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I got Kennel Cough

February 22nd 2011 12:22 pm
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from Greta..she goes to Petsmart doggy day care when it last week she was there for 4 days and when she came over she gave me Kennel cough. Mom took me to the vet and she almost fainted when I got on the scale...I weighed 131.5 lbs yup I'm a BIG now I am on a diet..I got antibiotics and prescription food...She wants me to get down to 117 lbs..BOL
the funny part about going to the vet is that I did not want to get back in the car, mom had dad come with us since Tanner has never been alone ssssssso here is dad 150 lbs trying to lift me. I just sat in the road and wouldn't get up, so mom had to get help from the vet tech and he wan't much bigger, so it took 3 people to get me in the car..It was very very funny.

See if that darn Greta wouldn't of got me sick..I would still be getting my treats until I go to get my shots in April. SO Great is banned for a week. ( I hope furever)

Tanner and I are just hanaging out. Mom has been busy with her mom's house, the woman who bought it decieded at the last minute that she didn't want a house she wanted a condo so she dropped out of something called now the house is back on the market and poor mom is so stressed with all this mess.

Well mom asked me if I want to go for a ride...I don't think so
I think I will just find a comfy spot on the sofa and kick back...Have a great day!



Greta is taking over..

February 6th 2011 11:36 am
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Our aunt Linda LOVES poodles she has 5. Greta was taken in as a foster and Linda decided that she needed another dog..BOL Well Aunt Linda's yard is great for fufu dogs but not a big one so here comes Greta almost everyday she gets dropped off at 6:45 Am now I am still sleeping so Greta comes and We get up to greet her at first she was very shy but now she is taking over..SHe stays the WHOLE day she gets picked up around 7:00PM. Mom told Linda if she wanted a nother dog she would get one, but since Linda is her good friend and we have a hugh yard, there is always room for one more.

So here it is sunday a day of rest and mom said Greta will be comming over in a's not fair!! She eats all Tanners food, all she wants to do is eat. Well she was a little skinny but mom feeds her so much that she has gained 10 lbs in 3 weeks.
Mom said we have to be nice, since Greta was on the streets for a long time and was in a shelter for a month and her time was running out before Poodle rescue saved her..them came Aunt Linda who thought she would just foster her..BOL.. alot of us kow how that works..once they come in they dont leave/

Well I better go rest, since she will be here soon..I have to say she is quite good looking....and she smells real good!!



Happy New Year

January 1st 2011 8:48 am
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Tanner and I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. It is 42 degrees here in Sunny CA. What a beautiful day for the Rose Parade, chilly for us "CA Natives".

Mom was telling us how she use to go and help with the floats when she was young. She grew up a couple of miles away from Colorado Blvd and the Rose Bowl but now she said it's better to sit back have a nice warm drink and her 2 best friends next to her and enjoy the parade. ( She means Me and Tanner)

The Black Sleath Jets just flew over the house at 8:Am as they do every New Years..

So Happy New Year everyone...

Your pals

Arnie & Tanner


What a Christmas..

December 26th 2010 4:43 pm
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Tanner and I and our mailman can't believe all the neat gifts we got from all our friends..

Whitley and Finely sent us stuff toys and the most yummy home made treat..I wanted to gobble them all but mom said one at a time. They also sent us some stuff called Texas Taffy and boy Tanner and I are sending mom to Texas to get us more.

Everyday our mailman said we were the luckiest dogs in Monrovia.
We got some neat stuff from Snow Angel and Pigeon, My friends Wasabi , River and ginger sent us a really nice Senior Dog Calendar with Wasabi's picture in it, and my frineds Bogey and Dante sent some treats and a really neat big super tuff toy for me and a neat toy for Tanner, Our friend Demon sent us some "chummies" that are salmon and they are soo delissious..
and the cards..we counted almost 30 cards and they have wonderful pictures of all our friends dressed up . We really love the one from Max and his family, 4 rotties, mom and dad with Santa..glad no one nipped the big man..

Well We are going to have a Texas Taffy and kick back, it's crazy weather here in Sunny Ca. from the floods and mud last week to one day of sun and rain last night..what do we care, we got all our toys to play with and lots of treats.

Thank you all our friends for making this a very very merry christmas..


We"re upset

December 11th 2010 8:50 am
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with Dogster...,mom went on to post some new pictures and it said that we needed to get Dogster I do not now who does there accountiung, but mom got a e-mail saying that they got her check and that they had also got a paypal so they said they would cancel paypal and deposit the check THe same day that they made me Dog of the Day. SO now they messed it up and
took all our stuff off...we are pretty upset and mom has barked 2 pawmails to them...

SO that is how our day has started...



Wow!!!! DOg of the Day

December 7th 2010 7:49 am
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What a surprise...Thanks Dogster...

I am really honored. Mom was really surprised when she got on the computer this morning, she woke me up with a load of treats...

I just want to say I am soo Happy!!



Happy ThanksGiving

November 24th 2010 8:48 am
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HI Everyone...

It's been a while since we posted. Mom wanted to thank everyone that sent cards and warm wishes when mom's mom passed.
We've been pretty busy going over to granma's house with mom, there is a lot of stuff to do and mom is trying to get thru it.

At granma's we found a Big Rooster that we named "Rudy" he was pretty neat but we found a wonderful farm for mentally challeneged kids that took him., My brother Tanner and I would hang out with him in the yard. We wanted to keep him, but mom said he would be Coyotee food...

Well we hope to get back on regular. Mom is putting granma's house on the market in Jan. She said it's too much to keep up 2 homes..

Tanner and I wish all our friends a Happy Thanksgiving. We Love you ALL.

Arnie & Tanner


It's My Furever Day...

August 17th 2010 8:18 am
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I am soo happy!! I got to get on the bed early this morning and I got extra special hugs and kisses from mom & dad. Tanner gave me a bag of my favorite doggie treats amd I got some special new tug toys.

Mom said later we will have a special treat Ice Cream and a doggie Cuppy Cake and mom said she would get home from granma's early and make a bar b q and grill me a nice "Big Hot Dog" It is my day all day and the celebration has started.

I want to wish everyone that has a birthday today Happy Birthday or Happy Furever Day...!!



3 more days

August 14th 2010 4:21 pm
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and it will be 1 year that I have been in my furever home. Mom said we are going to celebrate. It seems soo long ago that I was in that cold place with no hope of finding a furever family. I was soo depressed nobody wanted a Big Old Dog...but I was wrong and now I don't look back.

So Aug 17th is my day. Mom has been gone a lot but now she is taking Tanner and me to granmas so she can spend time with us.
She said we will spend the whole day together with lots of goodies, hugs and kisses.

I can hardly wait!!!



Rotties Rule..

August 1st 2010 10:50 pm
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Wow!! What a honor from my friends at "Rotties Rule" I have been handed the crown to rule for the week of Aug 1 -Aug 7 th.

This month is is very special cause on AUg 17th it will be 1 year that I got adopted out of that cold cold place into my loving family. Life can't get any better for this guy. Mom said we will celebrate all month and today was mom's and dad's anniversary so the celebration is already on its way!

My 1st order as King and I know my friend Demon Flash Bandit will like for your humans to get you in the car and do a drive thru to Burger King and order a couple of Jr Whoppers..for us "big guys" a couple or 3 is a good treat..for you little guys well I'm sure your humans can help you out!! So let the celebration begin...


Ruler of the Week..."Rotties Rule"

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