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Pittbull Rescue

June 2nd 2012 6:12 pm
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We are posting a link on our page about a rescue that is so important to us. We only were able to get the link on our page--not in a message. You'll find it on right side scroll down near our pictures. Dont really know how to do link posts, but we think this will work. Thanks for checking it out.
Chewy, Leia & Mom


Below is the Facebook comment Mom posted under the link to the story:

This thank you "hug" being given to BJC Animal Control also goes out to GBHS and PGPD. The dogs are so grateful to be rescued from hell. Imagine: having a roof over your head instead of having to stand out in the rain and lightning we had last night; finally having a bowl of water; a bite of food you don't have to fight for or pull a big heavy chain just to try to reach it while a collar tears into your raw skin. Imagine being able to lay your head down in peace to rest for the first time in your life and not be afraid and not be eaten up by fleas while flies chew into your open sores. Just imagine................can​ you? (Will you?)


We're still here....

March 11th 2011 5:23 am
[ Leave A Comment ]'s been a year!!! Time flies so fast! We've been keeping up with our pals on their pages, but just haven't gotten around to writing on ours. We don't have any big news or big adventures going on, but life is good and we are all happy and well, so we are blessed!
I still go to daycare every now and least on grooming day. With Leia around to play with, she's about all I have energy for! We run, run, RUN through the house every day...especially in the morning while Mom & Dad are trying to get ready for work. (Sometimes we just crash right into them as we all hurry from room to room in our little house!)
We've started going for longer walks now that it's not so cold, but most of our play is inside. When Leia and I go out, we find as much junk as we possibly can to try to eat it before we get caught. We really love to eat the outer black part of the pecans the squirrels scatter around. You know...the part that covers the shell?
And now we have Fritzy, the cat we still need to find a home for. We like her a bunch, but we just wanna play too rough. She still hopes to find a nice warm lap to sit in. But we will keep her till we find just the right place for her, and we will TRY to learn to be calmer around her! (She's not really even afraid of us, but we're just overwhelming after about 15 seconds! No manners AT ALL!)
Well, that's about all I can say to update the past year. We just stay home and wait for our folks to get in from work...then it's play, play, play till bedtime. Somewhere, sometime, we're going to have to work in some training and learning stuff!



March 6th 2010 8:02 am
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For the first time I got to go to doggy-day-care for "Bark & Stretch"! I loved it so much, especially since I'm an "only child", so it was great to get to spend the day playing outside with a bunch of pups. This is a program at my vets, so we trust they will always take the best care of everyone. Only thing...I have a lot of long, light-colored hair right now, so I was a mess when I got home and had to have a bath before I could even get in MY bed. And I missed my nap that I usually get while my folks are at work. I was so-o-o-o tired, but it was so much fun! Mom said I can at least go every other week. I can hardly wait.
When weather is warm, they will have doggy pools for us to play in. By then I'll have a summer haircut and won't get so messy. (Being a little boy, I didn't mind the mess, but you know how Moms are...)
One more thing...there's this cute little Dachshund named Penny...I think she really likes me!
I highly recommend doggy day care!

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