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Say What? I'm Celo!

That Which We Call A Rose Is Still Delicious

February 6th 2013 3:57 pm
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So we all got new nicknames.

Meri insisted on it.

Mom has been calling Itza “Itza Pizza” because it perfectly rhymes. I have to admit: it’s pretty catchy.

But Meri, being a beagle, demanded her own food nickname because if there’s anything having to do with food, beagles have to be involved.

So Mom thought and thought. And then she thought and thought some more. And she told Mer that her food nickname would be BurgerMerster, MersterBurger. She explained that there is a TV show about the Burgermeister and he is in charge of everything in town. So with this nickname, Meri gets to be in charge of everything, but especially burgers, including, Mom said, cheeseburgers, which are Mer’s favorite.

Meri was very pleased.

Mom said that she had to think some more about my nickname. So she has been. Mom finally came up with a couple of options. She said that since I have been making excellent decisions in my training, I can make the final decision.

I really feel great about that.

My options are

Hero Celo, after the super meaty cheesy sandwich and the fact that I am everyone’s hero (which is, in fact, true. Everyone admires me).

Celo Gyro, which she didn’t think a lot of, but it kind of rhymes.

Celo Playdough, which rhymes really well, and Mom admitted to me that when she was a really little kid, she would sample Playdough, which is very salty. Mom thinks I’m a rather salty chap. So she likes this option. It does sound cool. Also, I like to play a lot, and I think if I had dough, I could buy more toys and snacks.

So I’ve been thinking about it. I wikipedia’d Playdough, and I realized that Mom probably shouldn’t have been eating that stuff, even as a little kid. It’s kind of like when I used to eat dirt when I was a puppy. It's not really good for you.

Then I wikipedia’d Gyro. They’re from Greece and made with lamb and yogurt, two of my favorite foods. I’ve never had pita bread, but Meri says it’s delicious. It’s a little pocket that you put all your favorite food in, like I put all my favorite toys and chews in the back yard (where Mom says, “sheeeze, Celo. Why is all your stuff out here again?”) So Gyros are kind of like having a backyard full of lamb and yogurt. I’ve never been to Greece, but it has lots of beaches. I LOVE the beach, with its big birds to chase, all the water to swim in, the sand to dig as deep as possible (without the humans saying “no digs, Celo!”), and the delicious dead fish and old shells that I roll on top of until I smell like a wonderful fish dinner.

I think that Gyro Celo is a perfect name for me.

In fact, I think 2013 is going to be the Celo’s Gyro of Great Things.

Ha! Get it?

I need to go tell the BurgerMerster my new pun. She’ll love it (she’ll roll her eyes. That’s how I know she loves my puns and jokes).

Talk to you later,

Gyro Celo.


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