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Where's The Beef?

August 24th 2009 11:07 am
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I think I'm getting spoiled.
Cheese and crackers, I used to eat ANYTHING mom cooked. Usually chicken, which I always like. But lately (and it's not just me), it's like we're becoming bored with our regular chow.
So get this: mom buys other stuff, like steak or pork chops- yeah, I know, expensive! and we just pick at it. Could be that in hot weather, we're not as hungry.....
Anyway mom gets irritated when we don't finish, and just leave it- so she says: "Okay, just dry kibble for you until you're really hungry!"

Well, THAT lasts about a day, then we're all looking at her like she's STARVING us poor, deprived doggies....and we put a real guilt trip on her, so she says, "Okay, I'll fix you dinner." And off she goes to cook something. She's so easy. She should try to be tougher, huh?

She WISHES she could be like Victoria Stillwell! Just caves with a look from us. Hee-hee.............

Actually, she DID just give us some dry chow yesterday- so, I could eat a chicken drumstick or uh, mom? Hungry doggie here........(Can't you tell from my pictures?)
Going to the cabinet....where the jerky is......oooo....

KAY! Bye for now! Love, Casey


In The Cool Spot

August 29th 2009 5:10 am
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Well, amazingly, (for me) I haven't been that hungry.
(I KNOW!) Probably due to the weather. Mom makes sure we have cold water and outside to pee- and then we all want back IN!
Funny how tempature can affect appetite!~

So, I used to have my hiding spot, in a bedroom, and then, went to the back, where it was cooler, then, finally I came out to the front room, where it's the coolest spot in the whole house! (A/C and fans)

I lay in the spot where my brother, Vinnie, usually sleeps. Right under the window A/C. (We live in an older house, no central air) Vin sleeps wherever mom sleeps, right at her feet, or by her side. Me and Sammy, though, we sleep whever it's COOL! Hopefully, it will cool off soon.

I kind of feel bad for doggies who are outside dogs. I hope their humans at least put ice cubes in their water.
We skipped our walk last night, it was so hot, and mom wasn't up to it- but, we walked tonight! It cooled off to 80- wooooo. Farehient, not Celisus.

Hope all you doggies had a good day! Stay Cool! Love, Casey


I'm Hungry Again!!

September 1st 2009 10:48 am
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I dunno... it was so hot (still is, a bit), none of us wanted to eat a lot.

But, since it has cooled off a little, AND mom cooked us beef brisket- (TOTALLY our favorite) - we ate everything on the plate. (Looked at mom, "more, please?") Oh, we still get the people jerky for training, our biscuts.....our snacks.......
It DOES seem like if we hold out, we'll really get what we want! Ooooo.... does that mean we're spoiled? Does that mean I'M spoiled?

DON'T ANSWER THAT! (sheepshly already knows). Well, all I know is that I am HUNGRY! Even after our walkies. It just has to be what I want........
Okay, okay. Yes, I'm spoiled! (ears down) SIGH......
It's mom's fault, I tell ya.....
No, Frankie, Don't take me to da big house! It's ma! I tell ya.......

Ooooooo... whassszat? (Sniffs) Pork ribs! er.. ah.. I'll talk at ya later!
HOLLA! Love, Casey


Heh-hee. Mom, where's the FOOD?

September 12th 2009 2:59 pm
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Okay, it's cooler. Fine. Good. Yes.
Mom has decided to cut back portions! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!
Who do I complain to?
I porked out every night! Okay, maybe when it got hot, I didn't eat everything on my plate.
Mom says I have to lose at least 2-3 pounds. That much? I'm hungry!
I steal Vinnie's and Sammy's treats if they don't watch!
I'm usually used to eating a lot! If I didn't run with mom,I might be really overweight! I think I look cute!
Gawsh! The Vet's gonna weigh me! I'll blame it on mom.
Send food: Love, Casey


Vet Told Me I Was Fat!

October 2nd 2009 4:35 am
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How insulting! Here I am looking cute, and the Vet says "We'll, she'll have to lose a LOT of weight!"
Who, me?
He told mom that when shen first brought me in for my spay, I weighed 40 pounds. Now I weigh 61 pounds! Where did THAT come from? Who's been sneaking me food? Now, I have to lose at LEAST 10 pounds (or more).
Mom told the Vet, when she got me, (at my old house), there were other doggies there who took my food- The Vet said, "We'll', she's FOOD-OBSESSED- you must watch her food intake."
"She's gained 21 pounds! Put her on some diet chow- watch her treat stealing."
Mom sighed- okay- I looked at her, like "Do you HAVE to?" She nodded, yes, sweetie.
So, now, I get half I used to- no stealing treats anymore- she caught me once, but I ran away outside.
Doesn't she or the Vet understand FOOD is COMFORT food?
But mom is not going to NOT treat me, just make sure I get my one, and not four, like I was taking from Sammy and Vinnie.
Sniff- I gotta lose weight. GRRR Love, Casey



October 6th 2009 2:11 am
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1. Eat
2. Eat
3. Eat
4. Walkies
5. Rides thru Burger King
7. Eat


Sammy's got me Scared again

October 29th 2009 4:59 am
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Now, I'm afraid to go out. Sniff. Bad, scary people. Haloween. and all I wanted was beef jerky.


I Lost a Few Pounds! Yahooee!!!

December 30th 2009 3:28 am
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It took a couple of months, but mommy really began to notice when my harness was too loose! So she had to tighten up up to "snug".

Wellll-doggie! How's them chickens for ya? Chickens, chickens? OH YEAH, baked chicken tonight. Here's what momma changed: See, with her older doggies (they're angels now) she was taking classes again and on a real tight budget, so she made their food last longer by adding brown rice to the meat! "Dog food" was too expensive!

All her doggies before me, lived a long, long life. So she figured, well, it's good for vitamins, some fiber-whole grains, why not try that again?
The first time she gave that to us (she browned the meat first, added a little bit of raw flaxseed, then mixed in the brown and wild rice), we ate every bite! Even Sammy, the finicky one, cleaned his plate.

It was delicious! It must be helping with the weight loss, because we poop better, too. (I thought I'd share that detail with you.) Hee-hee.

We still have some Christmas goodies left to eat! That's okay, we've cut down on the snacking, so we really appreciate the treats we get now.

Yes, we do. It was my Mommy's birthday yesterday and we showed her our appreciation by leaving her some nice poop presents in the back yard! BOL!

Thanks for the special goodies mom, and I promise I'll try and stop dragging my butt on the carpet......but only because I love you! Can I have a hug now?

Casey, The Food Obsessed Doggie


I Stole Sammy's Big Chew Bone

January 4th 2010 6:26 am
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Hey, HE left it! No fair. A nice one from Christmas, with chicken covering the top of a BIG pressed rawhide bone. (Slobber...)

You give me my treat, and I'll be done with it before Samster and Vin even get started!!

But, what a TREAT! Yowser. Thanks, Santa Paws!
I know mommy's still holding out............. I'll go on a recon mission.
I KNOW there's doggie cookies left somewhere about.

Oh, and mommy got Sammy's bone back. BOL! You really have to watch ME!

Happy, Merry, Good New Year, all good doggies!
Love, Casey The Hungry


What Am I?

January 22nd 2010 11:50 pm
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Oh, com'on. Mommy has no idea what breed I am. Any guesses?
She swears I'm a new breed called "Giant Chihuahua", heh, AS IF! She thinks I have a tiny Chihuahua head and a shepard or labrador body.

I'm a mixed breed. Surprise! But really, I'm a giant- no- a "Standard Chihuahua", ha-ha, just like a big Standard Poodle, as opposed to "toy", doncha know!

Yep, I have made doggie history! The first of my breed! Well, isn't THAT special!

Mommy thinks I might have some Chow-Chow in me, too, because of the color of my muzzle, and I bark at strangers and strange doggies like I'm a Rottie! And I'll pull at my leash like: "Lemme at him! WOOF! BARK! I'll get ya!"
Of course, mommy is mortified, because if I ever tried something like that by myself, well, end of Casey!

It took me a long time to be confident enough to hold my tail high on walkies, and feel safe outside- but mom thinks I am becoming delusional about my size- or whatever my breed is......I might have a little Chow in me. Huh..

Oh well. You can call me Casey, mutt or mixed breed, but don't call me late for DINNER!!

Speaking of which......she's cooking hamburger for us....yipee!
KAY! BAYL......

Love, Casey ( the always hungry doggie)

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