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Kappas notebook

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of course its about MISHA

October 9th 2010 3:35 pm
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Today at the herding class, when mom was trying to get me out of da car for my turn, Misha got out and ran over the hill to the sheep. they were behind the fence but the gate was open, mom had to rush after her cause of course MIsha did not listen, thanks dog MIsha did not see the gate, she was running around the fence on the other side not noticing the gate, trainer said he would be in trouble if she got in the field with those 20 sheep.

then after we got home from the class, mom took us home, and MIsha smelled the dogs from the neighbors, she wanted to go over there but mom said no, after 15 min we were leaving for a play date with our friend TEddy, mom let us out, thinking we would go straight to the car, i did, but not MIsha, she went straight to the neighbors, mom walked over there, and saw MIsha running with the chicken in her mouth:-O:-O:-O, mom called her, and she put the chicken down, poor chicken was so afraid that he let mom take him. HE was bleeding from his back and lost some feathers but he was alive.
MOm felt so bad.
THe neighbors r gonna let mom know whats with the chicken.


Summer day

July 2nd 2010 11:19 am
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What a wonderful day i had today!!
We went to new place, its on the way to the lake that we usually go but on a different side of the street. And to get to this state park u dont have to pay, so ma was happy bout that. We were never there before so mom was not sure how exactly was everything located there. Sha asked for some directions from the people that got there at the same time. We got there just few minutes before ten, and already there were some dogs enjoying nice walk. We went down to the beach area, and mom planned to walk around the whole reservoir but we stopped at the beach. There was one doggie there already. MOm had my water toy with her so she threw it for me. Misha was trotting around in the water, after barely few minutes 2 more pups came, and then one more.
I was so happy to be able to swim, and MIsha to go sniff other doggies. THen we saw some more dogs with their owners goinf by, in the woods doing the trail, but mom decided to stay longer. And oh boy, thank you mom.
I just could not have enough. I was swimming, swimming, swimming. There were dogs coming and going all the time, but i did not care, the only thing i was focused on was my floatie toy.
AFter hour and a half of swimming mom finally decided to go for a hike. SOme kids with their parents came to the beach and mom thought it was getting too crowded, so we took off.
THe hike was really nice, it was such a good day for it, No humidity, sunny and hot but shady and cool in the woods around water, it took us 1 hour to do the loop and we ended up at the beach after it again. There were more dogs with their owners, and no people with kids so mo felt more comfortable. We stayed there for another half a hour and i swam some more.
I really had super time, and hope that we came back there soon again!!!


1st Anniversary

July 1st 2010 4:58 am
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Today is big day. Bigger than my b'day,cause we know the date for sure(my b'day is what mom thinks could be my b'day but we will never know for sure).
Today is exactly a year since mom and dad brought me home!!!
I am so lucky to have such a wonderful family!!
Mom says it was great year and beside some lately problems (poop fumes) i am a very good dog. And mom is proud of me.
SO to top it all i decided to get myself something special, and went hunting. And first time in my life i succeeded!! When mom noticed what was goin on she shouted loudly, but that did not stop me. I make little bird come out of the bushes and caught him in my mouth. MOm did not think i would do that, but i did. She told me to leave it, and i did after all but the damage to birdie was to big and he died...

RIP little birdie, but i could not stop my instincts... :(


Who's missing????

June 18th 2010 7:31 am
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TZo those who noticed our absence, we r not on Dogster as much as we used to be, cause mom start working, we still r gonna show up as much as we can but not as often. We did not forget our friends in different groups though!!!!
its also almost Summer so more fun outside is awaiting us :)

Greetings !!



HIke and fun in the lake

June 7th 2010 11:25 am
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so we just got back from cool trip. MOm took as for a hike!, yes real hike!! We did not have those for like 1,5 months, not counting the hikes in our backyard woods. That was MIShas first longer hike, she did ok. I was off leash most of the time, MIsha was leashed. AFter we did the trail(around 1,5 hours) mom took us to the lake, and it was so nice there, the sun was shining, and we stayed there for around 1,5 hours. All that time i was saving sticks, two times i jumped off the deck to get it, i did not expect the depth, so i was little shocked, but after all i was soo HAppy. Then that dog came, he was like half golden hald spaniel, and he was jumping of the deck every time to save his toys, he had such a nice colorfull water toys, mom was jealous that she only had sticks for me and some times i had hard time to find it in the water, she promised me to get me some floating toys. MIsha did not go for a swim she was just trotting along the shore, mom pushed her off the deck but she got so scared she just clung to the deck and did not move, so mom had to pick her up....
MOm said if the weather stays nice we r gonna go there again this week!!


DOG park

June 3rd 2010 1:35 pm
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so we went to the dog park today in the morning. First mom took us for a hike in the woods then we packed and off we went. It was suppose to take us 20 min but we were driving for more than an hour, mom got lost, she does not have gps so she just memorized the map but somehow it didnt work.
After we finally found it it was after 9 already, mom hoped for not amny dogs at that time, but it was pretty crowded, i think it was 10 dogs there already, mom did not know what were all the rules there, so she did not feel too good, and there were those huge dogs there!!!!!!!!
mom never see those kind of those and they both were right next to the gate, so mom did not feel comfortable to let us in knowing how i react towards dogs bigger than me, there were 5 adults inside, seeing ma struggling but nobody did anything, finally she shouted for help saying that she was afraid to come in with those dogs right in the door, one lady came, not the owner of the giants and she said that mom should not worry, the biggies were supposedlu harmless, so she opened the gate for ma (mom could not figured out how to do that, it was special lock so the dogs would not open it). And there we went. I was scared at first cause all the dogs there came running to us and sniffed me, so i got stiffed, crawled my tail inder my legs and i was ready ti defend myself, but it went smooth.
MIsha did not care at all she run off right away to check out the place. It was pretty big park, filled with tennins balls and some other toys, tons of water balls, and even running watter, little pool and poop bags all over.
I was checking the dogs out one after another feeling still a little shy, especially with german shepherds.
MOm said that nobody did not say aything to her, but that lady that helped her get in, the people there knew each other well talking bout her things and mom was just left alone, but she did not came her to socialize herself but us so she just kept eyes on us.
SO after couple of minutes i started foaming, there was soooo many smells and dogs, i did not see that for a while and i was very excited. Mom could not figured why i was doing that, i was the only one dog doing it and mom worried that humans may thing i was sick or something, she tried to clean my face every time she could but the foam was just showing up every time after she cleaned my mouth.
We spent there 2 hours, and i did not play with any dog, i was just sniffing them, MISha was running with some dogs, but she didnt really play either, she fetched couple of tennis balls but that was it.
Mom did not like how the people there behaved like the park was theirs and anybody new coming was an intruder,
another woman came with 2 dogs, female and male, and as mom heard the male was not neutered so he was interested in females. But he was not doing anything beside excessive sniffing. HE was some kind of bull dog and terrier mix, he looked like he could easily won any fight if that would happen, and u could easily see that local humans did not like that, after a little while there was a stiff with him and one female and humans had to separate him, but u could hear anger in the human voices that the dog is not neutered, but before those 2 dogs came that female got into a fight with another local female and they did not say a thing.
SO after a while those two dogs left, and humans were talking so loud about them, that they should not have come to the dog park.
one of the local womans was brushing one of the giants dogs and leaving the fur all over the place, it was tons of fur, another group of dogs came, 3 of them, all different, and right away one of them started pooping, so she (the woman) shouted loudly to the owners, one of yours is goin( it sounded like, dont u dare leave that poop behind), and herself leaving tons of hair all over the place!!! MIsha likes to steal clumps of hair and run away with it, and mom does not like it.
SO mom was happy when all the locals left, and only few dogs stayed. i was foaming less.
SO mom does not know if we r coming back any sooner there, maybe after MIsha gets her obedience class done, and mom is gonna feel more confident that we r gonna listen..

PS those giant dogs were Tibeta Mastiffs



May 13th 2010 7:09 pm
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SO as some of u know already i have a new sister...YES i di have a new sister....
After so long waiting, mom finally managed to persuade dad to get second dog. The only thing was not to get Border collie, cause dad somehow hated that idea...he saw one video on you toube saying that if not well handled they can get destructive and be a pain on the neck and he could not be talked over to getting one...oh well said mom ...maybe we can get another pup then....
And we got. MIsha is not a border collie but she for sure acts like one!!!!the shelter people said there is BC in her as much as chow chow, but we do not know for sure.

Shes 1,4 months old(as vet said but u will never know), shes smaller than i am...but shes way faster!!!! yeah shes ultimate CRAZE!!!!! she chews on everything she can find...socks, underwear, slippers,shoes, rugs, towels,dog beds,pillows,chairs...and more...she get extremely active and mom gives us so much play sessions now...thanks dog for worm weather, we play tons with tennis balls basketball and soccer ball, and she seems to love it all!! she even caught freesbie twice already!!!
She is restless, when we get home from the inside she just runs around the house looking for something to catch .. but she also still has accidents in the house so mom has to watch her a lot...and shes food crazy..she already chewed through the food bag once, and she stole my food from me! and she gets very very active in the evening, today she already had to go to time out twice, and mom thinks she will probably stay in the crate for the night...but she is not only all that bad things...
shes funny, and affectionate at times. I even played wresting with her twice, what does not happen at all, cause i do not know how to play with other dog....
She got into a fight with MEg once and still there is tension in the air between them.
ITs still only 5 days since she got here, so there probably is gonna be a lot of changes in her behavior. Oh i forgot to mention she is terrible on the leash, and if we both go to the woods and i am running loose there is no way she walks nicely on the leash...she jumps,runs,pulls, its crazy ti watch ... mom for sure took a lot of work on herself adopting her, but shes gonna work with her, to make her well behaved dog!

so everybody welcome MISHA!!!!


Adopt 2010Contest

May 10th 2010 5:54 am
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I think i did not expect Kappa to be my adopted dog.
I wanted to have a hunting dog, strong,big,proud...i was looking for German wirehair pointer,or French griffon but with no luck. NObody wanted to sell a puppy to a not hunting family. And thats when i discovered PEtfinder....and shelter/rescue dogs.
I started looking through local places and thats how i found out about Baypath Humane society.
I went there with my husband to look at one dog i found on Petfinder. But what a surprise it was when we found out we could not adopt her, she had to have that special experienced with aggressive dogs, family. So we decided to look at other dogs and thats when i found KAppa. He was just ordinary black dog, not even interested in me and my husband. We took him for a walk and he was fine, just doing his business, trying to use the time outside he was given. But there was something in him that i liked. MAybe how calm he was...
We decided to think about it and let the rescue know. I wasnt sure, my husband either, but i wanted a dog so badly. I did not wanna spend my days home alone any more, i needed a companion, somebody to talk to and to sped my time with. After 2 days when the shelter called and asked if we were still considering adoption i knew i did not wanna loose that dog. I said yes!!!!
We went to pick him up, we loaded him to our truck after filling the papers and he just crawled in a little ball and went to sleep. For the first couple of days he was like invisible, just laying in his bed, he did not show any interest in toys or us. I was little disappointed, but also i knew he needed time.
I noticed that he loved to be outside so i took him out as much as i could. HE became to open. He even started barking!!HE became to show attention towards us and i finally was happy that he accepted us.
THe time passed and he got better and better, he listened to us, and followed every my step.I felt like i found that special connection with him.
Now when i think about those first days with him, it was so different, so exciting. We learned each other thoughts and read each other well. I am so happy that we found each other, that KAppa found me, and did not let me be alone anymore. We have very special bond right now, and there are only few things that i can complain about . I think he is different than other dogs,he understands me better than my husband many times!
After adopting KAppa I started to learn more about dogs, their needs and their behavior, and i know that i would like to work with dogs in the future, i am still learning new things every day but i thank KAppa for letting me find out the purpose in my life. I am not confused about my future any more and i know which direction i wanna go.
THANK YOU KAPPA!!!I love you.


Morning walks

April 21st 2010 8:54 am
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ME MEg and ma go together on our morning walk every Tues and Wed when MEggie come, and mom lets MEg off leash now.
ITs very hard for ma cause Meg do not listen at all, i am telling u guys, AT ALL!!!
But MEg is sooo happy when off leash, she just does not know what to do with all her energy, she runs like crazy and goes very far away from us, sometimes i go with her but never as far as she goes, i tend to come back and check on ma, especially know when she plays hide and seek with me all the time. And i always find her!!! MEg even played today with us and she found ma twice!!!

BUt mom got very angry at MEg today when she got too close to the fence behid which there is Highway. MOm was worried that she could esily crawl under it and then there would be no way to catch her. MOm called her so many times and shouted with her strongest voice but MEgg did nt care.
She was getting closer to the fence. I cam to ma to reassure her, cause i saw she was very very angry but it didnt help. Mom had to run and get MEg, mom says she never saw a dog that did not care as much as MEg, cause she really shouted as loud as she could and MEg did not even looked once.

After that mom took MEg on the leash, she tried to talk to her and look her in the eye but Meg did nit look at her, she was to busy checking out the woods.....

BUt mom let meg off leash after a while again when we left the area close to highway...MEg run away again but at least mom knew she was safe.... thanks dog MEg comes back after all and mom always catches her before going home..


Hide and seek

April 17th 2010 6:05 am
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Oh boy i had fun today on our morning walk!
We went on our longest trail, but mom must have get bored cause she decided to play a trick on me. When we got to the part where the trail splits, she decided to go the other way than we usually do. I was going too fast sniffing around that i did not even notice. MOm said that she did not plan anything at first but when she realized i was not following she decided to hide. She was wearing her brown jacket so she could easily camouflage into the background.
Afetr around a minute, i was running back. As fast as i could i ran to the point where the trail splits and went back the way we were walking, another minute and i was back again to the same point, so i went my first way, my adrenaline rose and i was getting worried about mom, i could not find her!!!!!O_O
I came back to the split again and i went back to check again the way we came. But she was nowhere to see. I finally stopped at the split and decided to check the other way.
I followed the trail run up to the hill but i could not smell mom, and thats when i heard her call me. I run back down and to the split again, but nothing, so i came back to the hill, and nothing, i ran back down but instead of going back to the split i went towards the side of the hill, and.......yes thats where she was behind big rock and a tree. my mouth was all covered in foam and i was breathing heavily! Mom!!! how could u do that to me/????
After that i was more cautious and i checked on her more often. But of course after when i went to check some mouse holes, i turned turned around and she was gone again!!!!!O_O
I ran back as fast as i could,but after a while i decided to go back where i lost her, i went forward a little bit but she was not there, i went back again,and nothing, back again, nothing, checked the tree in the middle....and thats where she was!!!!!!!!!!!
BAd mom!!!!bad,bad mom!!!!
She was being tricky! we continued on our way home, she tried to hide five more times but all those times i found her right away hidden behind trees! no more, i did not let her trick me again!!!!!!! :D but i had fun though :D

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