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Who Says I'm A Dog?

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Until We Meet Again

May 19th 2012 10:11 pm
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If you are reading this, it is because my Momma is telling you that I crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on March 31, 2012--exactly 14 years, 5 months to the day.

I was one of 13 puppies born on Halloween. I chose my momma and daddy--wouldn't let them even consider any of my sibs. As we left I snuggled into my momma's arms, and never looked back although my mama dog ran alongside the truck. That was the day after Christmas, 1997.

I lived a charmed life. Momma and Daddy took me everywhere--I was never boarded when they traveled. I earned a bat charm for my collar when we went caving in the Ozarks. I tried to bring home a dead dolphin from Dauphin Island, Alabama. My hotel skills were impeccable. Always a welcome traveler wherever we stayed. I never met a stranger in my life!

I miss my preschool children. Every Friday I spent the day with them at school. I spent my last Friday eating birthday pizza and hunting chipmunks with my children.

On Saturday I said good bye to Daddy before he went to work. An hour later Momma brought home groceries and put them away. I guess I looked strange, 'cause Momma lifted me on to the futon. She put her arms around me, I looked at her, and took my last few breaths. I passed easy and peaceful, leaving my family exactly the way I came into it: snuggled in the loving arms of my Momma.


Spring is Here--We Went Topless Today!

March 7th 2010 11:19 pm
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I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR! As soon as the temp gets up into the upper 60's, Mommy puts the top down on the Beetle--TODAY WAS THE DAY! Oh, glorious wind in my ears and peeps taking my photo at stop lights.

I wore the silver Doggles with the skulls and crossbones on them. Geez I looked good. I sat sideways in the front seat so that the folks in the cars next to us COULD NOT HELP BUT NOTICE THE GOOD LOOKING DOG WEARING SHADES IN THE CONVERTIBLE! I think that seeing me is like the cherry on top of a sundae--an unexpected visual delight on an otherwise scrumptious warm, sunny day!

Mama popped the Red Hot Chilis into the CD player, cranked the stereo, and we were cruisin' and groovin'. People smiled. People laughed. I am so happy even now--hours later. I hope tomorrow is another pretty day. If so, I will plant myself under where Mama hangs her car keys-- until she takes me cruisin' topless again!


I Had the BEST Day!

February 26th 2010 8:24 pm
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My day didn't start out very well, but it just kept getting better. Mama had her bug piled high with packages to send to Daddy and a bunch of soldiers in the Middle East. There was no room for me to go--and it's Friday--my go-to-school-with-mommy-day!

It seems that ALL of my furless pack were ASKING WHY I WASN'T THERE? "Where's Ginger?" "Why is Ginger at your house?" "Please go get her!" Mama finally gave in around 10:00 while the kids were in the art studio. She did a fly-by through the post office and came home to get ME!

Well, on the way out of the house, neither of us saw the mail man lurking just out of our sight, sorting through his mail. It wasn't the regular mail man who is my friend, but I pulled away from Mama while she locked the door, wagging my tail in greeting.

He hit me on the head with his bag! Well, I decided that I didn't like the bag, and attempted to grab it! Mama told me to stop and grabbed my leash; telling the man that I was being FRIENDLY. She was mad that he hit me, but now she's worried that he'll report me as being an aggressive dog and I'll be quarantined. I told her not to worry--I left no teeth marks on anything--not worth the bother of the paperwork involved.

Anyways--I WENT TO SEE MY CHILDREN! They were all so happy and hugged all over me! Gosh I love it when they let me be the center of their universe! I ate cheerios for snack, and then stayed for lunch. In addition to two pizza crusts, a dorito, and several goldfish crackers that fell on the floor, I got to lick out a strawberry yogurt container. My BIG SCORE was an entire half of a PB&J sandwich that didn't quite make it into the trash.
It was in my mouth before any grown-ups even realized it was on the floor!

Then everyone (including me) took a nap. In the afternoon our snack was pretzels and ranch dip in tiny little cups just perfect for me to lick cleans with a swipe of my tongue.
We went outside, and all of my friends helped me dig for chipmunks before going home.

I thought we'd do the same, but instead WE WENT TO THE THREE DOG BAKERY! I was beside myself with joy--more free food tastes and treats for the house! I met a Great Dane named Cicely and a King Charles Spaniel named Hoover. The new owners OFFERED ME A JOB AS A GREETER--imagine that! They were impressed with both my people and dog skills. Mama was flattered for me, but said that we lived too far away for me to accept. *Sigh.

Mama bought each of us girls a BUFF BITES Buffalo Baked Shin Bone--we were on a waiting list waiting for them to come in! Let me tell you--they are delish--more than worth the wait! Friends--tell your pawrents to be on the look-out for them! No preservatives nor added color/flavor--raised in Colorado by Rocky Plains, LLP. We are already on the list for the next shipment to come in! Right now Louise is asleep with her head lovingly draped over one end of her bone, while her paws are curled around the other end!

All in all it's been an awesome day! If it's nice tomorrow, Mama says we're all going for an adventure--I can't wait to see what it is!


Taking care of Mommy

February 3rd 2010 5:41 pm
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Mommy had out-patient surgery on her tummy yesterday. Now she is moving slow, and her medicine makes her goofy. As such, I appointed myself "IN CHARGE" while she recovers. (Experienced alpha girls should do so at such times.)

I remind her when it is time to FEED us.

I make suggestions such as "Why don't you pour some of your chicken juice over our kibbles?". Her medicine makes her very open to suggestions.

I tell her when it is time to hand out COOKIE BISCUITS. (Like every ten minutes--hee hee.)

I tell her when it's time to LET US OUT and IN.

I SHARE the couch with her so I can WATCH her vital signs and KEEP her WARM.

I tell the LITTLE GIRLS what they can and CANNOT do.

For example; LOUISE is convinced she needs to LICK Mommy's owies. I told her that's GROSS, and she is to keep her tongue inside of her mouth! Louise is all weirded out and worries about Mommy. She is hovering over her and being velcro-dog. I'll tell y'all--she gets on my last nerve!

Or, BROWNIE MAEVE almost dropped her CHEW BONE on Mommy's tummy trying to give her a kiss. I INTERVENED and told her "OFF!" .

I will be vigilant until Mommy can drive the car again. Then, I will tell her when it is time to take ME for a RIDE.


This stuff is NOT snow!

January 29th 2010 4:25 pm
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The Little Girls and me were primed for several inches of fluffy white snow to romp and play in. We sat on the sofa last night, chanting "snow, snow, snow" at the weather man on television. I dreamed snow dreams last night. Our hoodies were all laid out and ready.

Then, this morning---what was coming down--WET and COLD. Mom toweled us off when we came in. So, we snoozed and kept looking out the big window.

Noon Time--excitement! It turned white. We rushed outside. Mom called it "slush". I called it disappointing.

Now: ICE. It's coated the trees and the porch and the cars. Mommy says we're "in the house for the duration". (Something about people not knowing how to drive in this kind of weather.) Mommy is worried that we'll lose power. She got the gasoline out of the shed and put it near the generator a little while ago.

This is not good. It's right at freezing right now. Why did the ice come instead of the snow? Geez. . .


Happy Day--I Went to School With Mommy!

January 22nd 2010 8:37 pm
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The Little Girls consider obedience club to be their special place and time with Mommy. Mine is much better. I get to go to school and be with the children. I've been missing them lately. This morning Mommy said, "Want to go to school?". You think? I'd only been sitting by the front door with my leash for 30 minutes. I KNOW when it's Friday!

Everyone was happy to see me. Mommy and I sit by the door to greet each child and parent. EVERY one of my friends threw arms around and hugged me, and I gave EVERY one of them a special sugar! I like their pawrents too, but the small humans are MY PEEPS!

Once greeted, it was the usual busy morning. It's my job to SUPERVISE them, so I walk around and check out the different activities; make sure no one is playing in the bathroom, and make sure that snack is being prepared. The girls dressed me up as a princess, and I ended up with a pink paint handprint on my head over at the easel-- but that's okay--the paint is washable.

Morning Meeting is one of my FAV activities. All of the children sit in a circle, and I SIT right in the CENTER! This way I can see all of the their smiling faces as they talk and sing and listen to story books. I chased the "RED BUG" (laser pointer) all over the center of the circle, and all of the children laughed and clapped their hands with delight!

SNACK TIME is awesome! We had GOLDFISH CRACKERS--I LOVE GOLDFISH CRACKERS! Small humans are messy eaters, so I LITERALLY CLEANED UP on this one--BOL! Plus, they LOVE me, so they SHARE their piles of fishy with me. YUM!

By the end of the morning I was happy and tired. Mommy took me home for my nap. Life is good when small humans are in it! Be sure to check out the photos of me from today!


She crated me--the nerve!

January 21st 2010 9:22 pm
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When Mommy got home from work, she greeted me first like she always does. Then she greets the Little Girls, and waits for them to calm down before releasing them from their crates. Well, I happened to know that Little Weez, scrat dog extraordinaire, had horded her kibbles by hiding them in the folds of her blankies.

So, Mommy let Brownie out and they loved-up on one another for a minute. The moment had arrived: Louise came out of her crate, and I bullied right past her to get in. I immediately began a search and devour mission--not realizing that Mommy closed and latched the door behind me. She didn't say a word.

She went outside with the Little Girls, came back in and loved on the cats--I thought for sure she'd let me out. She went through her mail and took out the trash--I became a bit apprehensive when she ignored my tiny whimper. When she went into the kitchen and I heard the clink of dishes and glasses being loaded into the dishwasher, I gave an indignant snort. She simply stuck her head out the door, looked at me, and WENT BACK INTO THE KITCHEN.

"Um, Mom--like I've never been in a crate before, and um--I'M DISCOVERING CLAUSTROPHOBIA! DON'T IGNORE MY PANICKED YIPS AND YAPS! MOMMY--PLEASE TAKE ME OUT OF HERE! It seemed like hours (actually a few minutes) before she came over and sat by the crate. She just looked at me, and my eyes beseached her to release me. Without a word she opened the door and I hurried out.

I've decided that Louise can keep her kibbles. They're not worth losing my freedom and dignity over!


Pizza Crust.

January 9th 2010 10:47 pm
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I have been contemplating pizza crust. Pizza crust is perhaps my most favorite treat. Sometimes it is thin and crispy. Other times it is thick and chewy. A couple of times it even had cheese inside of it. The cheese filled crust tends to be eaten by my peeps, with only one saved for us to share. I would really like my own cheese filled pizza crust.

Sometimes there is good stuff still attached to the crust. Sauce, 'ronies, cheese--mmmm--I salivate at the very thought. I worship pizza 'ronies, and hammies, and sausages and beefies and chicky. I eat 'chovies. I eat pineapples. I eat peppers; both green and hot. I eat' shrooms. I eat spinach. I eat 'matoes. I eat onions. I eat pesto. The only cling-on I won't eat is a black olive I may eat around it, even take it in my mouth, but ultimately it will be in the middle of the floor--all by itself. Nasty things, black olives--shouldn't even be considered food.

I love the pizza man. There are several different pizza mans, and they all know me. I push through the door to dance on the porch while Mommy pays him. She says I greet him like a long lost relative. I make Mommy tip him really well so he'll come back with more pizzas. Mommy worries that if he brought along a pizza, the pizza man could rob us because I wouldn't be doing my job. I guess that depends upon how big the pizza is that he brings.

When the pizza man doesn't come, sometimes Mommy makes pizza. It takes a long time for the dough to rise. Then she shreds her own cheeses, and slices her own toppings. I am her best helper and taste tester, start to finish. It's been awhile since Mommy made pizza. Her crusts are the best 'cause when she takes the pizza out of the oven, she brushes the edges/crusts with garlic butter. Those crusts are heavenly!

Since the D-I-E-T began, I haven't had a pizza crust. My big snack score for today was a small half slice of semi-stale whole wheat sourdough bread, with a thin shmear of peanut butter. I gobbled it down out of sheer hunger. It filled my belly like a lead filled cat nestled in my tummy. My tummy was not happy.

When I eat a pizza crust, my tummy is happy. It hears my teeth crunching the air bubbles inside of the thin and crunchy crust, so it gets ready. Then the taste buds start singing "oh, Oh, OH--the flavors in this bite are SO 'licious!" It arrives in my tummy all mushy and warm, filling my tummy with contentment.

I worry that the pizza man will forget me. Last time he thanked us for being good customers. That was before the D-I-E-T. I believe I am going into pizza crust withdrawal. I did have a delicious chicky treat that Rinky and Ebby sent Brownie Maeve for her birthday. As I was thoughtfully chewing it, it occurred to me how much more 'licious it would be attached to a pizza crust.

Tomorrow is Sunday. I shall sit in front of Mommy and try to force the concept of PIZZA into her conscious mind. It's been so cold she hasn't gone out, so maybe we're low on food and she'll want to call for delivery. Then it will be time for the Pizza Man to come. Unless she wants Asian. Asian will be a problem. Asian doesn't have pizza crusts.


Intelligence = Snacks!

January 7th 2010 5:06 pm
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One of Brownie Maeve's birthday presents arrived today--it's an interactive dog puzzle game developed by Nina Ottosson. What fun--she let Louise and me take turns playing too! Well, actually Mommy made us all take turns. Mommy hid snacks in the different compartments on the game board. I had to slide the compartment lids in order to get the treats. Easy.

Next, Mommy didn't put treats in all of the compartments. Not a problem, although I felt slighted. (Initially it appeared to be a D-I-E-T tactic.) Then she put a treat under a bone shaped piece. I had to remove this piece to get the treat under it, AND slide the compartment covers. By my last turn, I had to remove FOUR bone shaped pieces AND slide compartments. Not so easy, but really FUN!

Brownie Maeve had a melt down whenever it wasn't her turn. She LOVES this game! She got lots of practice doing sit-stays. Louise, in true Weezy form, tried to pilfer the bone shaped pieces and slide under the futon with them. Mommy put a nix on that maneuver because she knew that Louise would nibble them into tiny pieces!

Instead, Mommy encouraged her to find the treats on the board. Also in true Weezy form, she took her own sweet time about it. I offered to help her. So did Brownie Maeve. Come to think of it, both of us got lots of practice with sit-stays! And Louise once again managed to get MORE than her fair share of Mommy's attention!

I can't wait to play this game again!



December 30th 2009 6:21 pm
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Mommy is so serious about this d-i-e-t thing. (I still can't bring myself to bark it out loud.) This morning she put a ration of lite kibble in my bowl, and I was so hungry I inhaled 'em whole. I then proceeded to intimidate the Little Girls, who were eating in their crates. Before either of them could nose some kibble out, Mommy SCOLDED ME, and told ME to go lay down! The NERVE of her!

Later she took me along to run errands. Our last stop was the food store. She forgot something and had to go back inside. I TOOK FULL ADVANTAGE. By the time she came back out, I was calmly licking the last of her FRESHLY GROUND PEANUT BUTTER from the clear plastic container. Mommy WAS NOT amused. I DID NOT care. My TUMMY was HAPPY!

I have a "cast iron stomach". Other than a few satisfied burps on the ride home, no gastric distress. There were EVEN FEWER kibbles in my supper bowl. When I gave Mommy the pleading eyes, she reached into a bag and pulled out the plastic container with my teeth marks on it. Ouch. I did the guilty "squinky-eye" thing I do, and quietly went to recline on the couch. Thank goodness it rained hard all day--I'll consider walking off the calories tomorrow.

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