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That was easy

July 7th 2012 9:09 am
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Just got my toenails trimmed. Easy peasy.
Zoe and I had been outside, running and barking at the jogger neighbor and his five dogs. It is wet in the grass so that must have softened up my nails. And I am still panting from all the running I did.
Zoe and I came in but Mom had me turn around and go back outside with her. And the toe nails trimmers.
Got the job done. No muss. No fuss. And we All got cookies when I came back inside.


Uh, sorry Zoe...

June 22nd 2012 4:04 am
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But this is My day in the spotlight. Mom had the day marked on her calendar and then Dogster seems to be working better and notified us that it is my birthday. Well, that is a made up day. Mom went in a tweaked my page to show this as my Gotcha Day. Yep, I've been here 3 years. So that makes me about 5 or so.
Wow, and look at the great picture Redford and crew had put inside my ice cream rosette. And sweet little Whitley sent some watermelon with a bunch of little happy face guys inside. And Really big dogs Abby and Lucian sent me a beach ball. Tessa and Fitzcairn sent my a nice juicy steak.
Thanks all of you pups!
I wonder if Mom will make me some homemade Frosty Paws? Doo posted a recipe for some. I think I will be extra sweet and ask Mom to make some.

This is already shaping up to be a furtastic day!


Well, this is embarrassing

May 17th 2012 5:56 am
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Yesterday the house call vet lady came to give us our shots.
I was my usual key-upped wild self when anyone comes around. I am usually very mellow when it's just the family but have anyone pull in or come in the yard or house and I am a crazed nut.

The vet lady didn't trust me. Mom had me on a leash. She was holding me real tight. But the vet lady didn't trust me.

I had to have a soft muzzle before the vet lady would poke me with the shots. Mom put it on me. I was trying to see what the vet lady was doing to me back there on my neck where she poked me. I had a wild look in my eyes.

It was all over in a flash and then I went outside.

Truly, I am a very sweet boy. I'll melt onto the floor for a tummy rub. I get right in Mom's face to comfort her when she has been watching a sad movie.

But I do a great crazy, nutzo, psycho act when anyone comes around.


Sneaky Chuck-It

May 12th 2012 6:05 am
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Have I mentioned before that I like to chase the ball with a Chuck-It? Well, I do. Bol! I also like to run after a plain tennis ball in the yard.
I can't always do that because Tommy usually chases me when I am running after the ball. I don't even let Mom have the ball until I see that all the other dogs are occupied with something else.
All that to say that I don't often play fetch. Hardly ever get to go out of the yard to use the Chuck-It.
But yesterday! Mom had on several water sprinklers. Since Tommy doesn't like to get wet, he stayed inside one time when Mom went outside. I went outside too.
Just Mom and me were out there. We took advantage of the situation. Mom got the Chuck-It, we keep it outside. We went out of the yard and into the back weedy/rocky place!
Mom launched the ball and I ran! I was so happy to be playing that I went around and around with the ball in my mouth. Finally, I dropped it so that Mom could launch it again.
We played for several minutes. Mom didn't want me to "overdo". Sometimes I throw up when I've been running a lot.
Sure was fun! I hope, hope, hope we can play Sneaky Chuck-It soon!


Mood Mirror Me

April 17th 2012 11:26 am
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I think I have barked before about being a Mood Mirror. When Mom is feeling blue and gets the leaky eyes, I come around and sit right in front of her. She has to pet me. And that makes her feel better. Sometimes she will cry while she is watching some old movie. I will do the same deal, come over and she has to pet me. She feels better and tells me she is alright.
Even when there are no leaky eyes, I can tell when Mom is upset. I will come over and, you got it, sit in front of her to have her pet me.
This deal works for Dad too. He came home from work just awhile ago.
He was upset. I could tell. He was talking to Mom about taxes and being told the wrong thing. Now he has to hurry and do the taxes. While he was talking to Mom, I went right over in front of him. He had to pet me. Mom told him I knew he was upset.

That's just the kind of guy I am. If your people are upset have them come over. They will feel better after they pet me. And I won't charge too much.
After they feel better, they can throw a tennis ball for me. :-)


How I helped Mom

April 13th 2012 7:26 am
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Right after breakfast we went outside in the rain. That's when we heard what had all the makings of a cat fight. We all went over to the yard gate for a better look. I could see our Puffycat (Inkspot) over by the pickup truck. Couldn't see much else. It was dark and raining.
Mom went out there but didn't stay long. She came back to the gate and hesitated. I looked pretty willing to go out and help investigate the noise. But she wanted to go in for a flashlight.
The other dogs went in but I went out with Mom and the flashlight. This is kinda embarrassing. Instead of sticking right with Mom and the flashlight, I ducked into the garage. There is cat food in a dish in there. Yummy.
But I got called back out before I barely got in. Went with Mom to see about the cat fight noises. She was telling somebody to get lost and keep on moving. By the time I got over there all I saw was our Puffycat.
I wasn't much help.
So I ran back into the garage for a bite of that kitty food.
Humph, Mom had picked up the dish so that stray cat didn't eat all the food. I had to clean up little crumbs on the floor.
Looking back, I didn't really help Mom much.
Oh well, I nabbed a few small bites of kitty food.


Cute alert!

March 4th 2012 5:33 am
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The puppy's new mom sent us a picture of her with her new fursis.
Watch out. The cuteness factor is nearly overwhelming.

My little puppy pal

You can see why I fell in love with her.


*Sob* She's gone

March 3rd 2012 4:47 pm
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Mom took the puppy, my little friend, away. When Mom got back, the crate was empty. I sniffed the crate. I pawed at the crate. Mom took the towel out of the crate.
The puppy was not in the crate.
She's gone.
Mom tells us that by now the puppy is in her new home. Mom met her new Mom and Dad. They are nice people. She will have another Border Collie for a fursis. It sounds like she will have a good life.

She would have had a great life here. With me as her furbro.
I love that little puppy. She loved me.
I wonder if she can come to visit here sometime. Or maybe I can ride my bike over to her new place.

How far is Oregon from my place?


Puppy Love

March 3rd 2012 5:45 am
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A small, fuzzy black and white Border Collie puppy showed up here yesterday. She had a sleep over here and will be leaving later today to go to her furever home.

I love that puppy and the puppy loves me. I give her a low growl. She jumps at my face. We kinda chase each other, a gentle chase, she is much smaller than me. I stared at her while she was in her little crate. Mom got upset with me pestering the pup.
She is awful cute. She gives me kisses.

Can't we keep her Mom?


No walk

January 10th 2012 7:48 am
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I heard Mom and Dad talking about going on a walk. Just me and Dad, while the Schnauzers were at the groomer's. But I am kinda a nervous sort, especially when there is something going on. Dad was concerned I might go extreme-goofy without Mom and the Schnauzers.
So I didn't get a walk yesterday.
But, when Mom got home, sans Schnauzers, we played with the Chuck-It out in our weed patch! Good times! Dad came out and a couple of the garage cats came out. It was a nice sunny day and we played and played.
When it was time to come back I carried my ball around to the walk-through garage door. I left it there and nabbed some cat food! I could hear Mom calling but that cat food was a treat I just had to have.
And Mom didn't even get mad. She told me I shouldn't have done that but she was kind of snickering under her breath.
Then back in the yard and Dad threw the tennis ball for me.
I was a pooped out pup for the rest of the day. I am not used to that much fetching all in one day.

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