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I'm Happy I have FOOD

December 11th 2011 2:44 am
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According to Mom, my synapses aren't up to par. I'm a happy doggie, just feed me, brush me and pet me.
I don't understand a lot- when Mom took us for our kennelcough shots- and to kennel when she was going on a trip, I was so scared!
I thought she was giving me up! Sniff! I tried to run. Once right back to the van (mom's dad was helping), and to the kennel, the staff had to come out!
Mommy promised it was just for a week or so, I guess I didn't understand. I was not treated well the first year of my life. Mom saw that. She stuck in there with me. Finally, I thought, I'm safe!
Then this trip! and being kenneled- I lost it totally.
Maybe it wasn't meant to be at this time. Mom is going next fall. For now, I feel so safe back home. I know I am loved and cared for.
Mom said to say: we'll be back soon to say hi to our pals.

Love, Casey


What's My Breed?

March 19th 2011 8:20 am
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We FINALLY can safely and without glitches, roam freely on the computer again- a people problem. Mom wanted to update our pages a bit, and realized although I'm, part chihuaua- I'm not a chow- not enough fur- but I'm something else.
*SIGH* So, she put "Lab"- what do you think?

"The Quotable Dog"

I know that dogs are pack animals, but it is difficult to imagine a pack of standard poodles. And if there was such a thing as a pack of standard poodles, where would they rove to? Bloomingdale's?
-Yvonne Clifford


Thank You, Doggie Pals!

October 10th 2010 6:24 am
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A special bark out goes to our pal Howard- because if it wasn't for him, gosh we might not have come back to Dogster. Thanks for the pawmails, Howie!
I'd also like to thank Toby Aragorn for the very pretty birthday picture- and the pack: Chandler Ray, Lilly-Rose, Tweety, Cally, Toby and the Angels: Wyatt, Sammy and Aragorn.

Also, our doggie pals that remembered Sammy and Vinnie:
Zack, Chelsea, Buster, Nikki, Connoi& Co., The Cali Crew, Coco Rose, Logan, Simba Blue, Bay Ling, Puff, Sandra (aka Thumper), Kramer, Kisha, Molly, Sheldon, Buddy Bush.
Hope I didn't forget anyone, if I did, blame it on Mom. She's had a rough couple of months. She's retired, by the VA. We get good dinners, and walkies, but there's times she can't get herself out of bed. Well, that's where we come in. "Come on, mom, let's GO!" Get up, let's go!
Where would she be without us? She'll grumble, and say, OKAY! let's go for a walk! She feels better, WE feel better.

Thanks to our Pals- Mom said she's going to Forum and post for all the zealies- and give out prezzies. YAY!
Love, Casey


Please, Dogster Hamburger Rosettes?

May 18th 2010 11:21 am
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Okay, rosettes or special gifts, but I wanna give doggies what I want, and that would be a cheeseburger. Who me? Hungry? Perish the thought.
Okay, okay, yes, I'm hungry almost all of the time.

Mommy figures it's because she got me at a year old and I was always outside, and the other doggies took my food.
The Vet said I was "Food obsessed"- I gained 20 lbs since I lived with mommy.

Still, I want to give our pals a hamburger/cheeseburger treat- a rosette or a gift.
Besides, we doggies aren't supposed to have a cupcake or chocolate, anyway. Pretty as they are. Mommy loves the colors!

Dogster, can someone make a hamburger/cheeseburger rosette or gift? Please?
We'll settle for a crossant- or subway sandwich. BOL!

Love, Casey (Food obsessed doggie)


Stock Up On The Food, Mom!

April 11th 2010 1:15 am
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We had a big "shaker" last week (that earthquake), and all the newshumans on TV are still telling people in our area to "be prepared", just in case.

We should all have canned food and water enough to last at least 3 days, because the power and water could be shut off. We got off pretty easy here, no kidding! For a 7.62 quake that was only about 100 miles away in Mexicali (which is the Capitol of Mexico, BTW, most people think it's Mexico City), BUT the newshumans said it was because all the desert around the area absorbed most of the rumbles-

-But back to the FOOD, here's MY list of non-perishibles goodies:
1. Canned dog food. We only like Purina One and Mighty Dog (even though the cans are small, they're pretty good!)
2. Canned chicken, canned roast beef hash, canned Spam, canned fish.
3. A can opener (unless they have pull-tops) and a big spoon. Our bowls. Big water bowl. Baggies for treats.
4. About 10 gallons of the water in plastic jugs.
5. At least 2 or 3 boxes of dog biscuits.
6. All my favorite treats and snacks in zippered baggies.

All that other stuff like blankies and a first-aid kit, I'll leave up to mommy to get.
Hopefully, we won't need it, but I want to make sure she has my food!

Oh, and I dropped my claim against Vinnie saying he bit my nose when Vinnie said he would "countersue" me, and we'd have to see that scary lady, "Judge Judy"!

No, thank you. I'll just enjoy the peace around here, the nice weather, and my food!

We went for walkies with Grandpa tonight, and he called me a "torpedo dog"! He said I was "round"- Excuse ME!! I'm pleasantly plump, is all. BOL!!

Anyway, Happy Spring! Casey (the snack stealer)


Vinnie Bit My Nose!

March 1st 2010 2:47 am
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Well, it was really a little "love-nip". Here's what happened.....Mommy had to go out of town for a day, leaving us all alone all day! Such abuse!
I wonder how SHE'D like it if WE all ran away at the same time, leaving HER all alone.
Anyway, mommy knows better than to leave treats out when she has to leave, because she's seen us in action.

1. If any biscuit or crew roll is left unsecured, it's all mine, but I have to be quick!

2. If I try and weasel my way to a treat that's near Vin or Sammy (they're not eating it- I want it), they'll growl at me, so I just try again later.

3. One time, when mom first brought Sammy home-he was really unsocialized- Sammy made a play for Vinnie's chew, and there was a minor scuffle- mommy yelled "HEY!" and they stopped, but not without Sammy getting a nip at Vinnie first!

4. So when we get our treats, mom supervises.

HOWEVER, there's one thing. Sammy could care less when the dangerous mail/delivery/doorbell ring occurs- but Vinnie is King of barking at the door. King, I tell ya! Head Honcho. The Big Kahuna. Top Banana..Alpha Door Barker.....
But I wanted to get in on the action, too! Usually mommy leaves the door open, so we can look out (Vinnie is just standing guard..waiting..) through the heavy locked screen door. And when anyone approaches-the mail- mass bark hysteria. Vinnie really hurls himself at the door; he takes his job seriously.

Mommy likes it when he does that to salesmen, especially since she has a "No Soliciting" sign on the door. But I guess all humans can't read.

Okay, so I have started to join in on the daily barkfest, my paws slipping on the wood floor, trying to get my bark in- and Vinnie will turn to ME, as if to say: "Hey, this is MY job, MY mailman, Get Lost!" and nip at ME so I back off. But I still want to be part of it, I want to do something important, too!

Mom tells us, "Shhhh" and "Enough", sometimes we listen, sometimes we don't. (She's thinking of auditioning us for "The Dog Whisperer" TV show- our out of control barking at the door, and Sammy's chronic escape plans.)

When mommy came home after that time she was gone all day ( it was dark when she came home), she came in-doesn't make a fuss until we are all calm- then pets us and usually we get a treat! That's when she saw my nose!
Right at the top of it, it looked rough and scraped, like the skin had been scratched. So she cleaned it up, put a dab of peroxide on my snout until it bubbled a bit- didn't hurt at all. She asked me, "Did Vinnie do this to you?" Even though she didn't see it happen, she's seen Vinnie nip at me when I try to join in on the barking or if I try and take a treat when he's too close to it.
And she's seen him get dog-crazy at the door and give me a nip when I bark, too.

Like I said, Sammy is totally laid-back when it comes to any noises, knocking, people outside, etc. He's all chill. But, The Vinster is on DUTY, he thinks. So, even if the door was closed, we can still HEAR the mail, or we look out the window and then, it's ON! Muhaa-haa-ha.

My nose is fine. It was one of those "warning" nips, so he didn't even break the skin or anything. And mommy understood- Vinnie is the oldest, after all. He's kind of set in his ways...honestly, he used to be a lot worse at the door, like that, but mom just doesn't react to it negativily-a bark or two is okay, but if he really gets carried away, mommy just calmly closes the door, or tells him, "Stop, Vinnie, That'll DO!" and he stops. Just long enough to run out the back door and bark through the fence, to make sure the dangerous mailman has gone away.

As for me, I got extra treats and lots of petting for my poor nose, 'cuz mommy felt bad for me. Extra treats? Heh-heh... THAT'LL do! BOL!

Love, Casey (The "if you're not gonna eat that, can I have it?" dog.)


What Am I?

January 22nd 2010 11:50 pm
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Oh, com'on. Mommy has no idea what breed I am. Any guesses?
She swears I'm a new breed called "Giant Chihuahua", heh, AS IF! She thinks I have a tiny Chihuahua head and a shepard or labrador body.

I'm a mixed breed. Surprise! But really, I'm a giant- no- a "Standard Chihuahua", ha-ha, just like a big Standard Poodle, as opposed to "toy", doncha know!

Yep, I have made doggie history! The first of my breed! Well, isn't THAT special!

Mommy thinks I might have some Chow-Chow in me, too, because of the color of my muzzle, and I bark at strangers and strange doggies like I'm a Rottie! And I'll pull at my leash like: "Lemme at him! WOOF! BARK! I'll get ya!"
Of course, mommy is mortified, because if I ever tried something like that by myself, well, end of Casey!

It took me a long time to be confident enough to hold my tail high on walkies, and feel safe outside- but mom thinks I am becoming delusional about my size- or whatever my breed is......I might have a little Chow in me. Huh..

Oh well. You can call me Casey, mutt or mixed breed, but don't call me late for DINNER!!

Speaking of which......she's cooking hamburger for us....yipee!
KAY! BAYL......

Love, Casey ( the always hungry doggie)


I Stole Sammy's Big Chew Bone

January 4th 2010 6:26 am
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Hey, HE left it! No fair. A nice one from Christmas, with chicken covering the top of a BIG pressed rawhide bone. (Slobber...)

You give me my treat, and I'll be done with it before Samster and Vin even get started!!

But, what a TREAT! Yowser. Thanks, Santa Paws!
I know mommy's still holding out............. I'll go on a recon mission.
I KNOW there's doggie cookies left somewhere about.

Oh, and mommy got Sammy's bone back. BOL! You really have to watch ME!

Happy, Merry, Good New Year, all good doggies!
Love, Casey The Hungry


I Lost a Few Pounds! Yahooee!!!

December 30th 2009 3:28 am
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It took a couple of months, but mommy really began to notice when my harness was too loose! So she had to tighten up up to "snug".

Wellll-doggie! How's them chickens for ya? Chickens, chickens? OH YEAH, baked chicken tonight. Here's what momma changed: See, with her older doggies (they're angels now) she was taking classes again and on a real tight budget, so she made their food last longer by adding brown rice to the meat! "Dog food" was too expensive!

All her doggies before me, lived a long, long life. So she figured, well, it's good for vitamins, some fiber-whole grains, why not try that again?
The first time she gave that to us (she browned the meat first, added a little bit of raw flaxseed, then mixed in the brown and wild rice), we ate every bite! Even Sammy, the finicky one, cleaned his plate.

It was delicious! It must be helping with the weight loss, because we poop better, too. (I thought I'd share that detail with you.) Hee-hee.

We still have some Christmas goodies left to eat! That's okay, we've cut down on the snacking, so we really appreciate the treats we get now.

Yes, we do. It was my Mommy's birthday yesterday and we showed her our appreciation by leaving her some nice poop presents in the back yard! BOL!

Thanks for the special goodies mom, and I promise I'll try and stop dragging my butt on the carpet......but only because I love you! Can I have a hug now?

Casey, The Food Obsessed Doggie


Sammy's got me Scared again

October 29th 2009 4:59 am
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Now, I'm afraid to go out. Sniff. Bad, scary people. Haloween. and all I wanted was beef jerky.

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