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It's Moms Fault...

July 26th 2015 10:32 am
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Ok, mom just found out she gave me the wrong ID for Lefty, Lefty's Id is 1279165, mom says she's sorry. We got a lovely picture from one of our friends for Lefty, I know his mom will love it! Sarge


Can Someone Help Our Friend?

July 25th 2015 8:05 am
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We have a very nice friend on Dogster, his name is Lefty. Yesterday he made his trip to the Rainbow Bridge. His mom is so sad and she needs lots of hugs and prayers. This has been so hard for her, she is hurting. But what we are asking for help with is, she would love to have a picture of Lefty with his beautiful angel wings. Lefty's mom don't know how to make one and of course you know our mom can't do any of that cool kind of stuff on the computer so mom is asking if someone could make Lefty some beautiful angel wings for his page. Thanks to anyone who can help, Licks and Wags from Sarge, (and mom too) PS...Mom forgot to tell me Leftys Dogster ID, it's 1286468.


It was my Birthday?

June 15th 2015 6:30 am
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It seems that I had a birthday and my family forgot. They say they didn't forget but mom and dad gave a graduation party for their grand daughter at a park and they were busy with decorations and food and tablecloths and cake and pop and napkins and all that kind of party stuff, then they were gone all day. They said I could go to the party with them but they changed their minds because there was so much work to get done before the party and they didn't want me to be tied up all day with nothing to do. But then I hear them talking about all the dogs that came to the party. Well, I'm spending the day pouting! Thank you to all my friends on Dogster who remembered my birthday, maybe I will come and live with you and leave this busy mom and dad! I even got a beautiful birthday picture! Mom is going to try to send thank yous to all of you but she gots troubles with Cory Jo, my brudder. He can't walk and mom needs to help him to get outside and inside, mom is trying to get him to the dogtor today so another busy day for the mom and dad. Thank you again my furiends, for all the birthday wishes, licks and wags, Sarge..


A Very Sad Day...

May 5th 2015 10:41 am
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Today we are sad, Skyanne, the big dog that lives here with us, has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. We will miss you Skyanne Paige....
PS..If anyone would like to visit Skyannes Dogster page her Dogster ID is 212774.


I Think That Thing Called Spring Is Here!

March 7th 2015 12:45 pm
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Guess what! We haven't been able to go to our favorite Dog Park for a long, long, long time. Mom and dad kept saying as soon as spring gets here we'll go, we don't know who spring is, we thought we were getting a new brother or sister called spring but today we finally went to the dog park and there was no new doggie with us. Anyway, it was a nice day and we ran and ran and had so much fun! We played with a little min pin, he was really nice and there were lots of big dogs there but they played with us too even though we are little guys. We didn't want to leave but dad said it was time to go so I was dragged away to the car, I can't wait to go back again!


I Was Tricked!

February 19th 2015 3:04 pm
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Yup, mom and dad tricked me. Mom put my sweater on and dad got out a leash, that means we're going to the DOG PARK! And the best part, just me, mom and dad we're going! Well, the ride didn't seem quite right and then I knew why, we were at that dogtors office. Before I knew it mom and dad were giving me kisses and saying goodbye. All day I stayed in a cage and when I finally got taken out I went to sleep, I think that dogtor made me go to sleep. When I woke up there I was back in that cage but now my mouth hurt and I was really sleepy. After awhile I got to get out of the cage again and the lady took me to my mom who finally came back. I wanted to tell mom what that dogtor did to me but I was mad at mom and dad for leaving me there. Mom and dad talked to the lady for awhile, she told them they pulled 8 teeth out! My teeth! see what happened because mom and dad left me there? And she told them I have a small tumor in my eye. She gave mom and dad a bag with some medicine in it for me and then me, mom and dad escaped out of there. Well, I'm glad mom and dad took me along when they escaped but I'm still mad, none of this would have happened if they hadn't left me there! I hope they learned their lesson!


I Went To A Grand Opening!

November 10th 2014 5:14 pm
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I never heard of a grand opening but mom said she was going to get up early and go and I was going to go with her! Well, I woke up early but getting mom out of bed proved to be quite a chore. She told me, go back to sleep Sarge, I decided not to go, it's cold and raining. I wanted to see what a grand opening was so I was disappointed that we weren't going. Then mom got a text from my other mom and all of a sudden we were going after all! Mom dressed really fast, put her coat on, grabbed a sweater for me and we were off! Well, it seems that the first 25 people into this new pet store got a $10 gift card so mom drove really fast. Then we got there and we were 6th in line with 35 minutes before they would let us go inside. I was freezing! I decided that staying in bed would have been a better choice. Anyway, then the door opened and mom got her gift card so she was happy. After getting warmed up and having some treats I was pretty happy too. I got lots of pets and attention and mom got a bunch of free dog treats and sample sizes of dog foods and a cupcake that she shared a tiny bit of with me and then they brought out pizza! I got to have a bite of that too. Mom bought some dog food while we were there since everything was on sale and wow, you should see our treat drawer! between all the free treats and the ones she bought and my other mom bought, the treats don't fit in the treat drawer and they're all over the counter! Too bad me and my brudders are too short to reach that counter! Well, if you ever get to go to a grand opening I can tell you it's lots of fun once you get to go inside the store!


Thanks to my Dogster Furiends!

June 16th 2014 9:06 am
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Thank you all my furiends, for all the paw mails and rosettes and the beautiful picture too from Nina for my 7th barkday! We are so sorry not to be able to thank each furiend personally, mom is so busy with dads new knee and trying to get the patio work done that there is no computer time left. Dad is still hurting bad and moms bad back is yelling at her! The patio is maybe only half done and the housework is way behind. But mom still tries to get me and Toby to the dog park when it's not too hot out for Toby.

We also hope all the dads had a great fathers day, thank you to those who sent us fathers day rosettes, we are missing our dogster furiends and wondering what is going on with everyone.

Toby went for a checkup on his CHF and the dogtor put him on more lasix. He is still coughing but he does have good days when he hardly coughs at all. Mom asked if toby will live another year and the dogtor said she believes he will. She said she will start him on Vetmedin after she see's how he does with the increase in his lasix.

Well once again thank you all for the barkday wishes, I got a coupon from the pet store for a free toy so I think I'll go remind mom that I need to go pick out my new toy. Licks and wags from Sarge...


Dogster Isn't Feeling Good...

April 23rd 2014 2:53 pm
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On Easter us boys wanted to send "Happy Easters" to all our furiends but mom was having lots of problems, We got a few sent and then we got kicked right off Dogster. Mom kept trying to get back on and we even changed to the other puter but nope, it said we were timed out. I think that means mom took too long sending the Happy Easters. And one time mom finally got onto the Community Page only to find pictures of other dogs and not our pictures! Mom said Sorry guys but Dogster isn't feeling very good today and needs to rest now. So Me and Toby Jo and JoJo and Cory Jo (and mom) hope all our furiends had a great Eater.

Then...we found out I got a DDP! We found out late because again we couldn't get on Dogster. Thank you every furiend that sent me congrats, I was excited even though I found out kind of late. Today, once again Dogster is still not feeling well so mom said it's time for Dogster to rest again. Get well soon Dogster!


The (short) Adventure of Sarge and Izzy

April 17th 2014 4:47 pm
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Today was such a fun day, to start it out me and Izzy went on an adventure! It all started when mom and dads son and his wife stopped over. When they left, Me, Izzy and Cory Jo noticed something strange, The gate was open a little and no pawrents were around. Of course we knew that needed investigation so that's what we did. We looked at the gate, nope no pawrents there. We went out the gate and found ourselves in the driveway, no pawrents there either! I said come on guys, we can have an adventure! Izzy and me went to the sidewalk to decide which way to go but Cory Jo stayed in the driveway. We told him to come with us but he didn't want to so we left. We walked down the sidewalk and we crossed a couple streets. There were houses, so being bored with the sidewalk, we stopped at each house to see if there was anything interesting to make our adventure a little more fun. About 5 minutes into our adventure we saw a man, he talked really nice to us so we went to meet him. He looked at our collars and then got out a phone and was talking to someone. The man picked us both up and started carrying us back the way we just came from. The next thing we knew, one of the moms was heading towards us and looking worried. She told the man thank you and he put both of us in her arms and she carried us back home. It might not have been a long adventure but for us it was so exciting! After being told what we did was bad, we got some hugs and mom and dad took us and Toby Jo and Tinker to the dog park and told us "this is where you have your adventures from now on and ONLY this place"! Cory Jo on the other hand, got hugs and was told what a good boy he was for staying in the driveway....

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