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Yep, I'm FOUR!!!

July 29th 2012 11:40 pm
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So, I turned a big ole FOUR years old and I'm still spritely as a pup and love doing my zoomies around the back yard, above ground pool! My birthday went well, but it was a bit understated as mom was under the weather due to a recent colonoscopy and polyps removed. Non cancerous so YAY! Then she got an infection, so my birthday was very low key. My human sis, Rose (the one who takes me on lots of neighborhood walks)brought me a tiny dinosaur that squeeks in a lovely high pitch (love those squeekers!)and mom had ordered through the mail a great big ole bags of pigs ears for me. YAY!! Oh, I also got rushed to the vet last week due to a scare. Seems mom was checking my mouth and freaked out big time when she saw a huge grey swelling on my right incisor. Mom felt so very bad when she spotted it as she always checks the pads of my feet, in my ears and my gum line and teeth every few days. She was so scared I was in pain! We got into my vets the same day and Dr.Hill said my teeth were in great shape for a tiny dog of four years! Just a touch of tartar (mom was mortified, but the vet was very happy)and he checked in my ears where I'd been scratching a bit. He took a swab of stuff in my ears and nope, no infection. YAY! But there was some redness and inflamation. Dr.HIll said probably allergies, which I have alot of, and gave me two shots. One for inflammation and the other an antibiotic, long acting, in case something was brewing. AND yes, my teeth were thorougly checked and the doc used his nail and scraped that big chuck of roast beef right off my tooth!!! Mom was so relieved she just laughed and laughed at herself. BOL! Even though I get stuff in my water to prevent teeth issues, now I get my teeth brushed with a teeny tiny toothbrush and chicken flavored dog toothpaste every single day. I don't like it much, but I'm getting used to it. Doc said that if we don't pull a leftover baby tooth thats crowding one of my incisors, that food will get stuck in there and cause problems. Well, not with mom on daily toothbrush duty!! She's afraid that the general anaestestia might hurt me as she's read alot online of folks taking their dogs in for dental services under general sleepy time and them not waking up. We are SO NOT HAVING THAT!!! I'm planning on being around a long, long time, so I guess I've got to suck it up and get used to getting my teeth brushed. Oh and my next door neighbor adopted a new 5 month old rescue, mixed breed black colored, lovely pup named Nico! He's soooo cute! Can't wait to sniff him as mom sais he's really friendly but he looks sooo huge to me! He's about 9 pounds already, so next to me he's HUGE. But as long as he's nice, it's all good. That's all for now, take care folks! Oops, forgot to tell you I've got a tiny white beard now! Mom sais it's so cute!!


My 4th birthday is this Sunday!!

July 13th 2012 11:04 pm
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Hi! I can hardly believe I'm turning four whole years old this Sunday! Mom ordered me something for my birthday from the lap toy she's always on and she won't tell me what it is, just that I'll love it....hmmm. Gotta wonder on that one! My skin is better, moms been bathing me every week since i'm allergic to so much outside and I get pollen all over me when I go out back and I get the itchies, so in the kitchen sink I go for warm baths! This last time after only 2 days I got flakey skin, so I got a nice lotion rub down afterwards! I didn't even try to lick it off, it felt so nice! I got my own new car seat for moms car that goes on the console, so my sisters don't get mad that they have to give up thier front seats anymore for my car seat, so now everyones happy! YAY! Mom took my old car seat and put it in daddies new truck and it hangs on the back of his seat, so mom can see and pet me easily from her seat and I see out my own little side window great! My own window with that dark sticky stuff on it that darkens the light coming in to me, so it's not to hot or bright for me. They've thought of everything! I've got it made! YAY! Other than the baths all the time I've been in great health for a change, no more icky skin or ear infections, so lifes been peachy for me. When the weathers not too hot, my sister Rosey takes me for little walks and we both enjoy them alot. Sometimes I get scared when big dogs bark at me on walks and I ask Rosey to pick me up and she does right away and we walk away quick! Then down I go and off we go again. It's lots of fun. So many smells to sniff! Can't wait to see what I get for my birthday! Mom and daddy always buy me a strawberry or lemon flavored cake. I wonder if I'll get the same or something brand new? Hmmm. I'll catch you up after my birthday party! Kisses, Penny


I'm heartworm negative!!! Yay!

February 12th 2011 7:46 pm
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It all started on Thursday, the day of the month that mom gives me the yucky heartworm medicine. I have to get it in 1/4's cause I'm only 3 & 3/4 lbs and can't tolerate much of it at once. It usually only makes me a bit poopy but this time Oy Vay!!! I threw up TWICE yesterdays and had the runnys so bad it was liquid. (Sorry for details but it was BAD) Mom called my vet and they said I'm d.o.n.e. with this icky medicine, but needed to heartworm test me to be able to give me a new prescription. Mom held me and the Dr. took my blood and I didn't squeek, cry or growl or bite or anything!! I was SO brave! Mom bought me a pigs ear from the vet to celebrate my bravery. She said I'd appreciate it more than a medal and she was right. So, the vet gave her the new prescription and we went home to get it called right in and on the way home as I was chewing on my pigs ear a brittle peice came off in my mouth and I about choked! Freaked us both right out, but I was OK> Mom pulled right over and almost drove us right back to the vet! But, I was fine, so home we went. And the vet didn't even charge us for an office call, just the test! THat Dr.Hills a keeper I tell ya! I feel SO much better today!! And my new medicines already on the way. Dr.Hill said if I have probs with this new med, I maybe won't be using heartworm meds and that's scary for mom. Moms been sick ALOT lately, so we haven't been able to go to my fav places, like the petstores and stuff and mom feels bad about that, but she's feeling better now cause I've taken such great care of her! Everytime she's slept, I sleep right on top of her to watch her close and make sure she's breathing ok and to make sure no one disturbs her. It's been a big job, but I've been up to the challenge and she's up and around again, thanks to me!! YAY, I'm superdoggie!!


Ahhh, Mid December already!!

December 13th 2010 9:20 pm
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I can hardly believe Christmas is right around the corner!! It
s so great this year, I'm not recovering from any surgery this Christmas, so I can do zoomies around our Christmas tree, it's so great!! Mom's gone alot, shopping she sais, but I hang with dad and my sisters and we watch TV and wait for her to come home and I can smell all the cool places she's been on her clothes. I check her out really good when she gets back. Mom sais she's taking me to the Galleria to look at a HUGE tree and lots of lights. Can't wait!! New people just love to pet me and ask mom silly questions like if I'm a puppy. C'mon, I'm 2 & 1/2 years old now! My human sister Rose bought me a cool new Santa jacket and I had fun trying it on and posing for pics today! Oh, and I got my pic done with Santa at Petco last week end!! It was soo fun! Wish there was more room to post pics on this page! I'm the Christmas Pooh! Wheeee!!! Can't wait for Christmas!!


Yearly Vet visit today.

November 19th 2010 2:09 pm
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What a busy week! Tuesday Mom took me to Rocklin to my dermatologist to get a refill of my skin meds. (Being hairless is high maintenence for sure!) And this morning, we went to my regular vet for my yearly check up, shots and a nail trim. My heart and health is awesome Dr.Hill sais and he said he'd never seen a 2 year old small dog with teeth as white and in as great shape as mine before! He said normally, tiny dogs like me have at least some tartar build up, but mine are the whitest he'd ever seen! Mom was sooo happy! And the little cough I get sometimes was confirmed by him that it's probably just allergies as my heart is awesome also! Mom plans on me being the worlds oldest Chi and we're working to make that happen. I got my boosters which I took like a champ, no whining or crying even!!! and stood quietly while my nails got clipped. Dr.Hill said my knees have healed from surgery last Christmas just awesomely and that Dr.Valverde my joint surgeon did a super job!! YAY!!! Moms sooo happy!!Ooooh, it just started raining outside. Good thing I piddled about a half an hour ago! Mom got me one of those grass patches to piddle on, but I haven't used it yet as it doesn't fool me and I really prefer grass. I'm on moms lap, where I fit nicely between the laptop and her tummy all cuddled up with a furry baby blanket over me, so warm and snuggly! Mom just ordered me a Christmas surprise from Ebay and I'm trying to get her to tell me what it is, but she's a tight lipped ole broad....I may have to just wait and be surprised. Sigh. Waiting for daddy to get home so I can lick his face and tell him how wonderful he is to go to work and buy me my special food and medicines!!! He's great!!!


Monday was Apple Hill Day!

November 19th 2010 2:01 pm
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WOW, Hi everyone! Last Monday me and mom and our friends, Debbie and her cutie pie blonde Chi, Bella went to Apple Hill and old town Placerville for the day! It was SOOoooo fun! The weather was so fine, it was 74 degrees and sunny, but up in the mountains (Apple Hill is just beyond Placerville, a bit north)it was great in the sun, but kinda cool for us low to the ground in the shade from all the Awesome huge pine trees!! Oh, we had so much fun, smelling where all the other dogs walked and such a great assortment of new trees to smell and mark! Wow! Mom and Debbie shopped outdoors in cool booths, where everyone admired me and Bella's awesome Chi coolness and we had such a beautiful drive. So great! I sat on moms shoulder most of the way, as it's my fav spot and I can see outside the best that way. We went all over that mountain, looking at great apple shops and displays and we bought daddy a carmel and chocolate candy apple to bring home for him. After 6 super fun awesome hours, we needed lunch so mom and Debbie took us to downtown Placerville where we shopped in cool stores and bought my human sis a pretty birthday card. Then, we went to a Mex restaraunt and mom and Debbie got great lunches they shared with us. Yummy! We left about 10 in the morning and got home a bit after 4 in the afternoon and we were all bushed! I got to visit with my friend Bella and didn't even collapse when she touched me this time. Mom and Debbie were very proud of my braveness! Such a busy week it's been! More in the next post. Love, Penny Mouse Fart


Penny caught a burgler!!!

September 30th 2010 6:37 pm
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For anyone who thinks tiny dogs aren't worth thier food, well read this!!! Yesterday someone tore up the whole air conditioning/heating unit across the street for the copper. It was a bank owned home and it was just ruined by the robbers. We were all stunned. Well, there's a bank owned home next door to me and I was worried that it might get hit by the robbers next. Today at 3:15pm Penny went NUTS and kept barking and jumping up on the sliding glass door to the back yard!! So unlike her! So, I rush over and let her out back and followed her to see why she was so mad. She ran up to the side fence and kept barking and snapping and jumping up on the fence, like she wanted something up above. So, I look up and there's a guy with a hard hat on the empty bank owned house!! "Hey, what're you doing up there?" I yelled. "The owners called me and they said that there's a problem with the air, so I tested it and now I'm fixing it." "It's bank owned and the master circuit breaker is missing, what'd you test it with, with no electricity?" "Uhhhh, I'm fixing it now." "I'm calling the cops." And I go out front to see if there's a truck with a company logo and surprise, no truck. I call 911 and the police come out 15 minutes later and tell me all the screens had been removed from the back windows and Penny stopped a crime in progress!!! YAY for Penny Pooper!! 3 & 3/4 lbs of burgler alarm for the neighborhood!! So, if anyone asks you what tiny dogs are good for, please tell them about little Penny!!! That's my happy story for the day.


I'm going to Barktoberfest!!

September 28th 2010 11:43 am
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Can't wait for October, when Ms.Bella and our people are all going to Barktoberfest!! Sounds like lotsa fun and our moms always take us to nice restaraunts after. We get lotsa fun samples and get to sniff new dogs out in pretty parks. Been so HOT here lately in Sacramento!! 100 degrees yesterday and probably the same today. We've been hanging out in the house alot, due to the heat. Moms cooking a rotisseree chicken (my fav) and about to go cook some more. I better go supervise and give her good ideas and cooking tips. I don't know what she'd get up to without me!!! These humans are alot of work, but I think they're worth it. Stay Cool!!


Woofstock was AWESOME!!!

August 30th 2010 5:52 pm
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Yesterday was so wonderful!! It was Sunday and such wonderful weather, only high 70's!! So, we decided to go to Rocklin for Woofstock with our great friends, Debbie and Bella the beautiful Chi. Debbie and Bella drove all the way to our house, so we carpooled and drove them to Woofstock with us. What fun! Bella and I ran together and sat on mommies lap together and got to sniff lots of new strange doggies. It was so fun! We got doggy frozen blueberry yogurt with liver on top (YUM) and VibraPet samples of free lunch and lots of free samples of yummy new foods to try. So much fun! We saw our Chihuahua meetup group and stopped in for a rest in the shade and cuddle and we walked and walked as there was so very much to see! Vendors with neat new foods, clothes and products and petsitting services, wow! Such a beautiful park, too. We had our Chihuahua lunches in the shade and got drinks from the water Debbie brought and decided to go to lunch in Roseville. We went to Rubios cause it had a nice porch to eat on with us Chis and Debbie went in and ordered while mommy watched us, then Debbie got our food. Bella and I split a childs happy meal of Cheese Quesadillas and rice and we ate on our moms laps, while they ate fish tacos. Then, we all went to Petco for a nice walk together while our moms shopped we visited about what a great time we were having! Then, we came back home and I got to show Bella all my great toys and we were so sleepy from all the nice food and treats and great exercise. I even decided not to be a colapsing dog this time and almost played with Bella! I'm starting to act like a real dog some of the time!! YAY!!! Now Bella and I have to put our tiny heads together and figure out how to get our moms to do it again! SO much fun!!


Today is my Birthday! I'm TWO years old today!!!- YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

July 15th 2010 6:27 pm
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Whoop Whoop!! Chihuahua Party!!! YAY!!!! Today I am two big ole years old!!! Not spending much time outside today but moms taking me to Petco, my fav place in the world because I get to walk and smell the coolest stuff and she bought me a lemon cake for my birthday cause I LOVE sweets and don't get them often!! I got a yummy breakfast of chicken strips cause I'm spoiled they tell me (nice break from the Wellness dog food I usually get)I'm very special today and every day! It's 101 degrees outside, so we're not doing much outside cause of the heat and mommy got bit by the same dogs that attacked her about 4 months ago, so she's a bit paranoid about going outside and NO WAY is she taking me for walks outside with those attack dogs getting out and her getting attacked and it's just too dang hot, she sais. So I'm super excited about going to Petco and getting to smell cool stuff and say HI to all my Petco fans there!! Then, we'll get some vanilla ice cream to share and it will be a perfect birthday for me! I'm napping in moms lap right now as I went out for a potty break and the heat just bushed me right out. Sigh. It's a dogs life for sure!! And I'm TWO YEARS OLD TODAY!!! Happy Birthday to ME! He, he!!

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