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POP goes the weasel!!!!!!!!!!

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April 26th 2010 2:56 am
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Daddy laughs and says I was lucky to make it this far! HRMPH! :)
Mummy woke up and give me big cuddles and tizzed my nosey and said happy woofday baby boo!
Daddy took us fur our long walk this morning and told Mummy I was really good, I am getting so much better when on a lead and doggies bounce up to me, that used to make me grrrrrrr but I am very good now!
I am looking forward to some special tweats today but the BIG BOYZZZ Laughed and said the only tweat I will get is da CAMERA!! BUT TODAY I will be good and get all dwessed up if Mummy wants!!



Well spring cleaning is NOT fur me!!

April 15th 2010 2:42 pm
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Mummy decides every year to spring clean, Like most Mummy's and this year I WAS INCLUDED IN THE SPRING CLEAN!! can you believe that!!
She got me and got out the thinning scissors and trim scissors and proceeded to hack away at my booful coat and my spectacular ears!!
SHEEEEE says its for the Summer to keep me cooler!! I THINK sheeeee just wants to make me look stooopid!
Daddy says he likes my new look so spose thats otay!!
I got the tydingup stage tomorrow whatever that is cause I am just getting used to being groomed!! HOW THE BIG BOYZZZ can go every 6 weeks is beyond me!! ewwwww
I LOATHE the hair dryer with a passion and get vewy stressed so Mummy towel drys me and puts on the heating and wont let me out till I dry!!
SPOSE I dont look dat bad but I am glad I only hab this every year or twice a year! Mummy says I would look stoopider wif a puppy cut like da boyzzz and I tend to pawgree!!

So now I gotta go through this humiliation but I WILL SURVIVE! (i hope)




March 6th 2010 11:15 am
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I am the GOLDEN CHILD at da moment!!
Daddy is sooooo proud of me, well and mummy too!
Now true Daddy has a phobia of rodents ever since he fell in a cellar with lots of rats when he was about 5!! ewww
Well Mummy doesnt bother about them she is used to them having six cats and having lived in the hills for 10 years BOL
Da uvver night Mummy as usual got insomnia and was up watchin some TV on the puter, when I ran in from the garden with something in my mouth and ran to my bed! YEP a mouse!! I played with it a little and then broke its neck and ate it cept the tummy!!
Then in the next 45 minutes I caught and killed 2 more and brought them in to show mummy, good job daddy was in bed!!
She praised me but was surprised! But she is really pleased cause it keeps the mice away from the bird aviary in the garden!!!
She just wishes i wouldnt play wif em! I let em get so far then put my paw on them till they squeek and then put em in my mouth!! BOL
BUT DADDY SAYS I AM THE PAWFECT PET and praised me and does every time I catch a mouse now, which is pretty much daily!!




February 1st 2010 4:39 am
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I went to hab my stitches out today all TWO of them and I was such a good boy and didnt even notice, never fussed nor nuffink!
The nurse was so proud of me and very pleased wif me and I gived her lots of TIZZES and a BIG BOUNCE so that she knew I understood!!
Phewwww I am so glad dat is all over, now just gotta hab my yearlys now and then thats that (we hope)!!
Luff POP!!



My check up wif da nursey

January 25th 2010 5:50 am
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I had to go to da Nurse today fur my 3 day check after my de-nuttin' and I didn't wanna go in da vets again BOL!! unfortunately I is still small enuff dat Mummy can pick me up!!
ANYWAYYYYY we didnt get da mean nursey and dis one was really fun and played wif me she was weally impressed that I dont need dat horrid cone thing on my head!!
I dont fuss my stitches and I dont scratch or bother!! Mummy is so proud of me!!

I am doin EXCELLENT!! and I gotta go back next Monday so they can take da stitches out I only got two so dats otay!!
Da only fing I gotta do is TRY REALLY HARD to stop Bouncin!! BOL I cant help myself, mummy is finking of renaming me JUMPIN JACK OR TIGGER!!!! I LOVE TO BOUNCE!!





January 23rd 2010 3:58 am
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Thanks everypup fur all your well wishes, Mummy says I am doin MUCH betterer today and eating so well!! She argued wif da nurse in da surgery about what I COULD EAT!! I have tummy upset probs so have to be VERY CONSISTANT ON FOOD or else it takes about a month to get me back to normal ewwww dats a smelly time fur the pawrents!!!! hee hee

Anyway mummy refused the after surgery food and insisted I stay on my own, the nurse got really antsy or as mummy said a*sy and told mummy I MUST have this food, Mummy looked at her and said "give me the tin but you could give it to someone else as I WILL NOT be feeding that HILLS to a pup that cannot stomach it!!"

Needless to say Mummy won and when I got home she gave me my food just soaked in water so that it was soft instead of me chomping my kibble like i like to do, suited me fine and I been twice and my tummy is pawfect, thank goodness Mummy stuck to her guns hee hee!!!!

Well HATE the collar and have whined continuously since I been home and its not in pain its I WANT THIS OFF!!!! ALL NIGHT except fur about two hours so Mummy is NOT a happy bunny and took it off this morning about 11am and guess what I licked my wound then left it alone and fell asleep silence at last!!!

Then I woke up and no whining and no fussing of the wound just the odd lick.
Still if Mummy says STOP I DO!!

Mummy has sent fur a comfy collar to keep fur all of us so if we ever need it we dont need the cones in future! PHEWWWWW

Thats all I am going back to bed now
lots of Love pop!!



January 22nd 2010 7:28 am
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Yep they went and did it they took my masculinity away from me, now I belong to the eunuch clan!!!

I was very good at da vet but I am not doing to well as the boyzzz did when they had theirs removed:(
I am very very very tired in fact Mummy says she never seen a doggie come out of anasthetic like me before and dats a lotta doggies, but I will be otay I promise I am gettin all da love and attention today and for a few days its all about ME ME ME!!!!!

But weally I am awfully sore and not a happy bunny but mummy says I will be otay after a little soft food and some sleep, so I am gonna sleep wif mummy now next to her bed cause I like it there in my blankies all snuggled.

nite nite my fellow eunuch clan (sob sob)

p.s. also got my microchip at da same time ewww




September 3rd 2009 8:36 am
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Well last night Mummy was up late as usual and the mice are round and about now looking for spaces fur the winter and there has been a rogue mouse in our house and Mummy couldnt catch it!! DADDY HATES rodents its a phobia, awwww.
Well we was all sleepin and Bud barked about 4 this morning a low growl then that started zeezee and then me!!!! we got da mouse and wounded it!
Mummy tried to get it cause it run under da fridge but she couldnt, she knew it was wounded there was little mouse blood.
Anyway once the mouse went away the BIG BOYZZZZZ went back to bed but not me oh no!
I was grrrrrrring at it and all sorts under da fridge for about an hour and a half, every time it moved I GRRRRRD! Then off mummy went to bed and so did we all, we all know the word bedtime!!
ANYWAY got up dis morning and I FOUND IT!! it had crawled by da chair in da living room and mummy doesnt know if it was really dead and before they could do anyfink I HAD IT IN MY MOUTH!
Mummy tried to get me to release but NOPE it was mine and sooooo I SCRONCHED IT ONCE TO KILL IT AND SWALLOWED IT WHOLE!!!!!!!!!!
Well it WAS MINE!!!!!
Zeke wanted it too and Bud thought we were disgusting hee hee
BUT the down side is i now have the squits BAD and eventually I THREW UP A WHOLE MOUSE not a mark on it, mummy saw it and said I broke its neck!!
I feel fine now I throwed up BUT WOW what a venture!!! I apparently am a rodent hunter!!!!!!!
****puffs his little chest bigger*****

p.s. Daddy was weally pleased wif me!!!!!!



July 16th 2009 3:28 pm
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Otay so I woked dis morning, seems my wake time is 8am!
Anyway I got my brekky as usual and den done my business den we sat in da garden wif daddy waitin fur mummy to wake up.
Den me and Zeezee played while Bud dozes in his chair!! he is LAZY!
Deeeeeeeeen da big boyzzzz got put in da house and I got picked up and taken to da car!!!???
Well dis is cool cause dat means dat I get the Car to myself!!
SOOOOOOOOOO we gets to this weally cool shop it had toys everywhere and smelled GREAT!! FOOOOD!
Iwasnt allowed on da floor to play wif da uvver doggies there cause I not protected yet!
Den we went STRAIGHT THROUGH da shop to annuver area that smelt funny ewwww all CLEAN!
Then I got stuck on a machine fingy that showed how big I is! I am actually 6.6 lbs! I is 3 months old so we was pretty pleased!
Den we sat and waited and we had to go in dis room dat was even SMELLIER CLEAN EWWWWW!!
I was a good boy though and da lady vet (cause mr Anthony is away till SEPT) poked and prodded and den pushed something where my sun dont shine GRRRRR dat was NOT NICE! but I didnt make a sound da whole time!!
Den she got out a HUGE GINORMOUS NEEDLE! EEEKKKKK.......
Den it took a while NOT cause I was moving but where I am too skinny (the vet confirmed mummys fears) it took da lady somewhere safe wif enuff extra skin to put da jab in!! dats how skinny I is under my coat!
Anyhow turns out I am healthy and everyfink but seems the worming tablet da man gave me before mummy got me was way too strong and too much and I am only now recovering from it wif my tummy!!
Soooooo den dey spoked bout somefink called microchip which da vet said I dont hab enuff extra fat yet so dey decided when I get neutered in 3 months den get it done when I cannot feel it and I should by then be betterer wif my weight!
Da lady vet gave us a kilo bag of free puppy food good stuff fur me and gave me my own book just fur me!!
Den mummy and daddy took me to buy tweats just fur me and wif my special food I should be otay!!
So dat was my bisit to da vet!!
I survived wooooo hoooooo
bad news is I hab to go back in TWO WEEKS EEEEEK!!!



Thankyou to everyfur

July 15th 2009 8:33 am
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Fur all my gifts and welcoming me to Dogster and specially STAFU!!
Wow life is so much to cope wif!!!
But first I wanna fank
Roxy F
Bailey NWD
Jewels, CK, and Star
The Odd couple hee hee RBA AND PC!
The Golden Girls
The MN crew and their booful Angels
Kipper and Winston
Bella P my sister in paw!!
Raja the traveller
Miss Dixie, ****she tissed me****blush*** hee hee
Molly Saran and Maximus cuddlebug
Canadian Boyssssss
MDM family

Thankyou ALLLLL fur my welcome gifts I weally was overwhelmed well dat is what mummy says but I pawsonally was barkin when mummy told me bout dem all and read dem to me!!

Yep I found my voice!!! and I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But dont seem to go down to well wif da others hrmph!!!
I am doing really well I go all night without potty and my tummy seems all better now!
I play wif Zeezee a lot and Bud tried to play wif me yesterday but Bud doesnt like barking which i do ALOT when I play so Mummy says I gonna hab to curb that!!
So we are all gettin in a routine now and its fun!! I do get told NO a lot but zeezee says just ignore it they just like that word!! hee hee
Daddy says we are gonna become a terrible trio whateber dat means!!

We all eat together now cause Zeezee my amazin brudder wont eat if I am shut out while they are eatin?? how bout dat!!
Zeezee is teachin me how to prune flowers, how to stick my nose against da birdie cage and how to stick my nose down holes that have yummy icky fings in, mummy dont seem to pleased but we have a great time!! and dats just in our back yard!!
I is not allowed out properly yet cause I am not covered by all my jabs yet and daddy has to PUPPY PROOF the little holes in da front garden first cause its communal!!!!! RATS!!!!
well time fur my nap now so will paw more later!!

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