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Say What? I'm Celo!

WA Dog in CA

January 24th 2013 1:21 pm
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So, as you probably figured out, we moved.

Well, we didn’t move exactly, as we later figured out. We still have our perfectly wonderful house in Washington. Mom and Dad said that if we skip extra treats, toys, and many of our training classes, we can keep our old house, which is lucky for the squirrels that live in our yard because I know they miss Meri and me very much.

Well, I’m not sure that’s true. Every time we go back home, it’s clear that the squirrels are taking advantage and getting arrogant, thinking that THEY own our yard. They are always very surprised when we arrive and chase them back up the trees. We then argue for about 30 minutes. They yell at us that they’re taking good care of our yard, so we need to respect their contribution. We tell them that they are lucky that we’re still letting them live in our yard. They chatter at us. We bark at them. They scurry. We chase. It gets pretty heated. And it happens every time.

Besides, the squirrels aren’t taking care of our house. We have a human that does that for us while we’re gone. He lives in our house when we’re not there and keeps it all perfect for us. It’s nice because when we get there, the grass is always perfectly mowed for rolling around on the grass; and everything is exactly like we like it. He even leaves the heat on, so that the house is warm for Meri. All we have to do is go to Costco, get some fresh food, and we’re all set.

So the squirrels can just go eat nuts!

Meanwhile, we live in California part of the year, especially the winter part of the year. So while it’s wet and rainy in Washington right now, we have cold but wonderful sunny weather right now. I love cold weather, so this is the most excellent situation for me. In the months when it gets hot (I don’t like hot weather), we go back home. And as Mom says, there is nothing more beautiful than Washington State during the spring and summer.

We actually drive back and forth, depending on the weather, the humans’ schedules, that sort of thing. I still see Sir Jin, Dr B and all my normal vets, so we drive up to Washington whenever I need to see my doctors.

It’s a good gig, especially since I like to travel. Of course, I always nicely ask if I can have an Arby’s. But since we’re on a strict budget, I usually have to share an inexpensive McDonald’s cheeseburger with Meri. The good thing is that Meri now gets carsick when we drive through the twisty mountains of Oregon, so she only gets a teeny piece of cheese from the cheeseburger, and I get the rest. But Mom makes her these ginger cookies that help her with her carsickness. So Meri misses her burger and she complains about the burger thing, but not too much because her spicy ginger cookies are delicious.

In general, I do miss my training sessions and I know Meri misses the extra treats, although she’s lost a bit of weight (which is a good thing, but don’t tell her I said that!). But we all have to tighten our collars to make this situation work, you know?

That’s what you do when you’re a family. You sacrifice for the good of everyone else.

Too bad the stupid squirrels don’t understand this. They’re just selfish. We should kick them out of the family, especially now that we have two houses with two different sets of squirrels, and they’re all selfish and demanding. They just don’t act much like family members. As some guy on TV once said, “You’re either with us, or you’re against us;” and the squirrels aren’t acting like they’re with us. So I say, we kick them out.

I need to talk to Mom about that.


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