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Lots of Fun

November 27th 2009 4:48 pm
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This past week I've been staying with a friend. Her name is Julie. She very playful and is a little rough with me at times, but I'm a tough pup and stand my ground. Mommy hasn't been with me though. I really miss her, and she misses me too. :( I've been doing good though. I'm eating every day, I get spoiled with lots of belly rubs, and I get to go outside and run around. I can't do that at home though. Mommy says dogs aren't allowed where we live so I have to keep hidden. That is why I use a litter box if I have to go to the bathroom. But mommy does sneak me out when she can, and brings me for walks. I get tired easily so I make her carry me, or I just hop into the baby stroller with my little brother Blake. I love him. Hes the baby I'm sitting next to on the couch in the photo. Anyways, My friend Julie had a doctors appointment this past Monday. Her mommy decided to weigh me since we were there. It said I was 5lbs and 6oz. The charts said I should be at least 10lbs. So Julies mommy, and my mommy are trying to help me gain weight. I eat about a can of Alpo dog food a day, split up into 3 meals. Does anyone know what else might help? Mommy hates feeling my bones, and has been trying to get me to gain weight since she 1st got me.


September 28th 2009 11:21 am
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This past weekend was lots of fun. Mama, my younger brother, and I went to a friends house. We went on a really nice long walk with my friend Julie. Then when we got back I took a nap. It was nice to be able to run and play with mama. I was all smiles! Mama even let me bark! At home, we don't have a yard of our own. We live in a condo. Also, I'm not allowed to bark, let alone make noise. There are no dogs allowed where we live so I have to do my best to keep quiet. Mama feels bad for me. But I'd rather keep quiet than live without her. I don't eat much when I'm living over my grandmothers house. It scares mama because I already don't eat much as it is. The vet thinks I'm fine, but not mama. She doesn't think its normal to feel my ribs and spine. That is why mama always leaves food down for me and give me my own bowl of pasta and meatballs when she makes it for dinner. Its my favorite!:) Hopefully in a year we can get a house. Mama refuses to get one without a yard big enough for my two brothers, me, and another dog. I can't wait! Daddy is going to fence the back yard so we don't have to be leashed. First thing we all want to do is run around up and down the halls and stairs. And mama is gonna have me bark. Daddy is also going to put in a doggie door that leads in to an enclosed area. That way I can go to the bathroom whenever I like without going somewhere where my two brothers can step in it. I can't wait. Well thats all for now. Bye!

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