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I'm shrinking

August 13th 2009 8:47 am
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At least I think I am shrinking.
I like to play fight with the little Zoe-dog. She can fit under Mom's chair at the desk. We play fight while she is under there. She sometimes gets under the desk where people feet fit.
I must be shrinking because I found out I could fit my head under the chair. Then almost all of my body fit under the chair. Now all of me fits under the desk where Mom's legs and feet are.
I guess I must be shrinking. Or maybe I am just thinking small.


Mom hit me

August 2nd 2009 1:09 pm
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I know that is a shocking title isn't it? Well, I should say Mom tapped me.
Let me explain what happened.
We had all been outside. Mom was taking down the clean laundry from the line. We all came in and Mom noticed a fly had come in with us. This wasn't a common housefly. She could have chased that kind of fly down with a swatter. This was a deerfly, they have a painful bite.
This deerfly sat down on my left hip. He didn't move. Mom put down the basket of laundry. She didn't want to hit me, but she didn't want me to be bitten by that ornery fly. So she hit me, well, she tapped me where that fly was sitting. Just enough to drop him to the floor. She grabbed a book from the nearby table and squashed that deerfly.
I must admit, I didn't know what was happening. I thought I was a bad dog. I cringed. I am not saying but Mom is pretty sure I have been hit with hands before at my first home. She apologized for scaring me.
She wasn't mad at me. That is a relief. And I didn't get bitten by that bad fly.


I've got something

July 30th 2009 12:17 pm
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A very pretty and smart German Shorthaired Pointer, Sophie Claire mentioned that she has something.
I am pretty sure I have the same thing she has.


*Ball Obsession


One more thing

July 30th 2009 7:05 am
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So I am a Lab. I love tennis balls. I love to have someone throw the tennis ball. I love to chase the tennis ball. I love to retrieve the tennis ball.

I drop the tennis ball at the feet of someone so they will throw it again.

Found out this morning that is just doesn't work with stuff that comes out of the cat box. Not the same game. I tried it with NewMom.
She did throw the stuff alright. Right into the bucket using a pooper scooper.


New Game

July 29th 2009 7:53 am
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The little Schnauzer dog, Zoe, and I like to play a game. It is a fighting game but don't worry, neither of us gets hurt.
She runs and sometimes jumps onto the loveseat. I run after her and then we bite at each others' heads and necks. I know, it sounds dangerous but we do play very gently. NewMom isn't surprised I play nicely but she is surprised that Zoe plays nicely.
I think Zoe has a reputation for being kinda mean and tough.
I am just a big softy kind of guy.


Kitty box treats are another no-no

July 25th 2009 3:45 pm
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There is so much to learn around here.
Just found out about the kitty box. I was just trying to tell NewMom she forgot to take care of the box this morning.
The little Zoe dog started barking about Notme was here.
Kinda hard to claim I am innocent when I drop the kitty tootsie rolls right in front of NewMom like they were some long brown tennis ball. I had little sprinkles on my nose too.
Got sent to my crate while NewMom cleaned up.


Got my papers

July 22nd 2009 6:36 pm
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I am now official. My papers came today.
I am a genuine Miniature Labrador Retriever!

I am just a kidding you. I am mutt that looks like a small black lab.

But I did get my papers today! Papers from the nice shelter/foster home lady. My papers show I have had my shots, been wormed and even neutered.
I even got me a nice blue rabies tag to wear. Shoot, it even matches my name tag.
You see, I was here on a test drive. This home is in someplace called Hi-dee-ho. I came from a shelter far away in Why-o-ming.
So since my papers and rabies tag came today in the mail that makes me an official dopted.
Miniature Labrador Retriever, that's me!


Another No No

July 17th 2009 7:19 am
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Note to self: Not supposed to pee at the bottom of the stairs going to the basement.
Sure smells like a good place to pee down there. This place is confusing sometimes.



July 15th 2009 6:01 am
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We have these braided chew toys around here. The little dog, Zoe, really likes them and she has them "broken" in so to speak.
I like them too, the older ones especially. I like to chew on them. I chew short pieces of the fleece fabric off. NewMom comes along and picks them up before I have a chance to swallow them.
Well, let's just say she found out that she missed a couple of the pieces.
Isn't colon cleansing all the latest rage these days? And with these tough economic times shouldn't we all be trying to save money?
Fuzzy blue poop is proof that Tux's Do-It-Yourself Colon Cleanser works!
'Nuff said about that.


Big Blue Water Dish

July 14th 2009 2:47 pm
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A couple of days ago NewMom hauled out a big, I mean big, blue water dish from around the corner of the garage where I can't see her if she goes over there.
She rinsed it off and brought it in the yard. She placed it on the patio and put a lot of water in it.
Thanks for the big blue water dish NewMom! Now all of us have lots of water to drink. We already have a water dish outside and we drink out of the fountain too. That water was so fresh and cold on a hot day.
The wind blew and blew yesterday and a lot of leaves and seed things got in the water.
This morning the big blue dish wasn't there. I guess it blew away. I dunno.

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