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Where's my background?

February 1st 2010 7:18 am
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I had a nice yellow heart background.
It is not there now.
Where could it have gone?

I've been robbed.


Making Mom Laugh

January 29th 2010 4:25 pm
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I have been a tennis ball fetching kind of dog since I came to live here last summer. Throw a tennis ball for me and I am one happy dog. You can throw the tennis ball with your hand. You can use the Chuck-It for longer range. It doesn't matter to me. The object of the game is for me to run after the tennis ball and bring it back to you for another go round.
Recently, I have discovered Toys. There are a couple of baskets full of squeaky toys in our living room. The Schnauzers love to play with the toys. They play everyday. We have a playtime in the morning. The Schnauzers play with their toys while someone throws an egg ball down the hall for me to retrieve. I have found that I like to play with the toys too. We have a big white lamb (thank you, Jelly) that I will grab. I shake that lamb and frolic and frisk in the living room. Sometimes I throw the lamb into the air and pounce on it.
A couple of days ago there were two dragons that arrived in the mail. Thank you again Jelly. They are soft but tough toys. I was playing tug of war with Drover for awhile. Then I sometimes use the dragon toys like I play with the lamb. Shake, throw, pounce.
These are games I play by myself. Mom just watches me. She smiles and laughs. She tells me I look so happy and I look like a puppy playing.
Playing is good. Making Mom laugh is good too.


A package for me

January 26th 2010 1:18 pm
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Well, some of it was for me! I have never gotten a package before. Zoe's little pal Jelly sent me a challenge! Take a look at what I got: Chuck It Erratic Bounce Ball
Mom and I went outside to try them out. I am good at my game and they were pretty easy for me to fetch! Even with the erratic bounce, I was right there.
I recommend them to my pals who are BO (ball obsessed)! For a change of pace from our every popular tennis balls try one!

Thank you little Jelly! You are very thoughtful!


Not quite

January 22nd 2010 5:38 am
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I found something in the yard early this morning. Dark o'clock so I needed to bring it in the house and have mom help identify it.
It wasn't the same color as a tennis ball. It was kinda soft and squishy. It was fuzzy like a tennis ball. I think it could have worked for an inside ball. I put it down in the living room. It even had a little tail thing Mom could use for a handle to throw.
Mom didn't like that idea. She got a couple of paper towels and picked up my new toy and threw it away.


Mom - One, Me Tux - a lot

January 19th 2010 3:31 pm
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We have decided to keep score when we go out and use the Chuck It. I get a point for every time Mom chucks the tennis ball and I find it and bring it back to Mom. Mom gets a point if I don't find it and she has to walk over there and retrieve the ball.
Today the score was Mom - one point.
Me - a lot. I am a dog and I don't really know how to count. But I found that tennis ball every time except one. I even took a potty break with the ball. I put the ball down, did my doodie and had to pick up the ball really close to the poop!
Note to self, put the ball down farther away from the poop pile.


How do I do that?

January 16th 2010 5:02 pm
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Mom is beginning to think I have eyes on the Top of my head! Or maybe I have super duper peripheral vision. Here's the deal.
When we go out to our pasture with the Chuck It, Mom can make that tennis ball fly. She usually winds up having it fly to the same spot. Over and over. I get used to the ball going to a certain spot. I always start to run before Mom has even sent the ball flying. Every now and then, the tennis ball will go to a different spot. I will be running to the usual spot but somehow I know to turn to the new spot. The ball will still be way up in the air but somehow I know it is heading to a different place.
Can I see the ball way up there? Are my eyes rolled up to the top of my head? Or can I hear the ball up there?
How do I do that?


I Kissed A Cat

January 12th 2010 2:25 pm
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Let me explain.
You see, I was outside, just me and Mom, playing with the Chuck It. Have I mentioned that I Love that thing? Well, I love that Chuck It! Since it was just me and Mom, two of the garage kitties came over the gate to visit. They aren't afraid of me. Drover chases them so they don't usually come into the yard. Scooter was more shy. She only wanted Mom to pet her. But the white Pearl cat was extra friendly. She wanted petted and petted.
I just wanted Mom to use the Chuck It. I was really not paying attention to the kitty cats. I just focus on the tennis ball at the end of the Chuck It.
Pearl started to focus on the Chuck It too. Mom started using it as a back scratcher for Pearl. Pearl was sure enjoying that. She even rubbed her face on the tennis ball end of the Chuck It.
Now I love the Chuck It and it seemed like Pearl loved the Chuck It. Her little kitty cat face was starting to smell like Chuck It. So I kissed her. I gave her face a couple of quick little licks. You know, to get more of the Chuck It essence, with a little bit of kitty cat whisker mixed in.
I know, some of you will be shocked at my kitty kissing antics. I hope we can still be pals. Please don't think less of me.


Chuck It Walk

January 11th 2010 5:11 pm
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I took a walk with my Chuck It! All the cows are gone from the place we used to walk so we took a walk. I didn't have to have a leash on.
Freedom! I ran around like a crazy dog! Don't worry, we only have to walk a little ways on the road then we are in the field where I can run and sniff and pee.
Mom brought along my Chuck It and she and Dad took turns throwing that tennis ball a long ways. I would run to find the ball and then I would bring it back for another turn.
Then we walked on the little road along the ditch. I was allowed to go way ahead of the others. Mom and Dad would call to me to come and I always did! We turned around at the gate down there. When we got back to the field, I got to chase the tennis ball again.
What a great way to take a walk, with a Chuck It!


Musical Beds

January 9th 2010 7:58 am
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Well, without music. We play the game during dark o'clock times. Us doggies have lots of bed choices around here. I have just recently found one of the beds is very comfy and it's ok if I sleep on it! Who would've thunk? I used to just sleep on the floor.
Sometimes Drover naps on the couch. Sometimes in the evenings he naps on that same bed that I like. But when it is bedtime, Drover gets covered up in a bed in Mom's bedroom. I like to sleep on the comfy bed. It is in the living room. Sometimes Cindy sleeps on that bed but she also uses a smaller bed under a table in the living room. She is bigger than the bed and sometimes she hangs out of the bed. Sometimes she is able to get herself all tucked into the bed though. There is a cover beside Mom's bed. I used to sleep there. Now sometimes Cindy will get on that cover during the night. I will sometimes sleep on that cover during the night. If Cindy is already on the cover I might sleep on the floor next to Cindy. Or if I happen to be on the cover, Cindy might sleep on the floor next to me. Mom moved the living room furniture a little bit yesterday. Now the comfy bed is in another spot. Drover napped in it and I slept in it last night. Cindy napped on the floor where the comfy bed used to be. Zoe sleeps on the big bed with the pawrent's. No one else sleeps up there. There is no telling how the musical bed game will turn out when it is time to get up. I am not sure how my typist knows all of this goes on during the night. I am just glad she lets me outside to potty.
Aren't you glad I used some punctuation?


Boards and sticks

January 4th 2010 8:57 am
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Dad got all decked out yesterday. In the house he put on some different kind of boots than he usually wears. He put on his new jacket and his sunglasses were sitting on his warm hat on top of his head. He headed out and put long skinny boards on his boots. They just stuck right on those boots. He picked up some sticks and stuck his gloved hands through some loops at the end of the sticks. He invited me to go out the gate and around into our rocky pasture. That is where I get to play with the Chuck-It so I was very agreeable with going along with Dad.
Turns out, he didn't take the Chuck-It out there. He wanted me to follow him while he had those boards on his boots. He would move one board forward and kinda slide. Then he would push that board forward and slide. He was gliding over the little bit of snow that we have. I didn't have to follow too closely. I was able to sniff around some. When he got way out back in the corner I just didn't see the need to go way over there. A dog would have to turn around and come back so I stayed closer to the barn. Dad called to me but I only came about half way to him. Then the two little dogs came out to the fence and barked at me. It sure didn't look like Dad was going to play with the Chuck-It with me. I figured it was time to go inside about then. I went back to our yard gate.
Mom came out and let me into the yard. Zoe and Drover were mad at me. I guess because I was outside the wire, so to speak. Mom kept them from getting at me and tearing me to bits.
Zoe reported that Dad then went across the road on his boards. She watched him from her sentry post on back of the couch. He was gone quite awhile. He went around and around a bigger field over there. I think I could have gone with him, if I had wanted to. I didn't want to.

On another note, Mom hasn't tried to contact the shelter lady about my mystery leg surgery yet but I am developing an X shaped scar on the spot. I already had one scar from the previous injury, now the place where the bump was removed is going to be right over the old scar.
Kinda cool, huh?

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