morning mom took me for a big walk with lots of training. Mom said I did very well and that hopfully i burned off some energy. Then they started to get ready to go somewhere. I was not sure if I was going since I have had to stay home the last couple days. I heard dad say is your dog going and i heard mom say yes. Well I waited to see if she called me and point to the step. Well she did and i went there and sat quietly while she put on my working collar. I heard mom tell dad that she was not feeling good enough to do the fabric store and costco. She said that he could drop off mom and me at Joanns' fabrics and he could do costco. She said we should not be long as some of the sales were done and that it should be slower then yesterday. She said she was not getting fabric and had a coupon to use for some needles and things. I was so excited that mom could hardly get my vest on. We headed to the store and dad headed to Costco. I got so excited going into the store that i forgot to heel. Mom got me in the store and over to one side. She got my attention and was glad to see there was carts. mom likes using a cart and it makes me heel and behave better. Well the store was packed. We could hardly get down the isles. On the needle isle mom positioned me between her and the cart and put me on a down so she could focus on what she needed. About that time we see an employee heading for us. She says mam you will have to..... and then she looked down and saw my vest and said never mind. We then continued to look at stuff on mom's list. She found some wonderful batting for dog mats. The had 100% cotton and bamboo. She said years ago she could only find poly. It was on sale so she grabbed some of each. Then we headed to the checkout line. It serpentined around the store and it was long. We would move 3 steps and then I would down for a minute or two and then we would move 3 steps. Mom said it was wonderful practice. I thought it was very booorrriing. Once we got through the line we headed out to the parking lot and dad was waiting for us. Mom said I did very well considering how crowded it was. When we got home the neighbor was putting lights up all over her rv. When I came out later in the day there was a noise coming from the neighbors' yard. It was some sort of blow up snow globe thing. it worried me a little so mom took me over to see it. There was a snowman in there with snow blowing all around him. After I saw what it was I was okay with it. Mom used her new sewing machine to do some alterations to my vest straps. She is still getting used to the new machine.


Mom has big boo boo

November 29th 2009 3:42 pm
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This morning we slept in late as mom had a bad night with her head pains. She took two pain pills and was still hurting. When she got up she started sorting the laundry to take to the park laundromat. Usually dad goes and helps but her was working on something so mom told him to stay and she would do it. Well dad put the baskets in the car for her. When she got to the laundromat she took out the first basket and went in. When she went for the second basket it was way in the back of the jeep so she reached and lifted. She felt a little twinge. By the time she got all the clothes in she could barely walk. She had no phone and no one was around. So some how she got into the jeep and back to our rv. She then just honked for dad to come out. When he did mom signaled over. It took a while but he got her out and in the rv. Right away I knew something was wrong. Of course I tried to help. Dad was trying to get her to the couch and I was right there underfoot. once he got her on the couch I immediatly jumped up on t0 the couch and walked all over her. This made her moan but she knew I was trying to help. She took two muscle relaxers and put ice on her lower back. it has been a rough long day for her, but dad and I have been helping her. Mom wishes I was a little farther along in my training as I could be a bigger help. She is glad she has the walker. She was so excited to sew today as she got all the new fabric washed. Oh well I do not think that is going to happen for a few days. Well I have to go back to my nursing duties. Everyone have a good eveing.


Booorrrring day, Mom still broken

November 30th 2009 6:10 pm
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Well mom had a rough night. She spent all day either on the couch or in bed. Dad was able to get a hold of her Doctor and get some more muscle relaxers. I spent most of the day haning our with her. When Dad was out I even brought her a few things. Dad has been walking me, playing with me, and even working on a few things. Mom said that is good so that I so not go stir crazy. She hopes in a coiuple days she can get out of the house and with her walker we can go for a easy little walk. When mom felt up to it she was on the computer or watched a little tv. Hopefully mom will be better soon so I can get my social life back.


Mom goes to the hospital, I am still bored

December 2nd 2009 2:04 pm
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Yesterday mom got up in the morning and was still in a lot of pain. Her and dad decided that she should go get checked out. She took lots of pain meds so that she could stand riding in the car to the hospital. They gave her more pain meds at the hospital and did an MRI on her back. They gave her some happy stuff so she could handle the MRI. It showed she has a bulge in one of her disc in the lumbar region but believe she damaged a muscle or ligament. I was so glad to see mom when they got home. She was in no pain after all the meds they had given her. She spent most of the afternoon sleeping. I brought mom her socks and sweatshirt. Dad took me for a walk to break up my boredom. this morning mom is still down and in pain. Dad had to go do errands so i am keeping mom company. Mom is hoping tommarrow her with the walker and i can take a small walk. Dad says that mom is thinking a little too positive. I just wish mom would hurry up and feel better so we can get things back to normal. i miss my training even though mom has been having me bring stuff to her.


Another Dr. visit for mom, and she is a littler better

December 3rd 2009 5:54 pm
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Mom went to see her NP today for a follow visit. Her new blood pressure medicine seems to be working. The NP was a little concerned about mom's new injury. She suggested mom go see the pain dr. and take a copy of the MRI she had done at the ER. So she has an appt next monday to see what he thinks of the results. The NP also would like mom to bring me to the next visit. I hope she does as I would probably like it. The rest of the afternoon mom and I hung out on the couch. She still has to take all the medication but thinks things are a little better. Then mom took me for a little walk. We only made it two spots down but she said it was nice to get out in the fresh air. Tommarrow we may take the walker and go for a little stroll. It has been a little boring with mom down but we have been working on my house tasks. I am getting even better at bringing the right objects to mom.


Finally we go for a walk!!

December 4th 2009 4:39 pm
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This morning mom thought she felt a little better. Dad went to costco and I stayed home with mom . I figured it would be another boring day. Then in the early afternoon mom put her shoes on. I was so excited I could hardly hold still so mom could put my collar on. Dad got the walker out so that all of us could go for a little walk. I did very well heeling with the walker. The only thing is mom went waaayyyyy to slow. Dad went with us in case mom had a problem. We made it around one little block in the rv park. Mom was exhausted and hurting a little so she was glad when we got back to the rv. She said it felt good to walk and get out in the fresh air. After that mom was back on the couch with her heating pad. She wanted to put the flannel sheets on the bed and the warmer comforter but knew she was not up to it. So dad did it for her, with mom telling him what to do and me right in the middle of things. It is supposed to start cooling off her in the next couple of days. Mom also put a nice fleece fluffy in my crate so we will all be toasty . Well I think I will go chew on my chewy for a while before bed time.


Mom is doing better and I worked on my tasks

December 5th 2009 7:25 pm
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Mom is doing a little better today but still not going anywhere. To make the day go by faster and not so boring mom and I played some games. mom called it task training I called it fun. We worked on retrieving, finding things and lots of fun stuff. Dad took me out for a couple walks but mom stayed in as it was cold and she was afaid it would make her back tighten up. Mom is hoping she is feeling better soon so she can start her sewing projects. I do not know what that is but it sounds boring. Mom said maybe her and I can go to some stores this week.

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