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Say What? I'm Celo!

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Here I am.

November 1st 2009 5:00 pm
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I'm bored.

Meri is on crate rest, so I can't play with her. She has been telling me for months that I should read Camper's diary, that it would tell me a lot about my family history. She said I should read Grover's diary too. But I've been very busy. And well, I know that the only reason that I came to my family is because Camper isn't here anymore. Mom and Dad did not plan to get another puppy. But Camper had to leave, so here I am.

I know they love me. Meri and I are BFFs (Beagle Friends Forever). But I always feel a little self-conscious about Camper, like I'm taking his place and that he wouldn't like it. Meri says it's not like that at all, that Camper would be very happy to have someone like me to take care of Mom and Dad, and to be her BFF. She says she was very lonely after he left. She says that Zamboni was very lonely after Camper left too. When I came, everything was a lot better.

Zamboni told me that too. She said that she waited for me to arrive before she left, that she needed to leave, but she would not leave Meri alone, without another dog. Also, she was very concerned about leaving Mom after all those years that she and Mom were together. But once I arrived to be Mom's new service dog, Zamboni knew that it was ok for her to go.

I don't quite understand where everyone went. Zamboni said it's called Heaven and dogs there get to play when they want, sleep when they want and snack on any food whenever they want. She said that Grover was waiting for her, and Camper too. She said she also had some other friends that I didn't know that were there. Names I've never heard, but dogs and people that she loved a lot.

That first week after I arrived here at home, Zamboni and I talked a lot. She told me about this Heaven place, that I would see her again there. She told me all the things I should know about living with Mom and Dad. She told me that once I get bigger, I would be the Dog in Charge (DC), that Meri is older but she's a little beagle, so as a German Shepherd Service dog, I would be DC. Meri doesn't know this. Boni said that it will just happen over time, and Meri will be ok as it does.

Lots of things to think about.

So I read Grover's and Camper's diaries. It appears that there are a lot of dogs out there who have read them too.

I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is CelestĂșn. I am named after a town that is located between Campeche and MĂ©rida -- but on the Gulf Coast -- in Mexico. Mostly, they call me Celo, which means zeal. Mom says it's a good name for me, because I do EVERYTHING with passion. Dad sometimes calls me Thumper because I'm not very light on my feet. Mom says I'll outgrow that once I get bigger and more graceful.

I googled Thumper and apparently Thumper is also the name of a vivacious rabbit who is a good friend to Bambi, Prince of the Forest. This makes sense because I am also vivacious and I'm a good friend to Meri, who is Princess of the World.

Seriously, Meri is a princess. Even our trainers call her that. And she never lets me forget that she is royalty. Zamboni apparently was the Beagle Queen, so Meri is Beagle Princess. I'm not quite sure why Boni's crown didn't automatically pass to Meri upon Boni's death. But Meri is feisty enough as a princess. If she thinks she's a queen, she'd be impossible. Maybe she is, but Mom hasn't told her. I bet that's the case. Mom's pretty smart that way. I bet she's holding on to Mer's crown til she becomes more reasonable -- whenever that may be.

So I spent today reading diaries and catching up on my family. I thought it might be nice to continue with a diary of my family's life here. I'm not nearly as eloquent as Grover or as funny as Camper. But I'm here and they're in Heaven eating wonderful snacks, swimming in big clear lakes, and telling stories about the wonderful times they had back here.

I guess even though I'm just a little pup with no writing experience, I'll have to do. I hope that's ok with you. If nothing else, I'll write with a lot of passion -- right? Besides, in my work, I get out a lot, and hopefully, I'll have interesting stories to share with you.

Even though, today, I'm really bored.

That's because right now, Meri is on crate rest. She has an injury and has to rest it. Shouldn't that mean that Mer has to remain in her crate all the time? Yes, you think so too, right?

No. Mom makes us rotate our crate time. Sometimes, Meri has to be in her crate; sometimes I do. The point apparently, is that we can't wrestle around like maniacs. That's what Mom calls us -- Maniacs. (Dad doesn't call us anything. He just shakes his head and says "YOU deal with them." ) We're not even allowed to zoom around the house or the yard together.

Mom or Dad takes me out to the back yard and play with me. We play fetch, or they let me dig in the sand pit. Or Dad cleaned out my pool today, so I zoomed around because I got wet which made me kind of froggy. Mom is teaching me how to play soccer, so we did that in the front yard this afternoon. So I still get plenty of opportunity to play. But it's not the same. Humans are nice, but they aren't as much fun as other dogs.

They aren't... well... maniacs.


Day Two. Swine Flu.

November 2nd 2009 12:52 pm
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I was supposed to train with Miss Claudia today, but she called in sick. Mom said she has swine flu. That is terrible. Really terrible. Mom and Dad had swine flu about a month ago, and it was awful. They barely took care of us. Mom fed us and took us out to play. She would stand in the back yard, wearing a couple of jackets, while we zoomed around. But it was terrible.

First, they both had a terrible cough, which meant that I could hardly sleep at night. Mom was worried about keeping Dad awake, so she stayed up on the sofa and watched TV and sort of snoozed there. So I had to stay out there with Mom. Have you ever slept on our TV room floor? It's not really very comfortable. Plus, the TV is on. So I did not get good sleep. And, Mom was coughing. So every time I started to get into good sleep, there Mom would be -- cough cough cough --although actually it was more like this --hark hark hark-- and she would wake me up. It's just rude. Mom kept telling me to get on my TV room bed or that I could go to bed, but Dad was in there coughing, so that wasn't much of an option. Plus, I stick with Mom. I always do.

As you can imagine, I did not get to work at all during that time.

I'm in training, right? So I'm supposed to be out in public, working on my skills in stores, restaurants and libraries. But Mom said that it wouldn't be right for her to go out when she was so sick. But what about what's right for me? I need to train. But apparently, my needs don't matter. So I was sleep deprived and work deprived. It was awful. At least swine flu doesn't transfer to dogs, so Meri and I were able to play together. So that's something.

Although, this was awful: at the exact time that Mom and Dad started to feel better, I got sick. Yes! Me! They felt well enough to take me to my training class, and right that second, I got sick. Mom and Dr. B. thought I might be really sick, so they sucked a bunch of blood out of my neck (a BUNCH of blood -- like gallons!). But when we were leaving the doctor's office, we saw Mrs. B, my teacher. She said that her little dog was sick too -- with the same stuff I had. He gave me his cruddy sickness. He didn't have to have gallons of blood sucked from his neck though.

(Did you know that Forks isn't too far from here? I wonder if they gave my blood to the Vampires?)

So I got the cruddy sickness from the teacher's pet. Literally, the teacher's PET. Darn him. I was sick for days. You guessed it -- I couldn't work for more time. It was terrible. But this time, I didn't want to work. I was dog tired, and I had a goopy runny nose. Mom said that I could get other dogs sick, which I didn't think was right. So we didn't go out into public.

It was miserable.

Oddly, Meri never got sick. Maybe she's a Vampire? I don't know why I think that. It just popped into my brain. You think it's true? I wonder if I can google that.

I love google. Meri taught me all about google. Boni and Camper taught her about google. It's amazing what you can learn there. Did you know you can have pizzas delivered right to your house from the internet if you have one of those plastic numbered people tags? Very handy. We haven't done it yet. I wanted to, but Meri chewed the people tag. Mom was annoyed. I was furious because now Mom is very careful to keep her bag high enough that we can't get near it. So much for my meat lover's pizza.

I do love meat.

Mom makes the best pork chops. She cooks them. All of my other meat, I eat raw, which is delicious. But pork chops are warm and savory, and served with applesauce and pumpkin. Pork chops are perfect for cold autumn days! Which brings me back to swine flu, which ruined my private lesson today.

I like my private lessons. I whine a little bit when Mom lets Miss Claudia take me off to work with me separately. She works me hard, which I know will be good for me -- eventually. But I'm a puppy, so I get to whine some, right? Actually, according to Miss Claudia, no. No Whining.

But she's sick, so I can whine here about Swine Flu. It's really messed up my personal schedule for the last month or so. I'm tired of it. Those darn pigs. I'd just bark at them if I knew where they lived. I'd chase them too. Yeah, I'm that annoyed at them.

I'm ready for this flu thing to be over, because I have a busy life and I need to live it, without interruptions.

But in the meantime, Meri is still on crate rest (another interruption!) so I guess I'll go see what Mom is doing. Maybe I can get a pork chop snack.

Take that, Swine!


Meri Knee-ds an Operation.

November 5th 2009 2:16 pm
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Meri met Sir Jin today. I asked her if she was nervous, and she said no. He was very nice. She got there and a lady asked Mom if she could take Meri. Mom said yes, just like that, so Mer assumed the worst. Like, she was going to have her toe nails cut or something.

But the lady just gave her snacks, took her all around the office to meet everyone and asked her to do some tricks. Meri got snacks for doing tricks, so that was nice. She was introduced as Zamboni and Camper's little sister, so that made her feel good. The lady told Meri that she knew Boni and Camper extremely well-- and even Grover too. So this lady must be very special. Meri liked her a lot. Mostly, the lady kept telling Mer that she is adorable.

That's the worst because when Meri thinks she's cute, then she acts even more like a princess. That makes my life even more difficult. I need to talk to this lady.

Finally, the lady gave her back to Mom and they went into the little room. Then Sir Jin came in and examined Meri.

Meri's knee has been bugging her. Sometimes, we'll be running and and chasing. Then Meri will be running on three legs. It's very impressive. I'll have to take some video to show you, except then I'll be running backward and will probably crash into a tree, hurting myself. So maybe you should just imagine it.

Dr. B took pictures of Meri's knee. Then Mom took the pictures to Dr. Cindy, who is Meri's other vet. She is holistic, which means she checks Meri out to make sure she doesn't have any holes (so far, so good). She also cracks Meri's back. I think that sounds painful, but Meri and Boni says it feels good. I asked why I don't get back-cracking, but they said I'm a boy, and boys don't get such things. It's like spa treatment. No boys.

So Dr. Cindy saw Meri's picture and also said that Meri probably needs to have her knee operated on. But Sir Jin is the expert. Today, Mom let him see the pictures too. Everyone got to see the pictures -- except me. Maybe Mom will post them on Dogster with all of Meri's other pictures; then we can all see them together. Meri is very photogenic, as you know. She has nice little knees. I bet the picture is very cute. But don't tell her I said that, or she'll act more like a princess.

Meri said that Sir Jin says she needs an operation. Worse, she said that she has to be quiet for at least 6 weeks. That's what he said. I asked her a couple of times. "Quiet." So, no barking. That is going to be hard for Meri. She likes to bark at squirrels a lot.

At least we can still play. I asked her about that. She said no one said anything like "no being maniacs." Just "Meri has to be kept quiet." I can bark at squirrels for her. I wonder why barking will hurt her knee though?

She did say something that worries me. She said that Mom told Sir Jin that I will go stay at my trainer's (Miss K's) house right after Meri's operation. That can't be good. Now, I"ve stayed at Miss K's house for one night, which was a fun sleepover. I played with her dogs and with their toys. Mom sent along my food, so that was great. But that was one night; then I came home. Meri said Mom made it sound like it would be an extended stay -- maybe two or even three nights.

That can't be good. That's a LONG time to be away from home. I love Miss K. I've known her about as long as I've been alive. She's like my best friend after Meri. But I love being home better.

So I told Meri that she can't have her operation. She said that's fine. She wants to be able to bark whenever she wants to. None of this 6 weeks of being quiet. That's just crazy.

Now, we just have to convince Mom. That's not going to be easy. I just have a feeling: this is going to be nearly impossible.

You know how Mom is. What did Camper call her all the time? A stickler. Yep, Camper was an astute observer of human behavior.

Mom does what Mom wants to do. She almost never listens to us, even when Meri and I agree on a course of action. Mom thinks she has better ideas than us. But we're right this time. Meri runs around perfectly well on three legs. That's why God gave us four legs. One is a spare.

Humans wouldn't know that -- they only have two legs. Hey, see? Humans get along perfectly on TWO legs... can't they see that we are still more efficient than them on three? It makes perfect mathematical sense.

But there's one thing Mom doesn't care a lot about: math. Or logic. We're going to have to come up with something else.

Darn it. Meri and I better get thinking... I've got to go. I have serious brainstorming to do. My thinking partner is a beagle who can be distracted by tiny bread crumbs, much less a delicious piece of hot dog.

Wish me luck.


Thundering Hailballs, Batman!

November 7th 2009 2:19 pm
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The weather has been crazy.

We've been attacked for several days by Thunder and Lightning. I don't know why they keep attacking my house, but they won't stop. Mostly, it's Thunder, which is very persistent. It's driving me crazy. I keep running from window to window and door to door barking at it, telling it to leave my family alone. So what does it do? It bring in its bully buddy, Lightning that bangs and crashes and lights up the sky, threatening to burn down our house.

Little does Lightning know that we have a fire alarm, so if it tries to burn us down, the fire department guys will save us. But still it's annoying.

So I bark at them both. So then Wind comes. Normally, Wind and I get along. I like Wind. I go out on the back deck and Wind whispers in my ears and sends me all of the secrets about what all of the dogs in my neighborhood have been up to. But lately, Wind have been teaming up with Thunder and Lightning. So Wind is a jerk.

How much of a jerk? Well, last night, Thunder and Lightning were clearly mad at me for barking at them and trying to scare them away from my home. I had to -- they were scaring Meri so bad that she was shaking-- and Mer is my sister. I have to protect her. So they called in Wind.

And you know what Wind did? It made my whole house dark. Just like that. It was night time, so we had the lights on and Mom had the TV on. Suddenly, the house was super dark.

I got mad. I ran from window to window to window, yelling at Wind: how DARE Wind betray our friendship like that!

The problem is that it was pitch dark in our house. Someone apparently moved the furniture as soon as Wind turned off the lights. (Probably Wind did that too). So I kept running into furniture. It hurt. I'd run and bark at Wind at the back door, which is glass, so I could see Wind very clearly. Then I'd run into the living room, barking. But I ran into the sofa and hurt myself. So it was kind of like this: Bark bark bark (that's me being very stern with Wind)... Yipe! yipe! (that's me hurting myself)... bark! bark! ......Yipe!

Finally, Mom turned on some tiny lights that smelled stinky like fake flowers and cookies. I could kind of see, and the furniture was back where it should be -- which is just amazingly fast. That's how hard Wind was blowing.

I went back to the windows and yelled at Wind, Thunder and Lightning some more. Apparently, I made them even angrier because they summoned their buddy Hail. He showed up and threw ice cubes on our house. I knew immediately that it was ice cubes without even looking out the window because it sounds exactly the same as the noise that Grandma's icemaker makes when I want ice cubes from her refrigerator. Chunk-a chunka-chunka, except Hail has an ice maker the size of our whole house, so it's VERY loud. Meri said she could barely hear me bark. Clearly, that was the point. They were trying to shut me up.

Well, it didn't work. I kept barking at them; running from window to window and barking some more. I have a deep voice that Mom says sounds like an adult Mastiff or something and it's very scary sounding. So I knew if I just kept barking, they'd get scared, eventually.

This went on most of the night til I finally drove them out. These bullies finally left before sundown. I kept my family very safe.

But I am kind of sore from the furniture. I tried to ask the furniture who moved it, but it's not talking. I thought about chewing it to make it confess, but Mom said "Celo. Don't even THINK about it." So I stopped thinking about it. I do wonder how she knew what I was thinking. She's pretty smart, that Mom of mine.

So we'll never know.

All I know is that my family is safe. That's the job of a German Shepherd. Protection. I'm glad I could do my job. But I'm pretty tired. So I'm going to go to bed now.


On the Right Training Track

November 9th 2009 5:12 pm
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So, the Swine didn't win. Miss Claudia is feeling better and I had training today.

I train every Monday with Miss Claudia. It's called a private lesson, although it's not like it's really "private." People can stand right there and listen if they want, which kind of bugs me. Here's what we do. Mom walks up and hands my leash to Miss Claudia. Then she leaves and I have to be very sharp and obedient for Miss Claudia. We don't work at one of my schools though. Mom and I meet her at shopping malls or stores. So I have to WORK and TRAIN at the same time.

It's very demanding.

Mom likes to do it this way because she thinks that it makes me be independent. She wants me to learn to think on my own, without always doing what she tells me or following her lead. Well gosh! She's my mom. What good is she if she isn't telling me what to do! She's very good at telling me what to do, so why should I have to think of what to do all on my own?

I know you're thinking: "Celo, what are you talking about? This sounds great!" But it's not. It's not as though I can say "hey Miss Claudia, let's get a pizza, then go see the movie "Up." And that's not merely because "Up" came out on DVD today and isn't showing in any movie theatres.

It's because Miss Claudia is a tough cookie. She doesn't let me get away with making bad decisions. So when I make one, she says "eh-eh" (which is like "no" except it sounds nicer. But trust me: it's the same thing.). Then she withholds clicks and treats. Worse, she waits until I figure out what a good decision is. Mom does this too, but I don't feel as much stress when it's just me and Mom, probably because I know Mom is paying a lot of money that she could be spending on treats to Miss Claudia. So I better not be wasting that money.

It's very difficult. I like training, but by the end of the day, I feel like my brain has exploded.

So, that was today.

Tomorrow, I train with Miss K, whom I have told you about already. I love Miss K, but she is definitely no pushover either.

Wednesdays, Mom and I take classes at a school. Thursday, we take classes at another school. Fridays, I usually get to rest. Then we work, training on weekends.

I am very busy, as you can see.

Meri sometimes asks me if I wish I weren't a service dog in training? She likes taking obedience classes and agility classes, but she likes snoozing and playing at home a lot too. But I've never known anything else. Plus, my mum and sire were working dogs. So when I was born, my mum told us all about how she would go out and do tracking and other Schutzhund work. My brothers, sisters and I were always very awestruck by my mum's stories.

Mum is so smart, beautiful and has a great working life outside of the whelping box. She's very impressive! One of my sisters was going to stay and live at our breeder's house with mum, so she took notes, because she knew that she would be doing the same sorts of things. We were all envious of her.

But then when Dad flew out from WA and chose me, well, the others were jealous of me. We didn't know exactly what being a service dog meant, but our breeder told us that I would be a working dog, and that I would start my training almost as soon as I got to my new home. She was right. I started the next day. I've been busy ever since.

I'm just proud that I can continue in the pawprints of my dog parents. So on days like today, when it's raining really hard, and Miss Claudia and I are working in an outdoor mall, I keep in mind that I was born for this....

Although, raindrops dripping in my ears can be really distracting, which I don't think humans fully appreciate.... But they say I'm supposed to ignore ALL distractions... even water on the brain?

But there's no arguing with humans. My mum taught me that. I told you she was smart!


So, I missed it

November 12th 2009 4:56 pm
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Apparently, I was the Diary Pick yesterday. I didn't even know it.

Of course, I was working and training. No time to rest on my laurels. I'm not even sure what laurels are, or if I have any. But if I do, I don't get to rest on them. Are they comfortable? Can I sleep comfortably on them?

I'll have to look into this.

I do sleep comfortably when I do rest though. I have a very thick plush butter blanket. That's what I call it. It looks just like butter. We bought it at Costco. Mom bought two for herself. But when we were on vacation, going to Grandma's house which is very far away, it fell off of Mom's bed. I fell asleep on it, and had my best sleep ever. The blanket is soft and snuggly. I decided I should keep it.

Now you would think --knowing Mom the way you do -- that she would say "Oh no, Celo, that's a human blanket." But she didn't. I just lay on the blanket and acted very sweet. I guess she couldn't say "no" to me (imagine that!). So we went back to Costco and she bought another one. Of course, I liked my blanket so much, that I wanted two of them. So when another one fell on the floor, I dragged it to my bed and got both of them situated just the way I wanted them. They're heavy blankets, so it took quite a bit of work.

Meri watched me and said "there's no way Mom is going to let you keep the other one." Of course, Meri is the one that Mom actually buys blankets for. Meri is always ALWAYS cold. So Mom looks at the blankets at Costco and buys her the softest fluffiest blankets. Meri has about 5 blankets in her Boardroom so she can bury herself and stay warm at night. So it's really easy for Meri to tell me that I don't deserve just two buttery blankets.

But lo and behold, Mom said I could keep Blanket #2. But then we went to Costco and they didn't have any more for Mom. So I was sure she was going to take it back.

But on Saturday, she told Dad, "we have to go to the OTHER Costco." When he asked why, she said "to see if they have those throws like Celo likes." (She calls them throws because she keeps throwing them on the floor for me to steal). Dad asked why she can't just take it back from me. But Mom said "no." When Mom says 'no" to us, that is that. When Mom says 'no" to Dad, I guess the matter is settled, as well.

So we went to the Other Costco, and they had the butter blankets. Mom and I were very excited. Dad said "Hon, you're kind of odd." But that's because Dad sleeps with one tiny blanket. Mom's side of the bed looks like a giant mountain; Dad's side, a tiny anthill. Then Mom threw three blankets into the cart (see? That's why they're called "throws"!)

So now, I have one blanket in my Boardroom and two on my bed. Mom also has three on her bed. Dad still has his little blanket, and he's happy with that. Meri is mad she didn't get a new blanket, even though she has 5 blankets in each of her Boardroom and two in her car Boardroom. She thinks I should give her my butter blanket. She's crazy.

So what was I talking about? Oh yes, Diary Pick of the Day. I didn't even know there was such a thing. Is that like a Pulitzer Prize? How is it judged? Is there prize money? If so, I think I'll give mine to charity. I really have everything I need.

Especially now that I have three of my favorite blankets.

Yup. I'm all set.


Okay, So It's Been Two Years...I've Been Busy..

December 11th 2011 3:22 pm
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But I'm bored now

I've been chewing on my toes. I'm bored. Really really bored. And Mom keeps telling me to stop. So I scratch. And Mom says "knock it off Celo!" So I chew my toes again. Sometimes, she even tells me "No!" Yep, Mom, the Positive Reinforcement Clicker Lady.

She's a Hypocrite. What can I tell you?

A lot has been going on. About two months ago, Dad took out Zamboni's little ramp to the deck and put in a much bigger, wider, stronger one. Mom supervised it and was very picky about it. She kept walking on it, and saying "Celo this" and "Celo that." I thought she was being very gracious because I loved running up Zamboni's little ramp at full speed. Sometimes, I would run up and pounce and land on it. So it was getting a bit wobbly. I thought Mom was just making nice upgrades for me.

But then, I went to Sir Jin's about a month ago. They shaved my butt and I came home with a big scar. It had little furry thread things sticking out of it that poked my tongue when I licked them (which wasn't very often because I had to sneak licks when Mom wasn't looking). But he took those out a couple weeks ago, when I went and visited him. He told Mom that I'm great, which is always nice to hear.

It hurt some, but Mom gave me cream cheese that made me feel loopy and then it didn't. So that wasn't a big deal. The big deal is that I can't do ANYTHING. Mom puts a leash on me and puts this thing under my tummy that looks like one of her fleece jackets and we go out together if I have to go potty. We walk out. I have to go down the new ramp (which Dad really did a nice job, by the way. It's very solid). She takes away the jacket-thing and I potty. Then we go back inside. And whoop-de-doo, that's my life.

I go to Sir Jin's office twice a week and I jog in the water tank. That's ok. I did that before the surgery, to build up muscle Mom says, but before, I hated it because it was boring. Now I like it because it's the most exciting thing in my life.

Funny how things change, huh?

So now, I'm bored. Mom has given me a bunch of new toys. I get a new bully stick almost every day, and some raw hides. So she's trying. But I eat the bully sticks almost immediately (they are SO delicious!). I tear apart the toys. I chew on the raw hides for a while. And I'm back to being bored, chewing on my toes, and getting in trouble.

Meri went and had her leg shaved and came home with her own scar a couple weeks ago, but she already gets to go outside on her own AND run around. Plus, she gets to play with the new toys and gets a bully stick too. THAT is not fair.

Meri says it's because I got a hip replacement. Then she showed me the Wikipedia page for the Six Million Dollar Man. And she said that her surgery didn't cost $6,000,000. So I owe it to Mom and Dad to just be thankful and heal quietly. Apparently, Meri just got a regular old knee surgery, same as she did last year, on the other knee. And she says she heals perfectly. So she doesn't need to heal quietly. I don't quite get all this veterinary stuff. But I'm younger than Meri, so I try to learn from her.

So, Meri suggested that I write in my blog to help keep me busy, so I'm not chewing on my toes and making Mom crazy. She reminded me that Mom still pays for my Dogster account even though I'm not grateful and don't use it. And with Christmas coming, she said, it might be nice if I were thankful for a change; that Santa doesn't like ungrateful little dogs.

Gosh, when she put it that way, I feel obligated to start writing again. I had no idea. Good thing that I have my big sister to explain the world to me....


Well, this is kind of handy.

December 12th 2011 1:05 pm
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I'm still in bed today. I'm mad at Mom. She put the cone on me: not the big plastic cone, which is the Worst Thing Ever, but the floppy blue cone, which is still Bad Enough. I was scratching. And she said, "don't make me put the cone on you" like I could MAKE Mom do anything, right?

But I don't do anything all day long, so I get bored at night. Humans don't realize that scratching can be kind of entertaining. Mom has Jimmy Fallon. I have scratching. (I should write scratching a Thank You Note sometime).

Anyhow, my scratching was keeping her awake. Plus she said it's bad for my skin. Next thing, floppy blue cone.

At least it matches my stylish blue collar. I love my collar. It's a couple shades of blue and looks like it has ocean waves on it. Celo, surfer dog. Did I ever mention how much I love to swim? I have to wear a CFD (Canine Flotation Device) in the ocean or a river because of my Hip Dysplasia, but I'm hoping that with my bionic hip, I can retire it. I need to talk to Mom about that.

Swimming. I love swimming. At my trainer's ranch, she has a big lake, and as soon as she would open the gates, I would take off down the hill into the lake-- didn't matter how cold it was or anything. I love that lake!

She's a great trainer, but my recall didn't work if she or Mom told me to Come once I headed for the lake. Once I had my swim, though, I was ready to work. So they stopped trying after about the second try.

See? Humans are trainable too!

But it's hard to train people. It takes a lot of patience and some humans are just really stubborn and not very trainable, like Mom: that's why I'm wearing the cone. So I'm mad. So I'm still in bed.

Meri was in bed and the bed was warm and soft, so I saw no reason to get up. Plus, Mom left her phone here, so I realized I could blog while I lie here. Usually Mom has this with her. She often talks to Dad or Grandma, and sometimes she pushes a button so Meri and I can hear them too. That's very considerate, don't you think, especially when they're talking about us?

I like it when they talk about me. I really like it when Mom tells them about how Meri misbehaves, which is kind of a lot. And Mom says that Meri drives her crazy. But those conversations usually end with "well, she's Meri. What can you do? She's a naughty beagle and you love her."

And Meri grins at me. She has these humans very well trained.


I'm great! Inside and out!

December 13th 2011 6:51 pm
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I spent today with at Sir Jin's.

I had to wake up really early, and I didn't get any breakfast, which isn't so great. But I was excited because when we wake up early, that usually means that Something Is Up. And when Something Is Up, I follow Mom around and whine a lot, just to remind her that I want to be included and go with her and not be left at home.

And Mom always says, "Celo, Gosh! Get OUT of my way!!!" Which is kind of rude, because I'm just showing her how much I want to be with her, so I stand and walk RightNextToHer.

So, she finally was done doing all her human stuff and she lifted me into the car. That's a New Thing. I used to just step on my little stool and then hop into the car. But since my hip operation, Mom lifts me right into the car. It's kind of strange. She counts One. Two. Three. And then she lifts me up and puts me into my crate in the car. So I know I can be squirmy for three seconds. If she just said "One," then I wouldn't be squirmy. But she makes the rules, so I get extra time to squirm and look around to see if there are any cats walking by that I can bark at.

It's kind of impressive that Mom just lifts me straight up. I'm not a teeny dog like Meri. That shows how strong Mom is. And that should explain to you why all of us are just a little bit afraid of Mom. She's a Stickler. And she's strong. So we don't mess with her. When Meri misbehaves, she just picks Meri up. When I'm naughty, she doesn't pick me up, but she CAN, and that's enough.

So I try not to be naughty... well, not too much. Sometimes, naughty is just too tempting, like when the squirrel is in the front yard and I'm watching through the front window. I can't help myself. I have to bark to tell the squirrel, "hey! get out of my yard!" But in all honesty, that probably isn't so much what gets me into trouble: it's how I smack the window with my paw for emphasis. But if you aren't firm with squirrels, they'll take over. But Mom doesn't understand that. She thinks I'm being naughty.

Anyhow, where was I? Oh yeah, going to Sir Jin's office. I went there this morning. I got there and said Hi to all my friends. I walked into my kennel, and I don't really remember much after that, except that I woke up feeling refreshed.

Then, I did my water tank jogging, which was fine. Then Mom came and got me. Sir Jin told her that the films looked great, and that I look great; he hung them on the wall, and they looked at them together. I guess he took some photos while I was sleeping. He always takes black and white photos of me, and frankly, they're not any good. They don't even look like me! Mom takes much better pictures!

But Mom and he looked at the pictures, and Mom was very polite and pretended to be very happy with the pictures he showed her, as he pointed out my hip and my leg (didn't look like my hip OR my leg). And she asked some questions.

And they agreed that he would see me in about two months. I guess Mom thinks I'm going to look different in two months, so she wants to get more pictures then. When I was a puppy, I did look different every few months. But now, not so much. And Mom can take better pictures anyhow. But she's going to bring me back.

I'm not complaining. I like Sir Jin and all my friends there. I just wish the pictures were nicer. If they were, I'd post them here.

On the way home, Mom said I'm healing really well, that someone who used to be called Raymond (he's now called Ex-Ray) told her so. I've never met this guy, so I'm not sure how he knows. But it's good to hear that my hip implant is doing well. She said I can be a little bit more active, a little bit at a time.

That's good news. Frankly, even chewing on my toes was getting boring.

So that's where I'm at. Sir Jin, Ex-Ray and Mom are happy with my progress. I get to be more active. It was sunny and cold today, and I absolutely love sunshine AND cold weather. Santa is coming soon. And for some reason, even with my long nap today, I'm really tired.

So I'm going to take a nap now.

At least, until Mom decides to feed me....


So What ELSE Is Up?

December 14th 2011 2:21 pm
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Meri said I should tell you about what else is up with us. But I'm not sure I know enough to tell you.

Ok, something is going on. But I don't quite understand all of it. But I never totally understand humans. They do so many peculiar things; don't you think?

All our stuff is gone. Well, not Meri's and my stuff. Most of that is still here. Our beds are here. Our boardrooms are here. Our toys are here. Well, most of our toys. Mom put a lot of our toys in a big box and complained to Dad how she could fit about half of our toys in a gigantic box, and we still had plenty left. I don't know why she was complaining. I think that's a good thing. But Mom is kind of weird that way.

Our food and treats are still here. The computer so I can write my blog is (obviously) still here. And unfortunately, my neck collars so I don't chew my toes are still here.

But otherwise, the house is empty. It's so empty that Mom pushed together my best dog beds; she put a sheet and some blankets on them, and SHE is sleeping with US on the dog beds because she doesn't have a people bed here anymore. I keep thinking it would be funny to make Mom to get off MY bed like she would make me get off HER bed. But I think that somehow, she wouldn't find it so funny. So I just get in bed, smash up ReallyCloseNextToMom so that she says "Celo, I can't breathe!" and I fall asleep, snuggly and warm. Don't tell her, but I like having Mom sleeping on my bed.

It's been pretty nice for Meri because usually, she sleeps in her boardroom at night, but Mom has been letting her sleep in the big bed with us. Meri says she isn't sure where the big people bed went, but when it comes back, she's going to insist that she gets to sleep on it too.

Somehow, I don't think that's going to turn out well for Meri.

Anyhow, our stuff just disappeared.

Well, not entirely. For a couple of weeks, Mom put everything that we own (except Meri's and my stuff) in boxes. Lots and lots of boxes. At first, it was fun. There was a lot of stuff to zoom and weave around. Then, we could barely run in the house. Then, we could barely walk. Then these guys came and took all our stuff. I wasn't happy about that. So Mom put me in the MotorDen to "chill." But it was warm out, so I didn't chill. (I don't know what she is thinking sometimes.)

And all our stuff was gone. It turns out that an empty house is an excellent place to zoom and run around in. And Mom, Dad and Meri and I did a lot of that. We had an amazing time.

Until I had my bionic hip operation. So now I'm in a house perfect for zooming, and I can't do anything. Fate can be so cruel.

Meri and I aren't quite sure where all our stuff went. But Mom and Dad don't see too concerned though. Dad keeps saying to Mom, "they're going to love it." Mom replies, "remember how Grover hated moving?" which totally confuses me. I've seen lots of photos of Grover, and I've read her diary. Grover loved to swim, run, hike and stretch out on her bed. Grover was an excellent mover, it seems. Now, granted, I never had the opportunity to meet my older sister, but Zamboni told me a lot about her, and never once did Boni say that Grover preferred to sit still like a furry dog statue all day long.

So I don't quite understand it all.

But one nice thing is that Mom has been talking to my trainer, Miss K, about coming and living in our house. I've heard the conversations myself. I can't tell you how excited I am that we would all live together!

So maybe that's why we're getting rid of our stuff, to make room for my trainer and her stuff? She has a lot of dog stuff, so that would be great.

I wonder if she has a big bed and we'll all sleep on it together?

All I know is that Dad said we're going to love it, so I think that must be it!

I'm looking forward to it!!!

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