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Figuring Things Out

December 18th 2011 1:44 pm
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I figured out why Mom is buying us a new house. It's because I'm naughty. Specifically, it's because I bark too much.

In this house, in the living room, there are a lot of windows, and they are placed really low. So I can sit there and look out the windows. They are so low that Meri can stand on her hind legs and look out too. (I added a photo on my page so you can see how great the windows are because sometimes it's hard for me to describe things.)

So we do that. Most of the time, I just look out and watch people walk up and down the street. But sometimes, a dog will walk by, and I feel obligated to remind him that this is my street.

Or, -- I think I mentioned this earlier -- there will be a squirrel or two in our front yard. Those guys really annoy me. It's one thing for a dog to be on my street. But those squirrels are in my YARD! So I yell at them to get out of my yard, and I smack the window with my paw for emphasis.

THAT always gets me in trouble.

Mom always says, "Celo! Boardroom!"

In fact, she does it so much that usually, I just smack the window, then head off to my boardroom myself. I don't even wait to be told. Why wait? She ALWAYS says it. This way, I just go in, lie down, and wait. She doesn't even get to say, "I told you so."

Ok, so Mom has never said, "I told you so." But Meri does, sometimes.

Actually, I think Meri is part of the problem. Sometimes, Meri will be lying on her bed chewing her bully stick, and when I bark, she comes running over, looks out the window and then starts barking too. So then Mom says, "Peeps! (That's what she calls us). Quiet!" And we both get in trouble.

So it's best that I just go to my boardroom after I've told everyone to get out of my territory. I said what I needed to say, after all. If Meri wants to continue barking, and sometimes she does, then SHE can be the one to get in trouble. And besides, I can steal her bully stick from her bed on my way to the boardroom.

So today, I was lying in my boardroom after telling the two Golden Retrievers who insist on walking on my street every single day to leave. And Mom said, "you know, Celo. The new house doesn't have big front windows. There is only one front window. And it's too high for you to see out of."

The New House. My nemesis. I had hoped she had abandoned this crazy idea, what with Christmas and Santa coming. How is Santa going to come down our chimney if there is another house in our yard? What if he goes into the wrong house and there are no little dogs there because we're in the OTHER house? Will he still leave our presents?

But she still plans to buy this new house. I guess she will get it at Costco. Mom buys everything at Costco. I wonder when she is going to buy it? It sounds like she has bought it already because she sure knows a lot about it. But I haven't seen it yet. Maybe she needed to order it online? Sometimes she does that, like when she buys my mackeral from Amazon.

Maybe she special-ordered it so that it has no front windows for me to look through? That would be especially cruel, though; don't you think? That means the squirrels would take over my front yard and I wouldn't be able to say a darn thing about it.

Oh jeez. This isn't good at all. This is going to be a terrible Christmas. I can just feel it.


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