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It's just not the same

November 13th 2010 5:08 pm
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Mom and I went out into our "pasture" with the Chuck-It and the new green tennis ball.
She tossed the ball using the Chuck-It. I ran out to the ball. I didn't pick it up. Mom kept telling me to get the ball. She walked over and picked it up, gave it a toss. I ran, wouldn't pick it up. We did that exactly three times and then we came back into the yard. I wouldn't even go get that bright green ball when Mom would throw it.
It is just not right. I want my ratty old orange and blue ball back. Mom tells me is is gone for good. I heard her tell Sister she wonders if a brand new orange and blue ball would satisfy me.
I don't know.


Lost my Chuck-It ball

November 11th 2010 3:15 pm
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I am just a creature of habit. I can't find my Chuck-It ball and nothing else will do. Mom even got a brand new tennis ball for my Chuck-It. She gives it a pitch. I run out to the brand new tennis ball. And then I look for the orange and blue Chuck-it ball.
Mom tells me it is no use. My old ball was falling apart. She did something with it. I wish she had checked with me first. I was ok with the old orange and blue ball. I Need it. The regular tennis balls are for fetching when someone Throws them. They don't work in the Chuck-it. The Chuck-It is supposed to have an orange and blue ball.
It's just not right with a regular tennis ball.


I like cats

November 11th 2010 4:36 am
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There I barked it. I am not ashamed. I know some of you pups hate the cats. You chase them, you fight with them, you might try to do terrible things to them.
But we have a couple of cats around here that are real nice. They rub on me. They flop down on the floor next to me. They purr. They have yummy smelling rear-ends. We are pals.

I like cats.


Lounging in a new bed

October 5th 2010 4:55 pm
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It was a nice day and Mom was working in our yard. She was cleaning out some weeds and cutting down the old asparagus plants.
Those grow in a thing she calls a raised bed.
It wasn't too hot, just a slight breeze and the asparagus bed was very comfy after Mom cut down the tall stuff.
I could lay there and keep an eye on Mom. Life was good.
Then I realized the little Zoe dog had gotten into the old chicken yard. She couldn't get out. I went over to give her some support. Then I went back over to Mom to let her know Zoe was trapped.
Mom and I went over to the gate and Zoe was able to get out. After she was freed, I went back to lounging in the asparagus bed.


I play with Drover

September 13th 2010 6:42 am
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Drover is a terrior and he play fights. He gets very growly and barky but I know he is playing. When he plays with Zoe, that is what they do.
When I play, I do the play bow.
Yesterday Drover and I were outside. We played. Drover kinda looked at me funny when I did my play bow but he didn't get mad at me. I jumped around and did the play bow.
Then I even got the zoomies! He really looked at me funny then!
It might have been a one time thing but it was fun while it lasted.


I found a mouse!

September 10th 2010 5:32 am
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On our last trip outside last night, my schnooter was the first out the door. I sniffed a quick sniff and then grabbed the little mouse that the Georgie cat had left on the door mat. I mean, it was right there. It would have gotten stepped on if someone hadn't picked it up.
I was that someone. Mom immediately told me to drop it. She hadn't even opened the door all the way. Only my head was outside. I backed up. With the mouse in my mouth. I dropped it on the little rug by the door. Mom called for Sister to help. Mom held Zoe and me back and covered the mouse with her foot. Don't worry, the mouse wasn't alive and she didn't step on the mouse, just covered it. It wasn't bloody but it wasn't alive.
Sister came and then held us back. Mom got the broom and dustpan and took away my mouse that Georgie brought for show and tell.
These cats around here are good hunters. I sure hope I can nab some of the "fruits" of their labors sometime. And I hope Mom doesn't see me enjoy that fruit.



September 9th 2010 12:20 pm
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Mom and the Schnauzers left me this morning! They went out the door and then they were gone!
I ran around the kitchen/dining/living room, whining. Sister let me go outside and she watched me to make sure I didn't try to leave the yard. I didn't. I ran around for a bit and then settled down under the lilac bush. Then she had me come inside because it was kind of raining.
I did settle down after awhile. Then Mom came home! Boy, was I glad to see her! We even went out to our weedy place and used the Chuck-It! We haven't done that for ever so long! It was great! And it wasn't too hot so I chased and chased the Chuck-It ball! Then we came back into the yard and played a little longer. I think that was mostly to help me clean off my feet. They got dirty out there in the weedy place.
After we came in, Mom and I did a little bit of "sit", "stay" and "down". I sure got worked up about those little bitty Charlee Bear treats I was getting. Yum!
Then the phone rang, Mom left and then the Schnauzers came back home. Their hair is shorter and they smell different. Drover acted like the tough guy. I think he does that to remind me I am at the bottom of the pack around here. That is ok with me. I am a happy guy.
But I sure did miss them. I really like having the pack around.


Tux Clean

September 4th 2010 3:54 pm
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What just happened? Weird! I got in the shower with Mom! Not too weird pups, she had her clothes on. She got me all wet and put some smelly, foamy stuff on me. She rubbed me and when she did my feet she made me tip over. She told me she was sorry for that, she didn't mean to do that.
I stood very still. I wasn't sure what to do so that seemed best. She rinsed off the foamy stuff and rubbed me with a big towel. Then she released me out of the shower thing. She rubbed me some more and then asked Sister to let me go outside. She released me from the bathroom.
I ran around outside and then I even got to play fetch for awhile. I think I was air drying. Then it felt so good to roll in the grass.
I came back in the house and Mom put my collar back on me. I love it when Mom puts my collar on. I get real happy. Makes me feel like I belong or something.
All that action, time now for a nap.


Zaidie knows me

September 3rd 2010 1:49 pm
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That world (or maybe Dogster)famous LWD Zaidie has written me my very own haiku. That is a very special kinda poem, I think.

Here it is

~King Tux~

Tux, da Chuck-it King,
Could play all day an' all nite,
'Cept hims Mom needs sleep.

That Zaidie sure knows me! Thanks for the haiku!


A New Bed

August 9th 2010 7:46 am
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I got a nice, new bed yesterday. Mom and Dad had been shopping someplace and when they got home Dad brought in some heavy sacks of something that he took downstairs. Mom carried in a big sack of our dog food(Yum!). Then she brought in my new bed.
It went in the same place as my old bed. She patted it and told me to try it out. Zoe tried it out. Zoe never even snoozes on the dog beds. She is a furniture snoozer.
Then later when we all had a chance to relax, Drover tried my new bed. And he tried it for a long time. Nearly until it was bedtime. Then I finally got to use my new bed.
It is big! Actually, all 3 of us could use it at the same time but we never would do that. It is nice and fluffy and soft.
I slept very soundly in my new bed last night.

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