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Trying to help

January 11th 2011 4:56 pm
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I was just trying to help Mom. I am a good boy.
my pal Joey was just barking in her diary about eating the yummy poopcicles in her yard. I got hollered at for cleaning up the yard. I was going for nice, warm, fresh-out-of-the-pup poop. Mom saw me. Mom saw Drover pooping and me cleaning up.
I didn't get a doggie cookie when I came in the house.
Maybe I will wait for the poopcicles. Maybe Mom won't see me hunting for those. I have to be fast though. She is quick with that pooper scooper.


Near Zero Chuck-It

January 1st 2011 3:06 pm
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While it is toasty warm inside, outside is a different story. Mom watched the weather widget on her laptop this morning. The single digit numbers got smaller and smaller. Once there was a minus sign in front of the number.
But it is sunny and no wind, even if the widget still shows a single digit. So this afternoon she and I went out to our snow covered acreage and played fetch with my Chuck-it and one of my new genuine Chuck-It balls. (Thank you! Zaidie!)
It is So Much Fun! I love to carry the ball and just run around! Mom will throw the ball with the Chuck-It. I run like a crazy dog and find the ball. Sometimes the ball rolls on the snow. Sometimes the ball plops down into the snow. That is a challenge to find the ball, but I run around and around sniffing, sniffing, sniffing until I find that ball!
I love to feel the ball in my mouth. The ball gets all snowy and then icy. It gets heavy and even with the Chuck-It, Mom can't toss it as far. I over-anticipate where the ball will land. There was one toss, I couldn't find that ball. I ran around looking and sniffing. Mom would tell me to find the ball. I ran all over the place. Mom walked to where she *thought* the ball had landed. She couldn't find it either!
But never fear! Don't panic! Just as Mom was telling me it was a lost cause and we would have to wait for the spring thaw, I had the ball in my mouth!
I am that good at Chuck-It fetch.


A diary pick and a new ball

December 28th 2010 3:27 pm
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Thank you pup pals for noticing my diary pick yesterday! I got some great new rosettes and gifts added to my page. Thank you!
I got to play today with my new ball that I got for Christmas. It is about the same size as a tennis ball but it is hard plastic. It has a couple of little felt wings on the sides and it has some bumps all over it. Since it is a hard ball, it is an outside toy. Mom and I went out this afternoon to give the ball a try. She threw it. It makes bird whistling sounds! I ran after it but let it lay there in the grass. Mom went over and picked it up. She threw it again. There were those bird whistling sounds again. I ran over to the ball. Left it laying there again. Mom walked over, picked it up, threw it. This time when I ran to the ball, Mom really made a big deal over me grabbing the ball. I got the idea and brought it back to her. We played fetch for awhile. Then I decided to let the ball be in my mouth. I needed to get the feel of it. I wouldn't let it go for Mom to throw.
Let it go for Mom to throw. Bol. That rhymes.
Anyways then the big white Inkspot cat and the Scooter cat came over into the yard. Mom started petting them. I still was tasting the new ball. Never did put it back down. Mom was getting cold, so we came in. My new ball is right in the middle of the living room right now.
Maybe tomorrow Mom will try the ball in the Chuck-it. It looks to be about the right size!



December 25th 2010 4:47 pm
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This morning got a little out of hand. Mom just dumped a bag of toys in the middle of the living room. Then Brother brought out some toys from his room. I didn't really know what to do.
Zoe went ballistic trying to get all the toys at the same time. Drover was determined to grab at least one toy to play with. I was able to grab a little birdie toy that makes little birdie noises. That was a different noise. It made me pause and listen.
Wildness continued. The people tried to get me to play but Zoe was always grabbing toys away.
Finally things calmed down. Later in the day I went outside with Brother and played with the Chuck-it. That was a pleasant break.
I am glad Christmas only comes once a year. I don't handle all the excitment very well.


Present on the doorstep

December 21st 2010 7:25 am
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First thing out the door this morning, I found a present! The Georgie cat left it for me. It was still warm. It didn't have a head but that was ok.
Mom told me to drop it. She didn't use a very calm voice so I knew she wanted the present for herself. I dropped it. She picked it up with the pooper scooper. Then she tried to fling the present over the fence. It was frozen on the scooper. She put the scooper outside the gate to clean off later.
Maybe since it is so close to Christmas, Georgie will leave me another present that Mom won't see me with.


Shouldn't we be on alert?

December 19th 2010 1:12 pm
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Mom and Sister left us alone this morning with an admonition to be good.
When they got back, there was an extra person with them. Zoe got all silly and squealy. Drover was friendly and they both went right to the extra person.
Uh, I was confused. Here is an intruder in our yard. With our Mom and Sister. Shouldn't we be acting like we are going to get the intruder? But the intruder knew my name. I was the only dog barking. I was the only dog with my hackles raised. But the intruder knew my name. It finally started to register.
This was Brother. Oh yeah, I remember this guy. He didn't look much different than I was starting to remember. But he hasn't been here for a long time. It was kind of embarrassing to realize I was barking at a family member.
Everything turned out alright though. He came in and eventually sat on the floor. I came over and got reacquainted. He talked nicely and petted me. I relaxed and put my head on his legs. Until he told me they were falling asleep. Then I had to move.
I guess I should follow Zoe's lead in barking at intruders. She is a professional.


My Chuck-It Works!

December 14th 2010 11:41 am
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Ever since Mom threw away my old Chuck-It ball, my Chuck-It has been broken. It just didn't work the same if Mom tried to use a regular tennis ball. Even a bright green brand new tennis ball was just wrong. My Chuck-It only works with a Chuck-It brand ball. You know, the bright orange and blue ball with the words Chuck-it printed on there.
I got 2 brand new Chuck-It balls from the very generous LWD Zaidie! He sent our family a big box of all kinds of wonderful things. The most wonderful-est being my 2 new Chuck-It balls.
Mom tried me out with them. She was afraid I might need the old torn up ball. But heck no! The brand new ball works just fine! It is great to play with the Chuck-It again!

Thank you Zaidie for fixing my out of order Chuck-It! Thank you!


A fun new toy

December 3rd 2010 5:31 pm
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I have the best new toy. It moves, it makes noise. I play bow and it swats at me.
Meet my new toy

Bol, Sam and I have fun playing with each other. His little cat tookis smells great. He bats at me but he doesn't have any claws!
It is fun times with Sam and me.

Maybe you can ask Santa Paws for your own toy. But listen, it has to look like my Sam toy. We have a couple of other cats that hang around inside and they don't play at all with me. Gotta get you a Sam cat!


Good day

November 20th 2010 4:33 pm
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Wow! First thing this morning Mom tells me I have a Dogster Diary Pick! Of course, Zoe wants to take all the credit for my diary. I don't get that. But that's the way she is.
Then I started getting all kinds of nice pmails and rosettes from my great pals! If I missed thanking each of you, please forgive me. Our 'puter sometimes doesn't let us see all of our goodies, especially those Spot Bots. So here is a great big Thank You!
And then it snowed today. Nice Christmas card kinda snow. Big flakes came down nearly all day. No wind. It's not very cold. So Mom and I got to play fetch. I had a blast finding that faded tennis ball once it floofed into the snow. I would almost always find it. Once Mom had to come help me. She got the point, she found the ball with her foot.
See, the way we play, I get a point if I find the ball. She gets a point if she finds the ball. I win every time!
Now it is time to relax and warm up by the stove. I hope we have popcorn later.
A perfect day. Well, I could've used more fetching playtime.


Can we keep him Mom?

November 16th 2010 7:43 pm
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I like this new puppy Mom brought home this evening. He is a little bit smaller than me and I can act tough and I don't have to be the low dog on the totem pole!
Here is his Petfinder listing.
Mom says he is just here for a sleepover. Mom will meet his new Mom tomorrow and "make the drop".
Then he won't be here anymore.
I wish I could have a puppy.

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