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Getting Ready to say Goodbye

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Just One More Day

August 15th 2009 11:54 am
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Well, here we are at the middle of the month, and that's almost 6 months since D-Day (diagnosis day!). I treasure every new day with Abby, and I'm noticing how easy it is for me now to let the tears flow at the thought of losing her. Maybe if I get all the tears out now, there won't be any left later, and it won't be so painful. She's definitely slowing down, but still wants to play, and still can walk outside herself. Her eyes do look a little sadder though. Just One More Day...... please....


Day By day

August 1st 2009 11:13 am
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We saw the vet again yesterday, and she said that she was amazed that Abby is still with us fivemonths later. She thought maybe two months. We are so glad that she is still with us. She's licking her paws a lot and the vet says that that is an indication of pain. We don't want her to be in pain or to suffer. Yet she seems so full of life. She wags her tail like crazy when she sees us in the morning. She has a great appetite (though Cushings disease plays a part in that). She is continent and regular and she can walk herself. And she wants to play with her squeaker toys. So how do we know when it's time? How do we know that it's US being selfish and wanting one more day?


Counting Down the Days

July 26th 2009 12:12 pm
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July 26, '09. It's now just over 5 months since we took Abby to the vet to have her limp looked at. (We thought it was a pinched nerve). The vet called us right back and said come back in immediately. The x-rays showed osteosarcoma in right front paw. The vet said it was highly malignant and she could put Abby to sleep right away. We said "No Way, Not Today!" and we've had a wonderful time together since. She's slowing down and licking both paws now quite a bit, but she still has that waggy tail, and she still wants to play with the squeaky toys. How do we know when it's time?

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